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August 2002 г.

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An interview with Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki, Doctor of Medicine and Psychology, the creator of Modern Biological Medicine and the founder of International Institute of Human Ecology.

     An interview with Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki, Doctor of Medicine and Psychology, the creator of Modern Biological Medicine and the founder of International Institute of Human Ecology.


Dr Rybicki, will you, please, explain the term Modern Biological Medicine?


     W.S. Rybicki – This term came into use when I only started my independent medical activity – in 1978. And still it is very apt, as it proved to be correct during my practical medical activity. Why biological medicine? Biology is a science of life organization, and the human body – it is firstly an organization of organs and systems. That is why it is called biological medicine. Modern biological medicine in practice is a synthesis of recent modern discoveries and technologies, and therefore we use this term – Modern Biological Medicine. Besides, academic medicine, which we consider to be a very important indispensable partner in such spheres as surgery, rheumatology, and so on, with the help of various particular specializations, regards a human being as a sum of organs and systems and therefore cannot effectively cure most of the illnesses. Such approach towards the human organism is not compatible with life, as life is based on the organization, and within every good organization there must be order and hierarchy. Human organism is, in fact, a super-organization and already in the beginning of our conversation we must emphasize that a spine plays the main role in this organization.

     It is evident that by this term we understand entity which is presented by its bone, ligamentous-muscular and neural parts. In academic medicine the spine is regarded as a separate organ which is subject to neurology and orthopaedy.

     Biological medicine comes from the fact that the spine plays its role in any pathology. It is a mediator in the information exchange between the brain and the rest of the human body and vice versa. If a blockage appears on any level of the spine, the brain does not get all the information about what is going on, and respectively cannot take objective decisions. But even if it does, the decision can still be misrepresented on the way to the executive organ. Everything depends on the level of the blockage and how long it has been there. This is how painful process begins.


Does every painful process begin in such a way?


     Every painful process begins with informational and simultaneously energetical blockage in the spine. This is a sanctified mechanism and concerns every disease. In the biological medicine we search for causes of an illness, whereas the academic medicine deals with symptoms, and sometimes these controversies must be combined.


Where do you find inspiration for creation of modern biological medicine preconditions?


     For thousands of years civilization had been creating amazing diagnostic and curing methods. That is why modern biological medicine uses this source by processing old medical philosophies and practices, which were proved by time. It is modern way of processing as we use the latest discoveries and technologies. For example treatment of the spine has already been improbably developed during ancient times. And what is interesting is that the basis for Slavs medicine was also the therapy of the spine. It is important to value the role of the spine in any pathology. This necessity comes from anatomy and human physiology. Who even a little knows anatomy, understands, that it is an indisputable fact. The role of the spine is a law, and not an opportunity. Hippocrates wrote in his medical code: “if you find an illness, begin with vertebrae”. This approach is used by science called chiropractics, chiro-therapy or osteopathy. Unfortunately from the very beginning of its existence, it has not found an approval in the academic medicine. And it is a pity, because one could learn a lot from another. I am a doctor and a spine specialist at the same time and consequently I have no such conflicts with myself. Being still a student of medical faculty of Military Medical Academy in Lodz, I intensively studied the art of the spine treatment, using accessible knowledge in the field of the human anatomy. In the Medical Academy students study anatomy of a “dead person”, but I speak about knowledge of “dynamic anatomy” which is applied in my therapy. Such approach, probably, follows from the family traditions. My uncle, the medical doctor Czeslaw Rybicki, who in his time was a famous scientist on Faculty of Anatomy of Medical Academy in Lodz, also thought over the fact why human beings are constituted in such a way and what follows from this.

     So, I studied two medical systems simultaneously: traditional and non-conventional, and in the second one, in particular, – treatment by curative grasses, balneotherapy, homeopathy, and certainly treatment of the spine.

     Very early I have studied the connection between the spine and inside organs and used my knowledge in practice while having classes and training in pediatrics. You have to be a master to understand the connection between the spine and inside organs of an adult who has certain history of life and disease processes. But a child is a classical and inviolate example of the connection between them. The connection between the spine and inner organs of a child is clear. First I examined the spine of every child accepted to the department and on the basis of such examination I made diagnostic conclusions. I was seldom mistaken. It is necessary to say, that I have been amazed by correctness of my diagnoses.


Have you studied the Xrays of the examined children?


     The X-rays do not show all the peculiarities I was interested in. I made examinations only manually. Spine is a living structure, which cannot be understood through static radiogram. Spine is a Bible of Life where everything is written down and we only must know how to read it. All the negative life experiences are written down in the spine in the form of energy- informational blockages, which are the direct cause of an illness. So it turns out that, for example, infection is the result, but not the cause of the disease. We find the cause while examining the spine.


The statement that an infection is not the cause, but the result of the disease sounds too innovative. How must we understand it?


     The cause of an infection is weakening of certain energetic tracts, which are connected with the spine, just like everything else. Good microbiologists say that “microbe is nothing, perfect nutritive medium is everything”. Energetically healthy organism, where all energetic tracts function properly, will never become a sacrifice to an infection. Only weakening of the energetic field becomes an “invitation” and nutritive medium for microbes.

     They accommodate themselves to the nutritive medium!

     An infection comes as a consequence to the fact that the organism is not at its optimal state, creating perfect environment for the development of certain microbes. So microbes are not the reason of all disasters. It is the macro-organism that invites and even forces them to what we call infection by its negative state and thus later it plays a role of a victim. That is why the microbes become a quality test for more then just our biological state, forcing us to aspire towards the best quality of our life. So this subject has to be addressed not only to the biologists but also to the philosophers. Let us, however, return “down to Earth”. In the context of our reasoning, invasion of microbes – is one of the premises for epidemics and infection, and not their main cause. For example: flu virus has modified itself many times and every year, in a new form, attacks millions of people. But only those people, who have certain flaws in energetic structure, fall ill with flu. If all the energetic tracts work in a proper way then the infection has no possibility to arise. That is why, knowing about it, we can calculate corrective parameter for any epidemics – the parameter against infections for that certain time and that certain place where it occurs. So we came to our main synthesis in the medical practice, which we call Tuning-in in relation to the Time and Space Laws. It has become possible to calculate energetic characteristics of an infection or epidemics and predict who can be attacked at certain time and certain place by the virus or by another microbe. When a patient, who is starting to get flu or another type of cold, comes to us, we treat him with certain modulation that corrects his weakened energetic field. Depending on the progress of an illness before starting tuning-in treatment, the patient can take from one to several procedures and he becomes healthy again. If people, who are not yet fallen ill, will have those treatments, they will either prevent or go through eventual infection much easier.


Is it possible to treat any virus in that way? For example, jaundice?


     Jaundice virus, like any other virus, seeks for a nutritive medium and not every person, who comes in contact with it, will fall ill. It all depends on a person. If he has energetic flaws then the danger to fall ill with this disease highly increases.

     We evaluate a person from the causes of the disease point of view. We possess diagnostic systems, which help us to enter into the sphere of those causes.


And what are the causes of a disease?


     In principle, there are three groups of causes, but thousands of diseases. The first cause is the inherent characteristics of the organism. One of the diagnostic systems, within our FORMULA СВМ, is called CBM-BASIS. This system is based on the determination of the organism’s adaptive systems condition.


What can be determined by means of this system?


     We determine the so-called first cause – spheres that might be genetically weakened in the inherent constitution of the organism. In other words, we determine its genetic inclinations. It is our real biological name for the whole life. In particular, it means that our susceptibility to diseases is different for every person. The CBM-BASIS examination is based on pulse analysis that used to be the ground for Chinese medical diagnostics. Computer processes the results of the pulse examination. Here again we deal with the combination of old medicine and modern instruments and methods. Due to this examination we get a number of physiological data from the organism’s energy point of view.

     We speak about the organism’s energy all the time. In academic medicine there functions the biochemical paradigm and from there comes a certain point of view for pharmaceutical companies. But as Professor Wlodzimierz Sedlak says, life is “a combination of two metabolisms: bio-energetical and biochemical, where the first dominates.” So here came an era of a new paradigm in medicine – energetical paradigm!


Consequently, the first cause is de facto our Achilles heel


     Yes, we can say so. But we go further and tell the patient what his present and possibly future problems with health are. On the basis of this knowledge we can build an effective curative and prophylactic program, which will prevent the development of serious illnesses in the future.

     Now I would like to talk about practice. For example, if the patient’s breathing system is a first cause of the disease. For an uninitiated person such information is not that important, but in reality it is invaluable. For us it means that the breathing system of the patient does not cope with its functions in relation to the entire organism. To simplify it we can say that the patient breathes badly. Breathing is a two-phase function: inhale and exhale. Bad inhale means the lack of oxygen and bad exhale means that there gathered harmful toxins. If the patient exhales badly, with time it will cause an overloading of pancreas, kidney, large intestine, and women might even overload their reproductive organs. Moreover, women with bad function of breathing system have the possibility to develop myoma. It has been proved by our statistics.

     A lot of problems are observed in people, whose weak point is pancreas and spleen, because the main function of these organs is the distribution of the energy in the entire organism. I can say that people with dysfunction of this system are the perfect candidates for developing problems with glands. So, for example, problems with pancreas can cause the breast turmoil.


Will the weakening of one system result in the weakening of other systems?


     No doubt. In order to find the real causes of the disease we examine the patient entirely from the energy laws point of view. It is the basis of the biological medicine. So, for example, one of the sacred laws in our cosmic environment is the Law of Pairs: man-woman, Earth-Moon, and so on. Pair is the law of life. This law also functions on the level of the organism constitution. There is a pair connection between the organs. In every pair there function: a strategic organ, without which it is impossible to live, and also a defending organ, which becomes the first to scarify itself to the disease. For example, the pair to lungs is large intestine. The cause of many diseases of the large intestine lays in lungs, for example – ulcerous colitis, which in academic medicine is considered to be incurable. But it is not so! Because if a patient has problems with the exhale of toxins then the role of lungs, in some way, is taken by the large intestine, and the result – it becomes a victim. So what does the biological medicine cures in this case? Certainly, lungs!


We already know about the first cause of the diseases. You have spoken about three causes. What would be the second cause?  


     The second cause is what the patient himself has “created” in his life. Irrespective of what his parents “gave” him. In case of the second cause we deal with the consequences that arise from negative events or experiences in the process of our life. Common denominator of all negatives that we experienced in life is the energetic blockage in the spine. What is interesting, it is a common denominator for all negative influences, no matter what their nature might be. These may be the influences of physical nature – such as injuries; toxic nature – such as contaminations; infectious; psychological; etc.

     Everything that affects Man negatively, will always – either implicitly or directly – lead to the energy-informational blockages in spine. Special attention should be paid to how psychology influences the origination of blockages in spine.

     In this case the psychological influences and experiences, the consequences of which are the blockages, are divided into two categories: 1) ones that occur as a result of a breech of the Universal Space Laws, no matter whether we know them or not, and 2) the ones which we subjectively assess as negative. Therefore it is very important that Man would know the Universal Laws and learn to react positively to different life situations. This is the only way to prevent consequences in the form of blockages in spine, which, as we already know, are the base of all the diseases.

     So how do we find and what do we do with the blockages that already exist?

     Without their detection and elimination the Man cannot free himself from negative psychological and physical consequences of his past.

     At first we used only manual methods to investigate the blockages, but now we have CBM –N-A-S-A system, which reads with precision the energetic blockages in the spine. Due to this examination system we get knowledge about what organs have or will have problems.


Is there a way to eliminate these blockages in the spine?


     Fortunately, the spine is a dynamic structure and if the blockages are diagnosed in time they can be eliminated. As I have already said, we are the pair beings: there is time for activity and time for rest. Thus a usual dream is an important period for auto-correction of the blockages which appear during the day. This is one of the most important roles of the dream! But modern civilization and we, ourselves, overload our organisms and as a result we get blockages in the spine, which cannot be fully eliminated by dream. That is why we propose special treatment techniques, which help the patient to get rid of the blockages. In particular, the effectiveness of

     Modern Biological Medicine in our Formula is based on such methods.

     It is never enough to remind that the role of the spine is the law! A man cannot be ill if his spine is in order. It will sound even more convincing when we understand one more and not so famous role of the spine. I mean its space-energetic role! In order to understand it, we must go deeper in to this statement. What is the vital energy, where does it come from? It turned out that in ancient times, all medical methods were based on the trust to the vital energy, which is taken from the space around us.


Aren’t we getting into astrophysical and religious theories here?


     Yes, and it is here where the real medicine of the future begins. It is calculated that nearly 80% of the vital energy is consumed from the space. And the food satisfies our energy needs only to 20%. Certainly different people have different proportions. They fluctuate in each man depending on his psychological – emotional state, the type of occupation he has and so on. The amount and form of nourishment should be chosen in accordance with the psychological-emotional state of the Man. Overeating and incorrect choice of nourishment will disturb the optimal proportions between those two sources of energy, blocking the entrance of fine energies from Space. Hunger and under-nourishment do not give the opportunity to function optimally in real life neither. In this context, conscious fasting or starving can help towards Man’s spiritual development.

     The vital energy and space are the synonyms to a great extent. Here we also get into the spheres of religion.  Perhaps Wilhelm Reich, a genius pupil of Freud, best of all understood these problems. It was a psychiatrist, who understood the dependence between psychology and body.

     Besides, it is important to say, that the last years of his life he devoted to the studies of the space energy. From psychiatry he came to the laws of space. Simultaneously he discovered such characteristics of the space energy as love and mind in the universal sense. We went further. And thus, after many years of research, I managed to work out a DYNAMIC SPIRITUAL-BIOLOGICAL MODEL OF MAN. Consequently, the future is in the synthesis of science and religion. And there are no ways to retreat.


To be consistent, I must ask about the third cause of the problems, connected with our health.


     This subject is the most controversial one. The third cause of the diseases is the microbiology of blood. Controversy arises from the fact that the academic medicine cherishes the myth about blood sterility. However, there is nothing sterile in live nature. This also relates to blood. Healthy life – is the symbiosis of a macro-organism with microorganisms. In simpler terms: in healthy blood there is healthy microbiology. Microbiology of the sick organism, changed by the “environment” state, is the executive cause of disease. This principle is analogous to predisposition to infections, about which we have spoken earlier. Both are functions of patient’s energetic state.

     This problem is both – broad and complex. I can only say that influencing the changes in the patient’s energetic situation, which is the main aim of our therapy, we automatically influence the pathogenic microbiology of blood, renewing it to the condition of symbiosis or eliminating it. Only the creation of such complex transformations in the patient’s organism corresponds to his recovery.


Kindly explain the difference between tuning-in treatment and traditional medical treatment.


     Tuning-in – is a process, which is considerably broader than a medical treatment comprehended in the traditional way. The Man exists on three fundamental levels: physical, psychic and spiritual. The disease normally starts on one of the three levels, but always evolves on all three levels. An improvement in physical condition after a typical medical treatment does not mean an improvement in the other two levels. Therefore, in this case, the disease returns with more intensity. Thus, tuning of all three levels in between themselves is necessary and can be achieved by their tuning-in in relation to the Time and Space Laws.

     The simultaneous three-level action is the basis of our tuning-in technologies. It is much more significant than a typical medical treatment.

     In short, tuning-in means: achievement of the optimal health and adaptation, slowing down of the aging processes and what is essential – discovery and development of person’s talents and potential, and also optimal realization of the aim of one’s life. It means that not only ill but also healthy people can participate in the tuning-in process (tuning-in towards achievement of one’s aims and optimal development).


Amongst your achievements there is also a research in the sphere of the space energy. Give us the gist of your works, please.


     While studying ancient medical sources, it is absolutely impossible for one to miss the subject about the vital energy. It is taken from the space. Both, ancient scientists and modern investigations say so.  That is why it is necessary to pay attention to this main source of the vital energy. Space is a structure, and the structure is geometry. So during many years I investigated the influences of different geometrical figures on our energy. That also included investigations with the help of the so-called riodorak – a device to measure the energy in energetic channels of a human being. In particular, I investigated the geometry of the Canary Isles aborigines – called guan chi. It was the geometry of the living space. In the course of several years I collaborated with a physic Jan Grzendzielski, who was considerably ahead of his century. Grzendzielski passed me his physics-mathematic laboratory, which he gained by his work during many years of research. We worked together on the geometry of the space. Space is not emptiness as it has its energetic-geometrical structure. I use space energy characteristics in my work as a doctor.

     Results of our research in the sphere of the space help us to understand grounds of the human life. The quality of our life depends on level of our adaptation to the laws of space. From this point of view, according to my investigations, the spine plays the role of our main “receiving antenna” for the space energy. That is why our health, aging speed and so on depend on the level of tuning-in of our “antenna”. My discovery lays in the calculation of the corrective parameter IMAiT – Individual Modulation for Adaptation and Tuning-in, which is done on the basis of the data received from the patient’s examination. Why adaptation? Because one of the definitions says that life is a big adaptation process, whereas aging and diseases are the price we pay for this adaptation. That is why correct treatment is also an improvement of the adaptation processes.

     The calculation of the patient’s corrective parameter IMAiT and determination of its validation period is the starting point of our therapy. The next step is the introduction of the IMAiT into the patient’s organism. This can be done by means of the Modulated Light Wave (HJ), or (and) by Sound Modulation, or (and) by Coded Water Solution, which all result in a very quick tuning-in of the organism on all its levels (together with the spine), as well as improve his adaptation reactions. In case of serious un-tuning, occurring with serious diseases, one has to take his tuning-in treatments regularly and during long time. How long? So, until tuning-in manifests itself as a total recovery. In order to accelerate the process of tuning-in, along with our strategic technology we offer our patients to take other additional treatments such as: oxygen therapy, vacuum massage, crio-stimulation and psycho-correction.

     Every person needs to be tuned-in individually, as every man is unique. But in case of epidemics we also offer group (collective) tuning-in. This therapy is carried out in the Centre of Biological Medicine situated in Poland (Warsaw, Gdynia, Rybno) and in Spain (Marbella). The science patronage over naturally determined development of Modern Biological Medicine is carried out by the International Institute of Human Ecology, created by me. It unites many outstanding scientists of the world.


Thank you for the interview.


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