OLIVE OIL VIP ADAPTATION® (MBK-1) – to slow down the development and elimination of cancer processes and the risk of cancer

Made with extra virgin olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Developed specifically for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

In addition, it has increased activity in the following areas:

  • it has an anti-infective effect;
  • it has an antiparasitic effect;
  • destroys pathological microbes throughout the body;
  • optimizes the body’s thermal balance (violation of which is a condition for the occurrence and duration of various pathologies);
  • it has an antidiabetic effect;
  • eliminates chronic fatigue;
  • promotes real life extension;
  • it has an anti-allergic effect;
  • optimizes the production of healthy collagen;
  • it has an Antirheumatic effect;
  • it has an antifungal effect.