SOAP VIP ADAPTATION® based on extra virgin olive oil with lemon extract.

The obtained results of the use of COSMETICS VIP ADAPTATION® follow not only from their asymmetric action in the field of their application, but also from the accompanying vectors of health effects on the entire body. This, in turn, is reflected back in the form of this cosmetic result.

The vectors of this health effect for SOAP VIP ADAPTATION®  are as follows:

  • elimination or reduction of skin problems;
  • antidiabetic action;
  • anti-oncological action;
  • useful in eliminating the problem of borreliosis disease (Lyme disease);
  • improving the condition and function of the respiratory system;
  • antiepileptic action;
  • elimination or reduction of blockages in the spine;
  • against apoplectic action;
  • enhances energy protection;
  • useful in the prevention and treatment of joint disease;
  • anti-arterio sclerotic effect;
  • useful in the treatment of SM (multiple sclerosis);
  • helps in the regulation of blood pressure;
  • helps in solving problems of the reproductive system (men and women);