SHAMPOO VIP ADAPTATION® (F) – for colored hair – on the basis of olive oil of the first wringing.

The obtained results of the use of COSMETICS VIP ADAPTATION® follow not only from their asymmetric action in the field of their application, but also from the accompanying vectors of health effects on the entire body. This, in turn, is reflected back in the form of this cosmetic result.

Vectors of this health effects for SHAMPOO VIP ADAPTATION® (F) the following:
• rejuvenates, reverses the aging process;
• helps to eliminate chronic fatigue;
• improves the function of the digestive system and liver;
• helps in solving problems of the reproductive system of men and women (including prostate problems, infertility);
• helps to cure degenerative problems of the brain and nervous system, including multiple sclerosis (Sclerosis multiplex – SM);
• contributes to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight;
• improves adaptation.