Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki



Warsaw, 06.09.2006

Welcome to our meeting today. For many of you, as for me, myself, – it turned out rather unexpectedly. The circumstances, that encouraged our meeting, had emerged after the release of these few brochures. Admittedly, we have had little time to prepare. As a matter of fact,   I have been just thinking what to say, when I was on my way here. On the other hand, there is nothing to be surprised about – any researcher should always be ready to present and support his opinions, his discoveries, as well as to be able to justify and defend them, and to debate, if needed. The brochures available here are: “Bible of Life”, “Message of the Bird’s Flu to the Mankind”, “Message of the Slavonic- Hebrew History”, and the most familiar – “Message of the Disease”. Nevertheless, there is one more publication, called “Biological Medicine within the CBM Formula – Alternative or Necessity?” that has been available for several years already. We can say this publication is a working manual for our staff only.

Everyone understands the titles of our books in the different manner. Everything needs a name, so to our opinion, the titles of the books had to carry some meaningful context. I have a suggestion that before we go on to the questions, I would like to talk a little bit, or may be a lot, about the background history of the creation of the books, so that it will be easier to understand our philosophy, expressed in the books. Behind these brochures, there are practical actions, which in

our clinical practice are called the Technologies of the Tuning-in

towards the Time and Space Laws. To understand the meaning of this name, it is necessary to uncover how this discovery took place. In fact, I had to make a whole row of discoveries before these


technologies could exist. We have been able to create them not because my profession is a doctor. They are the reason why I had chosen to become a doctor. So here is the key to what we will be talking about later. Well, I neither liked, nor felt attracted to the medical profession in the context of what I could observe as a young man. Fortunately, I was not particularly vulnerable to the illnesses, so a visit to a doctor was a rear occasion. Nevertheless, medical issues were quite common in my family, as there were many doctors in it. I must admit I chose this profession after a deep and thorough consideration. I was, however, more interested in subjects like – what is a human being? why does he fall ill? why does he live? what is the purpose of his life? and why does he eventually die? And I decided to get the answers to my questions through studying medicine. I simply reasoned that this is the way I would gather the most comprehensive knowledge, which would enable me to obtain some objective answers. Please bare in mind that these questions were always “tormenting” me, regardless of how advanced I was in my medical professionalism. What’s important is that I have always thought about them. I chose the Military Medical Academy. Why was that? I did that, because one of my spiritual needs was also to undergo military service. It came from my family’s traditions, as well as it happened to be my soul’s desire. The Military Medical Academy was the best option at the time. I knew that it could give me the opportunity to combine my two needs. I arrived there in the years of its thriving and prospering – that is why I appreciate the training I went through there. I was studying there in the years of 1971-1977. The first two years were like in any other medical academy – devoted to the human anatomy and physiology. I was acquiring the fundamentals of this profession. I can say that, for me, those fundamentals were about an individual approach to a human being. Having obtained the knowledge in the human anatomy and physiology, I began my search for the answers to the questions that have always bothered me. I noticed that


I had an interest in the philosophical approach towards medicine, so parallel to my general studies I also began to study philosophy. As  I was very interested in why human beings fall ill, why they die and how we can extend their life, I began to explore a specific area called gerontology that was just starting to develop at that time. Still being a student, I studied all available and possible theories on aging and dying. I can say that, if it weren’t for some other circumstances,       I would have probably become a gerontologist or a geriatrist. Nonetheless, working with elderly people – patients under our examination, I participated in many studies of various gerontological phenomena. These patients were a field for such investigations. People, who were old, but still in a good shape, were selected and examined in order to find a common long life recipe amongst them. I must say that every one of them was very different. These people followed different life philosophies. However they all shared some common features. This was the time when I first noticed one important fact – a human being has to have a purpose in life. This is extremely important – to have a goal and moreover – to have a noble goal, good enough for any individual existence. This is an element that supports human existence and keeps it on a specific level. Working with a huge number of old people, who had been treated in different geriatric centres, it was obvious to me that these people didn’t have any aim in life; their lives simply didn’t have any meaning. In relation to that, all medical or paramedical practices were straight away doomed to failure, they were meaningless and didn’t bring any results. Then I had to search for other sources of information about human beings and their purpose in life. The classical Judeo-Christian Bible, available to all of us, became that essential source for me. I had studied Pascal’s attempts to interpret this book, yet being in my secondary school. Pascal was a science genius – both mathematical and physics genius, who at some point of his life gave up his scientific researches and devoted himself to the study of the Bible. A collection


of his provocative thoughts and questions was issued after his death, which I considered to be of a very significant meaning. In the course of my life, I came across some people, who were very advanced in understanding of the Bible and who shared their knowledge with me.

In the beginning of our clinical study, I was very curious about what the treatment process would be like. On one hand, I didn’t want to be a conventional doctor, but on the other hand, I was interested how it would be like to cure people, what feeling it would give to do that. Therefore I approached this matter very carefully. The clinical work had begun on the third year of my studies. I must admit, I felt quite disappointed, almost shocked, when I discovered that everything that we were doing should not have even been named as a treatment. This term has a very deep meaning, way too deep to name the process, which was adopted by the conventional medicine. I decided to ask some of my professors at the Academy, who in my opinion were the most experienced in this matter than the others. There were quite  a few of them. I asked them discreetly what they thought about my doubts. And I was shocked once again when they – the world- renowned people – acknowledged my doubts to be true. Their unanimous verdict was: “You are absolutely right; the medicine is in the blind alley; this is not a treatment, it is a symptom therapy. But there is no other way out of this situation. This direction is a predo- minant one and we cannot alter anything. Maybe you could change something!” Obviously, this was mainly said to relieve the tension. As I mentioned before, I didn’t want to be a doctor in order just to be one and as I was extremely interested in this subject, I had a question to solve: What was I supposed to do in this case? To pursue this path meant contradicting myself and not being at peace with myself. So I decided to continue my medical studies and at the same time to begin my search for alternatives. Back in the early seventies, there were hardly any alternatives and practically no one would even hear much about them. The most common at the time were treatments with


herbs and therefore I started my research in that particular field. I found experts and quickly became thoroughly involved in the subject, which is now called homeopathy. People didn’t talk much about it at that time. But I was very fortunate, I must say. Today we understand that there is a certain Law – the Law of Resonance that rules everything. Thanks this Law we meet the right people at the right time. I can say that in my country I am a homoeopathist with the biggest experience. Naturally, nowadays, homeopathy is at the totally different level. Nevertheless I had a very good experience with homeopathy and I was practicing it successfully for many years. Hence, I was studying two medical trends simultaneously: the official one – to pass exams, and the alternative one that was occupying a lot of my time. Very soon I came across a manual spinal therapy. I met some experts in this subject. I was lucky once again. I noticed a universal role played by the human spine. Usually in the academic medicine, only neurologists and orthopedics are interested in the spine. Unfortunately even those professionals don’t take it in to the consideration that the spine is responsible for the condition of the whole organism of the human being.

One of my goals was to understand the human anatomy or to be more precise – the message it conveys, and therefore we can officially say now that we are studying the philosophy of the human anatomy. We attempt to find answers by studying the human anatomy deeper. Already Imbrues Pare, a famous doctor and a researcher of the 16th century, said: “the anatomy leads to the understanding of the Creator, just as the result leads to the understanding of the cause”. My family had substantial background in this field, as we were always very much interested in the human anatomy. My uncle, Dr. Czeslaw Rybicki, in his time, was a lecturer at the Anatomy Department in the Medical Academy in Lodz. It was a non-military Academy. Every time we saw each other, we discussed many philosophical issues, including “What can result from the human anatomy?” I must say that


neither he nor me ever found partners to such debates. My uncle was discouraged and soon gave up this path; he obtained a clinical specialization and pursued it further. Nevertheless, because the Anatomicum and Prosectorium were shared by both, the military and non-military Academies, and my uncle’s name was well known, consequently I paid extra attention to the human anatomy due to my personal prestige. It just wouldn’t have been right, if I didn’t know it well. I must say that back then I didn’t fully understand the meaning of that factor. While doing my research in the course of my studies, I kept coming back to the Prosectorium, especially when I came across chiropractics and its clinical study. It turned out that the human anatomy, taught to students at the time, was by far insufficient. Thus I frequently revisited the Prosectorium to explore this subject on my own. It was all happening during my studies at the Military Medical Academy, where there was also military discipline, which I rather disliked. But today I came to appreciate this experience. Even more than that – I value it highly. After having graduated from the Military Medical Academy, I was assigned to the Navy as an officer and    a doctor. My work was to do a scientific research, where I dealt with the underwater medicine and the medicine in the extreme conditions. This period was also interesting, especially for me personally.

But I made my mind up to carry on my own way. It meant that I had to give up my military career – my career as a military doctor, to be precise. It wasn’t simple in those times. Any man, who lived in this country, knows it very well. Fortunately I was a healthy person and therefore I didn’t try to resign from the Army for some health reasons, even though I could of tried simulating it. I decided to act openly.     I wrote an official report to the Minister of the Defense, informing him that, because of my inner, spiritual motives, because of my conscience, I could not serve in the Army any longer. But let’s not talk about this for too long, as it is not the subject of our meeting today.  I just wanted to mention about this particular situation that took place


in my life. Nevertheless, half a year had passed by before the dilemma was finally solved. It could have ended in different ways. I was ready to receive any kind of response, as I was determined to resign from the Army. It was very much possible to resign from this Army by getting into another “Army” – a place, where the discipline was even worse. I guess you know which place I am talking about. Luckily, there were some people, officers, who valued my philosophy and my attitude. Therefore I must strongly disagree with people, who say that in the army there is no interest in philosophy. So thanks to the lucky circumstances, I resigned from the Army without any consequences and with my officer’s degree intact. So there I was, in the perfect situation to carry out my ideas that I have talked about earlier.

By the time I graduated the Academy, I had enquired knowledge in both medical fields: the official medicine (at a certain level) and several trends of the alternative medicine. So, when I had to make a decision in different clinical cases, I simply chose what I considered to be the most appropriate in those circumstances. My medical colleagues did not always like that. That is why I chose to work independently. I decided to check out my medical knowledge and skills, to perfect them and to increase my level of autonomy. It turned out that at the beginning of the martial law in Poland, I started working in one polish province, where I was the only doctor, assisting about ten thousand people. I also value this experience highly. It was the best school ever, because nobody was interfering and no one was giving me an advice, so I could work out my own work style. Obviously, I frequently turned to the alternative methods and treatments.

However, the issues, which prompted me to begin my medical studies, had never left me. That is why I continued to study the Bible even deeper. At the same time I was conducting an extensive medical practice. I must say I assisted many very sick people, who came to me. They were searching for the alternative ways of treatment, and


not many doctors were practicing them at that time. Not only that     I was treating patients, who had “flu” (although even a flu might be a very serious problem), but those patients, who were already given a “verdict”. Those patients had oncology or deep neurological diseases. They were in a very bad state I have to say. Some of them were dying, and I had to get over it somehow. My philosophy helped me deal with it. I had an exceptional opportunity to check my philosophy and to confirm or dismiss it in practice. Any patient’s death always brought on a feeling of discomfort, although I knew I had done everything possible. It motivated me to look for new solutions. The Law of Resonance that we know today led me to people, who were the source of a concrete and needed information, just the one I was searching for. Soon I became aware of the interrelations between the human body and the Space. It comes from various medical trends, especially the ancient medicine. As a matter of fact, ancient doctors considered Space to be the source of the vital energy. It was obvious to all of them. What is more, their practice and their approach indicated trust in the field of this vital energy, identified as Space. The majority of their treatments led to – speaking our language – tuning-in of a human being towards that field. Since I am a scientist, despite the fact that my approach is far from the orthodox one, I believed I had to check all these trends. When patients, who were particularly ill, required help and their condition was so grave that the official medicine refused to treat them, we were able to apply different types

of technologies with their consent and with clean conscience.

In the course of that medical practice, we were testing and applying

many various methods. In fact, from the very beginning, our methods were named Biological Medicine or to be more precise – Modern Biological Medicine. In my opinion, titles like “traditional” or “natural” medicine have lost their value. Therefore, when I first opened my own practice, I called my cabinet as a Cabinet of Biological Medicine. Till now, we have maintained this tradition. This title was given because


of our approach to this issue, even though it was about thirty years ago. By the way, many people understand biology in different ways. To us, it is a science of the organization of life. I would like to emphasize it once again – Biology is the science of the organization of life! A human body – is an organization and not just the sum of organs, systems, tissues and cells. It is simply an organization! Hierarchy and management should exist in any organization. And in this context we can say that any disease is a disruption of the organizational order. Any organization would be strong, if there is a certain order. A human body is not only a model of the order; it is a model of the high-class organization. So this is the approach I have adopted, when naming this trend. And although the name has still remained the same, now we understand it even deeper and it is more meaningful than ever. This is my explanation to you about why we call ourselves Biological Medicine. To demonstrate our philosophy at a certain deeper, spiritual level, we also give an interpretation to the abbreviation of our name. Our centres function by the name of “Centre of Biological Medicine”,

which is CBM for short. In polish language, the association that comes to mind in order to render the abbreviation is: “Co Mówi

Biologia?, meaning “What is the message of the Biology?”. This is a clinical, biological and we can even say – natural level. Another

interpretation in polish would be “Co Mówi Biblia?”, meaning “What is the message of the Bible?”. And the last but not least – “Co Mówi

Bóg?”, meaning “What is the God’s message?”, no matter how we perceive and/or comprehend Him. We understand that there are three

books representing the Creator. The first one is the Nature – Creator’s introduction book! I would like to remind you once again that it does not matter how we understand His existence. The second source embodies the Holy Books of different religions. I often refer to the Judean-Christian Bible, only because in my case, I was able to get to know this particular book better than the other ones. But we are open


to the information from various circles or from different religious cultures, and we collaborate with scientists, who explore and develop these different trends. That’s why instead of using “What is the message of the Bible?” – interpretation of the CBM, we rather use “What is the messages of the Bibles?”. In Latin, a word “Bible” means “Collection”. Thus, this word cannot only be associated with the Judean-Christian Bible or the Scriptures. So, we say – “What is the messages of the Bibles?”, sometimes referring to the Bible I know the best. I must say it came to me as a surprise, although I intuitively knew, that the Bible contains some keys to the human anatomy and physiology. It turns out that there is a parallel between the cons- truction of the Bible and the human anatomy, or in better words – the correlation between the anatomy of the Bible and the human anatomy. But it is not the subject of our meeting. Today, we can only talk or give some insights about the phenomena we deal with. There is yet the Third book, representing the Creator. This is what the Bible says about this third book: “Let us make a Man to Our Likeness”. It means there is a being, created in God’s resemblance, to the likeness of the Creator. Of course we understand that this is the human being. The majority of the biblical approaches understand these words in the symbolical way, only in spiritual terms. Knowing the human anatomy, I took it literally, as I did not see any contradiction in such interpretation. I must say that the parallel between the structure of the Bible, the area that was left without any attention (or probably it wasn’t the right time), and the human anatomy exceeded all of my expectations. I also noticed its correlation with the anatomy and the structure of the Space, adding the Time Factor – the phenomenon we call Time.

So all of that became a reason why we have developed a specific name for our medical technologies. We call them – Technologies of

the Tuning-in towards the Time and Space Laws. In order to get to where we are now, we had to go through various stages and intense training. We also needed to check different approaches and conduct


various syntheses. Modern Biological Medicine is all about conducting syntheses, i.e. merges, or to be more precise – conducting the synthesis of the ancient philosophies and treatment methods, using modern approach or modern technology and/or modern equipment. I can say that the cryo-stimulation therapy was one of those original technologies, which proved to be successful in this context. I am sure that some of you have already come across cryo-therapy, where “cold” is used as a stimulus. Therefore we purposefully use this particular term – cryo-stimulation. I had once studied an ancient water therapy. I understood the philosophy of the cold impulses application and expected for some specific equipment to be created at some stage. When the Japanese scientists developed this cryo-therapy equipment, I was the second to obtain it in Poland. The first machine belonged to the “Legia” sports club, where it was used to alleviate pain and to treat various injuries. But by that time  I already knew the real purpose of this equipment! Having learnt the water therapy, I knew that the purpose of the carefully selected cold impulses, using this new cryo-technology, allowed us to conduct various transformations in the human body, which exceeded any changes, obtained by using all the other treatments, known at that time. There was a time, when the cryo-stimulation therapy was our primer treatment! It was a therapy of skillfully selected cold impulses. Using cold or extremely cold impulses, allowed by that modern technology (which was minus 160 degrees, comparing with the temperature of the cold water that can only be maintained at several degrees plus), we were able to achieve considerably faster and noticeable results. When the cryo-therapy had become too fashionable and people started applying it “without understanding” the purpose of the cold irritator, we had decided to stop using this technology, although with intention to continue it at some point in the future. We withdrew ourselves from using it, because we just did not want to participate in what was happening at that time. Many


patients, who agreed to receive cryo-therapy in its official use, did not have considerable effects apart from their organism being un-tuned. Today, we are gradually going back to this technology with more profound understanding and our extensive experience. As a matter of fact, many of our patients, who have undergone this therapy at our clinics, keep asking to repeat it again. The cryo-stimulation therapy, applied in our clinics, is not just a therapy that stimulates certain functions in the body, but it is also a body-oriented psychotherapy at the same time. Nowadays psychologists frequently talk about the necessity for this kind of psychotherapy. Some of them have already noticed the interrelation between the psychic stability and the body. They began to understand that patient’s certain psychological or psychosomatic problems cannot be solved without “working through” the problems in his body. The muscle system is the starting point for our emotions. “Armour of the character” can be quickly removed, using this technology. Wilhelm Reich was a creator of this very interesting term – “Armour of the character”. For those, who don’t know the name of this professor, I would like to say that he was a psychiatrist and a student and a friend of Freud. As it often happens, the student overrode his master. We can say that it was Reich, who started the body-oriented psychotherapy trend. He was a pioneer in this field. But he left psychiatry in the latter part of his life and began to make a research on Space He was one of the first modern-age scientists, who grasped the interrelation between a human body, health and Space. Reich tried out different manual techniques in order to reach tuning-in of the human organism. We had an opportunity to make use of his findings, but we went even further, especially because by that time there were different diagnostic technologies. As we all know, without a proper diagnostic technology, it is difficult to develop a clinical practice and test different type of technologies.

In order to carry on with my speech, I have to explain you in greater detail about how we define “life”. Many issues derive from this


definition. Life is a one big adaptation process, whereas aging and illnesses are the price of this adaptation or in simple words – a loss of this adaptation. Therefore health can be defined as a state of the optimal adaptation and a disease – as the loss of adaptive capabilities. The question is – how do we investigate it? How can we examine this phenomenon? Well, in the academic medicine there is a well-known stress syndrome theory, presented by Hans Selye in 1936. This theory is a historical event in medicine, we should say. It so happened that the stress theory, i.e. the course of adaptation mechanisms in rela- tion to an extreme stimulus or in reaction to an extreme stimulus, described by Hans Selye, was adopted as a role model for all adap- tation processes in the body. And here there was a mistake! We do not just live in the constant stress! The stress theory is correct, but it can only be applied in some situations – the extreme situations. It is     a mechanism of the human adaptation or a set of reactions to the extreme stimulus, which fortunately we don’t experience so often. Here we can only talk about the most extreme situations. Stress reaction is a reaction accompanied by some damages, and thus in nature it takes place only in certain occasions, when it is better to suffer some damages or losses and to survive, rather than to die. But so far different therapies, different clinical approaches in the official medicine have been based on this reaction and the understanding of it. For example, there is a very trendy and widespread steroid therapy. It is too commonly used!

Where is a problem?

It turns out that in the early 1970s, three ladies from Rostow upon Don – Garkawi, Kwakina and Ukolowa – discovered that there were three other types of adaptive reactions. So in total there are four adaptive reactions. Stress is one of the four reactions and not the only one, but one of the four! It means that the human body reacts with one of the four adaptive reactions to the millions of different types of stimulus or impulses. It is very important for a man to react adequately


in response to the stimulus. In other words, we have to teach our body to choose a correct reaction, adequate to the stimulus. It is so, because when we respond with the stress to a situation that is not worthy of such reaction, then we lose energy, health and so on. We can say that the purpose of life – in a broad context of the adaptation processes – is to learn how to react in an optimal way, depending on the situation. To teach our body to choose an appropriate reaction! As I mentioned earlier, there are four adaptive reactions. These are:

  • stress reaction – reaction towards some extreme stimulus,
  • reaction of the increased activation, 3) reaction of quiet activation and 4) reaction of training – the most optimal reaction, i.e. a habit to approach different situations in a calm To make it a bit more complicated, we have to say that every adaptive reaction has twenty levels of response. However, it is not a lot. Altogether they come to eighty types of adaptive reactions. It means that the human body reacts with one of the eighty adaptive reactions to the millions of different events, different types of stimulus or impulses. It is extremely important to learn to choose the most adequate reaction. We can observe how it happens in practice. So, a sick person is someone, who does not adequately react to a situation. He has to learn how to do it!

So this was the direction we took in order to pursue our research. We were testing how the human body can react to various stimuli and how it optimizes its reactions or the adaptive processes. Fortunately, there were diagnostic systems, based on the discoveries made by the researchers from Rostow upon Don. It is true that they were pioneering by their nature, and, as there were just few of them, they were hardly accessible. Nevertheless, we use such technologies, which enable us to objectively examine the state of different phenomena. We can identify the state of a patient and evaluate optimization of his adaptive processes. I have to say that there are some cases, when our examination shows that the patient is at the


state of extreme exhaustion of his adaptive reactions. This is a very dangerous state! But the patient might not even feel it! More than that, he might even say that he feels good. We have to pay extra attention to the patient in such situation. Without understanding of this matter, he can end up in a very bad situation. Let’s say that this patient has to be operated. The majority of the operations are planed depending on the space availability or on some clinical needs. Before performing the operation nobody examines the efficiency of the patient’s adaptive reactions and therefore it is not taken into the consideration. It might be so that there were no mistakes made during the operation, all the rules were followed perfectly, but the patient dies.

Cases like this take place, because majority of the doctors don’t have any knowledge, any information about the patient’s adaptive capability. So what has to be done in the situation when an operation is necessary? Obviously, any surgical interference is not the best solution! Any alteration in anatomic correlations is not the best solution! Any operation always leads to the alteration in anatomic correlations! It’s always best to keep the entity of the anatomy. However, if the operation is indispensable and a patient’s diagnostic results demonstrate the deficit of adaptive capability, we simply need to prepare him for the operation. We need to tune him in! So in this

case our tuning-in technologies are absolutely vital!

In the course of our research, we noticed certain positive changes

in the energetic pattern of the human body after applying various geometrical structures. Working with the energy, the vital energy is the main ground for the Biological Medicine practice. Biological state of the human body is the function of its energy condition. We proceed according to  this  paradigm!  The  official  medicine  is  based  on  a biochemical paradigm! Biological medicine, both ancient and modern, works according the energy paradigm. And it is the right time! The reason why the academic medicine does not succeed in curing many different diseases is because the biochemical paradigm


has worn out. It is absolutely necessary to pass on to the energy paradigm. According to professor Sedlak – a pioneer and an author of certain research on bioelectronics of life – “life is a synthesis of two metabolisms: bio-energetic and bio-chemical, where the bio- energetic one predominates”. It means that the bio-chemical metabolism comes second. That is why when we work on the bio- energetic level, it becomes obvious that the bio-chemical level is subject to its influence. But working on the bio-chemical level does not always brings positive changes on the bio-energetic level. Nevertheless there are certain situations, when we have to combine these two contradictions. The research period, when we studied the influence of different types of geometric structures on the energy of the human being, taught us a great deal and it was very interesting. It wouldn’t have been possible for us to reach a level where we are now without this research. Certainly, pyramids and some other similar geometrical structures are the most familiar structures to all of us. Once I participated in the research of the unique, specific geometry, used by the Guanche – native inhabitants of some of the Canary Islands, especially in the Grand Canary. They are (or were) primitive people, who didn’t even know the wheel, yet they used some specific geometry. What did they do exactly? In certain situations, they painted various geometrical structures on their skin, locating them in specific parts of their bodies, and through this they were able to enter in different psychosomatic states. This subject or better say – similar subject was pursued by a professor Giuseppe Calligaris, an Italian neuro-physiologist, who studied changes in consciousness caused by the irritation through certain geometry, placed on different points of the skin. Many researchers had totally ignored this trend. But many years later, after the professor’s death, the results of his research were looked at and re-checked again. It turned out that Calligaris was absolutely right. We also examined different structures used by the Guanche. There is one particular structure in my cabinet, which is


a classical form of the fractal geometry. It is called Sierpinski’s triangle, named after a Polish researcher, who discovered and created this structure. It is a basic structure of the fractal geometry. I would like to point out that Guanche knew about it several thousands years ago! What’s more, they knew many other structures. So how strong is the impact of these structures on the energy of the human being? To say that it is big would not be sufficient enough. The only issue that was left to be determined was who and when should undergo the treatment by certain structures or energies. Nevertheless, this period proved to be very fruitful in our lives and in our research.

I was fortunate to cooperate with one researcher (up to his last days), whose work only now is becoming to be appreciated. His name was Jan Grzedzielski. He was an unorthodox physicist, who considerably outstripped his time. Grzedzielski worked on the phenomenon called energy-geometry of the Space. He developed many interesting mathematical equations and solutions, which were presented to me. I often talk about how extremely grateful I am to him. So we were conducting many different researches together. We were creating various geometrical structures, explored their impact on the energy of the human being and evaluated this impact using some methods, mentioned earlier. It enabled us to take it to another level,

almost the one we represent  today  – Tuning-in  towards  the Time

and Space Laws. Earlier we used another name for it, which was Tuning-in  towards  the  Space  Laws.  At  that  time  we  didn’t  fully

understand the Time Factor. It became much more clarified thanks to the discoveries related to the decoding of the Mayan Calendar. Nevertheless we noticed the Time Factor quite some time ago.

And now I would like to talk about a research, conducted by    Dr. Raymond Rife in the United States in the late 60s, early 70s. He was an amazing person, not only a doctor, but also a talented experimenter. He created a specific microscope. This microscope had almost ten thousand parts and allowed to observe an object without


causing it any damage. We have to say that the preparation of a slide, using different types of staining techniques and its preservation, kills the object. Thus, what we can observe through a normal microscope is the dead object. Thanks to his microscope, Dr. Rife noticed certain type of living organisms in the blood of his sick patients. Before, they were left undetected. He also noticed that there were similar microbes in the blood of the patients suffering from similar diseases. The electron microscope does not pick it up, because it kills the object under examination. So Dr.  Rife came to the conclusion that this is  a living microbiology. Since some organisms live at the micro-level, they must be named microbiology. He also concluded that this microbiology definitely has some influence on the patient’s clinical condition, especially because patients with similar diagnosis had similar microbes. Dr. Rife was particularly interested in the oncology. He claimed that he had detected certain microbiological structures in his cancer patients’ blood that were similar to one another in all of those oncology patients. So what did he do then? At the beginning he didn’t succeed with his attempts to eliminate it or to correct it. He was trying out different methods, but none of them had any success. Then he turned to his talents of the experimenter and concluded that this kind of microbiology needed a different approach. He decided to approach it from the energy point of view! He used a generator of frequencies, applying a certain frequency or a range of frequencies to the object and observed its reaction through the microscope.

He noticed that when he used certain frequencies, the microbe exploded like a grenade. The microbe got bigger and bigger at first and then at some point exploded. Later this method was used in his clinical work and it was a complete success. More than a dozen of advanced cancer cases, exposed to this technology for several months, were practically brought to their full recovery.

But right now we won’t carry on talking about what happened later and how it all continued. All I would say is that one of my friends


visited a symposium about unconventional cancer treatments, held in Australia and through him I had received the information about this kind of research. From there we had also received necessary information about the frequencies used by Dr. Rife. As soon as we had the information, we began our experiments, especially because our seriously ill patients were demanding it from us. They expected miracles! So what kind of results have we obtained? We had different results. I have to admit I personally expected more from this method. However the results were quite interesting. Dr. Rife was no longer alive and there was no access to his microscope (it was dismantled), so I had to find solutions to how to deal with it totally on my own.     I decided that this method must work under some rule or a law. I knew that behind those frequencies, developed by Dr. Rife through experimenting with his microscope, there must be a certain principle, a certain universal law! It took me several years of profound research in order to discover this law. I developed thousands of geometrical- mathematical or geometrical-energy models. I had been working so intense that within one year I managed to do a research that normally would have taken several years! There was a lot of pressure coming from the terminally ill patients, who were dying, but still hoping for   a miracle. Finally, after years of extensive research, I managed to find a key to this phenomenon. Dr. Rife’s work and the research, done by means of his microscope, helped me a lot, because I developed     a model – the key to the frequencies, where there were also those frequencies that he empirically discovered. Nevertheless the key on its own wasn’t enough. This key had to be adjusted to an individual patient. So here there was another problem to be solved. How can we choose, how can we calculate a personalized modulation for each individual patient? This subject again required several years of intensive study. When I finally found the way to calculate personalized modulations, I faced another unexpected factor.  At the beginning    I thought it would be enough to determine just how many sessions of


personalized modulation has to taken by a patient. We were looking for a solution in a typical, medical way – dose prescription method – for example 10 treatments of this kind, 5 of that, etc. But it turned out that it didn’t work, it wasn’t efficient. So we were facing another big issue. At that time, I was calculating personalized modulations for every patient every single day.  Very  often daytimes were not enough, so I had to work at nighttimes as well. If I would have continued with the same pace I don’t think I would have met you today… Again, at least two years passed by before I finally found the solution. After having analysed personalized modulation parameters, calculated for every patient on a daily basis, I concluded that the parameters, used in order to tune patients in, are valid for some time. It meant that every single parameter was valid up to a certain day! I must say that we had to acknowledge it very quickly, as it was a clinical, scientific, objective and physical fact. Everything stated that the parameter functions as a tuning-in device up to a certain day, regardless whether the patient would be receiving his treatments or not, and how many he would like to receive. It worked up a certain day! So what is that factor we are

dealing with? The Time Factor! Today we can admit that the discoveries, made to interpret the Mayan calendar, and the understanding of the galactic Time (which is not in line with our senses of time and with how we measure it) were a great help to us. We understand them now! We are capable to provide the evidence that would demonstrate this phenomenon, known as the Mayan Factor, to be absolutely authentic!

Today, our treatment by means of our technology is called “Personalized Modulation for Adaptation and Tuning-in”.  I  suppose you already know why it also includes “Adaptation”!  Because our life  is adaptation! Aging and disease are the loss of this adaptation. Bearing this in mind, an optimisation and correction of this adaptation is absolutely necessary. The second element in the name is “Tuning- in” – Personalized Modulation for Adaptation and Tuning-in! Why do


we use this word – “Tuning-in”? Well, in the beginning, I simply

borrowed this expression from the electronics. It seemed to be the most appropriate, as it is a purely technical word. Only after some time I paid attention to its profound meaning and its etymological content. In Slav’s language this word contains an element of three. What does it mean? Everybody knows that a human life functions on three fundamental levels: physical, mental and spiritual. A disease might appear on one of these levels, but it always affects all three. Therefore treating just one of these levels will lead nowhere apart from even  a bigger chaos. Our technology gives results on all of these levels. Actually it is based on them! Here we simultaneously operate on all three levels, encourage their tuning-in, tune them in to each other, as well as tune them in to higher levels. As a matter of fact, every man’s purpose is to reach higher levels and to function in the great “three”: Man – Time – Space. But in order to function in the great “three”,   a human being needs to be tuned-in on the three fundamental levels. When a patient undergoes tuning-in treatment in our clinical practice, he gets tuning-in of these three levels to each other and to higher levels. It means the bar is raised very high. In this context, health or disease can be defined as tuning-in or un-tuning towards the Time and Space Laws. The Mayan calendar, our research and people’s observation show that every day has its own energy. Not even one day is the same as the other. Each day has it’s own energy! People feel differently each day. You must have noticed it as well. Everyone can see it. The definition of health as a degree of synchronization with the energy of the day comes from the Mayan calendar and is very close to our approach. In other words, it is a degree of adaptation and tuning-in to the energy of the day. There are good days, bad days and also critical days. Every one of us knows that these critical days exist!

So, what we do in our clinical practice by means of our tuning-in technologies is just the correction of the patient on all of his levels, including a biological level, which is normally the biggest concern for


the patient. A sick person always pays more attention to his biological level. Usually, the patient doesn’t understand what is going on and why he has fallen ill. And here we have to talk a little bit about why we fall ill. A book called “Message of the Disease” with a sub-title “Disease is Your Chance” gives it a good explanation. At the same time this book causes a lot of controversy due to its sub-title. My intention was to demonstrate the situation people are in at the moment here on the planet Earth. “The Message of the Disease”, in other words, is the message of life! Our presence here is not accidental. It is directed by a very intelligent process and it would be just reasonable if we call the Earth and our presence here as a School. What school, you would ask. Universal Laws School! On the other hand, we often say that this school is an experiment of the “free will”. From the Bible and some other sources, we gather that the Earth is situated in such area of the Space, where the “free will” experiment is in force (or allowed). Its purpose is to find out the boundaries, i.e. up to which level we can use this literally understood “free will”. Many people understand this free will as an opportunity to do absolutely anything they want in their life. But within the boundaries of the social life it is simply not possible! This “free will” is a subject to certain limits! We have to pass this test in order to reach higher levels of evolution or higher levels of life and Space! We have to learn the Universal Laws! The Earth is the best place to work through this lessons at an accelerated pace. Until people on Earth don’t reach this level of understanding, there will be diseases and they will become even worse. The message of the disease is the message of life! Any human being should understand or at least try to understand why he falls ill. It is not a coincidence. Any accident or any other life downfall is not just a coincidence. Space, with all its potential – as we say – carries all the information about the Universal Laws, encoded also in its physical properties, and possesses a wide range of bringing up methods. Any disease is one of those methods. If that is not enough,


there are other life downfalls. We can observe it also on the large scale

– there are phenomena such as tsunami, epidemics, pandemics and so on that are assigned to affect large territories and their population. These are also some bringing up methods! It would be impossible to be cured from any illness, if one does not understand this message. People should not fight their diseases! A term “to fight” should be removed from this context. Any disease is a teacher. It would be good to negotiate with this teacher. It would be even better to do the homework as good and as quick as one can. Nevertheless there is another option, which is to stay one class behind and to repeat the course. But we have to remember that as a consequence – there will be incurable diseases and possibly there will be even more of them.

As a result of certain circumstances, I released a short brochure called “Message of the Bird’s Flu to the Mankind”. The content of this brochure is tightly related to the contents of the other brochures. The brochure called “Bible of Life” gives a very clear insight to our philosophy. It explains about infections, about their functional mechanisms and about who can become a victim of the flu, epidemics or pandemics. We cannot cheat life! We neither can cheat Space and its Laws! The only way out is to tune-in to its expectations and its requirements, which have Universal character. Until we study them well we will be left behind in this school.

Looking for a way out through antibiotics or vaccines will lead nowhere! Any virus is a master in transforming itself and no one is capable to catch up with the process of its transformation! Therefore a human being should tune-in rather than just try to kill a virus!       A victim of the virus should get tuning-in and work through it, because we all know that there are no innocent victims.

Therefore, Modern Biological Medicine offers its technologies, which are in resonance with the Time and Space Laws. Apart from all the benefits that we have talked about, these technologies also serve in order to slow down the aging process. It is a great success just by


itself and, being also a gerontologist, I can confirm that it gives some amazing results in this area. Moreover, the length of the man’s life is also a flexible process. It’s not a “stiff” phenomenon, as we usually think. So our Tuning-in Technologies are also beneficial in other aspects apart from its use to cure diseases. We don’t have to wait until we get sick. Waiting for a disease to come isn’t the highest level of approaching it.

There is a very good description of the Universal Laws in the brochure called “Message of the Disease”. We will be also elaborating on them in our next book that is not yet published. What follows from these Universal Laws and our analysis is that a Man can tune himself in towards 12 basic Universal Laws and to understand these Laws well. The content of these Laws can cause a debate and we are open and ready for it. Anyone, who would be able to give a definition, other than the one we give in our brochure “Message of the Disease”, is more than welcome! A brochure called “Message of the Slavonic- Hebrew History” gives you the source of our knowledge and the definition of the Universal Laws. If you try to analyse it in detail, then you will be able to make more additional conclusions.

The Tuning-in Technologies provide an opportunity to accelerate one’s development. It is everyone’s dream! Professor Aleksandrowicz, a Polish haematologist, ecologist and philosopher, said that the medicine of the future would be also related to the taking care of the people’s brains, especially of those in power, so that they make wiser decisions. It concerns anyone – to be in control of the opportunities and to be able to manage his or her potential. One of the Universal Laws that we need to pay extra attention is the Law of the Necessity of the Development. Some people or patients are ill, because they violate this specific Law. They were given a great potential through genes and other sources, but they do not use it. It must be said and people must be warned that anyone, who does not use his potential, will be punished in a very strict way!


An image of the spinal cord was chosen for the cover of the brochure, called “Bible of Life”. Why is that? It is, because our research about the role of the spine made it possible to discover and to create the Tuning-in Technologies. To our understanding – and we can prove it – the spine functions as a macro-antenna, pointed towards Space. And, as we have explained earlier, the vital energy comes from Space. What we haven’t mentioned yet is that food is only an additional source of energy. In the past, this statement would have caused many contradictions. However, there is a group of people called “Breatharians”, who prove it right, as they live without any food. They prove that this is possible. Obviously, this is not the best quality of life and we do not try to popularise it, but we use this as an argument that it is possible to live just by using another source of energy. Everybody uses that source of energy. Food is the source of some additional energy, which is necessary in order to experience life to its fullest here on Earth. We need food to produce the so-called emotional energy. Without food people experience the deficit of the emotional life. This is not the highest level. We need feelings to understand the message of life. Therefore I would like to point it out that any nutrition has to be adapted to the person’s psycho-emotional state. There are no strict rules here! Of course, we give advises to our patients concerning their nutrition, having previously analysed their state. But there aren’t any strict rules here! Thus we can say that the main source of the vital energy is Space. And if the spine is our antenna, then it has an impact on the way we receive this energy from Space. The quality of the energy distribution throughout the human body depends on the degree of the tuning-in of this instrument. Meanwhile, different situations in our life, such as physical overloading, misfortunes, traumas, emotional impacts and other situations that provoke our inadequate response, block certain levels, certain segments of the spine and, as a result, our antenna gets un- tuned and limits the intake and absorption of the vital energy from


Space. Our health or the solution to our diseases depends on how bad the damages, caused to this antenna, are (the degree of its being un- tuned) and also on how long it has been going on. From the anatomy of an individual and from the degree of his un-tuning, we can determine which organs are about to have problems. It all follows from the anatomy of the human being, the anatomy of the spine! Therefore we call the human spine as the Bible of Life. It can also be named as the Bible of Health. Everything is written down in the spine. The only thing we have to learn is how to read this information! X-rays are not sufficient. They only show “severe” spinal damages. Then we are left with 2 options: the manual examination, which demands certain skills and experience, or certain diagnostic equipment, such as, for example, the one, used by us. It is called “NASA” system. This system makes it possible to locate blockages in certain segments or on certain levels of the spine. We pay extra attention to the spine when using our technologies. We can say it’s because our spines takes all the responsibility for everything. Our spines contain history of our life. This history is written down in the form of blockages, overloads, etc. These blockages damage or un-tune the functions of the antenna. That is the way we see and understand the spine. Even if we look at the spine from the neurology point of view, we can still make serious conclusions, and only the modern chiropractics, which unfortunately is in opposition to the conventional medicine, understands this phenomenon to a certain extent. The strategic role of the spine results from both – its anatomy and its physiology, as well as from the fact that it plays the role of the antenna, pointed at Space. It is vital to know that our Spine is a macro-antenna. And if so, there are also micro- antennas, our DNA spirals. The laws of physics are the same for all – the macro-antenna and the micro-antennas. There are energy-informational interconnections amongst them. One of the aging theories says that the mistakes or anomalies at the genetic level, i.e. mutation, are the direct cause of aging. We absolutely agree with that, because when the


macro-antenna is getting un-tuned, then the process of that un-tuning passes on to the level of the micro-antennas. So the genetic structure is not so stable as imagined by the modern scientists. A considerable part of the human DNA is simply blocked. There is a term, which is “Wasted DNA” used by the scientists. But this is wrong; there are no wastages in the nature. The Nature is very economical. It cannot afford the luxury of wasting something. This blocked DNA results from the degree of our un-tuning, from our low degree of tuning-in to the Time and Space Laws.

We learnt from the Bible and other sources that there was a time when people lived a much longer life. Is this possible? Yes, it is. There is a potential to live an endless life and that comes from our anatomy and our structure! As we already know, everything depends on our antenna, but we have to say that this antenna is capable to function perfectly only in the ideal external conditions, i.e. in the ideal environment! We can even say – in the paradise environment. On the other hand, a human being wouldn’t be able to learn much, living in a paradise, where there is only happiness and pleasure. Progress is possible only when we face different obstacles and problems and overcome them, finding solutions. That is why some sort of forces led to the circumstances, where a man entered an experiment and became un-tuned towards the Time and Space Laws. But we are not going to deal this subject right now. This is partly a theological issue, although the knowledge and the information we have allows us to consider it from the scientific point of view. Anyhow, people are in the situation, where they are highly un-tuned towards the Time and Space Laws that can be also called as God Laws. For some reason, we are in the place, where we are pushed to learn these Laws. We are obliged to learn them, because our illnesses compel and demand to act, just as good teachers do. As we said before, Space and Time have a whole arsenal of the bringing up methods. It has to be clearly stated that people have different health conditions, starting right from their birth


and we pay attention to this crucial factor, using our technology. One of our diagnostic systems, called CMB – BASIS, demonstrates person’s genetic chara-cteristics. We consider it to be a very important factor when calculating a specific tuning-in modulation. This diagnostic shows that people have different health potential from birth. People are different and we have to accept and understand this fact! Regardless of the way they manage their lives and what they do, people are “equipped” differently right from the start. There are people with very strong bodies that do not show the signs of un-tuning towards the Time and Space Laws quick enough. And here we need to emphasize that the nature of these Laws is not only physical, but also ethical and moral. So, the people with very good physical structure, with genetically strong bodies, do not receive immediate signs of the ethical problems from their bodies. There are also other people with fragile health, “equipped” with a delicate body that reacts on every situation. What is the best option? What do you think? Both option are good. I will repeat once again – Space possesses a huge arsenal of the bringing up methods. People with relatively strong bodies that don’t signal their spiritual un-tuning usually “suffer bad fate”. It can be by getting in some criminal situations and organisations or by having accidents or misfortunes and so on. Whereas a person with a fragile body simply faces different illnesses. There is nothing more to say apart from that people should accept their individuality and try to understand their inner self. It becomes obvious that all of us need to learn to tune-in to cosmic standards as quick as possible and in the best way possible. The Universal Laws are the Cosmic Laws. We will continue to function and suffer until we reach the optimal tuning-in. That is why the development of our Tuning-in Technologies and the time of its manifestation were not just an accidental event! We have to admit that the Mankind needs assistance and now is the time. From at least 30 years of observation and also from other sources we gather that Time is accelerating. Majority of the people know that the clock is


a Time measurement device, but what they don’t know is that this is a conditioned measurement. It is not so from the energy point of view. We observe Time acceleration. Anyone can see that Time is being shortened. We observe what we call the increased pressure of the Time and Space Laws. The increased pressure! How does it show? For example any doctor can see that diseases that were typical for elderly people are now becoming common in young people. It means that the connection between the cause, lifestyle, and biological or clinical consequences is becoming very close. There was time when people lived longer on Earth, when life was much slower and people could afford themselves to behave the way the wanted without obvious consequences. The time was so slow that while they were living that particular life they were not affected by the consequences of their behaviour. There is some contradiction between our structure and the purpose or the message of the situation that we speak about. On one hand, every person expects good health and a sense of well-being and is ready to do anything in order to live longer and to feel better. On the other hand, there is a certain conflict, resulting from the purpose of our life on Earth. It’s because the purpose of the human body is to give us sings by creating circumstances and conditions, contributing to the study of the Universal Laws and to the acquisition of universal psychical, psychological and spiritual qualities. Thus, blocking these signals, the way it does the academic medicine, trying to achieve the so-called health, contradicts to the purpose of the human body. Yes, it is true that the quality of our biological life can be improved by doing various exercises, by our lifestyle, by our nutrition and so on. But life can never be cheated; nobody will ever succeed at that! When people block the signals of the violation of the Laws, they create more situations, where life teaches them by means of the bad fate.

There are more and more perversions, sexual deviations, infertility, etc. These are the consequences of the process we talked about earlier – the conflict of the purpose. Is it possible to do something in


order to ease it? Obviously, we do not say that people should not care about their health. Nevertheless, if people place their bats only on the physical health, giving it all they can, this will not produce the best results. In this context, the Tuning-in Technologies can do the job. They appeared at this particular time – time of the acceleration of the events on Earth. These technologies seem to be the optimal solution and the optimal way out of this situation. The acceleration of the time is the result of the increased pressure of the Time and Space Laws! It can be said that the time granted to the Mankind, to this civilization is coming to an end! Besides, many people are observing it. And in our opinion, this techno- logy is one of the greatest opportunities. Of course, not everyone has matured up to this level. But it is not for us to judge. The Law of Reso- nance governs this process. According to this Law, those who need them and who matured up to this level will use these technologies.

So what is actually happening in the course of the tuning-in? During the treatment, most often conducted by means of the modulated light, a patient is getting closer to the real Time and Space, closer to the real life, closer to his “purpose”. In the course of the tuning-in, he has    a chance to understand, to correct and to tune-in his instruments, meaning all his bodies: spiritual, mental and physical. Plus there are other benefits apart from the improvement in the physical health. But as health is the most expected change, we pay a lot of attention to it. It is everyone’s desire  and of course it should be so. If a disease  is  a message and if a human being works through this message and understands his lessons, then the repetition of that disease is no longer logical from the standpoint of the intelligent Space and the intelligent Life. That’s why it is very important that a person consciously participates in this process apart from just using the Tuning-in Technologies. Therefore we publish necessary information to help people understand in which process they participate.

We cannot put any responsibility for our health on others. Every- body has to learn how to take all the responsibility. Nevertheless the


Tuning-in Technologies give us this unique opportunity. It is proved by our experience. These technologies accelerate and make it easier to “work through” our lessons.

It is very often that people come to our clinic for the same reasons as they do to other clinics – seeking relief or looking for a solution to some clinical problems. When we solve their problems, many of these people stay, although they reach a different level by then – they feel relatively healthy. They start noticing that whatever they do, they function in a better way. And this is that higher level, which we are trying to reach. That is why waiting till a disease makes us undergo a certain treatment is not the best option, not the highest level.

For those, who understand it, it would be better to initiate the Tuning- in process earlier. It would be simply the best to just understand the meaning of that message of life. Then it would have been possible not to let any disease in our life. But that seems hardly attainable.

And now let us focus on the spine, as it always figures in our discussions on various levels. At some point I began practicing spinal manual therapy and I did so for many years. I have treated thousands of patients, using that method. I can confirm that the treatment of the spine also affects other areas in the body. It was easy to see that when we correct spinal problems, we also correct some of the internal problems.

I have mentioned about it in the brochure called “Bible of Life”, explaining that I had a perfect opportunity to check the inter- connection between the spine and the internal organs whilst I was still going through post-graduate training at the paediatrics ward. I would say that children are the best beings for such investigation. When working with an adult, a doctor has to be an expert in order to objectively estimate and understand these interconnections, because a grown up person has already experienced a complex life, went through psychic and physical problems and as a consequence might have a deformed spine or other problems. I was simply amazed how accurate my diagnoses were, based on the spinal examination. But we


know now and that is why we say – spine is the Bible! It is the Bible in the full meaning of the word! We also talk about it in the brochure called “Message of the Slavonic-Hebrew History”. The brochure elaborates on the barely known phenomena and facts from the pre-Christian times, whereas our history was written and documented only in Christian times. But before the Christian time there was an ancient Slavonic civilization, living in the Central and Eastern Europe. People don’t know much about it, as there was no written documents or literature left after this civilization. Nevertheless, we can confirm the fact of its past existence. Apparently, people of this civilization had their own medical service. I met some Russian doctors, originated from there, who practice such medicine. The knowledge they possess was passed on from generation to generation. This medicine was based on the spinal therapy and vibrations. As a matter of fact, that is exactly what we do now, although it is already at a higher level. But the philosophy remains the same! So we can say that we continue doing what our ancestors started.

So what did they do?

As I mentioned before, there are people in Russia, who apply their methods. Apart from using the spinal manual therapy, they “connect” a patient, i.e. place him on a certain vibration or vibrating system and start reproducing a specific beat – a specific rhythm. For different type of diseases there are different types of beats. This is the same what we do today in a significantly improved, modern form.

How did it all continue? Chiropractics or Osteopathy has the same roots and functions mostly in the United States and in the Western Europe. This is very interesting, because it was the emigrants from the Central and Eastern Europe, who brought this art of treatment there. These new Americans studied it well and created a modern spinal manual therapy known as “osteopathy” or “chiropractics”. But from the very beginning of its existence, it created contradictions with the medical world. And this represents a serious problem. But we con-


tinue doing something that existed here on our land a long time ago! So we are not “rediscovering America once again”, or may be we are.

Lots can be said, as this subject is a cosmic one.

Voice from the audience: Can we ask you a fundamental question? Doctor, you use some terms, such as Time and Space, Uni- versal Time and Space Laws, energy of Space and other derivatives. How can you define Time and Space and their interrelation? What is Time against Space in your opinion? What is Space? It is a vast topic, but may be you could give us a general idea.

Dr Rybicki: It is a purely scientific question that goes beyond the framework of our discussion. Nevertheless I will give you some guidelines.

Space is an energy-informational structure. Even Einstein knew it, but for the clarity of his mathematical calculations, he proposed that Space is vacuum. It is simply not true! He knew that it is not a vacuum substance. There are different sources about his life that show – Einstein was looking for the answer to this question all the time. He conducted researches in different areas including the esoteric ones. He perfectly understood that Space and Time have a structure – energy-geometrical structure. Otherwise, if it weren’t so, the electro-magnetic wave wouldn’t be able to travel through the emptiness.

The question is – what is this geometry? As geometry doesn’t exist without energy, we use a certain definition, which is energy- geometry. We define geometry as a doctrine about distribution of the energy and information. It would be good to remember this definition. If we pay a little bit more attention, we will notice that Nature features specific geometry at its various levels. It is the geometry of trans- formation of certain oval structures. Here we talk about a Cassini oval and cassinoide. Practically, in nature, there are no circles in the form of a circle. There is, however, the geometry of oval – a very dynamic geometry. It is also proven by the fractal geometry. How does it work? It is based on the activity of different geometrical structures. If by their


nature, by their proportions, these structures reflect the character of the geometrical structure of Space, then they resonate with it and acquire energetic properties from there. It means that different energy phenomena appear through this geometric resonance. That is why the frequency does the same thing… There are different studies about how to use different geometrical structures. They all have the same principal. But the construction and the study of some specific structures is a hard work and sometimes – impossible due to their complexity. We have to make it very clear to everyone that any frequency, every single modulation is geometry! Certain modulations / frequencies create certain structures, living energy-geometrical structures in Space. The higher the frequency is, the richer, more varied and more complex this structure would become. Therefore, we calculate personalized modulation for a certain patient and put him in the field of this energy- geometrical structure that creates optimal conditions in the optimal time for him. It is obvious that everything has to be agreeable with time. Therefore scientists, who understood the dilemma, created such term as space-time through observing this Time phenomenon. But it still does not fully clarify all the issues. So when we say that at the higher levels there is no time, but there is an eternal “now” – we are closer to the truth. Time exists only in our dimension, at our level of development and for us. There are “present time”, ”past time” and the “future”. So the time exists in these three forms. We can see that time is unequal. As we say, every day is different. Mayan people observed and understood that every day has its own energy, its own information. It is called a kin. There are 260 kins, according to the Mayan calendar. It is a 260-days cycle.

I can say that a human being is created or anatomically structured, according to the Time Laws. Certain structures match each other in the precise way. It means that a Man’s structure is a system, resonating with these Laws! And, when he is un-tuned, i.e. there is some dissonance, we can observe different life problems or diseases.


Time is a fascinating phenomenon. We understand it “here and now”. We understand it in its three forms: past, present and future. We investigate this Time Factor in some of our psychological examinations, where we identify how much space (in the human mind and in the human personality) is occupied by the past, how much by the future and how much by the present. If these proportions are disturbed, a person will experience some problems. You can find people, who live only in the past or in the future and who don’t know how to live in present. They live in a dream world or continue living by their memories of the past.

This has to be regulated. The understanding of the issue is growing. When I had already discovered how to calculate the personalized modulation, I came across the Time Factor. It turned out that this Tuning-in parameter is valid only up to a certain day! That is why scientists, who do not understand this factor, face a very serious problem that prevents them from conducting objective researches.

Voice from the audience: Is it related to the fact that periodical changes in person’s life; different worries; ethical, psychic and physical changes have the same character and therefore there is instability in the state of a human being?

Dr Rybicki: Nothing is constant! Anyway, the purpose of the Tuning-in parameter is to correct. We do not replace Space and its affect on us. It exists and it must exist. Only when a human being does not catch up with it, with its requirements and its energy- informational sphere, then he falls ill and becomes out-of-tune.

Voice from the audience: I have another question. Is it possible to identify which Biblical Law or Cosmic Law has been violated, relying on the grounds of these calculations?

Dr Rybicki: It is the Cosmic Law rather than the Biblical Law! What come first here are the qualities of the universal personality. Laws possess the time dimension. There are other worlds with diverse number of Laws. We write about it in the brochure “Message of the


Slavonic-Hebrew History”. The world that has 12 Universal Laws had already reached the high level. There are worlds that have many more Laws. The more Laws there are, the more limitations there are and then there are more opportunities for learning. In any case, to “pass the exam” in the world, where there is a big quantity of Laws and limitations, means an opportunity to reach higher level – a world with fewer laws. Whether we like it or not, we function in the time system of the galactic level (Mayan Factor belongs to this level), where each day has its own energy and where our state depends on how we tune- in to this energy of the day.

Voice from the audience: Let’s take, for example, a situation, where there is an egoist or a person, who is full of hatred or an altruist, who doesn’t critically assess the reality. How do we understand the fact when this person appears in our life?

Dr Rybicki: Everybody is different and according to the Law of Resonance we attract different circumstances in order to learn something. We need to remember that it is always an intelligent process. We have met today in this particular circle of people also according to the Law of Resonance. There are people here, who have matured for this meeting. Others might have encountered some circumstances, preventing them from coming here, which simply means that they shouldn’t have been here. It happens the same way in anything we deal with in our everyday life. So if we see that something or someone “gets in our way” we should treat it as some sort of information for us, as some sort of lesson. It is governed by that particular geometry that we have spoken about, that fine geometry. Let’s say you came out on the street 5 seconds later or earlier, then you encounter different geometry, different situation. This is that dynamic geometry that we are talking about. But remember that every day has its own specific energy. One day we feel better, another day – worse; one day we manage everything better, another day – worse. Every- body can see that. The point is we need to be optimally tuned-in to the


energy of the day, i.e. – to function optimally. Based on the information obtained from our patients, we can tell you exactly what happens when they start their day from the Tuning-in treatment. First of all, it is easier for them to undergo this treatment in the morning, as they have other plans for the day. But the main thing – they say that although it doesn’t seem possible at the time, but they manage to do everything they plan for that day and more, they have time for everything. They noticed that if they start their day with the Tuning-in treatment, everything turns out the way they plan. This is the actual wisdom of this phenomenon – they are capable to function optimally thanks to the Tuning-in procedures.

Voice from the audience: But this looks like some sort of addiction that someone has to assist you every day and to support you artificially…

Dr Rybicki: It is an artificial and non-artificial support. What is important here is the fact that such technologies exist now. And it is absolutely certain that they appeared in that civilization circle, where we have no time, where we are always in a hurry, and where our level of being un-tuned is very high. If Time itself and the Time and Space Laws will be operating with even more pressure, then people will not cope with that just by themselves. They will need assistance. We wish everyone the best, because we are humans too.

But our understanding of the situation leads us to make following conclusions: we are so out-of-tune that we cannot catch up with the requirements of the Time and Space. In relation to that, there are technologies that are artificial, but they are in resonance with these Laws and therefore they allow us to make up for the delay. We make our conclusions by constantly observing and correcting this process. This is a living and intelligent process. And we treat these Laws in  a very humble way. It cannot be otherwise! An amazing Intelligence is behind all this!

Voice from the audience: And what if someone has some specific problems with his personality?


Dr Rybicki: Because of the Law of Non-Interference, we do not go into it. I would like you to pay attention to it, knowing that this topic is not familiar to you. Our discussion would have been different, if you had certain knowledge about this Law. But this will come with time.

One out of the 12 Laws, to which we also have to pay extraordinary attention, is the Law of Non-Interference, as it is an integral element of all the other Laws. We often “get on the way” and interfere in the other people’s lives on different occasions! It is punishable! We are all students in the School! Nobody should do somebody else’s homework! For example, it frequently corresponds to the relationship between parents and children. In present time there are some statistics from psychological and psycho-oncological studies, showing that women can even develop breast cancer for that particular reason. These are women, who consider their family to be their purpose in life. They want their children to have a better life than theirs. They live for their children, for their partners, for their family. When their children leave home to start an adult life, then their purpose goes away at the same time. In half a year or in a year and a half they get breast cancer! That is the price for what we call interference! It is literally so. This is the price for the violation of the Law of Non-Interference.

Another Universal Law that we have to learn well is the Law of Caring. It states that those, who are at the higher level of Development hierarchy, should and even have the right and obligation to take care of those, who are at the lower level. But this has to be done in the way that does not violate the Law of Non-Interference! These are the nuances of this issue. This is a very hard School. And we have to study in it.

So our Tuning-in Technologies just create the condition, create

some sort of space and people, who are using them, have the opportunity of being in that space, where there is neither interference,

nor any influences from other humans or from other dimensions.    A person comes face to face with pure Laws. He has a better


opportunity to tackle his problems, when he is in such conditions. Some patents tell us that they solve their dilemmas during the treatment. We don’t ask which problems they experience. It is not our business. We just inform them about the general rules, certain general principals.

Of course, it is worth mentioning here that there were attempts to uncover psychological problems by examining the problems in the human body. This subject is very interesting. For example, already in the ancient Israel, there was a book that was describing many health and life problems and their relation to a specific Law that had been broken. There were 613 Laws in the ancient Israel. It was a shocking number of Laws and a shocking level of compulsion. What did the Jews do with that book? They destroyed it. And they were right! Because what this book did was just constantly accusing people. It was an exam on perfection and no one could ever pass it. The only person, who managed to do so, was Jesus, becoming the Christ. That was exactly the exam that was necessary in order for him to prove his perfection publicly and not only on the level of Earth. But this is     a totally different subject. Nevertheless, it provides the evidence that the interrelation between physical and spiritual matters (body and spirit) was noticed a long time ago. And the ancient Jews perfectly knew about it. Today there are different schools, different approaches and there is also our approach! We already have a biological-spiritual model of a human being. For now, this is the only place, where we mention about it. But soon there will be our next publication, which will give you a perfect opportunity to find out which spiritual problems and spiritual qualities, based predominantly on the spinal diagnostics, we have to work on. There won’t be any accusation; it will just give the recipes! Many people are dreaming about it! Anyone wants to receive optimal information or instructions about what spiritual quality he needs to work on. Before we could only guess. So far, there wasn’t any objective key. But we found this key is in the spine! It is because the


spine is structured in the same way as the Time and Space Laws and the Bible. Interesting, isn’t? We can find equivalents of different parts of the Bible in the spine. The Time and Space Law is present in the structure of the spine! When I received information about the discoveries made by Jose Arguelles, related to the Time Laws and their basic proportions,  I assumed that, if it is true, it should be reflected in the structure of our main antenna. I found it within half an hour! It shows in the main structure of the spine. There is this interrelation within its proportions. It allows us to verify whether some phenomena are authentic and also to “hint” what phenomena we have to pay attention to. I also have to inform you about something unpleasant that we have discovered.

Some of the structures in our anatomy, especially in the anatomy of the nervous system, have atrophied as a result of the incorrect time calculation or time perception. This time perception was imposed on us by the artificial measurements, i.e. clocks and calendars that don’t match with the Galactic Time. These structures are out-of-tune. It means that we became un-tuned towards the Laws, living according the wrong clocks. These structures are still present in the human body, but most likely they will have to be regenerated or reconstructed. We will be talking about all these details in our next publication that is already on its way.

Apart from the Tuning-in Technologies, we also have been studying biological-spiritual model of the human being for many years. All of these issues are interconnected, but the human being should also take an active and conscious part in this tuning-in process, apart from using our technologies. Every person should understand that we cannot work instead of him; we are not the one who violated the Laws! We equally have to follow and obey these Laws!


Warsaw, 06.09.2006