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Spain 2008


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Publisher: Center of Biological Medicine Spain

ISBN: 978-83-928799-5-4

About twenty years ago, the following Biblical verse was put on display in a visible place at the main clinic of the Center for Biological Medicine (Rybno – Poland): „A joyful heart is the best medicine”.

Although it comes from the Bible, the quote is not religious in nature – similar to the large part of that timeless and supra-religious Book

It was chosen because of the universal message of this statement, as well as its unambiguous and hope-giving tone. It also appeared to be a universal recipe for the recovery and maintenance of personal health. Moreover, it focused attention on that, which the people, not just the patients, are missing – joy!

No wonder then, that it also appeared to be an appropriate credo for the new medical formula being created at the time – the CMB Formula.

It turned out, however, that when confronted with life, especially by the various, serious clinical situations, it was not clear how to apply that recipe and what medicine to apply.

There is more! This statement-medicine was noticed, or thought about most often in situations that were far from joyful. Sometimes it actually seemed that it didn’t fit the reality, or even provoked irritation. It nonetheless remained in place and kept provoking even more!

This went on for many years, until the moment when the circle of a certain history turned around, around the circle of the „spiral of Time and Space”.

Let us draw that circle, then…

In June 2006 I was asked, quite unexpectedly, by a group of Russian scientists I know, to write an article about avian influenza, to be send for the summit of G-8 leaders that was just due to start in St. Petersburg (Russia). The summit was also supposed to discuss the issue of bird flue syndrome. And the scientists who turned to me knew that I am involved in, among other things, quick and effective fight against various infections. In fact, some of them even had an opportunity to test that on themselves.

The article was written, it was entitled „The message of bird flue to mankind” and was then delivered quickly to the summit participants. There was no particular feedback beyond a few enigmatic responses to the effect that “the world is facing more important problems right now”. I accepted this, since at the time I had similar thoughts.

            Since then, however, “the events have picked up rapidly” and I started to receive reports showing unequivocally a very real threat of a bird flue epidemic, or rather a pandemic bird flue outbreak. Due to these reports, I started to pay more attention to the testing and checks of the effectiveness against various infections of the Technologies of Resonance Conditions Favoring the Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDL VIP TS), the existence of which we have signaled at the time. A more complete explanation of the abbreviation TRCFDL VIP TS is found later. However, it must be noted straight away that in practice we use an abbreviation of that term, i.e.: TD VIP.

Since new signs have appeared, I believe now is the time to present the essence of TRCFDL VIP (TD VIP) approach specifically with respect to infections.

Each epidemiological outbreak and area affected (i.e. time and space) are characterized by “specific” infections that only affect people who are un-tuned in a “specific” way. I was particularly interested in the relationship between “specificity” of infections and the “specificity” of conditions of its victim. The victim “merely” has to be tuned back and the infection disappears! This is roughly how TD VIP works in the case of infections. And practical effectiveness of this method confirms its rightness!

Rapid healing of infections using TD VIP, typically within a few hours, became a standard at our Centers. It no longer even amazed the patients using these Technologies. Me too, since I was usually working on what I believed were more “serious” cases, such as cancers etc. The issue of infections seemed quite straightforward. I dealt with it more or less as an aside. I was getting more satisfaction from the successively more effective treatment of the so-called “harder cases” using TD VIP.

Obviously, because of high degree of effectiveness, many well-known people sought the help of my clinics.

At the same time and in parallel with the process of perfecting TD VIP, I begun to think more often about working abroad. But I wasn’t in a hurry to execute this idea. Unexpectedly, in early August 2007 I found myself becoming a real émigré. Real – because it was forced upon by the then, Polish, Human Law-violating, so-called state „authorities” and their so-called „services” and the so called „media” serving them. Wiretaps were installed, provocations were arranged, „raids” were launched against my clinics and other attempts were made to seize my scientific discoveries. At the same time, a media campaign was launched in the newspapers, television and on the Internet, aiming to lower the significance of my scientific achievements, etc.

This „way” I found myself in Spain. Why in Spain of all places? It is simply that certain circumstances have played out this way. I didn’t have to wait long to more fully understand that „choice” and the circumstances that accompanied it…

Thus, in early December 2007 I received a report about an outbreak of a dangerous strain of bird’s flue virus in Poland. Characteristically, where did that happen? Near Zuromin, where precisely (!) 26 years ago I was hired to work as a doctor. This also happened to be the beginning of martial law in Poland, since I started working on December 12 and the martial law was introduced during the night of December 12th and 13th. It turned out that at that time working in that place (space and time) protected me, a former military doctor who left the army only a few months earlier, against serious consequences. Just as importantly, as I mentioned in the “History of Modern Technology of Tuning Man Towards Laws of Time and Space” it gave me extensive and well-rounded medical experience, since I was the only doctor in an area inhabited by some 10 000 people. I really appreciate that period and think fondly about this region. Even back then, it was a region of Poland with strong concentration of poultry farming. I met people who were professionally involved in this business and along the way learned how poultry business works. Just as importantly, I learned about the way these people think!

No wonder than that reports about bird flue outbreak in that region brought back memories and made me reflect. The issue of bird flue virus was quickly turning into my own problem!

It seems to me I am a very clear-headed, thinking scientist. However, in some situations that occur at a specific time and space (time and space), practically wipe out this clear-headedness, forcing me to a very quick thinking process. One of these situations occurred in early December 2007, following the news of bird flue outbreak near Zuromin.

In those days I was visited briefly in Spain by two of my close co-workers from Poland. Just before they left, I decided to show them a small and charming Andalusian town, famous across Europe. When we left the cab, we saw an extraordinary spectacle – a festival of aerial dance performed by large flocks of birds! None of us has ever seen anything similar before! It was poetry and a lesson of fractal geometry of the living Space at the same time! A mastery of navigation, flying skills and acrobatics! I instantly recalled the words of Albert Einstein: „For us, the physicists who believe in God, the most beautiful and profound experience, is the sensation of the mystical”. And for me, what we have seen and experienced, was, real as it was, definitely a mystical experience!

Unexpectedly, the first words of the „Message of bird flue to mankind” came to my mind:


„Bird’s flue virus is the message of the Law of Time and Space reaching the man, not coincidentally through birds, the natural hosts of Space… ”.

From that moment on, I no longer had any doubts. I had to do some serious work on the bird flue virus. And I did! I will discuss the results in a little while…

What is bird flue virus all about then? What specifically is the message the bird flue virus conveys to mankind?

Those who are familiar with my publication „The Message of the Disease – The Disease as Your Chance”, know that every illness (including the bird flue virus) has an educational meaning for people. The disease is a teacher and an educator! What is it then, that this specific condition, the bird flue virus, which may soon, according to expert estimates, kill hundreds of millions of people? Perhaps it would be better if we learned beforehand about the requirements of a strict teacher and educator “called” the Bird’s Flue Virus? Maybe it would be best if we knew how to fulfill these requirements and be able to show it, when the time comes! All the more so, since it is impossible to cheat him because he makes his observations in Space and the omnipresent birds are the ruthless executioners of his orders!

What is it then, that mankind as a whole and individual people should know and do in order to pass the exam before a strict but just examiner? And it is an exam that cannot be avoided, because it is a periodic component of each educational process and the crowning moment of each of its consecutive stages! Especially since this rule and logic applies to the School of Universal Laws, that is now the planet Earth.

For our new Readers I have a quick digression about the purpose of the planet Earth. Earth is the School of Universal Cosmic Laws – the Laws of Time and Space (VIP Laws).

The acronym “VIP” that we will be using to describe Time and Space in our situation, comes from the first letters of Russian words for Time and Space (Vriemia i Prostranstvo). However, since in most languages the Russian pronunciation of the letter „V”, which starts the written word “vriemia” (time) corresponds to a very large extent to the pronunciation of the letter „V” (or „W”, but only in Polish and German languages), we must accept „VIP” as the written form of this acronym.

It is no coincidence that the acronym sounds similar to the well-known term VIP, which is used to describe someone very important.

In our situation it is Someone who is The Most Important of all! It seems that Time and Space (VIP) is the best way and at the same time one compatible with the standards of contemporary science, to define the SOURCE OF ALL BEING, the one which all the great religions and civilizations describe as GOD! In this context the Laws of Time and Space (VIP Laws) represent God’s Universal Cosmic Code.

It is no coincidence either, that this association is only possible thanks to the Russian language. It turns out, that the Russian alphabet, consisting of 33 letters and the Russian language contain universal cosmic codes. An increasing number of scientific arguments show that the Russian language represents numerous components of energo-informational matrix of the Universe. It is not surprising then, that different Russian words “explain”, through their etymology and structure, different aspects of VIP Laws and the related phenomena! That is also the main reason why we will use the term VIP, based on the Russian language, to describe the term Time and Space when translating this publication into other languages.

 In the same cosmic context, man’s body is (or should be), an intelligent system that signals its spiritual shortcomings and negligence in terms of tuning to VIP Laws. That, in turn, is possible because the structure of man’s anatomy reflects the structure of Time and Space (VIP)!

Seen as such, human anatomy is one of the main subjects of my research.

In our current, earthly dimension of the Time and Space, VIP Laws, and especially their spiritual aspects – because they are the ones interesting to us, as spiritual beings settled in a material world – have mainly a moral, ethical nature. At higher dimensions of the Time and Space they also have a physical (energetic) nature. It means that in these dimensions, violation of those laws is enforced in the same manner! Not just the knowledge of, but also respecting and enforcement of VIP Laws ensures ORDER in the Universe!

In the current earthly conditions we have an opportunity to learn these Laws in a more indirect way, more gentle and spread over time by listening to the signs and problems of our bodies and events in our lives. Our bodies were „designed” partly with that goal in mind – not to mention the richness of life events and occurrences which we can experience thanks to these bodies!

Existence of this “temporary school” is the proof of wisdom, love, patience and kindness (as well as all the other Features of Universal Cosmic Personality) of the SOURCE of these Laws! Considering the high degree of un-tuning of the Earth’s inhabitants with respects to VIP laws, at higher dimensions of Time and Space, we would have no chances of survival and therefore no time or proper conditions for any kind of studies!

However, in every real school, selection of educational means and methods focuses on the achievement of the desired educational goal. No wonder then, that in its earthly school, VIP Laws must sometimes make themselves obvious, or show themselves in a less gentle manner with respect to particularly difficult “classes” and particularly difficult “students”. Ruthlessly honest exams and tests will also be held periodically. Logically, epidemic and pandemic outbreaks along with earthquakes ad other disasters have played a similar role since the times immemorial. They occur periodically and their victims typically include a significant percentage of the population residing in a specific area (time and space). Scientists have even determined that there are certain correlations here. Unfortunately, until this day they have not understood the nature of these phenomena!

But the time has come – now is the Time to finally understand the very meaning of epidemic and pandemic outbreaks of diseases that have been afflicting the humanity since the origins of mankind.

That is possible thanks to new method of scientific work – the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena. In our case it is the synthesis of religion and science. Why religion, you will ask? Primarily because, after thousands of years, religions have failed to set a universal system of moral standards of behavior. And historically it was organized religions that have taken upon themselves the responsibility for this side of man’s life.


Surprisingly, up until today, the humanity hasn’t worked out a clear, transparent, objective and universal value system compatible with the VIP Laws!


Meanwhile, the absence of such system is being felt ever more acutely, both in the life of individual men and by the entire mankind. More than that! Its absence is becoming downright dangerous!

It is high time to bring a new quality to the life of mankind, a new synthesis. This synthesis already exists! Its product is the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN that was designed over the course of my over thirty-year medical, psychological and spiritual practice.

This model allows us to determine spiritual, psychological, and partly also physical causes of numerous illnesses and life problems using examination of the spinal cord!

Since spiritual and physiological problems are being evaluated here using an autonomous and physiological phenomenon found within the human body, i.e. the spinal cord, this model can also be used to define and test in an objective manner, to the maximum extent possible, the system of essential values and moral standards which need to be learned and adopted by the people and respected if they want to remain healthy and if they really want to extend their youth and longevity.

Relations between partners, interpersonal, international and intra-dimensional relationships should also be based on this „biologically approved” system of spiritual values!




It is quite possible that the synthesis between religion and science and the unexpected product of the two, namely definition of terms such as VIP, VIP Laws – may even look like a certain “impertinence” to people used to traditional religious rhetoric

But take courage! We have every reason to believe that the SOURCE of VIP Laws also possesses a sense of humor – indeed, a number of things indicate just that!

On the other hand, these definitions and their base subjects – Time, Space – appear to be able to reconcile the concepts of creationism with science in an intelligent, but respectful manner and with a sense of humor. After all, what else in the human mind – other than Light – brings the man closer to the feeling of God’s power, than the Time and Space and Intelligence and Infinity, which are manifested by the Time and Space. And as far as Light is concerned – it has always served to measure the Time and to light the Space!

And the VIP?

That expression appears here spontaneously and produces obvious association in the contemporary man. And what associations it will produce in the context of our discussions – that depends mainly on the intentions of each and every one of us!

Getting back to the Time and Space, it must be said clearly that in this concept we do not treat the Time and Space (Time-Space) as merely a passive background, or a scene on which the stars and atoms play the leading role. Indeed, the opposite is true!

It is that entire matter within the Cosmos and forces that keep it whole and at the same time manifest themselves in a surprising and infinite variety of complex forms, that appear to be nothing else, but vibrations in the Time and Space and the manifestation of Force (SOURCE) that is „hiding” behind those vibrations!

It turns out that this concept corresponds closely to certain contemporary physics theories, especially the theory of hyperspace and the theory of superstrings.

On the other hand, the various paradoxes of the Time and Space discovered by contemporary physics, such as for example black holes, tunnels in the Time and Space and the „absence of time and the absence of space”, as well as other „surprises” effectively restrict the „boldness” of earthly scientists while focusing their attention on the Power (SOURCE) that is „hiding” behind vibrations of the Time and Space!

It should also be added here that whenever scientists use the word God, they are thinking about the God of ORDER (Peace). That is perfectly compatible with the Bible, which says (1 Corinthians: 14:33):

„God is not a God of confusion …”

In yet another translation of the Bible this verse appears as follows:

„God is not a God of disorder…”

It can even be said, that an overwhelming majority of scientists believe precisely in the existence of such God – the God of ORDER (Peace)

On the other hand, believers of various religions appear to believe more in a God that makes miracles – contrary to the Laws of ORDER (Peace). Obviously, in that situation it is difficult to find a common ground. However, the only solution is not a compromise, but rather a synthesis of religion and science that inspires and leads to the understanding of the Laws of God of ORDER (Peace).

This book is the result of such synthesis!

And one more digression.

It seems obvious that the human mind, limited „only” by the understanding of Infinity, cannot fail to accept the existence of some mysterious SOURCE OF ALL BEING (GOD). On the other hand, that SOURCE is not all that mysterious, since the Time and Space that represents It through all the results of Its vibrations (Universe(s), Cosmos, Galaxies, Solar Systems etc.) appears to be the manifestation of the same SOURCE or even the self-projection of It – or both. By studying the examples of these manifestations, we learn about the SOURCE itself. That logic is also confirmed in the Bible, in words recorded in Romans 1:19,20:

„For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them..

For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived in the things that have been made and known by the mind, ever since the creation of the world, so they are without excuse.

These verses correspond fully with the attitude of most scientists.

This book is also the result of such attitude.

BIOLOGICAL AND SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN fully corresponds with the term „dostroyenie” (tuning), the core of which in Slavic languages contains the element of “trinity”. This “trinity” is the man himself, because everything that occurs in his life takes place simultaneously on three basic levels: spiritual, mental and physical.

The word dostroyenie is also very convenient and pragmatic, since its etymology contains the term “dos”, which in Spanish (!) means “two”. In our reality, a pair, or “dos”, is also a very common relationship in addition to „trinity”.

The man himself is also formed from a unique combination of various „pairs” and „trinities”. Here are the most important ones:

A man consists of three principal bodies: physical, mental and spiritual.

A man has three main levels of consciousness: awareness, sub-awareness and super awareness.

These bodies and levels of consciousness are subordinated to each other in a specific manner (“dos” – tuned) and express themselves using one of the main organs that regulates the human body and is “assigned” to them. This sequence looks as follows:

Awareness – cerebrospinal nervous system – physical body

Sub-awareness – autonomous nervous system – mental body

Super awareness – internal secretive gland system – spiritual body


It is true that man’s division into three main bodies is quite general in nature. However, it is very transparent and true enough. It must be noted, however, that according to certain criteria, it would be possible to distinguish five basic bodies in a man: corporal, ethereal, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Consequently, in our “tri-part” division, a physical body comprises the corporal, ethereal, half of emotional, while the other half of the emotional body belongs to the mental body. The rest doesn’t change.

As it turns out, the term „dostroyenie” is also prepared for this subdivision, since:

two + three = five

There is more! The third stable, i.e. unaffected by grammatical changes section of this unique word „dostroyenie” (tuning) is „eni”, meaning „energo-information”, the basis of both life and of the Philosophy and Technologies of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws.

No wonder then, that the term „dostroyenie” best describes proper solution of both health and life problems. That is why for some time we have been using the slogan “DOSTROY YOUR LIFE!

It is high time to finally understand that the origins of every illness and every “sick” life situation are based on spiritual un-tuning with respect to VIP Laws. That is the law! And it applies regardless of whether or not we know these Laws!

Why does it happen? Through which „mechanism” VIP Laws affect our personal health and lives? What kind of a “technology” is used to exert this influence?

You see, according to VIP concept, which representing the SOURCE OF ALL EXISTENCE, an Infinite Time-Space is full of the Energy of Life – Spirit – the Sole Force of Life, which also originates from the same SOURCE. And these three terms are equivalent expressions used to describe this Energy. And since VIP Laws themselves determine the features of this Energy, this Energy becomes a live “carrier” of VIP Laws. Hence, this Energy cannot be and is not neutral, but has a conscious direction. And since VIP Laws are spiritual in nature, this Energy also has to have spiritual features. And it does! This Energy represents and bears the spirit of VIP Laws, such as Universal LOVE, Wisdom and Intelligence that always accompanies it.

The latter quality, LOVE, although mentioned in the Bible as the first of the nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality is in fact a higher synthesis of the other eight characteristics (Gal.5:22). This way, the Energy of Live that infuses the Time and Space contains all the features of the Universal Cosmic Personality!

This cosmological rhetoric also shows why we will continue to refer to „tuning to VIP Laws” rather than „tuning to the Energy of Life”, although in practice we are talking about the same thing. The reason for this is that despite its high stature, the Energy of Life is not the supreme value within the Cosmos, that supreme value are the VIP Laws!

Unfortunately, lack of understanding of the phenomenon that is the Energy of Life, is a serious problem for contemporary researchers of life. Hence, to a large degree comes the limited effectiveness of contemporary science in the resolution of ecological, health, psychological, ethical, sociological and other problems.

What is important and telling is that different strains of ancient medicine were based on complete confidence in this energy, not just on the presumption that it actually exists. The effectiveness of certain ancient medical practices that are used to this day is yet another proof of this Energy’s existence. The same is proven by the effectiveness of TD VIP.

These arguments are fully compatible with the statement by Max Planck. Here are the excerpts:

„As a physicist having devoted my whole life to pure science and the exploration of matter, I’m surely beyond suspicion of being a dreamer. And, as a result of the exploration of the atom, I declare the following:

There is nothing like ‘just matter! All matter is created by, and consists of, only one force putting the atomic particles into vibration and holding them together as the tiniest solar system in the universe. But as there is neither an intelligent force nor an eternal force in the whole universe, (…) we have to assume that there is a conscious, intelligent spirit behind this force. This spirit is the origin of all matter.

It is not the visible, ephemeral matter that is real, true, (…) but the invisible, eternal spirit that is real! Just as spirit, however, can also not exist on its own, and every spirit is part of a being, it is compelling to assume the presence of some ‘spirit being’. However, as also spirit beings cannot come into existence on their own, but have to be created, I don’t shrink from naming this mysterious creator exactly the same as did all civilizations of this world in former millennia: GOD!”.

That „spirit” Max Planck is referring to, is the Energy of Life – the Spirit – the Sole Source of Life that penetrates through the Time-Space of the Universe and „infuses” with itself the dimensions and worlds found within, according to their true needs.

This statement is the essence of VIP cosmology, so it is worth committing it to memory already at this point.

The same rhetoric produces the term „Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life”.

Regardless of any disputes involving the Energy of Life, it is an indisputable fact that all life, both on Earth and in Space, depends on access to that energy. That is the law! What is extremely critical is that the problems of earthly humans are caused not by lack access to that energy, but by the way it is used! That is the main problem of man! He has access to this powerful Energy which, however, he does not understand and cannot use properly. This leads to pathological and disharmonious projection of that energy.

At higher dimensions of the Time and Space, where the degree of the infusion with the Energy of Life is correspondingly higher and its „pressure” correspondingly greater, violation of VIP Laws would lead to serious consequences affecting the entire universe.

It is not at all surprising that at higher dimensions of Time and Space, violation of VIP Laws limits or even cuts off entirely access to that energy, with all the attendant consequences.

That is why real access to higher dimensions of VIP is only available to beings and civilizations that have reached a sufficiently high level of tuning to VIP Laws.

That is also why there is no equality or democracy in the universe, two states that the people would like to introduce, following the example of their earthly systems and habits..

A just hierarchy – the precondition for life and growth!

That is why one of the twelve Universal Rights is the Law of HIERARCHY.

In the Cosmos, hierarchy organizes itself! And it is determined by the degree of development (of a specific being or civilization) in the Cosmic Awareness and the degree of tuning to VIP Laws, which, combined, indicates the level of Cosmic Responsibility they have reached.

And that is the guarantee of Cosmic Justice!

And that is how ORDER is created and maintained in Cosmos!

And it is the learning of so described Cosmic Responsibility that is the main purpose of the existence of Earthly VIP School!

The Earthly School of VIP Laws does not limit the man’s, natural student’s of that School, access to this Energy of Life, but lets him bear all the consequences of improper use of such energy (according to Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT). This is compatible with the projection mechanism, which we will discuss later on.

Another specific feature of the human life, besides access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life, is the ability to supplement their bodies’ energy level through nourishment, or eating other forms of life existing on the Planet.

Since beings from many dimensions and worlds do not have those abilities, they are fully dependent upon access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life. In turn, that access is dependent and restricted by the degree to which they are tuned to VIP Laws. There is no other honest alternative here!


That does not mean, of course, that beings living in other dimensions and other worlds are in some way left out. Those are the „physics” of these worlds and dimensions – corresponding to the „anatomy and physiology” of beings that live there.

It would even appear that beings and civilizations living in those „energetic” worlds and dimensions are at a higher level of development than the man.

For clarity’s sake I hasten to add that food (nourishment) is for man an important, but not the only one and not always the most important source of energy and information. Its share in the energetic metabolism of a human body changes constantly and depends on age, type of activity, climate and just as importantly, on each person’s spiritual growth. In Particular, as we grow spiritually, the energy of life drawn from the Time and Space (or more specifically: from the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life) should be playing the main role in our energetic metabolism. Hence, overeating blocks and restricts the assimilation of such energy and restrains our spiritual growth. On the other hand eating less than is necessary strips us of important information from the field of physical reality of our being and it also strips us of a certain kind of… joy. That is why you are advised to avoid these extremities!

To conclude our discussion of the energetic potential of man, it begs asking a certain question. That question is:

If the situation is so good, why is it so bad?

Why, having this almost unlimited potential to supplement our loss of energy do we live so poorly and so shortly?

Why do we age so quickly?


Unfortunately, this relatively unrestricted access of man to the Energy of Life which infuses the earthly Space and Time, plus the “gift” of nourishment, has led to numerous attempts to use it by un-tuned civilizations that live in other worlds and dimensions. That, in turn, has created conditions for an artificial separation of Earth and man with respect to VIP and Their Laws or, in other words, with respect to Cosmic VIP.

 A local piv was created as a result of these separatist and local actions in the Time-Space dimension of Earth, with its own politics, economics, religion and their popular spirit, as well as their own local calendars, laws and ideals that collide with VIP Laws, but were nonetheless successful in un-tuning man and stealing the energy of life in the form he is able to absorb. That is why, given its opposition to the Cosmic VIP, we will call it the „local piv”.

„Local”, meaning that it concentrates its efforts on the Earth and on the mankind, as the main „provider” of secondary energy of life – secondary, because due to the choices it has made, it lost access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life!

Nonetheless, the cosmic reach of the impact of local piv appears to be far from local!


Local piv is an in-human and „inhuman” process in all the possible meanings of these terms.


Local piv is a deliberate, sufficiently long (considering the history of humanity) and inspired continuously by  other worlds and dimensions (untuned with respect to VIP Laws), method and style of organizing man’s life on Earth to ensure that the mankind serves primarily one sole purpose – “giving up” the energy of life it absorbs to manipulators from other worlds and dimensions!

On the other hand, psychophysiology proves that man gradually loses his energy of life when he finds himself in a state of fear, pain, suffering, lack of opportunities to reach his potential, aggression, depression, absence of true joy etc. That is why local piv has „organized” man’s life on Earth to ensure that he finds himself as often as possible, or even continuously, in these states and at the same time to make sure that the man doesn’t realize the purpose of all this and the source of his problems.

Here lies the primary cause of many of our illnesses, excessively fast aging process, shortened lives and numerous unnecessary sufferings and disasters.

The existence of local piv manifests itself especially at the junction of the three main entities that help organize mankind – the economy, politics and religion. Parts of those entities that are not compatible with the spirit of VIP Laws, that which creates situations which „force” man to lose his energy of life, belongs to the local piv.


Thanks to the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena, it was possible to calculate that as much as approximately 90% of human unhappiness and suffering in the previous history of mankind was and still is caused by the „parasitic efforts” of the local piv!!!


True, there are no innocent victims, but there is unnecessary suffering that far exceeds “educational” standards necessary for the proper functioning of the of Earthly VIP School.

After all, a real school is not a high-security prison, to which we can compare the life of mankind as we know it! That is not how VIP saw this school when it opened. Man, wake up then!

After all it means that if it weren’t for local VIP, there would be 90% less suffering and disasters on Earth! Let’s imagine that! It wouldn’t be a „paradise” yet, but rather a quite decent, just and nice school which everyone would like to attend. With pleasure too! Learning progress would also be much better.

Man, wake up then and agree only to VIP terms!

The Laws of TOLERANCE AND NON-INTERFERENCE also have their limits! Mankind breaks these Laws by showing too much tolerance to being manipulated and by allowing too much interference in its own affairs. These are just the main directions of un-tuning of those Laws by the local piv.

The same happens with other Universal Laws of VIP. These were also out of tune here on Earth.

In other words, the untuning of VIP Laws distorts their proper understanding by the mankind or, even worse, blocks completely the information about their very existence.

It is high time to became aware of that process!


Local piv has made a „masterly” job retuning (or rather un-tuning) the emotional (feelings-related) sphere of a man. And not merely that! This un-tuning of the emotional sphere was rooted and entrenched in the biological structure of man, especially in certain parts of his spinal cord. And due to the notable impact of this entrenchment, the development of human feelings (emotionality) turned a long way towards a non-optimal direction.

As a result, two emotional extremes dominate and both are present almost simultaneously in almost every man, they merely have an individual character.

The first extreme is the emotional insensitivity, which leads to reduced level of empathy (ability to identify with emotional conditions of another man), egoism and psychopathic behavior and attitudes.

The other extreme is excessive emotional sensitivity, which in turn leads to superior empathy. It manifests itself in excessive and superfluous interest in other people’s problems at the expense of neglecting own affairs and own development. However, this attitude violates the Law of THE NEED OF DEVELOPMENT. And that’s not all! This attitude often also means the interference in the life of other people and thus violates the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE.

As a result of constant „oscillations” of these two extremes, the emotionality of the majority of men resembles an out-of tune radio, which distorts reception of clear information and at the same time is an „all too easily overheating generator of energy”. And indeed, that is how it is. Explosions of negative emotions are also an “explosion” of huge quantities of energy of life absorbed by men and thus lost to them irrevocably. Who benefits – it is obvious! It is also obvious who and why it tries to “convince” men to believe to release their emotions for “their own” good health – that is also becoming increasingly more obvious!

There is more! There is yet another serious situational paradox!

A man who is out of tune emotionally, mentally and spiritually – from the point of view of VIP Laws – is always in a state of „being accused of violating those Laws”. And local piv serves as his “accuser” before the Cosmic Law, as it tries to justify its „criminal parasitic behavior” against that man! The Bible describes it in the Book of Revelation 12:10b.

„…The accuser of our brothers, who accuses them before our God day and night”.

In this context, paradoxically from man’s point of view, pure VIP Laws serve as the “guardians” of equitable access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life. After all, they allow quicker self-annihilation of human “victims” who break these Laws. This way they also limit improper use of the Energy of Life and the theft of this energy! Unfortunately, they don’t make it any easier for the man!

It is high time now to understand that humanity (and not just humanity) has no other choice, but to tune itself back to the pure VIP Laws! No one has ever recalled or amended those laws. They are eternal – just as the Time and Space are eternal!

 Nothing short of being tuned to these Laws guarantees optimum use of the Energy of Life, ensuring harmonious projection of that energy, such as formation of healthy bodies, extending life, creating happy events and incidents, as well as relationships in harmony with others. Being tuned to VIP laws will also ensure optimum development, compatible with the Universal Law on the NEED OF DEVELOPMENT.


VIP Laws are the laws of physics of the future – physics of LOVE – physics of the Energy of Life!


Additionally, only a sufficiently high degree of tuning to VIP Laws is able to protect us against growing manipulation by the local piv or even hasten its demise!

Increasing manipulation by the local vip, noticeable at every step, is its “adaptive” reaction to the growing pressure exerted by VIP Laws on Earth and its inhabitants. It threatens local piv with the loss of access to the Energy of Life with the “assistance” of human intermediary. It is high time anyway, that the man stops being a mere intermediary! Especially since the Cosmos does not tolerate any kind of parasitic behavior! And the man, by allowing such behavior, tolerates it! This is a manifestation of untuning of the Law of TOLERANCE and the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE.

In an environment of increasing „pressure” by the VIP Laws, local piv will lose access to the Energy of Life with the „assistance” of his human intermediary one way or another. How? An untuned human intermediary either won’t survive the increase of „pressure” by the VIP Laws, or it will reach a level of tuning to VIP Laws that is sufficient to survive. And that level of tuning to VIP Laws is also a state that does not allow any kind of energetic parasitic behavior, it is a state of responsible use of the Energy of Life to create harmonious projections of that energy!

Let us just summarize our response to the previous question concerning the “mechanism” and “technology” of the impact of VIP Laws on our personal health and life. The answer is as follows:

It is the quality of the „flow” of Energy of Life through our organism and through our whole life, resulting from our tuning to the VIP Laws, that determines both our personal health and our fate! That is the entire “mechanism” and the “technology” of how VIP laws affect our health and our lives!

In order to maintain scientific and cosmic fairness, we are still owed an explanation regarding man and the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life.




You see, on the one hand, a man, as the natural student of the Earthly School of VIP Laws, has no restrictions in accessing the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life but rather, for science’s sake, is allowed to bear the consequences of both proper and improper use of the Energy of Life generated by that Field. Obviously this also applies to the satisfaction and achievement of both true and false needs of that man!


On the other hand, the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life is not an institution of naïve charity – as much as it may seem so to some people! That, which is true, is never naïve – and that includes the Energy of Life.

That is why the Energy of Life originating from the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life is only able to supplement those shortages in man’s energy levels, which are caused by the satisfaction of his true needs. It can never supplement energy shortages caused by the satisfaction of false needs! Those energy shortages can be made up solely and exclusively at the expense of energy lost irrevocably from the instruments – the bodies. That way the man condemns himself to rapid aging and death.

The fact of aging also indicates that man cannot supplement and fulfill all of his energy needs, losses and shortages, with food alone, even the most properly selected one.

On the other hand, if man knew how to live according to his true needs, the process of aging would be very slow, or non-existent.

In other words – if the man really wants to extend his youth and his longevity, he must tune himself to the features of the Energy of Life, which are also the features of the spirit of VIP Laws and the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality. Clearly – that tuning also includes the skill of setting and achieving true goals and needs.

Despite appearances, the above facts in no way diminish the enormous energy potential of man – to the contrary!

They also do not diminish the significance of „criminal parasitic behavior” against the man by the local piv. The fact remains that if it wasn’t for the local piv, man would live about ten times longer!

Later on we will discuss in more detail the issue of real and false needs in the context of true and false adaptation.

Intellectual familiarity with VIP Laws has a definite cognitive and practical significance. That is an indisputable fact! However, since the nature of VIP Laws from the point of view of earthly man is mainly spiritual, the most critical aspect remains our spiritual tuning to those Laws.

It must be added, however, that spiritual aspects of this tuning (and un-tuning) are increasingly being accompanied by physical (energetic) consequences. The term “increasingly” is based on the fact that in our times, the “pressure” by VIP Laws on the Earth and its residents continues to increase (and will continue to do so).

For scientific clarity we must explain here that the „increase in pressure by VIP Laws” is both a scientific figure and a cosmic reality. Literally it means the increase in pressure exerted by the Energy of Life. However, since the Energy of Life is a natural cosmic “carrier” of the VIP Laws, increase in pressure of that Energy also means the increase of „pressure” of the VIP Laws.

The increase of this pressure is in turn caused by the continuous movement of the Cosmos and their galaxies, solar and planetary systems in the Time-Space Circle of the Universe. This movement occurs as Great Cosmic Circles that occur repeatedly from time to time. What is important for our consideration is the fact that the Circle of Universe is divided into the Material Semicircle, which is dominated by the laws of matter and into the Anti-Material Semicircle, which is dominated by the laws of energy.

Current period of the manifestation of our Cosmos is the time of passage from the Material to Anti-Material Semicircle, or from the laws of matter to the laws of energy. These periods naturally and „without interference” assist in the increase in pressure of the Energy of Life and therefore the increase in „pressure” by the VIP Laws, which by their very nature are strongly energetic


In our earthly reality this is, in any case increasingly visible as the “acceleration of events” and felt increasingly as the “clearly faster passage of time”.

It is also obvious that as a result of further increase of this “pressure” by VIP Laws, mankind will increasingly suffer both “ negative” consequences of its untuning and the “positive” consequences of its untuning! The first is the common fact that illnesses that until recently were characteristic for old people are now encountered in young people as well. The second is visible for example in the fact that there is an increasing number of cases of phenomenal vitality, activity and creativity at an old age. But that is merely the beginning of it!


All evidence shows that it is the increase of “pressure” by VIP Laws that is the basis of most mechanisms that are currently testing the degree of tuning of mankind to those Laws.


Since Time is running short, we must understand that our opportunity and our capacity to tune in to VIP Laws depends not so much on intellectual familiarity of those Laws, but by the quality of adaptation and by learning the features that should make up spiritual personality of man!

Why personality?

Primarily because the personality should play the role of our personal stabilizer and safeguard us against life’s pitfalls. After all, it is the personality that is the collection of all the experiences of the body, mind and spirit – which forms the synthesis of external and internal consciousness. It also develops in a man faster than his consciousness. Because of its history, it also operates at frequencies lower than the ones on which their development might be (and usually is) blocked by the consciousness.

That is why without enriching human personality through vibrations with certain higher universal features – by adopting them – there can be no talk of true growth of the man and his consciousness!


Those features are also the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality! Adapting and learning them properly is also the main goal of our earthly live.

Here they are (Galatians 5:22):












Here it is worth noting that this „sequential” structure is „build upon” CONTROLLING ONESELF, while the „golden means” is occupied by KINDNESS. Undoubtedly this is also a message of sorts!

Since, despite appearances, in our human experience the least and frequently most misunderstood spiritual quality is LOVE, the Bible presents sixteen of It’s main aspects. Only thanks to them we can “humanely” understand what kind of behavior and attitudes remain compatible with Love and which ones do not.

Here they are (according to Corinthians 13:4-8):


Love is patient

Love is kind

Love does not envy

Love does not boast

Love is not proud

Love is not rude,

Love is not self-seeking

Love is not easily angered

Love keeps no record of wrongs

Love does not delight in evil

Love rejoices with the truth

Love always protects

Love always trusts

Love always hopes

Love always perseveres

Love never fails


As you can see, the attitude and at the same time the message of this „sequential” design is the inevitability of LOVE. It means that we can depend on Her! It is also worth noting that the cosmic „doors” allowing access to Her are opened by patience and kindness.

After listing nine Features of the Universal Cosmic Personality, the Bible adds:

Against such things there is no Law(Galatians 5:23)

What does that mean? It means, that displaying those features (virtues) in life means respecting VIP Laws! It also means that the quality of the tuning to and learning of those Laws by our personality is the same thing as the quality of, or tuning to VIP Laws.


It is the destiny of VIP Laws that each member of the cosmic society „incorporates” Them into his spiritual personality and tunes in to Them! “I will put My Law in their minds and write It on their hearts (Jeremiah 31:33). Only this way it is possible to achieve the state of true freedom, despite the existence of Laws and the need to respect them.


 And that state can be achieved not so much through intellectual work on these Laws, but rather through adaptation and learning the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, which also embody the spirit of the VIP Laws. A similar approach is characteristic not just for the Cosmic Legislation. Based on the same pattern – presumably intuitively – in every wise human legislation it is not the “letter”, but the “spirit” that is important!

History of earthly legislation also shows that intellectual approach towards laws leads more often to attempts to circumvent these laws, rather than compliance with them.  Presumably it is this overestimation of the human intellect that has “produced” the local piv.

Obviously imperfect earthly laws often collide with VIP Laws. Incidentally, to a large extent this is not due to ill will, but rather lack of familiarity with VIP Laws among human law-makers. But the local piv is trying forcefully and effectively to preserve this situation. And the result of those efforts is to complicate human law-making to the maximum extent possible, in order to deliberately obscure the simplicity and transparency of pure Universal VIP Laws. That is also a form of re-tuning VIP Laws by the local piv.

Another result of piv’s efforts is to design laws made by human law-makers in a way that leaves loopholes invisible to most, but ones that allow the few „chosen” by piv to violate these laws and to do it in a „legal way”.

It is worth here to point out yet another specific property of the human law inspired by the local piv. It is the fact that all laws are drafted in a way that makes it possible to use them very easily against those, who strive to remain loyal to VIP Laws.

The ultimate goal and the result of re-tuning of the “spirit” of VIP Laws in the area of human law-making, both through the imperfection of laws themselves and the inequality and injustice in the way they are enforced, is the cause of human disasters and suffering that leads to gradual loss of the energy of life. It is obvious, who benefits!


Here are the Universal VIP Laws, which should govern our earthly – and not just our and not just earthly – experience! Here are the Universal VIP Laws to which the humanity should tune to, both as a whole and each and every man individually:















Here in turn it is worth noting the fact that this sequence-based design is „build upon” the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE.

No surprise here! The Law of NON-INTERFERENCE is the basis for compliance with all the remaining VIP Laws! Each Law contains within itself the „base pattern of non-interference”. However, this pattern was re-tuned by the local piv into the „base pattern of interference”. This way it became possible to manipulate human beings from the position of „god”.

It is no surprise then that the Philosophy of Tuning to VIP Laws puts special emphasis on the principle of non-interference. Besides, personal experiences of each individual as well as collective human history, show that interference into another man’s affairs, even when done with a positive reason in mind, eventually turns both against the recipient and the giver. You only need to have the courage and the humility to notice that!

In principle the universe does not recognize interference with other men (and not just men)!!!

What, then, are the philosophical grounds for the principle of non-interference?

Generally speaking, without permission, or rather without a clear initiative from the lower Consciousness, there should be no assistance of any kind by the higher Consciousness. That sequence also doubles as a test of essential humility for the lower Consciousness and the test of wisdom for the higher Consciousness.

Assistance by the higher Consciousness to the lower one can only and exclusively take form of energetic impulses. It is a moral duty of the higher Consciousness to transmit those impulses to lower Consciousness – that attitude is required by the Law of CARE! However, if there is no response to those impulses, no actions must be taken to facilitate or force lower Consciousness to work or to understand! If that practice was allowed, there would be no true independent thinking or creation in the Cosmos!!!

In that situation higher Consciousness may only observe and offer balanced assistance – proportionally to the quality of response produced by the lower Consciousness in reaction to impulses transmitted to it by the higher Consciousness.

This rule of non-interference clearly also refers to TD VIP. No one can be told to use them or encourage them „by force”! It is only possible to signal their existence and wait for response – it will only be received from those who have grown mature enough to be able to use these Technologies!

Obviously, this principle of non-interference refers not just to cosmic and earthly relations. It also refers to all levels and variants of purely interpersonal relations. Here terms such as „higher” and „lower” Consciousness also apply to people, since people are not equal and in each interpersonal relationship someone naturally assumes the role of a higher Consciousness and another one acts as the lower Consciousness. And in the assumptions of Human School of VIP Laws, these various and varied personal relations were supposed to create a huge „playground for games and exercises” encompassing the entire Earth, for the learning of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality and the study of tuning to VIP Laws.

When VIP Laws are retuned by the local piv, this „playground for games and exercises” encompassing the entire Earth, has turned into a brutal training field, a camp, a jail and a prison or a field of constant wars and battles!

And now let’s talk for a while about the consequences of re-tuning on Earth of the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE and the Law of HIERARCHY, or about how the „basic pattern of interference” has affected the Law of HIERARCHY on Earth.

Manipulations by the local piv has led to a situation, where the man living on this Planet does not want to subjugate his existence to the principles of Cosmic Hierarchy. He feels intuitively that he would then have to give up all the privileges he receives by subjugating other members of the society. He feels, that he would lose the power of manipulating others and the superiority over those, who are often smarter than him. Hence, the man who does not want to grow, but rather wants to kill the impulses flowing from within, and he will always hear them, will choose the path of keeping with the dogmas and traditions. And when it is no longer possible to maintain them, he will replace them with other, new dogmas and traditions, ones that also keep other people in subjugation. And when those cannot be maintained, he will replace them with others, ones that also keep other people in chains.

It is not, however, a one-way process – not everyone wants to rule over the others. Also important is the group that either willingly, or passively subjects itself as a whole to the so called suzerainty.

That group is „produced” by the fear of independent thinking and an individual journey through life. The fear is so enormous, that many prefer to subject themselves to the inconvenience of slavery resulting from interpersonal relations, be subject to religion in which not everything makes sense, enter into an inconvenient political system, just to gain an illusory support.

In order to kill internal impulses that signal the falsehood of such choices, these people jam them by accepting external arguments to support their position. That attitude inevitably leads to ossification of personal views, fanaticism and hate against all truth.

It is increasingly obvious who and why “benefits” from that fear-based attitude of the human masses. Unfortunately it is less obvious how to give courage to that group „without interference” – since such courage is essential for independent thinking and an individual journey through life!

Here are two typical examples of re-tuning of the Law of HIERARCHY and the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE on Earth.

In a certain sense these are also the two typical human attitudes resulting from the re-tuning of all VIP Laws in the earthly Time-Space. All this human variety of adaptive attitudes is merely an illusion – it is a simple result of individual combinations of these two primary attitudes!

Meanwhile the science of tuning to pure VIP Laws remains the primary goal of the still existing Earthly VIP School and the purpose of our attendance at that school. And VIP measure of the progress in the achievement of that goal, is the manifestation of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality in the life of students and graduates of that school. That is also the only just, fair and objective criterium!

However, since a vast majority of the humanity, inspired by local piv has been mainly developing its intellect, without counterbalancing it with spiritual growth, that part of humanity must strive to reach spiritual goals and acquire spiritual features primarily through transformation of the Mind. The Mind’s power cannot be ignored! Nonetheless, that process requires not so much the power of intellect of our Mind, but the Mind’s strength of imagination.

As will turn out later, this also applies to each and every man!

It is also worth noting that the Cosmic Law is accompanied by an interesting math. The twelve Universal VIP Laws multiplied by the Nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality produce 108 basic combinations – the 108 basic and live units of the Cosmic VIP Law. Live – because their cosmic “carrier” is the Energy of Life – the Spirit – the Sole Force of Life that fills the Time and Space of the Universe.

Tuning to those laws is the purpose of the existence of the Earthly School of VIP Laws and our attendance of that school. That is why some people, those who are more advanced in process of tuning and those who „know” this number, will go through all 108 combinations – units of the Cosmic VIP Law by themselves using the strength of their own imagination. More on this is found in my book entitled „The Cosmic Message of the Human Anatomy”.

Every stable structure, both on Earth and in the Universe, must have two basic components – the horizontal and the vertical.

This rule applies in particular to the design of the Cosmic Code – it derives its origins directly from this code and is acknowledged by its existence.

In that context, the horizontal component of the Cosmic Code are the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality – which are also the features of the spirit of VIP Laws and the features of the Energy of Life that penetrates Time and Space of the Universe. These features form and safeguard, through their very existence, the living base and force needed for the proper execution of VIP Laws, which, in turn, form the vertical component of the Cosmic Code.

Hence, when studying the VIP Laws, we cannot forget about their spirit – their vertical counterpart and equivalent!


Here is a brief interpretation of individual VIP Laws:


  1. The Law of HIERARCHY


Hierarchy is the ranking of units based on criteria that guide that ranking.

In the Universe, there is only one such criterium – the level of tuning to VIP Laws.

It must be noted, however, that from the point of view of a man, and not just the earthly one, that criterium has three aspects:

– level of development in terms of Cosmic Consciousness

– level of respecting VIP Laws

– level of absorption of the Features of Universal Cosmic



At higher levels of the Cosmic Hierarchies, these aspects blend into one – because the higher the level of Consciousness, the better the understanding of VIP Laws and the better the absorption of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality and thus also higher level of tuning to VIP Laws.

At the lower levels, these aspects do not always go hand in hand – Consciousness is not always accompanied by the will and strength to comply with VIP Laws and the desire to absorb the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality. The opposite is sometimes true – the will to follow VIP Laws is not always accompanied by appropriate development of the Consciousness. Relatively speaking, however, probably the lowest is the willingness to absorb the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality.

It follows from the above, that tuning to VIP Laws is something of a synthesis of these three aspects. It also follows that as long as these three aspects are not tied inseparably to each other, it will be difficult to say that a specific person has reached some important level in the Cosmic Hierarchy.

In the Universe there is no equality. Each member of the Cosmic community achieves his rank in the Cosmic Hierarchy based solely on that single universal criterium. And depending on how hard he works to improve himself, he can advance, stop or even be demoted and lose his place on the ladder of Cosmic Hierarchy.

The fact that this ranking is unequal is the reflection of eternal order and justice!

Unlike the earthly standards, the place reached and occupied in the Cosmic Hierarchy is not accompanied by privileges and honors, but rather means bearing and performing a certain amount of conscious work and responsibility – particularly on behalf of those, who are lower in their level of development.

This way with each day of our life, we work to establish our place on that living ladder in the Cosmic Hierarchy, while the earthly honors and privileges have no impact whatsoever on this assessment! Or, on the other hand, they do – usually a negative one!

On Earth the Law of HIERARCHY has been re-tuned to an extreme degree by the local piv – which, nonetheless, has occurred with a significant participation of human personalities deficient in the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality.

This happened, among other things, because of excessive devaluation of the very term „hierarchy”. by applying it to too many separate entities. Hence, we have the hierarchy of power, hierarchy of various grades in human institutions – both secular and religious ones – hierarchy of authorities, hierarchy of values, needs, etc., etc., going on almost endlessly.

However, all these hierarchies have only the vertical component that represents some specific, but narrow criterium. They do not possess the horizontal component, or the base which – in the case of structures created by man – should always serve as the level of tuning to VIP Laws matching the vertical component!

Without the horizontal component, an essential foundation – they surround themselves with institutions and structures in order to secure themselves and to protect their positions against „the outside”. In turn, these institutions and structures are for the same reason expanding a wide range of privileges and means of repression – breaking all the VIP Laws and interfering in the life of every individual.

All those hierarchies are aberrations – they are also traps for immature and untamed human personalities!

One common and most characteristic feature of these personality-based hierarchies, their institutions and structures is that one’s place within the hierarchy is identified with the scope of „freedom” – where higher places in the hierarchy are seen as having more „freedom” arising from the opportunity to apply various forms of domination over others. That is how it is in every office and at every level of any institution or structure. Each level gives the opportunity to „fix”, „gain” or „grant” something, etc. The most grotesque manifestation of that tendency is seen in church institutions, where the higher the place within the hierarchy, the greater the sins which „can” be forgiven!

It is not surprising then, that this „freedom” and those „privileges” are the source of new types of pathological behavior and that any means and methods available are employed in the process of climbing new levels on the ladder of personality-based hierarchies!

These hierarchies are governed by their own (?) rules that have nothing to do with VIP Laws, including the Law of HIERARCHY. Clearly, these hierarchies and their institutions increasingly serve only their own purpose, forgetting about the goal for which they were set up and organized. Their attention and energy is consumed by the „fight to climb the ladder”!

The situation is completely different on the live ladder of live Hierarchy, where an individual reaches a certain level thanks to personal effort and work. It doesn’t happen at the expense of anyone else! No one is occupying anyone else’s place and takes away their „chances to get promoted”! No one appoints or chooses anyone else!

No personality-related awards or privileges accompany that growth. The man rewards and punishes himself. And the reward is further growth, while the penalty is the lack thereof!

The higher the level of Consciousness reached by man, the greater the understanding of VIP Laws, the better the absorption of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality – that is, the higher the level of tuning to VIP Laws and at the same time the lower the opportunity to use free will!

Another type of freedom is gained instead –freedom from doubts and maneuvering, the freedom of Knowledge!

The need to manipulate others, making them dependent, subordinating them and dominating over them goes away!

Expectation of gratitude for assistance and care disappears!

The need to be the first is replaced by the need to be useful to the extent of one’s capabilities.


  1. Law of CREATION


Creation means bringing new qualities to life. Thus, this term should not be used to refer to production, or copying things that already exist!

Creation is a conscious process, one that aims to design a living whole – i.e. one that has a material (physical) and an energy-related (spiritual) component.

Creation, then, is possible solely and exclusively by acting in full compliance with all aspects of tuning to VIP Laws listed in the discussion of the Law of HIERARCHY. Thus, it is also an effort and a reaction to the existence of a real need – it is the fulfillment of that need.

Each new thought, each new form that enriches and complements the already existing ones – yet resulting from creation – is also a creation.

Creation is based on the cohesion between three components: thought – word – action. However, we must not forget that the pre-condition for the activation of that „trinity” of the process of creation, is the existence of real demand for that creation.

That is how energy enters the world of material. The first on this path is the thought!

Meanwhile, the thought is also a cosmic phenomenon – a wave that lifts and helps communication between thinking creatures.

To be fair, it must be noted, however, that creation of truly new thoughts is an art of the higher Consciousness.

The majority of people do not create new thoughts – they merely process thoughts which already exist in the earthly Time and Space and are compatible with vibrations of their consciousness and personality. More than that! It turns out that this also refers to scientists, inventors, artists, etc.

Let us explain how this happens using their example.

If there truly is a real need for the humanity to be enriched by some new invention or work of art, the thought formed by the higher Consciousness seeks a person and a venue through which that thought is „born” for the world of man. Honest scientists and artists admit that much – in fact many of them actually surprise with their simplicity, modesty and humility.

The statement that a man is merely a tool is found in every religion, mystical system and testimony of creative people and geniuses.

Especially religions forget quickly about their origins and surround themselves with empty forms that protect their personality-based hierarchies.

Meanwhile, all that is born during the advancement of civilization and is considered to be great, notable or even creative in science, literature, art, philosophical and religious systems – all that is merely the skill of certain individuals in „listening in” to the SILENCE!

Very rarely during the earthly life a man is able to create a string of his own thoughts. Individuals who happen to develop within themselves a fairly efficient reception apparatus and are humble enough to know what is going on, are only facing the initial stage of the ability to formulate their own thoughts!

However, creating thoughts and tying them into a logical sequence is not merely the participation in the cosmic process – it is also a great responsibility and a huge effort!

Own thoughts – as a creative product, can only appear in a man when he is no longer subject to any regimes, any conventions or stereotypes of his environment, ideology, religions. We must admit, however, that it takes real courage to live in such an unconventional manner!

Only a man who is fully independent can create thoughts and differentiate that, which comes from within in the process of thinking and that which comes from the outside.

And to think that this is only be the initial stage of that process! Still, how important is it to begin to realize that.

It is a similar situation with all human efforts that can be referred to as needs.

At the beginning of his growth a man does not create, but rather produces – duplicates items that are needed, but already exist. The next stage on that path is the science of co-creation, which means independent work together with other people to create parts of necessary whole at first, and later the whole itself.

After mastering every secret of a selected activity, the man becomes a teacher for younger ones, those lower than himself in the Cosmic Hierarchy – assuming that the man and his students „do what they should be doing and when they should be doing it” – after all contributing to growth of another man is also creation!

The man-educator learns himself and at the same time absorbs the knowledge from those, who are ahead of him on the ladder of the Cosmic Hierarchy – forming himself this way!

In conclusion: Progress in every area of knowledge and field of activity – or the rising “vertical” component should be accompanied by a corresponding progress in the tuning to VIP Laws – or the rising “horizontal” component. Only that “simultaneity of progress” guarantees that no laws would be violated, not just the Law of CREATION!

That is how it should be!

Meanwhile, the Law of CREATION – just as all other VIP Laws, has been re-tuned on Earth to an extreme extent by the local piv, with the active participation of human personalities deficient in the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality.

What was used here is the fact that personality develops faster in a man than his consciousness – and given the priority of the physical, personality takes up the role of individuality. In turn, individuality is willing to defend its position, usually excessively high, at any price, up to and including attempting to lower the frequency of its own inside and that of consciousness. It is not surprising then, that under these conditions human personalities typically ascribe to themselves all abilities and the „glory” of creation! This way creation, which is always associated with understanding of the need, was replaced by production – which is driven by „want”.

That detachment of the process of transforming matter and energy from the process of seeing the whole body is characteristic to cancers. That analogy is by no means an accident – it is clearly replicated both in individual and in the so-called „collective man” – the humanity.

The result of that untuning of the Law of CREATION is the appearance on Earth of the machine of profit and looting. And that machine produces a world of divisions, violence, wars, destruction of the environment and its riches.

The man – instead of striving to participate in the work of creating the world – has turned all of his abilities to the path of rivalry and struggle with other people and with the environment.

He invented (?) and produced (but not created) a machine of destruction. He replaced creation with destruction!

And destruction of the surrounding world also means self-destruction of the man!


  1. Law of MODERATION – or „the golden means”


Moderation – means acting according to one’s need!

This term refers to all of our efforts, both with respect to ourselves and with respect to others.

It means that both efforts should take into consideration real needs – and not that, which merely appears to be our, or someone else’s need.

Moderation is a skill of enforcing „justice” in giving and taking – to each according to his need.

This should manifest itself in particular in the role of a teacher with respect to his students. Teachers must always either act in a conscious manner, or refrain from acting – turning their actions on or off – meaning they should measure out work and experience to their students in appropriate dosages. Without interfering, as long as a specific experience teaches their students something.

That balance, moderation, reaching „the golden mean”, must be developed and experienced by each man individually – with respect to himself and with respect to others.




This law can be given a motto: „Remember about the need to develop the thoughts – since conscious understanding of life only begins at a certain stage of that process”

Growth has two roughly parallel vectors – motion „up” and increased amount of work and responsibility.

Motion – because everything that exists in the Universe and is alive is moving – motion is the manifestation of life!

Motion „up” – because only movement accompanied by creation allows man to grow.

Growth – means expanding the field of vision, increasing the impact, but also greater responsibility for oneself and for others, for one’s own work and for the work of others!

Motion doesn’t always mean growth. If there is growth „up”, it means there can also be growth „down” – the opposite of growth.


If man’s work is not creative, does not arise from a need, copies thoughts, actions, things – it does not produce growth!

Meanwhile, the omnipresent factors of time and space demand that the range of skills required by the need be reached within a specific time frame. Therefore, even standing still is a motion „down” – the opposite of growth.

To be creative, or to be going “up”, motion must resemble a ball whose radius, shape and space increases constantly – an example of that is the ever-expanding Universe.

A man must also expand in order to live!

Every school – and the Earth, as well as Cosmos are schools – require from their teachers progress, or growth.

And tests or exams exist primarily in order to stimulate growth!




This law produced the rule of hermetism, which was already known in antiquity: „What is up is like what is down and what is down is like what is up”.

A man, like the Microcosm, is a reflection of the Universe as the Macrocosm.

Each of these Cosmoses lives and transforms itself by following the same laws. These very same laws apply to the design of man and all of his tools – as well as the Universe and all of its structures.

To a large extent, the law of resonance of parallel phenomena is also the product of that universal truth.


  1. Law of COMPLIANCE


Compliance – means harmony, coordination, collaboration, mutual assistance and mutual understanding.

Still, compliance does not mean uniformity, but rather supplementing and complementing – collaboration of all components that make up a whole!


The closest to the nature of compliance is collaboration.

Compliance – collaboration – that is love!

Wherever there is coercion, ordering, directing others – there is no collaboration – there is no compliance.

There is no compliance either wherever someone seeks applause, popularity and glory.

On the other hand, collaboration thrives in the quiet and humility, in careful care of everyone over everyone else.

Everyone sees the whole of the work that is being performed and participates in that whole – and at the same time is responsible for a certain part of that work.

In collaboration there is no place for favoritism.

There can also be no collaboration wherever people are fighting to get what is „mine”.

Collaboration means adapting oneself to others, rather than others to oneself – but not at the expense of oneself!

Collaboration is not an act of picking from the whole those elements which suit us and rejecting those which are inconvenient.

That law forces us to think and to take up work with an understanding, not because of subjection to others!

It is the compliance that guarantees harmonious collaboration of the smallest with the biggest.


  1. Law of TOLERANCE


This law says the only proper attitude towards another man is the attitude of non-judgemental acceptance.

Tolerance – it means accepting others just as they are, without judging them, without prejudice, without setting pre-conditions etc.

Inability to adopt that attitude is a serious obstacle for a proper, open contact with others.

However, this acceptance is not the same as approval! We cannot and should not approve of someone’s behavior if it is incompatible with VIP Laws.

Nonetheless, tolerance requires recognition of every man’s right to make the decisions about oneself – unless his actions threaten us or other people. It forbids people from striving to subordinate other persons in the name of those people or common „good”.

It requires an open and emotionless attitude – one that lets everyone accumulate their own experiences and suffer the consequences of their behavior and choices and then reach their own conclusions.


Tolerance means understanding and acceptance of the differences of another man.

The idea of tolerance is all too often mistaken for conformity, being too comfy, excessively safe, submissive – all that, which in fact is produced by fear.

Tolerance is not produced by fear, but rather by understanding that every man is a unique individuality, plays a completely different role and has another path of development.

Tolerance does not mean laxness for the mistakes of others. However, if we do not collaborate with other men and their mistakes do not affect us – then we shouldn’t be turning into executors – that is not our job!

Lack of tolerance also means that we are judging ourselves as being better than others.

Only a combination of tolerance, humility and care allows us to avoid pride, elevating oneself above others and the „sugary” goodness and desire to save others by force!

Focusing our attention on the whole means being able to leave one’s private sphere behind – only then we have an opportunity to see the usefulness of every man in every situation.

Then everyone who does evil becomes our educator and our teacher.


  1. Law of HUMILITY


Humility is the ability to incorporate in our consciousness events, issues, people, things – from every point of view and from every perspective.

Understanding humility means realizing that every man is different and that his way of life and work are different – his perception of every problem is also different.


An introduction to understanding humility is the understanding that we ourselves do not comprehend simultaneously all the details of an existing whole. Once we focus our attention on a single, partial problem – we narrow down and lose the whole from our field of vision. Therefore, the pre-condition for the understanding of humility and at the same time a manifestation of that humility, is the ability to admit the „limitedness” inside everyone of us accept it in a constructive manner.

In order to understand and show humility, we must also admit that despite differences between people in terms of their jobs and responsibility – everyone is essential for the performance of work as a whole – everyone to the extent of their abilities.

Humility means understanding that in this job no one is better or worse, bigger or smaller!

This understanding teaches and at the same time requires that everyone be humble with respect to oneself, with respect to others, with respect to work, plan, the whole!

Being humble – means seeing whole of oneself, instead of seeing oneself as a whole!

It means seeing oneself in the chain of those who are walking ahead of us and behind us!

It means accepting and realizing constantly the common link of all with all and the resulting harmony!


  1. Law of CARE


This Law states that every man developing and attempting to act according to VIP Laws, is safeguarded by an energetic care and enjoys protection of the Consciousness of those who are more developed. In turn, he himself takes care of and safeguards those who are less developed than himself.

Care – means providing conditions for the fullest type of growth.

Care means assistance in realizing all the necessary experiences, it means help in seeking and staying on the path that is the richest in study.

In our earthly practice care is mistaken by overprotection, removing obstacles, providing living conditions based on commonly adopted patterns, standards, beliefs, etc.

That is a serious mistake!

Care and assistance means allowing to make choices and the sequence of essential experiences! It does not mean removing all the obstacles and freeing man from work needed to overcome them.

Pushing man on pre-set paths also doesn’t qualify as assistance or care!

Meanwhile, our re-tuned earthly mentality pushes everyone towards a single path – regardless of the role to be played by that specific man and regardless of that, which he should learn while attending the Earthly School of VIP Laws – and that at a specific time.

We should understand that as soon as possible, especially parents, educators and the students of that school – meaning all of us!

The highest form of care is giving assistance in reaching a state where one’s wards can get by without one’s help – help them so they can help themselves!




Cause and its effect!

Action and its effect!

Experience and its result!

It is always the same chain of events following each other in a logical sequence.

The logic of that law is ruthless – but that is just how ruthless justice is – with no exceptions, no mercy, no forgiveness!

These truths are known to men, even though we fool ourselves that the indisputable logic of the consequences of our efforts will make an exception for us, sparing us.

Let us not forget – Cosmic VIP Laws enforce themselves!

This particular law says that regardless of what the man represents at any given moment, everything depends on him alone.

He’s got what he worked for!

Obviously this must be understood in a wider cosmic perspective of Time and Space – not in our current and limited earthly perspective!

That is why it makes no sense to blame the fate, curse God and other people for inequality and injustice.

It is the justice that „justifies” injustice!

Realization of one’s personal responsibility for one’s fate should release the man from the feeling of helplessness and fatalism – or the unjust and unexplainable positive turn of fate.

Therefore – understanding of the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT gives the man back the mastery over his life and can become an important factor that prompts him towards further development.

The fact remains that the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT has been re-tuned by the local piv in the earthly Time and Space – just as all the other VIP Laws.

However, that re-tuning doesn’t really change anything in the wider cosmic perspective. Everyone will still bear the consequences of their actions, even if their execution was postponed somewhat in the time and space.

The time of „consent” for such re-tuning is ending – that is why it makes no sense to have any doubts in the iron consequence of that and other VIP Laws. Especially, since its execution is being complemented and guaranteed by the next law, the Law of REFLECTION.


  1. Law of REFLECTION


In a way, this law is a forward-looking extension of the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

While the previous law explains the current state with the past efforts and decisions of the individual, the Law of REFLECTION says that everything we do, say and think – the energy we radiate into the Cosmos – comes back to us in the same form!

If we radiate low vibrations, we disturb the existence of others, we make them suffer – therefore we must experience the same.

If we follow VIP Laws and radiate vibrations that are increasingly higher in terms of quality – according to the Law of REFLECTION we also get back high-energy content reinforcement and support.

Justice and learning are only possible this way.




Non-interference means refraining from actions within the range of work performed by another man or a group of people, assuming we are not participating in that work.

Regardless of the opinion we have about a thing, a situation, a person or a group, if we are not asked for a justified assistance or judgement – we should retain it solely to ourselves.

Not just a direct action, but also a word or even a thought may constitute an interference with something or someone!

The Law of NON-INTERFERENCE also applies to interference with oneself.

Setting orders, restrictions, planning things in advance with respect to a specific situation, or a person means distorting the rhythm of one’s own work. These distortions are also caused by being judgemental of oneself – diminishing or inflating one’s significance.

Meanwhile, our whole earthly education, teaching, interpersonal relationships, are based on comparing, judging, imposing the patterns of physical and spiritual life.

Since our birth, or even before that, we interfere with ourselves and others and we ourselves are subject to external interference.

Those are merely the examples of re-tuning of that law in the earthly Time and Space.

True, that was almost mentioned in the previous chapter. However, because of the special significance of the principle of non-interference on the life of the Universe, it is worth repeating again, that the principle of non-interference is the basis for the compliance with other VIP Laws – since each law contains within the basic pattern of non-interference!

Which is why replacement of that pattern by the local piv with the base pattern of interference has opened the way for a complete manipulation of mankind!

Which is why only the return to the right pattern – the pattern of non-interference – will open the way to the achievement of eternal dreams of humanity about peace, development and lasting for eternity!

How will that happen – that is the subject of this book.

However, the answer to that question can be summarized in just a few words. They are:

Until now the humanity – and the local piv – were allowed to test „weaknesses” of the VIP Laws – now they will be „allowed” to test the strength of VIP Laws!

It must be noted clearly, that it is our Mind, whose role is truly enormous, is the main culprit responsible for our un-tuning and its consequences! It is our Mind that creates “adaptive patterns” which become energo-informational “channels” that are used both as the means of accessing and ensuring the flow of energy of life through our bodies and through our lives, which we experience in a tri-dimensional reality of time, space and adaptation!

„Adaptive patters” are simply the natural and acquired patterns of behavior and the accompanying physiological, psycho-sociological and accidental reactions and consequences.

Thus, the quality of our personal health and our life depends primarily on the quality of „adaptive patterns” created by our Mind and at the same time on the quality of “channels” used to direct the flow of the energy of life.

The flow of the powerful Energy of Life that is improper and not timed and directed properly (time and space) through those channels will merely lead to problems! They are the ones directly responsible for the “abundance” of health and successful life, as well as failures of personal health and failures in life. The closer these “adaptive patterns – channels” are, to the spiritual ideals set by VIP Laws, the healthier and happier our life will be (and vice versa). It must be added however, that it will be healthier and happier in the true meaning of these words!

In a situation of rising „pressure” by the VIP Laws, „channels” which are build improperly and at an inappropriate time lead to total disasters. Of course this applies both to the structure of the human body and to the structure of life of each individual man.

It also applies to the structure of a larger body that is– „the collective man”-mankind and the methods and entities which the local piv uses, to a large extent to „organize” that body.

In practice this applies to human pairs, friendships, families and family clans, social and professional groups, interest groups, corporations, organizations, parties and up to states and international alliances, etc. Everything in those methods and entities that organize „the collective man”-mankind, which is not compatible with the spirit of VIP Laws, will disintegrate or will transform itself under the rising “pressure” of VIP Laws. This will be particularly visible and obvious in the case of structures and relationships based on interference. This process has already started and no one will be able to stop it.

As will turn out later, associations between climatic and weather-related disasters and the state of tuning-untuning at a specific time and place (time and space) of large groups of people living there, something that was already mentioned earlier metaphorically, is fully and literally justified, since these phenomena and dependencies are all part of a relationship governed by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.

The fact that life and space are the primary dimensions of our life, is obvious. People even say that successful life means “being in the right place at the right time”!

Nonetheless, I would like to explain why is it that adaptation is the third dimension of our reality, after time and space? Mainly because it is the state of adaptation that determines our ability to bear existing conditions, whatever they may be! Adaptation defined in this manner is the basic prerequisite for our participation in the School of Universal VIP Laws that is now the planet Earth. Its quality determines the duration of this participation and therefore the duration of our current, human life!

Modern Biological Medicine which I have created also defines life as one big adaptive process, while aging and illnesses are the price of less than optimum adaptation. Hence effective treatment of various illnesses, slowing down of the aging process and extending one’s life are achieved specifically by optimizing the adaptive abilities of man and his body. This mechanism is also the basis of the Technologies of Resonance Conditions Promoting Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDL VIP, – or in short – TD VIP)!

It is quite obvious that tuning also incorporates the phenomenon of adaptation. Nonetheless, in order to focus our attention to the significance of adaptation, basic TD VIP unit has been called Modulation of Adaptation and Dostroyenie (MAaD).

Just to be completely clear we must add that this refers to adaptation compliant with the Laws of Cosmic VIP, i.e. VIP-Adaptation and not adaptation compliant with „laws” of the local piv, or piv-adaptation.

Unfortunately there are quite of few examples of the latter – adaptation of a sell-out, short-term, demoralizing and debasing man’s dignity, both in the history of mankind and in the life of contemporary societies. This type of adaptation is a „trap” for man! It is a false adaptation that has never brought, does not and will never bring true health and happiness to anyone! It is an adaptation without future!

In order to clear any doubts, it must be emphasized once again that adaptation and tuning to the Laws of Cosmic VIP is the sole and only one that has a future!

Local piv also has no other choice – either it will tune to the Laws of Cosmic VIP or it will disappear, unfortunately together with its „victims”!

        Since proper understanding of adaptation is extremely important, not just for the Earth but for all of Universe, let us summarize its nature in a few words:

Since man is also, if not primarily a spiritual being, his true adaptation (VIP-Adaptation) should take into account, equally and to the same extent, the prevailing conditions and needs (necessities) of true growth.

Each Time and Space (including the earthly one) has its own unique „variant” of VIP-Adaptation. It is determined by two main factors. The first one – uniqueness of conditions of each Time and Space. The second is a „vector of the need of development” which is „preset” in advance for each Time and Space by the VIP Laws. In this context, false adaptation (piv-adaptation) is one that omits the need (the necessity) for true growth at the expense of conditions. That is what usually happened in the human history. All the problems were explained away by conditions – everything done was being guided solely by conditions. That continues even now. As mankind’s history shows, unfulfilled needs for true growth accumulate and become insurmountable problems.

This occurs even when the people are not fully conscious of those true needs. They nonetheless remain in the human subconsciousness and in the superconsciousness. The “vector of the need of development”, which is present in the form of energy always and everywhere, is also “demanding” their fulfillment.

This happens because the needs are an objective structure, while conditions are a subjective one!

Unfortunately, local piv has once again shown its disgraceful „mastery”. Organization of human societies and communities formed under his strong influence are lacking just means to satisfy objective needs of the vast majority of people living on Earth. Objective needs are, in other words, the true needs, the needs essential for the achievement of dignified life and a real growth. It must also be emphasized very clearly that objective human needs extend not just to spiritual values – which is what all religions have tried to tell all the poor people. It is becoming clear then, who inspired them to act in this manner!

The truth is, that every man has objective material and psychological needs that should be satisfied. It must also be noted that these objective needs are not at all so minor, they correspond – they match the potential richness existing on earth and are adequate to being a human being!

What is important is that objective needs have their own „layered” hierarchy.

The first layer, or the first floor is the body and its needs and the entire resulting sphere of material needs. Without building a proper floor and satisfying this basic need, upper floors cannot be build properly and they certainly cannot develop properly! What it means is that only optimum satisfaction of those physical, material needs is able to stimulate the appearance of true psychological needs, the next floor of needs. In turn, satisfaction of those needs can release the appearance of true spiritual needs.

It is the deep understanding of this „physiological” hierarchical nature of the development of needs that is the basis for the foundation of Earthly School of VIP Laws.

It is because the Earth was and continues to possess all the conditions to satisfy all the objective material and psychological needs of every man and this way „encourages” him for the development of another, final floor – the spiritual floor!

That truth about „physiological” hierarchical nature of the development of human needs is confirmed by the history of mankind, although piv interpreters of human history will „not notice that”. And if they do – they do not reach objective conclusions.

Meanwhile that history shows that a man who is materially poor, but at the same time remains truly spiritual and religious is an exceptional phenomenon – possible only if he possesses exceptional intelligence.

Why is that?

Primarily because a man who is materially poor retains the hope for material riches – that is normal and natural! That is the physiology of human needs. And the psychological and spiritual problem is that a poor man really doesn’t know what material riches are – so he cannot be frustrated by them, cannot know if they are in reality empty and fail to provide true happiness and fulfillment.

In light of this „physiology of the hierarchical nature of the development of needs”, he cannot move on to build the next „floor”, which is the appearance and satisfaction of true psychological needs – and then spiritual needs. Hence the religiosity of poor people, the synonym of “cheap” spirituality, is most often a pseudo-religiosity – the result of a situation with “no exit”, the result of artificial reconciliation with unjust reality and the inability to satisfy their objective material and psychological needs.

Unfortunately, the local piv also knows the truth about the „physiological” hierarchical nature of the development of needs and the ultimate consequences of their fulfillment. That is why his activities in this field have led to an accumulation of enormous material wealth – which, from the point of view of objective human needs, are able to objectively satisfy the needs of all the people on Earth – in the hands of a very tiny group of people. That situation and that group of people (with very few exceptions) not only resembles a cancer in man’s body. According to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena it is a true malignant tumor in the collective body of humanity!

Why is this assessment so severe?

According to this philosophy and the „physiology of the hierarchical nature of the development of needs” and the natural consequences of their fulfillment – people who are really materially rich on Earth should be the true leaders of spiritual growth and true religiosity.

Is that the case?

If t is not so, it is a true cosmic crime and at the same time a real crime against humanity!

It is also an incurable psychiatric and spiritual oncology.

Meanwhile, it turns out that the nature of the properly understood wealth is found within the origins of the Slavic word that denotes this state.

Material riches accompanied by true religiosity – or BOGActwo (richness in god) – that is the sole criterium of wealth that will survive the „pressure test” by the VIP Laws!

The test has already started!

In conclusion: If a man is materially poor and is not truly religious – we can forgive him that. If a man is materially rich and not truly religious – that is unforgivable!

These truth seem to be confirmed by the fact that „creators” of all great religions were either people who were very rich, or very intelligent.

These thoughts are obviously thoughts about how our true adaptation, or VIP-Adaptation should look like. However, since these examples are rare, we must learn it by analyzing the impact of pathological, false adaptation (piv-adaptation)  – according to the well-known maxim – „darkness defines light and evil defines good”.

In a way, true adaptation can be thought of as being the same as the properly understood evolution. However, the problem is (and it is not a small problem), that traditionally understood evolution is a „constantly perfecting adaptation to existing conditions”.

This approach would even appear right – but only with respect to lower forms of life on this Planet. Alas! Due to the inspiration of the local piv, this approach was also „extended” to man. As it is, this approach is extremely unjust and therefore very harmful when applied to man and his true evolution!

The man, after all is a biological and spiritual being!

Therefore, in order to avoid harmful misunderstandings and misinterpretations, the truth about the true evolution of man was encoded in words „Adaptation and Dostroyenie to VIP Laws”. These words accurately and unequivocally stress and express by themselves the two main and equal vectors of true cosmic evolution of man – adaptation to conditions of earthly Time and Space and the „need of development”, compatible with the spirit of VIP Laws!

Let us go back then to the philosophy and physiology of the positive, true adaptation, or VIP-Adaptation.

Moreover, it must be said that from the point of view of the Philosophy of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws, the most important component of our adaptation and indeed its basic element, is patience. It even appears that patience in itself is a „subdimension” of our earthly reality. No surprise here – philosophically speaking, often you need a lot of patience to bear the earthly reality. This truth seems to be confirmed by old Methuselah – all of them are exceptionally patient.

That is why conscious attempts to perfect this feature remain a critical part of optimization and tuning.

We have many opportunities to perfect our patience in our existing earthly environment, since this quality manifests itself in virtually everything we do, and in every attitude we adopt and show, both with respect to ourselves, and with respect to others.

However, despite what you might expect, patience is an active force. No wonder though! It is one of the Features of the Energy of Life that infuses the Time and Space. Manifestation – according to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena –  of patience optimizes the “flow” of such energy through our body and through our life.

Please remember, however, that showing patience also has its limits, including those set by the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE!

To some extent this also applies to the manifestation of other spiritual personality features. „The Golden Rule” to the demonstration of proper spiritual attitude in life is expressed by Biblical advice to show peace.

The advice is as follows: (Romans 12:18)

  „If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone”         

Also important for our considerations is the fact that human adaptation is tied to concepts such as: motivations, goals, intentions, desires, ideals etc. These concepts are the main attributes of the Mind, which uses them to create its own “adaptive patterns-channels”, the direct cause of our health problems, our fate and our successes.

It is worth, then, to learn about the “technology” of the way human Mind works.



For scientific clarity it must be noted that when speaking about adaptation as the third dimension of our reality, we are referring to the synthesis of human experience and the corresponding point of view, rather than the point of view of physics as a science.

On the other hand, identifying the third dimension with adaptation should help scientists – including physicists – to define appropriate priorities in scientific research studies, something which, judging by the tragic effects of the use of many discoveries – is clearly missing in science!

An excellent example that helps us understand the mechanism which constantly and consistently enforces the health and fate-related consequences created by the “adaptive patterns-channels”, is the mechanism of projection.

According to that mechanism, “patterns-channels” created by the Mind represent slides, transparences. The role of light passing through them is played by the energy of life that comes from energy-filled Time and Space and flows through our internal spirit, coming from the same SOURCE, as the Spirit (Force of Life) of the Time and Space.

The flow of that energy is initiated and directed by desires, goals, or certain ideals. However, the precise path of that flow is set by “patterns-channels” created by the Mind. Passage of this energy through „patterns” – slides produces a closer projection that manifests itself as physiological reactions within the body and as augmented projection manifesting itself as evens and accidents.

It is worth noting here that the existence of dreams and visions is also caused by a similar mechanism. In their case, the energy passes through “patterns”-slides of processes that occur within the human body and manifests itself as augmented projection, seen by the man as an external phenomenon. Some well-known visions may have been the result of such projection of dostroyenie processes that occurred within the bodies of certain special people. That is why recalling them using the force of Mind’s imagination may lead to the release of corresponding dostroyenie reactions within the body, which may have both a healing effect and one that makes the body a more perfect instrument of dostroyenie. In any case, that was and remains the purpose of the human body. This mechanism is also an important factor behind the statement that „the body is a temple”. Wee will expand further on this topic later on.

The projection mechanism is also the cause of the frequently observed situations in which house animals acquire character traits of their owner or guardian!

In conclusion, we can say that it is the Mind that is the creator of our body, our health and our fate, since it creates „patterns” that serve as an intermediary between hidden spiritual reality of life and its above-ground projection in the physical sphere.

Thus, the Mind, an intermediary, participates in this process both in the physical and in spiritual sphere. The end result is that with our Mind we create what we are and what we are currently experiencing. And this occurs according to the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT. It is our Minds that create our bodies and future experiences, including those that go far beyond our existing three-dimensional reality.  And that, in turn, occurs according to the Law of REFLECTION, which serves, in a way, as an extension of the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT into the future.

But are we really happy with what we have created? What guarantees we have that we will be happy in the future with things created today? Why is there so much disharmony in our bodies and in our lives? Why is there so much evil?

In fact, these are all consequences of the fact that despite the high level of un-tuning with respect to VIP Laws, we still have access to the Energy of Life – the Spirit – the Sole Living Force that infuses the Time and Space. We also still have our Minds, with which we create things and whose power seems to have no boundaries. And we also still have our will, with which we make choices about what to create and how to do it!

Existence of evil is in no way part of the nature of the Energy of Life, or its external manifestations, instead, it is caused by the improper use of our spirit, motivations that are full of pride and wrong choices. Each disharmony which we experience is merely the consequence of choices we ourselves have made, according to the Law of CAUSE AND EFFECT.

What, then, is the key to the solution of man’s problems? It is the quality of our motivations!

In turn, our motivations consist of a whole package of different concepts, such as: intentions, encouragements, desires, goals, aspirations, ideals, etc. Indeed, it means that motivations, their strength and quality are the one thing that counts the most in life. And that, in fact, is how it is! The problem is that when we think about motivations, we usually think about more personal successes and benefits, rather than some kind of flow and expression of our Sole Force of Life and our dostroyenie, or tuning with it! That, unfortunately, is our main problem! And at the same time it is the most critical problem, one of choosing life over death! There are no other alternatives!

Meanwhile, the Energy of Life, the Spirit, the Sole Force of Life, are characterized, as we already know, by LOVE and Wisdom and Intelligence (which are also part of a complete set of Features of Universal Cosmic Personality,

Whether we like it or not, we are anatomically and physiologically programmed to serve as channels for the flow of the Sole Force of Life. All deviations from the execution of that program produce our diseases and our life problems.

Since the Mind is one that creates “channels for the flow of Energy of Life, it would be preferable if, during the creation process, it followed the original pattern of that energy. The problem is that it can only be the pattern of LOVE.

All other „patterns – channels” are deficient one way or another, with the attendant consequences – “floods”, “drought” or other “curses of abundance” in the field of our personal health and our life!

Consequently, it seems there is no other way for the Mind than to set a spiritual ideal-pattern, an example that would serve as motivational standard for the assessment of selection of our goals and the way we go towards achieving them. In turn, this spiritual ideal is the guiding force for our primary attitude we should maintain, regardless of various factors and influences. The next step is to force the Mind to consider that ideal and the attitude that arises from it, using the power of our imagination. Attitudes are the main factor that affects our behavior and our decisions! That is why adopting the right attitude is both important and pragmatic.

There is more!

The psychology of attitudes also has its physiological imperative. You see, when the Mind is considering a specific attitude, the physiology of our body “follows” the images it creates. In particular, they stimulate specific reactions of internal secretory glands, which in turn evoke emotional patterns within These, in turn, come from our previous individual and family experiences. However, when the expression of these patterns is incompatible with VIP standards of perfection (the pattern of LOVE), problems invariably appear in our life and illnesses in our body.

            It is the internal secretory organs that serve as the contact point between the Sole Force of Life and the human body.

Nonetheless, it must be noted clearly that in a wider perspective, it is the spine that determines resonance conditions for this contact. The density of nerve endings around the glands depends directly on the state of the spine, although it is guided by the principles set by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.

It is the internal secretion glands, in addition to the spine, the bodily „common denominator” of all bodies, that are the bodily equivalent of the spiritual body. These glands are the centers that convert the Sole Force of Life into physical awareness and external manifestation. In turn, the functioning of these centers depends primarily on the quality of motivation or ideal chosen and considered using the Mind’s force of imagination.


To summarize, it means that when the previously accepted example-ideal is awakened by the force of Mind’s imagination, the Energy of Life will start flowing through it, transforming, appropriately for that pattern, both our body and our life. This occurs in particular through the assistance of these glands-centers.

Partly, this assistance is expressed through and consists of the production of hormones by these glands – hormones that are the biochemical messengers, and their transmission directly through blood. That is why, and presumably mainly in connection with that feature, that there are also other, alternative names of this system, such as the hormonal system, endocrine system, etc. Nonetheless, these names merely emphasize the sole and exclusive biochemical role of that system – according to an obsolete biochemical paradigm, no less.

Meanwhile, according to a new paradigm, the glands of that system are an area of “anchoring” of the spiritual body within the physical body.

For clarity’s sake it should be added that the best known and most important internal secretion glands are the  hypophysis, pineal gland, thyroid (and parathyroid), thymus, pancreas, adrenals, sexual organs – there are seven main ones in total!

Contemporary endocrinology already knows a lot about biochemical secretions from these glands – hormones. But it knows precious little about their spiritual role! That is why it is worth pointing out to scientists what the Bible says about this – perhaps it would finally let science go beyond the limits of biochemical paradigm which restricts its further growth?!

            The Bible seems to indicate that the “seven seals” found in the Book of Life and described in the Book of Revelation may symbolize the degree of distance separating us from the incredible potential of seven most important internal secretory glands that function as spiritual centers. As spiritual centers, these glands may serve as memory storage of our previous individual history. Since they also seem to store “karmic” memory, they will be sealed until we find the right spiritual way that will prepare us for the opening of those glands, thus unlocking access to our huge potential. The fact that no one, except Christ, is worthy enough to break those “seals” shows that His person and His attitude are the optimum and safest spiritual ideal for every man.

I realize that it is extremely difficult to adopt an attitude which originates from the ideal of LOVE, particularly in our times of self-confidence, individualism, law and freedom. However, we are cheating ourselves by believing there is another way!

We must not be afraid of losing our individuality! Holding the same ideal doesn’t mean we have to have the same ideas or concepts. In fact that would be undesirable. The existence of real individualities enriches us, because it encourages us to share the common ideal. Also, if someone thinks that adopting the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality leads to the loss of one’s individuality, well – the opposite is true. The more someone gives his personality, even losing himself in the whole, the greater individuality he achieves!

But how to reconcile the proposal to accept the attitude of Biblical Jesus Christ as a spiritual ideal for all with the essential scientific dualism and skepticism? That attitude, after all, is required from a scientist. Here is a consensus:

Scientifically and historically, physical existence of that figure is an indisputable historical fact, although there are many who still doubt that fact. However, existence of a behavioral example that is Jesus Christ is already an objective scientific fact! It is sufficiently real not just in the Bible, but also in mass consciousness and unconsciousness. From the point of view of spiritual psychology, Jesus’ attitude represents the most perfect recorded example of LOVE known in our three-dimensional reality. That is why deliberations about this example using the force of Mind’s imagination bears no risk whatsoever and can be recommended to every thinking man, regardless of his cultural roots.

There is more! This pattern was recorded in details – in the clear, untampered form – in the earthly Time and Space, which registers and stores within – like a chronicle – the history of our Planet and all the events. And each man has access to that chronicle – one only has to tune one’s vibration to the information he seeks!

But that is not all! This pattern also exists in the subconsciousness of every person, since subconscious minds of all the people of Earth are mutually tied to each other – they are also tied to the chronicle of earthly Time and Space in which this pattern was inscribed.

This way, the pattern has been „imprinted” into every human being. But it is still waiting to be awakened!


Whether we like it or not, Jesus Christ is a standard, the criterion, the benchmark to which we should all learn to compare ourselves! It is also the pattern of perfect tuning of man to VIP Laws.


In any case, the existence of such pattern means we have certain obligations, especially since without it, humankind’s position would be – according to the just Cosmic Law – completely hopeless! Without it we would have no chances whatsoever of finding the way to our true cosmic evolution – sharing the fate of evolutionary waste, which is to say, suffer further degeneration and ultimately death!

That hopelessness – and at the same time opportunity – is and will be increasingly apparent, especially now – in the process of passage of our Universe (including of course the Earth) to the Anti-Material Hemisphere of the Universe, dominated by the laws of energy, rather than laws of matter to which we have grown accustomed so much. Under these conditions, possession of that pattern and awakening it, appear to be the sole chance of survival. And what would happen if that pattern didn’t exist and wasn’t “imprinted” within us?!

It must be noted that the above explanation has a purely scientific dimension and nature. It has nothing to do with religious demagoguery. That is simply the physics of the Cosmic Laws – these are the laws of Cosmic Psychology!


As you can see, the role of the human Mind is indeed enormous!  However, this enormous potential utilized in an improper manner by creating „adaptive patterns-channels” which are not synchronized with VIP Laws, is the main cause of every human disaster!!!


To that all we must add, that the mind must not be treated as being the same as intellect, or a conscious mind! The Mind is a process in which two levels of our consciousness participate above all: sub-consciousness and consciousness. Super-consciousness turns on only when encouraged to do so by a conscious mind, according to the rule of non-interference.

However, since a conscious mind does not know what is best for us, it should not be attempting to “block” super-consciousness that tries to speak up, if only as that… quiet and calm voice of conscience. On the contrary, it should encourage super-consciousness to freely express its lofty ideas produced by its closeness to VIP and its Laws. That is why it is extremely dangerous for the man to use Mind programming techniques for purposes that haven’t been “pre-approved” by our super-consciousness!

It is not surprising then, that the local piv is “organizing” many such courses. It is common knowledge anyway, that things about which we think intensely, do happen. These efforts can actually lead to “successes” in selected fields of life, but only and exclusively at the expense of failures and disasters elsewhere! That’s not what successful, or truly tuned life is all about! For that reason we should pay strong attention to control of our minds and master them. That is also why one of nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality is the “MASTERY OVER ONESELF. It applies not merely to control over our actions, but also over our desires and thoughts which precede these actions.


The human mind is undoubtedly the greatest capital of man and at the same time his greatest obstacle, particularly when he himself is not aware of how powerful that mind is. But just possessing it means that we must accept full responsibility for the results of its activities!!!



Since in this chapter, for the first time in this publication, the expression „internal spirit” has appeared, referring to the human spirit – let us try to define that phenomenon using the assistance of scientific earthly language.

You see, the human spirit – is a vessel containing basic frequencies of the Universe spun off for independent existence – it is an individual possessing a whole range of energetic opportunities of the Universe – it is the most universal, in terms of energy, tool available to man!

A careful Reader has certainly noticed that thus, another being referred to as the „spirit” has appeared. Obviously this is the result of the fact, that our current earthly languages have limited potential to express spiritual phenomena.

I am hoping, however, that our Readers will „read” from the context – where, and what spirit we are talking about here?!


And one more note!  

In these chapters we have deliberately written the word Mind in capital letters, mainly in order to attract the Reader’s attention to the true significance of this phenomenon and process called the Mind.

It turns out that in the search of a consensus regarding the universal spiritual ideal, we can be assisted by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena. According to that law, words can be a spiritual ideal too. Nonetheless, those words should be ones, that when we think about them using the power of imagination of our Mind, they should provoke tuning reactions in our physical, mental and spiritual body. They should be used so as to provoke and strengthen the flow of the Sole Force of Life through our being and through our life!

Undoubtedly the words „VIP DOSTROYENIE” are those words. Those words contain the entire synthesis and the message of Life! Thus, they fulfill all the conditions needed to play that role!

„VIP DOSTROYENIE” is a non-dogmatic mental form through which it is possible to connect the Infinity and finite – Higher VIP HIERARCHIES and the man. With the provision that the quality and scope of that interconnection depends solely on the purity of our intentions – therefore it depends solely on ourselves, the people!


Let then, the sound, sight or imagination of the words VIP DOSTROYENIE provoke the force of imagination of every Mind to release optimum tuning reactions at all three levels of the human being!!!

Let „VIP DOSTROYENIE” become the new greeting for the New Humanity!

Let us greet with It!

Let us salute It!

Let us use Its vibrations to resolve our problems and make the decisions!


Without exception all those who have learned and use that „secret” are acknowledging the great power, protection and creativity of those words through their life and experience!


Saying them in our mind and even more so out loud, produces resonance conditions that were previously inaccessible to people in the field in which they can solve their life problems, make and sustain necessary acquaintances, form productive relationships and friendships, establish collaborative relationships – in order words, create ORDER, or LAD in their individual time and space.

Let us not keep that „secret” merely to ourselves! Let us share it with everyone!

Thanks to it, true friendships will strengthen and existing enemies will turn friendly or neutral.

There is no secret in that „secret”, no hidden subtext – it is the pure transcendence of the existence!

„VIP DOSTROYENIE” – is a true gift for the humanity. Let us appreciate It!

It is obvious and understandable that everyone will try to speak these words translated in their mother tongue. It is only right and natural, as thanks to the cosmic law of resonance of parallel phenomena, these words retain their „effect” in every language.

However, they only retain their full resonance-based richness in Slavic languages. That is why it would be best if every person on Earth was able to say them in their original Slavic pronunciation – VIP DOSTROYENIE!

However, in order to make sure they are compatible with the Slavic pronunciation, in foreign languages we must write them as follows: VIP DOSTROYENIE!



In the cosmic rhythms of Time there exist, as already mentioned and noticed by contemporary science, certain patterns relating to the appearance on Earth of epidemics and pandemics. These are, as we already know, the periods of tests and exams regarding the state of our tuning to the Cosmic Laws. According to these patterns, we are about to face a new epidemic, or rather pandemic outbreak. Everything also points out to bird’s flue syndrome and its „animalistic” variants, the results of „resonance-based interactions” between bird’s flue virus and flue viruses, for which the „victim-nourishment” are other animal environments untuned mainly by human projections, such as for example pigs, livestock, etc.

Let us digress once more before we move on to bird’s flue virus. This time we will discuss viruses, since bird’s flue syndrome is “provoked” by viruses.

What are viruses? Why are they still so controversial? Are they “things” or “beings”? They are both! They are one and the other! How can that be? Why is it that science still cannot fully comprehend their nature and their “lifestyle”?

Above all, it is because contemporary virology and microbiology place the main emphasis on viruses or bacteria, which they consider to be the real and most critical perpetrators of numerous illnesses. Meanwhile, already in the past certain microbiologists have stated that “the microbe is nothing, merely a nourishment”. Their observations were and remain compatible with the real biology, understood as the science about organization of life. According to this science, micro-organisms have their permanent place in the life of Nature, since life itself is not sterile! Life is a symbiosis! It is the violation of that symbiosis that causes all irregularities in the relations between micro and macro-organisms.

It is worth adding here that biology defined this way forms the basis of Modern Biological Medicine, both its name and its philosophy and practice. The latter, practice, has confirmed with its effectiveness both the truthfulness of that “biological” interpretation of life and the human body and the correctness of assumptions behind biological medicine. We have mentioned that already at the beginning of our publication, while explaining the impact of TD VIP on infections, tested in practice, including of course its effect on viral infections!

We must admit, however, that viruses are something special in the world of micro-organisms, and so is the message of their existence!

They are an “instrument” that is synchronized with VIP and Its Laws in the most direct manner. That is why they serve as regulators in the living Nature and at the same time act as ruthless executors against those who break VIP Laws. Hence the source of their incredible and until now unexplained ability for modification and transformation. Hence the source of their “intelligence”! Whenever people discover some new method to limit the expansion of a certain type of virus, they quickly transform themselves into yet another, even more sophisticated form. That is why attempts to produce „in time” an effective vaccine against viruses are doomed from the very beginning!

Don’t scientists understand that? Or rather, is their „persistence” in the hopeless search for vaccines against viruses driven by something else?!

Viruses are the oldest inhabitants of our Planet. They have lived here for so long, because they “don’t rebel” against VIP Laws, but instead obey them utterly. Either way, they are practically indestructible. In a way, they are a proof that the secret of long, or even eternal life lies in tuning to VIP Laws!

There is scientific evidence showing that viruses constitute approximately 10 percent of the human body! This fact provokes general consternation and constitutes a major interpretative problem for scientists. On the contrary, it should be treated as an opportunity for man and a guideline for the scientists! That opportunity is due to the nature of life synchronized with VIP Laws, for which the viruses serve as “messengers” and “intermediaries” between those Laws, man and Nature. After all, it means that at least 10 percent of each of us is constantly synchronized with VIP Laws and with their Intelligence. Let us use this opportunity! Especially since according to some scientific reports, very often people who are geniuses are also “victims” of some chronic viral infection. Consequently, many great discoveries appear to be the “result” of such viral infection!

And that is not all! Here is what we are able to learn about viruses thanks to the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena applied in parallel with VIP energo-geometry and human anatomy. It must be added that VIP energo-geometry represents part of the physical aspects of VIP Laws.

But why would we have to seek such advanced methods? Mainly because viruses are a very difficult research subjects, and not just because of their microscopic size. However, thanks to our method, which incidentally is compatible with the principle of hermetism: “what is up is like what is down and what is down is like what is up”, we are able to learn about viruses something that cannot be fathomed using even the most sophisticated research equipment.

It is common knowledge that these viruses are “fulfilling themselves”, or “feeding themselves” on the DNA of their “victims”. At the same time, DNA spirals serve as micro-antennas tuned to Time and Space! Among other things that is due to the fact that DNA spirals are build according to the laws of VIP energo-geometry. Thanks to that design they always remain in resonance with VIP and their Laws!

In the following part of this publication the Reader will learn that there also exists a macro-antenna tuned to Time and Space. In the case of man, this role is played by the spinal cord!

What do micro-antennas-the DNA have in common with macro-antenna-the spine? Quite a lot! One and the other are designed according to the laws of VIP energo-geometry. Because of that design they are constantly synchronized not just with VIP, but also with each other! That is also due to the fact that original untuning of the macro-antenna-the spine, leads to simultaneous, corresponding untuning of the system of micro-antennas-the DNA, and vice-versa!

There is a chance, then that the growing understanding, not just of the anatomy and physiology, but the “philosophy” of the spinal cord, an organ that we will discuss later in more detail, one which is particularly accessible for testing, will shed new light on the DNA and indirectly on viruses which “feed” on untuned DNA of their “victims”.

At this point, in order to inspire the Reader to continue reading this report, we would like to      pose an interesting thesis concerning the behavior of viruses, one that we will confirm in the course of subsequent considerations. Actually, according to that thesis, there are two principal variants-directions of activities of viruses with respect to DNA of their potential victims. They include:

According to the first variant, viruses can launch a “pathological” invasion only against an un-tuned system of their “victim’s” micro-antenna, or the DNA. That previous un-tuning of micro-antennas is, according to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena – the consequence of corresponding un-tuning of the macro-antenna, or the spine. On the other hand, untuning of the spine is, according to the same law, a direct consequence of the violation of VIP Laws! It is also very likely that untuning of the system of micro-antenna, the DNA – occurs to some degree in parallel and simultaneously with the untuning of macro-antenna, or the spine, and is also a direct consequence of the violation of VIP Laws. That would lead us to the conclusion that viruses constitute a complementary system which helps enforce VIP Laws!

According to the second variant, viruses are able to tune back the system of micro-antenna, the DNA of an untuned human body once that body manages to tune spiritually to VIP Laws. Therefore, viruses can also serve as our allies! Quite possibly, that is also partially the secret behind the many “miraculous” cures and discoveries by geniuses that were mentioned earlier. Let’s do everything, then, to make sure that “our” viruses are “employed” only and exclusively for the second variant! Let’s do everything to give “our”, and not just our viruses, an opportunity to infect us with the “disease of a genius” instead of bird flue syndrome or other plagues!


Unfortunately, it must be added that the word of viruses is not immune to violations and manipulation by the local piv, which attempts to avoid subordination to the Laws of Cosmic VIP and tries to neutralize “just and intelligent” actions of the viruses, or tries to use them for its own, low purposes. But that only leads to even greater and more unpredictable problems!

Let us get back to the issue of bird flue syndrome. Scientists who deal with it, claim that hundreds of millions of people may fall victim to bird flue virus pandemic that is threatening mankind! Thus, they also show there has never been a pandemic threat such as this one in the recorded history of mankind. Can we somehow explain that in a logical manner? “Unfortunately” yes!

Numerous data shows that 2012 marks the end of the 26 000-year Great Cosmic Cycle. Some say that according to this cycle, every 26 000 years, the Earth and its inhabitants undergo a comprehensive test of the quality of their tuning to VIP Laws. At this point it is worth adding that the number 26 and its decimal multiple, resemble a galactic constant of real Time.

It is true that for people who think, their own observations should be more credible than following „hypothetical” dates. Still, some dates just cannot be ignored!

This is starting to took ever more serious. Let us not ignore the message that is already being signaled in some places by the bird’s flue virus which, together with its animal variants, may become one of “executors” of the rapidly approaching test!

Let us now deal with the specifics. Let’s prepare to consider the issue of bird flue virus from a position based on the spine of a BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN that, as we already know, is the result of a scientific synthesis of three main levels of a human being, i.e. spiritual, mental and physical. As we also already know, the main area of coordination and synchronization of these three levels is the spine, which also plays the role of man’s macro-antenna aimed at Time and Space. The fact that the spinal cord is very easily accessible, for both manual and for instrumental testing indicates its anatomical destiny, including its purpose in the fulfillment of special diagnostic role!

Thanks to the existence of BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN, we are able to examine and check people from the position of VIP Laws. This gives us previously unknown possibilities to make an objective assessment of individual people’s life problems and their health, since the initial and principal cause of their individual problems is the un-tuning of human personality with respect to the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, which is the same, as being untuned with respect to VIP Laws. And this untuning manifests itself correspondingly with the untuning of our main antenna, the spine. That is the Law!

It means that by examining the spine, it is possible to evaluate both the spiritual and physical untuning of man. Interestingly, the latter (physical) was previously only known to very few medics, even though it is based directly on anatomy and physiology of the human body. Way back in time Hippocrates was giving the following advice to medics: “if you are looking for a disease, start with the spine”. Which means that people have known a long time ago, that every illness is accompanied by the untuning of the spine! In our terminology we will refer to “units” of untuning as blockades.


         I can confirm the existence of the dependencies between the body and the spine based on my years of manual and medical practice. As it happens, I have plenty of experience in the application of manual therapy of the spine in the treatment of internal aliments, as well as homeopathy. This experience is backed both by the number of years of intense practice in this field and by the number of patients I have treated.

Based on that experience, I can say that in the case of serious illnesses, manual therapy of the spine alone, without saturating the sick organism with appropriate vibrations, has merely a secondary purpose!

Without that saturation of the sick organism with appropriate vibrations, it will be impossible for it to recover and maintain good health, or achieve and maintain tuned state of its spine, which determines and reflects the state of personal health. Without the support of appropriate vibrations, manual therapy alone becomes a true „Sisyphean task”. On the other hand, appropriate vibrations are able to tune the body and its spine without manual intervention, but the effects are quicker if the two are applied simultaneously.

That much was already known to the ancient Slavs, whose medicine was based on manual therapy of the spine, applied, however, together with properly selected vibrations generated mainly by instruments called barabans. These vibrations, in turn, were “introduced” into patient’s body using wooden structures that were synchronized with barabans. The patients were placed on these structures. That is how dostroyenie … was achieved back then. Indeed, it would be difficult to find a better word to describe this procedure!

And no wonder!

Ancient Slavs who lived in Central and Eastern Europe were the “people of the Word”, who, for several thousand years of their history bore the “living Slowo – Word”, the spirit of VIP Laws! They did this by following a lifestyle that was compatible with VIP Laws and not by writing books, that were usually “dead” anyway. They fulfilled their cosmic role without publicity, but effectively. After all, it doesn’t matter that few people know that practices which are held in such high esteem in many countries today – chiropractics and osteopathy, have Slavic roots. What is important is that they exist!

Another notable fact is that the Philosophy and Technology Dostroyenie to VIP Laws were born and gained strength in the now Polish and previously ancient Slavic land inhabited by the p-Russian tribe of SASines!  Nonetheless, they are a product of multi-level synthesis of the main messages of many ancient cultures, particularly the Chinese, Slavic, Hebrew, Hindu, Arab, South-American etc.

Thanks to this general human heritage, contemporary mankind and its medicine have finally received an opportunity to hear and understand the following principle:


Successful healing requires VIP DOSTROYENIE, a process defined as the synthesis of coherent efforts that tune together physical and mental levels with the spiritual level, which has direct access to the Cosmic VIP.


However, let us go back to the spine, whose relationship with the physical level of health was already known in the ancient world. What about the relationship between the spine and the other two levels of the human being, i.e. mental and spiritual levels? It turns out that few people even thought they existed. Even fewer people expected that “through” the spine they would be able to assess the state of these levels! Still, the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN lets that happen!

What does that mean?

It means that with the use of that model it is possible to predict which blockades in the spine will be caused by the violation of specific aspects of universal spiritual standards, defined as the Features of the Universal Cosmic Personality. It also means that the reverse is possible, meaning that it is possible to determine the degree of spiritual untuning of the individual with respect to those specific Features, based on the assessment of that person’s spine!

In summary, it means that the physical state of the human spine reflects that person’s “spiritual spine” and vice versa! That is the law!

In this context, the state of the physical level of health, as you might expect, is „merely” the direct result of the number and severity of blockades within the spine and their duration.

On the other hand, the mental level, sandwiched “between” the spiritual and the physical, manifests itself mainly through man’s behavior and personality. Because of its location, that level is very sensitive and volatile, since it is constantly exposed to the impact of the other two levels, i.e. the physical and the spiritual. However, thanks to its strategic location “in between”, it gives the man the ability to tune himself to VIP Laws through conscious work to better himself – or through the transformation of the Mind that we have talked about so much. The problem is, that people are rarely objective when it comes to assessing their own personality and behavior. Especially since until now, there were no definitive, objective and universal criteria to make such assessment. That only became possible thanks to the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN.

Thanks to the existence of that model mankind now finally has the chance to deal with numerous diseases that until now were thought to be „incurable”, as well as problems that were thought to be “impossible”. It also has a chance of surviving perhaps the greatest threat in its history thus far, the bird flue pandemic!

This way we have reached the climax of this chapter, which is the complete presentation of the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN.

Its biological units are segments of the spine – represented anatomically and physiologically by pairs of core nerves coming out of the core trunk through intervertebral openings-channels formed by two adjacent vertebra. The sole exception is the first pair of neck nerves (Cl), extruding between the occipital bone and the first cervical vertebra.

One thing is extremely important – the diameters of intervertebral openings/channels practically overlap with the diameters of the so-called core nerve trunks, which pass through them. This fact means that even very tiny deviations in the intervertebral relations have a direct impact on the state of core nerves.

This way, the 33 vertebra of the human spinal cord determine, through their mutual relations, the state and functions of the 31 pairs (62) core nerves and due to their role, also the state of health of the entire body. Meanwhile, the connections and the relations between the vertebra depend largely on the state of intervertebral joints – and these in turn are determined by the degree of tension of intervertebral muscles and muscles in general!

On the other hand, the state of muscular tension is the function of psycho-emotional tension of each man. What is important, is that here too it is possible to observe and to apply in practice the mutual dependencies – relaxation of the muscular tension leads to the decline of psycho-emotional tension!

However, since the man is also a spiritual being – it means that he can and should use the spiritual state in particular to regulate both psycho-emotional state and the muscular state and through them – the physical state.

These considerations should make the Reader aware of the importance of the “muscular factor”, about which we will say more in the subsequent part of this publication.

As we know, man’s spiritual state boils down primarily to the state of adaptation and learning of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, which are, at the same time the features that make up man’s personality. These in turn, as we also know, serve simultaneously as features of the spirit of VIP Laws and the features of the Energy of Life, which saturates the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life – for which the spine plays the role of a macro-antenna.

Since the relationship between these two phenomena is defined by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena, it finally became possible to discover the main resonance points of our macro-antenna. These points are the openings-intervertebral channels formed by each pair of adjacent vertebra for the core nerves (pairs) that pass through them.  More precisely, it is the resonance conditions created by these openings-channels to modulate conductivity features of the nerves passing through these openings.

In turn, these resonance conditions in the openings-channels are created by vibration-resonance vectors of individual components of our personality – forming, as a whole, a unique “melody” that consists of nine basic “sounds” of the personality (nine personality features), played on the instrument made up of 33 vertebra and 62 (31 pairs) openings-strings.

This musical association is not a metaphor – it is the reality, confirmed by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena!

It is thanks to that law that it became possible to define precisely which personality features resonate with specific spine segments and vice versa – which spine segments resonate with specific personality features.

As a result of these mutual dependencies, untuning of man’s personality with respect to a specific feature, results in the violation of resonance state of the spine segment resonating with that feature, or, in other words, which “represents” it.

We call these “violations of the resonance state of spine segments” blockages, since that term reflects actual consequences of their existence. However, the term cannot be applied to serious spinal cord and spine core injuries, whose effects are obvious to everyone. We are talking here about energo-informational blockages, which have a resonance-based nature and to which few people pay any attention – and if they do, they think them inconsequential.

Meanwhile, it is those energo-informational blockages within the spine that are the causal “common denominator” of all pathologies! Because of their quantity, nature and duration, they both determine and reflect all the internal and external pathologies.

From the energo-informational point of view, the term blockage is understood as the inhibition, obstruction and retardation of the flow of energy and information through a specific segment of the spine, taking into consideration both the local and general consequences of the existence of a specific blockage.

Discovering these blockages is easy and is possible thanks to the anatomic accessibility of the spine for tests – which also quite clearly indicates its special, diagnostic purpose!

The blockage is usually being signaled by pain or sensitivity of a specific section of the spine when subject to pressure, or sometimes also by a clear distortion of that section’s position. A certain knowledge of the spine’s anatomy and some experience are needed here. However, since the manual search for those blockages poses no risk – every average person can acquire this skill in practice.

Modern electronic equipment to discover these blockages also exists.

Location of the blockages is being marked using Latin terminology of spinal cord segments, which is generally applied in medicine.

According to that terminology, spinal cord segments are counted and described “from the top down”, according to the following scheme:


С1 – С8 

– cervical vertebrae

Th1 – Th12

– thoracic vertebrae

L1 – L5

– lumbar vertebrae

S1 – S5

– sacral vertebrae


– coccygeal vertebrae

(sometimes there are two of those)


And here is the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN which was announced earlier.

Here are the spine segments, defined as its biological units, represented by individual pairs of core nerves, together with personality features, which resonate with those nerves.

It should be added that the term “spine segments” is a term wider than the definition of the “pair of core nerves”. However, since from the physiological point of view, the state of each spinal segment boils down to the state of the specific pair of core nerves, in practice we treat these two terms as one and the same. Nonetheless, one must remember that the unit which resonates with personality features, is the entire skeletal-joints-muscle and nerve system of the specific spine segment. It is that whole that creates resonance conditions in individual openings-intervertebral channels, which reflect through their specificity the state of untuning-tuning of the personality versus the feature, which resonates with that specific segment!


Here are the pairs of core nerves which represent specific spine segments, together with personality features which resonate with those segments:




–  kindness, patience



–  patience



–  faith



–  goodness



–  kindness, joy



–  patience



–  self-control, patience



–  self-control, gentleness



–  love



–  mildness



–  mildness



–  joy



–  love



–  kindness



–  self-control



–  joy, peace



–  peace, self-control



–  patience, joy



–  mildness



–  mildness



–  joy



–  self-control, patience



–  peace, joy



–  love



–  self-control



–  goodness



–  self-control



–  goodness, mildness



–  goodness, faith



–  goodness



–  peace, kindness



(if present) – peace, kindness


The purely biological and complete interpretation of the consequences of the existence of blockages at specific levels of the spine goes beyond the framework of this publication. Moreover, it would require a more professional knowledge of man’s anatomy and physiology. Nonetheless, this professional interpretation is found in the “Cosmic Message of Man’s Anatomy”.

However, it is important that all the people – regardless of their knowledge in this respect – remember now the following general rule:


The type of illnesses and their anatomical scope is the function of the quantities and levels of blockages within the spine, their degree and duration!


But the most important for all is to remember the following principle:


The ultimate cause, not just of all types of illnesses and health-related problems, but of man’s life problems as well, is the untuning of the personality with respect to its specific features – expressed as the untuning of the spine-the macroantenna, at those levels, which resonate with that specific feature!


This spiritual-biological “tandem” is the very nature of the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN!

Thanks to it, each person can receive a truly causal diagnosis of his or her health and life problems and apply truly causal self-treatment of these problems!


THE BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN is a model of man’s cosmic greatness, it is the model of his relationships with the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life and the spirit of VIP Laws and therefore with the SOURCE itself!


It is a model that gives the man a practical ability to model the biological state of his body and his health using the most powerful spiritual instruments, in energetic terms and therefore also the most effective ones!

It is a model that gives the man a practical ability to achieve his spiritual growth using the signals of his own body – the most objective and at the same time the kindest teacher and adviser!

It is a model that allows one to achieve, in a practical and conscious manner, the goal of biological-spiritual evolution of the man, which is reaching the status of a “biological temple” with one’s own body!

The BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN is also the cosmic message of life addressed personally to each and every man!

There is not the slightest doubt that the discovery, development and making available that KEY-MODEL to men, is a breakthrough event in all of human history!


It is also telling that it was discovered at a time critical for our civilization, the time of increasing “pressure” by VIP Laws, which accompanies the passage of our Universe from the domination of the laws of matter, to the domination of the laws of energy.

This appears as a real help, one that not only does not violate VIP Laws, but also serves as the key to the resolution of the most critical problems – both individual and collective – all that in the spirit of VIP Laws.

It shows the lost humanity – regardless of the belief system – a universal value system tested and approved by the “biological authority” of the human spine and the human body!

It allows each person to accept the responsibility for their health and their fate into their own hands! It also removes from the doctors the sole responsibility for human health! Particularly since that approach has become almost a standard in the so-called medical law – created in the piv style by people who have no idea either about the real purpose of life, or about the causes of the very existence of illnesses!


However, I would like to turn the Reader’s attention to something unexpected that arises from the Key-Model – and at the same time something extremely important, both for each individual and for the „collective man” – the humanity.

In general, that „something” is the result of the existence of resonance relationship between the features of man’s personality and the sacral and coccygeal vertebra of his spine. But what is surprising about that, when the entire spine remains part of those relationships?

The one peculiarity of sacral and coccygeal vertebrae is that at a very early young age, their joint structure is subject to gradual mineralization – from the bottom up – forming a strong and stable monolith, the sacral bone! This process starts at around 10-14 years and usually ends at around 25-30 years.


Where, then, is the problem when that is simply the so-called proper anatomy and physiology of the man?

The problem is – and one can never emphasize that enough – that the state of development (tuning-untuning) of the personality with respect to its specific features, is reflected in the specificity of resonance conditions in the intervertebral openings-channels of those spine sections, which resonate with that specific feature. In turn, that specificity of the resonance conditions of individual intervertebral openings-channels, which reflects the state of untuning-tuning (sound) of the given personality feature, modulates and determines the nature of conductivity of core nerves passing through specific openings-channels and through them, the physiology of the entire body!

It is those dependencies that produce both biological and spiritual consequences of premature ossification of the joint structure of sacral and coccygeal vertebrae. Indeed, that ossification means the fixation of personality features, which resonate with sacral and coccygeal vertebrae for life, at the level reached at the moment of that ossification – or the level of childhood and young adulthood!!!

This mechanism is also called „rooting of personality features through ossification of spine segments which resonate with those features”.

That fact and that mechanism also mean that the moment it occurs, chances for significant changes in the scope and degree of those „rooted” personality features” diminish dramatically!

It also means that childhood and very young adulthood determine the base structure of one’s personality for all of one’s subsequent life!

No wonder then, that we will be referring many times to that mechanism and will be looking for ways to free from its fatal consequences. Besides, if we only analyze, with the help of KEY-MODEL, which personality features resonate with sacral and coccygeal vertebrae, we will understand the fatality of our human situation.  After all it is not hard to notice, that the dominant feature of these vertebra is GOODNESS. That feature is also the most „human” synthesis of the remaining personality features. Indeed, it is the fundamental feature of the human personality!

It is also worth noting that according to these anatomic-cosmic instructions contained within the KEY-MODEL, the process of manifesting spiritual personality features in everyday life should „begin” and „end” with KINDNESS!

This fact brings us all a message that we should literally radiate with kindness and should project kindness when relating to everyone else – from the very beginning to the very end of any relations with them – always, in all the external relations! That is why – if it is hard for us to project that attitude – we should remember that it is biologically imprinted within and that it is demanding and will demand in every possible way to be shown to others!


A very disturbing question arises. Why were we „given” so little time to properly learn these features?


In practice we were only „given” the childhood and the „educational example” of adults to absorb and learn those features. But that is far too little! And the time for conscious spiritual work to improve oneself – something one cannot, after all, count on at that age?!

Is it then, a physiological or a pathological situation?

Especially if, as it turns out later on, that early „sacral rooting” is the basic cause of the most important types of human pathologies.

At this moment I would also like to point out – particularly to scientists – that sacral and coccygeal vertebrae, which are subject to the effect of mineralization, are clearly coupled with the core section of parasympathetic nervous system!


That system, in turn, serves as an integral part of the autonomous (vegetative) nervous system, which has its main centers in the spinal core and in the brain. That is why the integration of complex autonomous actions occurs simultaneously at various levels of the central nervous system, especially at hypothalamus, limbic system and cortex.

It means, then, that various psychic states are closely connected with the changes in those areas and in the entire autonomous nervous system – including states associated with the attitudes of GOODNESS, KINDNESS, PEACE, as well as their opposites.

It is also obvious that early „sacral rooting” cannot but fail to affect the anatomical state of appropriate brain structures – it has to be somehow imprinted there as well! Particularly since that process still occurs at the stage of anatomical shaping of the brain. One must assume that this „sacral rooting” and the accompanying „brain imprinting” remain in some sort of reciprocal relationship.

One must also assume that consistent manifestation of the attitudes of GOODNESS, KINDNESS, PEACE in life should bounce back and show up as a reduction, or elimination of changes in the brain and in the spine produced by an insufficient manifestation of those attitudes-features until the time of their „sacral rooting” and „brain imprinting”.

That is probably why various mystical systems have always required and require from people to consistently work to improve themselves.

In any case, that requirement remains valid now, although the scientific justification for its application – by explaining the mechanisms accompanying that process – should provide essential motivations to work to better oneself. TD VIP makes no exceptions from this requirement!


However, the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN would not be complete without assigning to the sixteen aspects of LOVE, respective spine segments that resonate with them, and assigning the spine segments their respective aspects of LOVE.

As the base section of KEY-MODEL indicates, these associations are manifested mainly at spine segments Th1 – L4. Note that, which is extremely interesting, sections Th1, Th5 and L4 resonate solely and exclusively with LOVE, undoubtedly the highest personality feature in terms of vibrations. It can, then, serve as a point of reference for the resonance of that special feature!

What is also important – especially for the scientists – is that unlike sacral and coccygeal vertebrae, the segments which resonate with LOVE, have a clear association with the core section of the sympathetic nervous system!

Nonetheless, the very existence of that biological-spiritual association has a human and cosmic dimension for everyone – not just for the scientists.

One special peculiarity of the association of the aspects of LOVE with specific spine segments is the need to take into consideration one’s sex!

Here is the association, including the sex factor:


Spine Section


Aspects of LOVE

M– male factor; F – female factor






– generously patient



– kind






– is not jealous



– doesn’t boast






– doesn’t swagger



– does not behave inappropriately






– does not seek own benefits



– is not easily irritable






– doesn’t keep scores to settle



– does not rejoice at iniquity






– rejoices in truth



– bears everything






– believes in everything



– hopes for everything






– endures everything



– never fails






– never fails



– endures everything






– hopes for everything



– believes in everything






– bears everything



– rejoices in truth






– does not rejoice at iniquity



– doesn’t keep scores to settle






– is not easily irritable



– does not seek own benefits






– does not behave inappropriately



– doesn’t swagger






– doesn’t boast



– is not jealous






– kind



– generously patient


Taking into consideration the sex factor in this order should surprise no one, since the fact is that men and women differ in their vectors of biological and spiritual polarity.

On the other hand, these differences are not all that great – they only differ in their proportions. Hence both associations between the aspects of LOVE and spine segments they resonate with, apply both to every woman and to every man! They only differ in their proportions!

Nonetheless, the very fact that the sex factor has to be considered when associating the aspects of LOVE produces a certain message. Namely:

The differences between male and female personality types apply mainly to the ways of manifesting spiritual aspects of LOVE!

And there is more!

An interesting opportunity appears thanks to the existence of these two polarizing associations. It is the opportunity to develop “mentally” – through visualization of the aspects of LOVE in relation with “proper” spine segments, the desired male or female attitudes!

That’s not the end of it! This opportunity may increasingly become essential. Why? Because the passage of our Universe from the domination by the laws of matter to the domination by the laws of energy, which is occurring right now, affects to a very significant degree and will increasingly continue to do so, the ways male and female attitudes are being shown, as well as the mutual game between male and female polarizations. Hence the rapidly increasing number and quantity of problems in these areas –related both to identity and to relations!


Still, that part of the KEY-MODEL produces a beautiful and optimistic message. How?

Two (!) extraordinary aspects of LOVE resonate with the very center of the spine, represented simultaneously by the very center of that part of the KEY-MODEL – Th8, Th9„survives all” and never fails”. Thus, in difficult moments let us remember about that promise inscribed twice within the center, presumably not just of our spine!

And, since according to the base KEY-MODEL, this center also resonates with joy and peace let us do it with that very attitude!

How then – against these facts – one cannot but fail to once more quote the Bible:

I will put my Law within them and write it on their hearts” (Jeremiah 31:33)


Your Laws are deep within me”

(Psalm 40:8,9)

That’s not the end of it!

It turns out, that the path of spiritual information from the Time and Space of the Universe to man, leads through resonance of the human anatomy – especially spine’s anatomy – with the Bible!


The basis of the biblical canon are the Hebrew Letters (the so-called Old Testament) written down by 31 “writers” inspired to do so.

Meanwhile, the basis for the propagation of neuro-physiological information within the human body is the 31 pairs of core nerves modulated (inspired) by resonance conditions within the 31 pairs of intervertebral openings-channels.

The association then, is obvious!

In turn, these resonance conditions within intervertebral openings-channels depend directly on the state of all 92 joints, which exist in the spinal area.

This corresponds to the role of 92 chapters of the Greek Letters (the so-called New Testament) written directly by the apostles of Jesus Christ – the closest collaborators of that great figure.

This seems to be confirmed in a surprising manner by the following verses:


He doesn’t hold on to (Christ’s) head, from which the whole body grows as God enables it being supplied and held together by the joints and ligaments(Colossians 2:19)


from whom (the head – Christ’s) the whole body, being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part, causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love” (Ephesians.4:15,16)

Those are strange descriptions, since according to them, harmony within the organism, which for the body is the equivalent of being in good health, depends mainly on the mutual relations between the joints!

Certainly no contemporary doctor would define the principles of health this way. However, the author reading those verses, one who also knows human anatomy, is instantly reminded about an organ which is important, but unappreciated by the medicine – the spine, which is in fact a column of “mutually feeding joints”. Indeed, it is hard to resist that thought!

That „mutual feeding of the joints” certainly applies to all joints of the human body, but this phenomenon is never so obvious and so direct, as in the spine. It is an indisputable anatomical and physiological fact!

These verses seem to describe the principle of health as a trinity, based on the following relationship: the head (brain) – joints (spine) – organs. With the provision that the joints system, particularly the spine, plays an important role acting as an intermediary in the circulation of energy and information.

In fact, that is how it is!

This mechanism described above, of nourishing the entire body through “mutual feeding of the joints” and “nourishing the body” using the joints and tendons, especially the spine, suggest quite unequivocally that this path is used to distribute not just nerve-related information. That is why one must assume that the entire spinal system (and the joints system) is used to propagate all types of energy and information which is strategically important for the organism – and any blockages in the proper course of this process have both multi-level and multi-aspectual nature.

That is not the end of it!

It is the joints that allow us to move in time and space – including “finding oneself in the right place, at the right time”. It is not surprising then, that because of numerous analogies and associations, it is primarily the spinal joints that produce special conditions for the resonance of man with the higher levels of Time and Space.

Following these trails will lead us to further associations. Here are just some of them:

It turns out, that within the man’s body, the total number of core nerves, including their most important branches is 730.

This number is identical with the figure which represents the “order of light” on Earth. That is the number of times the change of day to night and back to day occurs, since:

365 x 2 = 730

Meanwhile, it turns out that the Law of Moses also expresses with its structure the relationship both with the “order of light” and with man’s anatomy.


Moses has received 613 commandments,


365 prohibitions – which overlaps with the number of days within the year


248 orders – the figure identical with the number of organs in the human body, according to rabbis’ teachings.

This anatomical division is obviously the matter of criteria. Nonetheless, the figure 248 has its clear reflection in the structure of man’s nervous system. Namely:

As we know, there are 31 pairs of core nerves, or 62 core nerves coming out of the spinal core. And each core nerve is split into four main branches. Which means that:

62 x 4 = 248!

As it turns out, 248 is also the number of bones in the human body according to the (not quite illogical) division made by Aristotele.

And, as the multiplier of 31 x 8 = 248 shows, if we accept the fact that 31 is the number of “writers” of Hebrew Letters already known to us and eight is the number of “writers” of the New Testament? Let us answer these questions ourselves!

            To conclude, this special “math” shows the resonance relationship between man’s anatomy, particularly his spine, with the Bible and their mutual relations with the order of the universe.

There is nothing strange about it! It is the light that measures the eternal timeflow of the day and night and which so precisely reflects with itself the system of core nerves. It is also the light that has in the past and still remains the basis for measuring the time!

Thus, the Laws of Time and Space (VIP Laws) have to be, in a sense, also the Laws of Light! Or perhaps they are one and the same?!

Thus, the SOURCE of VIP Laws is also the Watchmaker of the Light of the Universe!


The above associations, analogies and resonances should make us aware one more time about the personal association between each man and the Universe.

They also appear to show to thinking people direction of the evolution of man’s anatomy and the cosmic message of man’s anatomy itself!

They direct unequivocally our attention to the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN, which shows that the path of spiritual information from the Time and Space of the Universe to the man, also leads through – if not primarily –his spine – the macro-antenna!



Although I’m not a fan of any kind of interpretative simplifications, especially in medicine – I’ve decided to make one exception. That being the inclusion into this chapter of a simplified specification of the main areas of influence of spine segments and signaling of selected, typical health problems that accompany blockages of those various segments. I am emphasizing however, that by its very nature that specification should be treated as a far-reaching simplification, because the clinical state of the human body is the result of a complex synthesis of constant, dynamic game, including the dynamic (in time and space) blockages within the spine.

However, thanks to that specification and thanks to the specifications found in this chapter, the Reader can use this publication to learn about the clinical impact of untuning of specific personality features (including the aspects of LOVE).

Thanks to all these specifications, everyone can perform self-diagnostic analysis, draw conclusions and start preventive efforts and treatments at the highest causal level – that is through the adjustment of the features of their personality!

That knowledge should also become the source of motivation, encouraging everyone to work on his or her personality.


The following specification – unlike specifications found in this chapter – is not fully my own. It is a synthesis of specifications made by many researchers of the relations and dependencies between the spine and the body.


Here is the specification:


Spine segment

i.a. – area of influence

health consequences of the blockage







 the brain, flow of blood to the head, pituary

 gland, the skull, head skin, middle ear,

 sympathetic nervous system



headaches, migraine, high blood pressure, dizziness, chronic fatigue, nervousness, sleeplessness, nervous breakdown, disturbed memory and concentration








eyes, eye nerves, hearing nerves, sinuses, tongue, forehead


weakening eyes, crossed eyes, weakened hearing, earaches, problems with sinuses








cheeks, external ears, face bones, teeth, trigeminal nerve (as well as pericardium, pleura, diaphragm, adrenals)


neuralgia and the inflammation of trigeminal nerve, acme, eczema etc. (as well as irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting)








diaphragm, blood circulation in the brain and chest, the nose, cheeks, mouth, Eustachian tubes, iris (as well as pericardium, pleura, diaphragm, adrenals, descending colon)


Problems with blood circulation within the brain, flue, loss of hearing, flue, overgrown tonsils (as well as irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting)








vocal cords, neck glands, throat (as well as pericardium, pleura, diaphragm, adrenals)


laryngeal inflammation, hoarseness, sore throat, throat inflammation, tonsillitis (as well as irregular heartbeat, nausea, vomiting)









muscles of the nape, arm muscles, tonsils


neck stiffness, arm pain, tonsillitis, inflamed throat








thyroid, arms, chest breathing movements, throat, sweat glands




thyroid disorders, hoarseness, colds








arms, elbows, larynx, iris, thyroid




inflammation and deformation of arm and elbow joints, neuralgia








forearms, hands, wrists, fingers


Pain of forearms and hands (as well as asthma, cough, breathing difficulties)








Heart, including the heart valves and coronary arteries, pericardium, the apex of lung


heart problems








Lungs, pleura, bronchi, chest cavity, chests, esophagus


pneumonia, pleurisy, bronchitis








heart muscle, gallbladder, common gallbladder duct


gallbladder problems, gallstones, heart problems








liver, solar plexus, blood


„division of energy between upper, middle and lower stomach section”


Malfunctioning liver, poor blood circulation, low blood pressure, anemia, arthritis








stomach (as well as liver, spleen)


„monitoring blood circulation, the heartbeat and thymus”


stomach disorders, stomach ulcers, indigestion, hypertension








pancreas, duodenum (as well as the intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenals)


gastric inflammation and inflammation of the duodenum, stomach ulcers, disorders of the pancreas, diabetes








spleen (as well as the intestines, heart, lungs, kidneys, adrenals)


lower resistance








adrenals, transverse colon (as well as the intestines, heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, adrenals)


allergy, urticaria, etc








kidneys (as well as the bladder and sex organs)


kidney disorders, kidney inflammation, hardened arteries, chronic fatigue








kidneys, ureters,  iliac crest, (as well as bladder, birth canal)


„absorption of vital substances”


skin disorders, bone and joint problems etc.








intestines, lymph circulation, ascending colon, (as well as sex organs)


„synchronizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems”


arthritis, flatulence, liver and gallbladder disorders, certain types of infertility








colon, groin, pubic symphysis, (as well as bladder, uterus)


constipation, inflammation of the colon, colon sensitivity, diarrhea, blockage of lymph flow








appendix, stomach, thighs, production of adrenal gland hormones (cortisol, hydrocortisol), sex, ejaculation


digestive disorders, breathing difficulties, acidification of the body, varicose veins, sexual disorders








sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees


„body water management and the metabolism”


bladder problems, miscarriages, menstruation-related disorders, sexual disorders knee pains, lower limb joint pains








prostate gland, back muscles, sciatic nerve, uterus


sciatica, lumbago, frequent, or (and) painful urination, back pains, sexual disorders








calves, heels, feet, long deep spinal muscles


poor blood circulation in the feet, cold feet, weak knees, weak legs, leg cramps, etc.








hip bones, buttocks, crotch muscles, heels, ankles


back problems, scoliosis, neck pain and pain of the lumbar spine segment, problems with the birth canal


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”








hip bones, buttocks, crotch muscles, sex organs


back problems, scoliosis, neck pain and pain of the lumbar spine segment problems with the birth canal


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”








hip bones, buttocks, crotch muscles, sex organs


back problems, scoliosis, neck pain and pain of the lumbar spine segment, problems with the birth canal


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”








sex glands, bones, joints, cartilage, teeth, brain


„the reservoir of Kundalini energy”


back problems, scoliosis, neck pain and pain of the lumbar spine segment, problems with the birth canal


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”








sex glands(partly the sex organs),  anus


„the reservoir of Kundalini energy”


back problems, scoliosis, neck pain and pain of the lumbar spine segment, problems with the birth canal, hemorrhoids


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”








sex organs, anus, spinal cord


„the reservoir of Kundalini energy”, „basis of Yin-Yang of all the organs”


hemorrhoids, itching of the anus, etc.


„fear, uncertainty, lack of support ”





if it exists – as Co1


As the Reader has most likely already noticed, in the description of the influence of certain parts of the spine I have included („”) brief comments about those sections, originating from esoteric sources, both ancient and contemporary.

I have done that since it appears that scientific classifications found in this chapter confirm, to a large extent, the esoteric knowledge about the specific role of certain sections. Comments about the role of sacral (S) and coccygeal (Co) spine segments appear especially interesting and congruent.

Not surprisingly, the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN has appeared at the very eve of the Great Passage.

But what is it, that Great Passage?

We use this term to describe the long-awaited and foretold – and now current – time of the passage of our Cosmos (including obviously our Earth), from the Material Hemisphere of the Universe, dominated by the laws of matter, to Anti-material Hemisphere of the Universe, which is dominated by the laws of energy.

Dominated – which means they prevail, but are not exclusive!

Presumably, the problem of vectors of polarization – which determine the very existence of the world of men and the world of women and the mutual relations between them has, not coincidentally, appeared in the context of the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN and the Great Passage.

Frankly, nowhere else does the law of resonance of parallel phenomena manifest itself so clearly as in the parallelism of the human pair and the two Hemispheres of the Universe and in the mutual relations between them. And these relations are governed by the following order:

Material Hemisphere – domination by the law of matter – man.

Anti-material Hemisphere – domination by the law of energy – woman.

The above order should surprise no one, since the very fact of the existence of man and a woman reflects the division of the Circle of Universe into the Material Hemisphere (male) and Anti-material Hemisphere (female).

Those are also the classic examples of the so-called „law of pairs”, the basis of physics of the Universe – of both its macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic scale.

This law appears as a game of two counterpoising, but at the same time complementary types of energy, which in Oriental teachings are referred to as the almighty forces forces of Ying and Yang.

Of these, the first one is referred to as the positive, active, male, the other as its counterpart – negative, passive, female. In any case, those are just some of their aspects.

Those energies intertwine and penetrate each other in all the existing forms. One cannot exist without the other.

A popular symbol of their mutual ties is a circle interposed on the letter „S”. At the same time, this symbol contains an opposing force, one represented by the circular area in the field of both types of energy.

the field of each of those forces in this symbol contains a circular field that represents the opposite force. Which proves that one energy is found within the other and that they are inseparable, moreover, after crossing the border of „saturation” of their mutual relations – these opposites mutually overlap with one another

            However, since the most characteristic for all levels of existence of the Universe is the spinning motion – the game of those two forces is reflected in clearest manner by the nature of that motion. In any case, this applies both to macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic levels of that motion – up to the level of the smallest atomic particles, which in reality are the vortices of energy. Matter, then, is an illusion!

Direction of the vortex’ motion determines the direction and type of physicality of a given space – material or anti-material! And the speed of revolution of vortices is the „benchmark” of time in a given space.

There exist, then, just two basic and counterpoising directions of vortices – centripetal and centrifugal – representing the two opposite and complementary energies.

In turn, their products are the three types of particles that make up all the forms:

  • positive particle (male), created by the centrifugal vortex
  • negative particle (female), created by the centripetal vortex
  • zero particle – as the synthesis of these two types of motion


These particles go through consecutive stages of development of matter and anti-matter, spinning right- and left-wise.

Since spinning motion is seen – in a three-dimensional reception – as a vibrating motion, hence the many difficulties in the process of discovering the true nature of reality.

Let us stop, however for a while here and think once more – this time with Max Planck – over what scientists usually forget in their considerations:

Matter does not arise from itself! All matter arises and exists only because of the force that puts atom particles into vibrating motion. Since in all of Universe there can be no intelligent or eternal force existing by itself… we must accept that behind that force there is a conscious, intelligent spirit… a Spirit that is the original cause of all matter”

We will continue our discussion without forgetting about the SOURCE of that „force which puts atom particles into vibrating motion”.

As we already know, the spinning motion is the most characteristic motion, both at the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic level.

However, since the overlapping centrifugal and centripetal motions operate on different planes – this interaction always produces a circle. That is also why only a circle contains within itself all the abilities of an orderly motion.

What is important for our discussion is that directions of the motion of the opposing vortices produce polarization – the result of freeing energies that attract those vortices.

The circle of the forms of the Universe is also build through the constant interaction between these opposites.

On the other hand, unbalanced distribution of negative (female) and positive (male) energy on the southern and northern side of the Universe, ultimately form a sphere structured like a magnet, where the neutral zone (the equator) separates Material Hemisphere from Anti-material Hemisphere.

These Hemispheres differ primarily in their quantitative ratios of negative (female) and positive (male) energy. The Material Hemisphere is dominated by positive (male) energy and the Anti-material Hemisphere by negative (female) energy.

This way we have reached the essence of the matter – polarization ratios!

Thanks to the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena, it became possible to calculate that the proper ratio between positive (male) polarization and negative (female) polarization at the Universe’s Material Hemisphere is 4,8:3,2, while the reverse is true for the Anti-material Hemisphere – 3,2:4,8.


These ratios constitute the limit of balance between matter and energy at both Hemispheres of the Universe and therefore form the limits of energetic stability of the entire Universe.

It is not hard to notice that the total of figures that adds up to these ratios is eight (4.8+3.2=8). That is mainly why these numbers symbolize the infinity – it is that live ratio that lies behind the phenomenon of infinity!


What is critical for our considerations is that it is precisely those ratios that should be reflected by the man and the woman in their component energies.

A man – as in the Material Hemisphere (4,8:3,2)

A woman – as in Anti-material Hemisphere (3,2:4,8)

Maintaining these ratios is the basis for energetic stability of both men and women, regardless of which Hemisphere of the Universe they are on!

Meanwhile, what happened on Earth during the „stay” of our Universe in the Material Hemisphere, or in other words when our Universe was passing through the material cycle?

Inspired by and with the active participation of the local piv, the balance between a man and a woman was manipulated in every possible way – and that happened over the course of the entire history of the mankind. Social division of roles between men and women was also subject to manipulation in every possible manner.

Consequently, the relations between a man and a woman have been re-tuned to an extreme, giving the man an crushing superiority. It is true that the design of the matter does provide for some superiority of male element over the female, but only at the ratio of 4,8:3,2!

As a result of extreme distortion of these ratios, or extreme asymmetry, according to the SAS phenomenon we will talk about in a little while, these relations have reversed to a significant extent, giving excessive superiority to women. The end result is the male „re-polarization” of the bodies and psyche of a large number of women, and also the reverse, female „re-polarization” of the bodies and psyche of a large number of men!

Speaking about bodies we are obviously referring first of all to energetic bodies of man, in which „polarization”-driven distortion consistently leads to physical distortion as well, particularly in terms of male and female reproductive systems. That is why distortion of these areas is becoming increasingly more common and affects progressively younger people.

The problem is serious enough that it found a reflection in the direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE. It is worth remembering, then, that these directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE that are selectively targeted at either men or women, also clearly refer to the correction of aspects discussed here!

These „experiments” involving male-female relations also prove that every arrangement, even a complementary one, but one that involves partners who are too unequal, will always lead to friction and conflict!

In the case of most men and women, the end result of that long-term conflict and the mutual friction is the „material fatigue” and the development of symmetric mutual relations. And symmetrization always kills mutual relations!

The loss of that important asymmetric factor must, in turn, lead and indeed does lead to the loss of polarization ratios in the bodies and psyche of both men and women. And that means a biological death!

As a mutual consolation it has to be said, however, that it is not completely the fault of either women or men!

Let us not forget after all, who has a 90% stake in the existence of all human problems?!

But why would such deep interference applies especially to polarization ratios in the bodies and psyche of men and women and therefore to mutual relations between them?

You see, local piv knew that a woman and a man are two complementary wholes, which only together can form a team that vastly, even incredibly vastly, in terms of quality, exceeds the sum of their individual energetic potential. The precondition for that, however, and for the achievement of this potential are proper polarization ratios within their bodies and their psyche!

That is why by re-tuning – and eventually blurring the differences in polarization ratios of the bodies and psyche of men and women, it practically prevented people to achieve the truly cosmic possibilities of the human pair.

There is more! This way it has reduced man’s whole life to balancing on the edge of survival, but the energy-related defenselessness of man achieved in this manner and the eternal war of the sexes became the source of vast amounts of human energy for the local piv.

That’s not the end of it!

Since everything on Earth is mutually connected, violation of these ratios had a serious impact on Earth’s energetic balance.

And since everything in the Universe is mutually connected – the state of earthly men and women has to have a negative reflection in the much wider cosmic scope and context.

And what about the fact that everything in the Universe is mutually connected – presumably we will soon learn what it means?!

But even now there is not the slightest doubt that the state of polarization ratios in the bodies and psyche of earthly men and women and the state of their mutual relations are not just their private matter!

Everyone, both men and women are faced with an uneasy task of restoring in their bodies and psyche polarization ratios appropriate for their sex. And the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN can be very helpful in that restoration process.

However, we must hurry up!

An increase in the pressure of Energy of Life that accompanies the Great Passage will help straighten out all distortions, but at the same time will also crush painfully all attempts at resistance, up to the point of eliminating them.


The situation for earthly men and women is very dangerous, especially because of the loss of asymmetry – the nearly symmetrical state of polarization ratios in their bodies and their psyche!


However, in order to fully understand that statement we must also turn our attention to the phenomenon of Symmetry-Asymmetry (SAS).

What is that?

Frankly, is the mutual game of two counterposing energies that forms all types of life in the Universe anything else but symmetry-asymmetry?

That game is often compared to something, that resembles a great Cosmic Pendulum. Truly, it is an excellent model, very close to the truth.

However, it is not, as many scientists think, a reliable and honest „patent” for the Cosmic „Perpetual Motion”.

One must not forget about the Cosmic Watchmaker, who designed and put the Cosmic Pendulum in motion and who keeps it in motion, constantly or from time to time! It is thanks to Him that the Cosmic Pendulum drives and sustains – according to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena – the motion of all other „pendula” that operate on increasingly lower levels of organization of the Universe – up to the „pendulum” that „puts the atom particles in motion”! Nonetheless, we must be aware of the fact that without having the motion of the Cosmic Pendulum sustained by the Cosmic Watchmaker, the motion of that Pendulum and all the other „pendula” would cease entirely sooner or later!

One must also add that this „cosmic game” has its dangerous moments which remind all of us, from time to time, about the Cosmic Watchmaker who keeps the Cosmic Pendulum in motion – these are the moments of achieving symmetry! And symmetry means death!!!

It happens when the limits of permissible asymmetry are exceeded and when the Cosmic Pendulum crosses the Universe’s equator.

The former situation is the basis of „physics” of the Great Passage – it brings to „symmetry” all spheres of life in which permissible limits of asymmetry have been exceeded.

It specifically applies precisely to men and women. Hence the stubborn persistence of many men and women in their extremely „asymmetric”, or nearly „symmetric” positions is becoming increasingly dangerous for their health and life, not to mention their chances of surviving the Great Passage!


However, to those who make such effort, collaborating with the Universe to restore that physiological asymmetry wherever  that depends on them, new previously unknown prospects and opportunities for Universal Life, both in pairs and individually, will soon open!

In the context of our considerations it must also be noted that it is primarily SAS that is responsible for any changes in the location of Earth’s magnetic poles, which is increasingly talked about in the world of science. With the provision that many scientists claim that changes in the direction of those magnetic poles, including their complete “re-poling”, have already occurred numerous times before in the Earth’s history.

At the same time, those scientists report that these situations were usually accompanied by drastic changes in the climate and environmental disasters in which the majority of living organisms present on Earth at the time have died.

There is more! They also claim that the Earth is right now on the eve of such change!

This should not be a surprise, however. Those changes –and the tendencies towards them – can accompany naturally the passage of our Universe from the Material to Antimaterial Hemisphere and vice versa.

Our discussions show that these changes can also be produced by the Earth’s inhabitants themselves, through the degree of their untuning, i.e. once certain thresholds of permissible asymmetry are exceeded simultaneously in many different fields of life.

It is not hard to notice that at the moment both of these causes co-exist! That is why it increasingly appears that there are no alternatives to the Tuning to VIP Laws, including the factor  of “being wherever needed, whenever needed”!

We also must not forget that this re-poling is also a passage through the stage of symmetry of the earthly magnetic field. How to survive that process?

How to maintain physiological asymmetry of the most important, live-preserving molecules of one’s organism?


Since – as the above question shows – the SAS phenomenon also forms the basis of biochemistry of the earthly life – we will explain it using that very level.


It turns out that in live and healthy organisms, all biochemical molecules important for life, only exist in the asymmetrical form – L or D (left or right), defined by the nature of helicity of the stream of light they are letting through.

What it means is that – unlike at higher levels of the organization of life – at one of the lowest levels of life’s organization, i.e. the level of biochemical „pendulum”, life prefers extreme asymmetry! Presumably that is due to the fact that under the current living conditions in a re-tuned earthly Time and Space, that asymmetry can turn too quickly into symmetry. It appears then, that this extreme asymmetry is a form of situational adaptation.

Presumably, however, the key to eternal life of the biological forms on Earth, lies instead in the long-term preservation of that exemplary cosmic asymmetry.

Let us go back, then to our current biochemical reality.

The reality is that in the case of proteins which are the foundation of biological life – particularly in the case of animals and the man – in a live, healthy organism, all amino acids (that proteins are made of) exist only in the L form. However, during the aging process or during a disease, some of them gradually lose their L-helicity, turning to D-helicity. And when the number of L-forms reaches that of D-forms, or when symmetry occurs, the body dies!

On the other hand, many biochemical compounds important for life, particularly the flora, exist as D-forms. All, however, just as amino acids, lose their physiological asymmetry during the aging process and disease!

That is the biological „common denominator” of aging and illness – systematic or accelerated symmetrization!

That is the biochemical „common denominator” of death – symmetry!

Those are the consequences of the motion of „pendula” in our internal biochemical clocks!


Life is asymmetry – that is the biochemical „common denominator” of life!


Thus, the „common denominator” and at the same time the most objective criterium of effectiveness for all treatment and revitalization methods should be the ability to return the molecules to their physiological form of asymmetry!!!

Let us stop here for a while, since our biochemical considerations are followed by disturbing and at the same time inspiring philosophical questions and reflections. Such as:

Why do the „pendula” of our biochemical, human clocks move so quickly, or with such a small amplitude, or both – so much so, that their asymmetry all too quickly turns into symmetry?

How to increase the amplitude of movement of the „pendula” of our biochemical clocks and slow down their motion?

Or the same, but said in a different way:

Why do molecules that are important for our life, particularly amino acids, lose their physiological form of asymmetry so quickly?

How to slow down or stop – or better yet reverse – the process of physiological loss of the form of asymmetry of our molecules?

A careful reader has probably noticed already that the SAS phenomenon clearly complies with the Physics of Time and Space.

Meanwhile, the phenomenon of asymmetry itself is a function of space, while the rate of loss of asymmetry is the function of time!

Gradual loss of physiological form of asymmetry of the molecules important for each living thing, including ourselves, a process that eventually leads to death, proves that in order to significantly extend the life span (as well as reverse and maintain health), we need a force that sustains physiological asymmetry of its molecules.

That force exists!

That force is the Energy of Life – the Spirit – Sole Force of Life saturating the Time and Space!

The problem is, we are losing our resonance with it! And this entire publication discusses how to get it back – through VIP DOSTROYENIE!

In other words – it means that the best effect to get our molecules asymmetrical with respect to live is to demonstrate the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality! One should expect, then that in a not too distant future, research of this phenomenon will become a key preoccupation for scientists!

However, one question arises already:

Do TD VIP– which are literally technologies that create resonance conditions for the restoration or improvement of true tuning – have the ability to fix pathological symmetrization of molecules that are important for life?!

Before we answer that question – a few words about the state of studies of SAS phenomenon worldwide.

Although SAS has only relatively recently attracted the attention of scientific world, the issue of symmetry-asymmetry is already occupying the minds of many contemporary scientists. Its significance in the world of science is shown by the fact that several scientists have won the Nobel prize for explaining some of its aspects.

The issue of SAS is preoccupying not just the scientists. It turns out that biotechnological processes produce solely and exclusively racemates that are symmetrical and therefore biologically inactive! That applies especially to biotechnology of drugs and food – thus it affects everyone!

Asymmetry is also a phenomenon of life, hence asymmetric forms only exist in live nature! Under laboratory conditions we can produce solely and exclusively symmetric racemates!

The problem is serious enough that in 2001 several scientists have won the Nobel prize merely for a roundabout way of synthesizing asymmetric molecules of one biochemical substance. However, until the year 2006, no one in the world was able to produce asymmetric, biologically active solution from racemic, biologically inactive solution of life-sustaining molecules.

Nonetheless, in that year 2006, that very feat was achieved using the Technologies of Resonance Conditions Favorable for the Dostroyenie to the Law of Time and Space (TRCFDL VIP, or TD VIP for short)!

It became possible to produce a biologically active, asymmetric solution of the molecules of a life-critical substance using a racematic, biologically inactive solution of that substance, a fact that was confirmed by one of the most advanced biotechnology institutes worldwide involved in the studies of SAS phenomenon!

Since the appearance of TD VIP followed the appearance of the Philosophy of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws – it is the result of putting that philosophy into practice – that achievement proves the truthfulness of the assumptions of that philosophy.

Existence of TD VIP also proves that the Great Cosmic Watchmaker still hasn’t yet fully lost his faith into the earthly scientists!

And appearance of the Philosophy of Dostroyenie to VIP laws and TD VIP on the eve of the Great Passage shows that the humanity possesses real chances of achieving the degree of tuning to VIP Laws that would make it possible to survive that process and test!

However, all the people, both scientists and non-scientists, must be aware of the fact that TD VIP, by its very nature, can serve solely and exclusively purposes that are in resonance with VIP Laws!!!



A careful Reader has probably noticed that the cosmic and physiological ratio (3,2 : 4,8) which lies at the basis of both life and infinity, remains in perfect resonance with VIP DOSTROYENIE.


Well: 3,2 : 4,8 = 2 : 3!

That’s not the end of it!

Unexpectedly, it turns out that this cosmic ratio (2:3) is also confirmed by contemporary physics.


It turns out that thus far, the only theory in science able to claim the right to resolve the most important mysteries of physics of the Universe, is the so-called ten-dimensional superstring theory. Its potential is due to the fact that all the laws of physics known to man and all the primary forces of nature, are subject to unification in the ten dimensions of the Time and Space. That is currently the most coherent theory which clearly explains the majority of phenomena that until recently were impossible to understand – both macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic.

According to that theory, „at the beginning” (before the so-called Big Bang), the Entire Time and Space was a perfect, ten-dimensional Universe.

That ten-dimensional Universe was perfectly symmetrical, but in the end it „broke”, forming two separate Universes – one four-dimensional and the other six-dimensional. Why did that separation occur at these proportions – the scientists are unable to explain that?!

According to that theory, our four-dimensional Universe was formed in that cosmic „cataclysm”. That theory also assumes that our Universe must have a twin – some sort of six-dimensional, but „dwarfish” Universe.

This theory says that the entire energy which drives the visible expansion of our Universe, comes precisely from the „collapsing” of the ten-dimensional Time and Space.

Expanding upon the superstring theory, the physicists assume, although they can’t prove it yet, that the original ten-dimensional Universe was unstable and that is why it has „re-tuneled” into the four- and six-dimensional Universe. According to their arguments, the original Universe was supposed to find itself in the state of a false vacuum, which means the state of maximum symmetry, while today we are stuck in the state of broken symmetry, or the true vacuum.

But where is that cosmic ratio known to us from our previous discussions?

In fact, 4 : 6 = 2 : 3!


Once again, then, VIP DOSTROYENIE!!!

An extremely important and far-reaching rule was announced in the previous chapter. Let us quote it once again:

„For a successful treatment (of anything and anyone) we need VIP DOSTROYENIE, defined as the synthesis of coherent actions that tune the physical and mental level with the spiritual level, which has the direct access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life”.

That is the theory. And now a bit about practical possibilities of the implementation of this rule.

TD VIP meet the requirements of this specific rule by creating optimum resonance conditions for such tuning to occur!

These resonance conditions are created thanks to precisely calculated vibrations of light, sound, electromagnetic impulse etc. (or various combinations thereof), produced using advanced equipment, while the patient is within their range.

The precision mentioned above is possible only and exclusively thanks to the discovery of methods that determine, using appropriate tests, the form and degree of individual (or directional) un-tuning of the patient with respect to VIP Laws, taking into consideration the vectors of time and space, based on their traditional definitions. Let us remember that, just like the definition itself, since that is the very nature and sense of true causal diagnostics!!!

For scientific clarity we must also add that because of vibration and resonance, as well as asymmetric nature of life itself, TD VIP also takes into consideration and achieves the nature of the desired polarity.


In addition to individual VIP DOSTROYENIE, there is also the so-called directional VIP DOSTROYENIE. It is possible thanks to the discovery of the features of tuning with respect to VIP Laws that are characteristic for „victims” of various illnesses and tendencies or propensity towards various medical conditions, taking into consideration the vectors of traditionally defined time and space. The Direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE is then set and selected by the patient, according to his primary needs.

What is important is that unlike individual tuning variant, directional tuning does not need to be preceded by the tests mentioned earlier. That type of tuning is set by the patient himself, by selecting, based on his own problems and expectations, the closest and most fitting Direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE.

This approach, which means an active participation of the patient in selecting the Direction of his VIP DOSTROYENIE, appears quite „timely”. It is high time that people take responsibility for their life and personal health. This much is required from them by the true cosmic Time!

However, since one man can suffer from more than one problem at the same time, he can select and continue the tuning process in several Directions simultaneously. This is actually very much recommended whenever more than one problem exists, because of the law of resonance of parallel phenomena and the resulting additional synergies – of both the aliments and of tuning! Hence, all of the above Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE are characterized by „compatibility” in terms of resonance!

Given the resonance-based nature of the tuning process, that process will only be effective if resonance occurs, i.e. only when the selected Direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE will be compatible with the patient’s state of untuning. If the choice is wrong, there will be no resonance – which means there will no impact, either positive or negative.

However, names adopted for the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE are so clear and understandable that you would really have to „try very hard” to make the wrong choice!

At the same time, whenever familiarity with the Philosophy of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws provokes that patient to seek such tuning, it will also guarantee that he himself will make the best choice, „through resonance”, of the Directions and Methods of his VIP DOSTROYENIE.

However, whenever the potential patient is unable to learn about the Philosophy of Tuning to VIP Laws due to objective reasons or cannot choose by himself the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE, the Law of CARE requires the persons closest to that patient to make the choice. However, they must do so in a way that does not violate the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE and the Law of TOLERANCE.


The directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE – these are the groups of health and personality-related problems, or even accidents, for which TD VIP proves particularly useful.


            While reading names of the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE and selecting those that apply to ourselves, let us not forget about the most important thing. The names of VIP DOSTROYENIE Directions listed here typically refer to physical, or possibly psychological problems, but in reality they also (if not primarily) apply to the real causes they overshadow, the spiritual problems of our personality.

It is „merely” the purpose of the human body to let these problems express themselves in an adequate manner and „demand” a solution. And the purpose of TD VIP is „merely” to create resonance conditions conductive for the comprehensive solution of these problems at all three levels of a human being simultaneously!

Let us remember that while making a choice about the Direction of our VIP DOSTROYENIE.

Let us remember that the name of each Direction only refers to one level (physical or physiological), but Directional VIP DOSTROYENIE creates resonance conditions for the simultaneous tuning of the other two levels – the real cause of the problems referred to under the name of that direction, or invariably accompanying them. Let us then make full use of the Directional VIP DOSTROYENIE, let us not remain satisfied with just a part of it!


Based on years of experience, the following Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE have been classified:



VIP DOSTROYENIE to stop the growth and eliminate cancerous states and threats



VIP DOSTROYENIE to preserve psycho-emotional balance and to improve adaptive abilities under the conditions of situational stress



VIP DOSTROYENIE to eliminate depression and depressive states



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the body’s energetic capacity and to eliminate chronic tiredness



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the brain and of the nervous system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the heart and the circulatory system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the kidneys and the urinary system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the respiratory system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the digestive system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the blood-producing and lymphatic system



VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the skeletal and joints system 



VIP DOSTROYENIE for the optimum coordination of women’s hormonal system and the functioning of their birth canal



VIP DOSTROYENIE for the optimum coordination of men’s hormonal system and the improvement of the state and function of their urinal and sexual system



VIP DOSTROYENIE for the improvement of body’s detoxication and cleansing functions



VIP DOSTROYENIE to slow down the aging processes and to stimulate the processes of revitalization and rejuvenation



VIP DOSTROYENIE to slow down the development of diabetes and to reduce its symptoms



VIP DOSTROYENIE for the reduction and elimination of allergic states



VIP DOSTROYENIE for the rapid and optimum cure of cold and infections



Distinguishing the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE which are common for the majority of the people is possible because all the people – due to their common anatomy and physiology – remain within relationships defined by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena. However, only the process of associating the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE with the time and space factors determines and guarantees their effectiveness. After all, there does not and cannot exist an effective characteristic of VIP DOSTROYENIE (both directional and individual) that would be independent of the time and space factors. In fact, this also applies to every feature of the human life and human activity. That is the law! More about that in the following chapter.

            It is not hard to notice that in order to distinguish the various Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE, a neutral division of the human body into specific systems and their functions, or functions extending to more than one system was selected. No wonder! After all, the body is a dynamic – in both time and space dimension – hierarchical organization, while the systems and features are the highest organizational structures within that organization. That is why each bodily system and function of an „average” man should possess an optimum – for the given time and space – vibration and resonance characteristic of adaptation and tuning, which in turn should determine the characteristics of all the component structures of the given system and function, down to the smallest units.

It is the loss – at a specific time and space – of that physiological feature of the given system and function that remains the primary condition both for the existence and for the subsequent duration of every pathological process and each disfunction – at a given space and time – within a specific system and function!

That is why restoring that physiological feature, specific for selected system and function, using the Directional VIP DOSTROYENIE is the basis and a precondition for the elimination of all types of pathologies which can exist in a specific system and feature – at a specific time and space!

The remaining Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE were selected on the basis of currently dominant problems and the true needs that arise from them.

Obviously that is not the end of potential Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE. Additional directions will be defined and classified based on additional, real needs!

It must be noted, however, that the Direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE listed above are sufficient, through their various combinations, to deal with a very wide range of potential health and life problems and to provide effective support to simultaneous efforts of doctors, psychologists and other specialists in the resolution of these problems.

In the following part of this publication the Reader will learn that in addition to direct tuning of the patient using TD VIP, it is also possible to tune oneself using Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE. In reality – just as with the Technology of Resonance Conditions Favoring the Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRWSDP VIP, or TD VIP for short) – they are the Resources-Carriers of Conditions that Favor VIP DOSTROYENIE.

They include: water, wine and other types of alcohol, oil of olives and other types of oil and certain types of food which, after being subject to TD VIP, “store and transmit” tuning features they are being assigned to organisms that consume them. It is an effective form – due to the „liquid” nature of our bodies, one that easily resonates with the liquid nature of Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE and a convenient and commonly applicable tuning method.

However, VIP DOSTROYENIE using Resources-Carriers can also be achieved through means other than consuming these resources-carriers. In certain situations, or at a special request, Resources-Carriers are being tuned specifically for external use, for example through baths, cataplasms, etc. – or even by carrying them on oneself. 


On the other hand, cosmetics produced using directionally tuned oil of olives (as well as directionally tuned water and alcohol), are the signs of a new era in cosmetics and skin care!

The same applies to directionally tuned massage oils of all kinds. What is extremely important, is that regardless of whether these types of oil have acquired the desired cosmetic and therapeutic features, tuned oil blocks the exchange of negative (untuning) energy between the masseur and the patient!

It is a new, previously non-existent quality in that type of services and treatments – a quality, however, that is increasingly being understood and expected.

This does sound very optimistic indeed!


         Thus, we already know the practical Methods, Resources and Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE.

However, so as not to forget the most important goals of VIP DOSTROYENIE, it is worth adding two basic definitions at the end of this most pragmatic chapter of this book. They are:


1.Tuning to VIP Laws literally means tuning to the resonance with VIP and its Laws, which in practice means acquiring the skill of optimum resolution of various problems, both health- and life-related – optimum because they occur in the spirit of wisdom of VIP Laws! It also means acquiring skills to set and achieve the goals of life in compliance with the spirit of VIP Laws.

2.On the other hand, both the goal and the destination of TD VIP (TRCFDLTS VIP) is to create essential resonance conditions for the man for the absorption and training in the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality under difficult and increasingly harsher conditions of increasing „pressure” by the VIP Laws and the resulting consequences. It also means creating resonance conditions for the optimum resolution of both health and life problems. 


            Yet another „earthly” association can help us clarify these definitions.:

My publication „Message of the Disease – the Disease as Your Opportunity” states unequivocally that the disease is a severe (too severe in a situation of untuning of VIP Laws by the local piv), but just and highly „qualified” teacher of essential spiritual properties and qualities which the sick patient – „the student” is required to learn as part of his attendance of the Earthly School of VIP Laws. And what is important, is that it must happen at a specific time, otherwise the illness will turn into a chronic, or terminal condition!

It is because we must learn and absorb these essential spiritual features and qualities, that our super-consciousness and subconsciousness directs us to specific classes (conditions) and teachers (illnesses, situations) that exist in the Earthly School of VIP Laws.

Therefore, in order to free ourselves effectively and permanently from particularly severe „teachers” and particularly unpleasant „classes”, we must demonstrate that our personality has absorbed spiritual properties and qualities required from us (by suffering a specific illness or life experience). In a real school, and that undoubtedly includes the Earthly School of VIP Laws, diligent students are not assigned permanently either to a specific teacher or to a specific class. Consequently, it is solely up to ourselves whether we can free ourselves from them!

In the context of the above associations, resonance conditions created by TD VIP can be compared to best-equipped classrooms or operating rooms with the very best and kindest educators, consultants and teachers – the optimum solution given the time, place and real needs of the people who use them.

            In practice it means that, particularly when using treatments based on VIP DOSTROYENIE, as well as resources-carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE, the patients must focus on the resolution of their health and life problems in the spirit of VIP Laws. They should search and „listen” to solutions in the SILENCE of resonance conditions created by those treatments, or by Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE!

Since it is very hard for some people to focus their thoughts, patients who were familiarized with the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN have developed a specific „Biological and Spiritual Review”, which they go through while they are getting tuned. It is very simple and very effective.

It consists of mental and imaginary „turning” to each of the thirty-three discs of the spinal cord with a greeting we already know: „VIP DOSTROYENIE”!

Some of them also address this cosmic greeting to sick places and organs.

While working to resolve life’s problems, they direct this greeting to „points of conflict” of the problems and situations which worry them.

There are also many reports about the extraordinary social and life effects that follow the toasts which accompany the consumption of alcohol – „VIP DOSTROYENIE”!




Since the swine flue epidemic or pandemic was just starting when this publication was going to press, I was also able to add to this chapter the information that according to my studies, the most effective protective (preventive) measure against that disease is „merely” carrying around – for the purpose of field adjustment –a small bottle with oil of olives directionally tuned using TD VIP!

However, treatment of that disease – especially the more „serious” cases – requires other actions that tune back the patient.

Unfortunately, the preventive measure proposed above is „only” a potential option! After all, who will believe in it?!

And why?

The answer is found in the chapters „Who will be the candidate for bird’s flue virus?” and „Think… before you judge”

Alas! My extensive clinical experience with patients using TD VIP, as well as numerous meetings with scientists who use the physics of resonance in medicine, have produced one disturbing conclusion.

At the center of attention of both the patients and those who treat them, there is usually only one factor, the human factor. Meanwhile, human life and the state of personal health is a function of dynamic co-existence of three factors: time, spatial and human!

Historically we have often seen situations where people came out of a serious illnesses „merely” by changing at a specific time the place where they were staying. Obviously we are thinking here about a meaningful movement in the time and space. Of course, the reverse was true sometimes. The same applies to „quality” of life events and situations.

This truth is also confirmed by scientific astrology.

            It is clear that this truth is a serious complication for the problem of illnesses and their treatment. It requires, after all, that all three factors are taken into consideration equally. However, the same is also required by scientific humility – humility in the face of facts!

The basis of TD VIP is the simultaneous and equivalent consideration of these three factors. In practice it means, among other things, that tuning characteristics (MAaD) assigned to individual patients or Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE have their pre-defined „expiry dates” and „territorial ranges”. Why? Because that is how we must understand and apply the „consideration of vectors of the traditionally defined time and space”. Obviously this rule also applies to Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE.

For practical clarity we must add that „territorial ranges” typically apply to units such as regions, individual countries or even groups of countries – that depends on the objective needs and previous arrangements.

On the other hand, „expiry dates” determine the exact date up to which a specific feature of VIP DOSTROYENIE will be fulfilling its role.

What is important is that after the „expiry date”, resources-carriers of tuning become neutral from the point of view of resonance.

However, it must be noted clearly that these time- and space-related „limitations” are the backbone of TD VIP DOSTROYENIE, because this „trinity-like” approach is the result of something very specific. Namely:

Thanks to the fact that it occurs in that „trinity-like” context, effective VIP DOSTROYENIE does not limit itself merely to effective treatment of a specific medical aliment. It also „teaches” the person that is getting tuned to have a better feel and the use of both time and space (time and space) – it teaches the art of successful life!

It has been known for a long time that the art of successful life means, among other things, „knowing how to be in the right place at the right time (time and space), or learning how to adapt oneself in the optimum manner to the given time and space (time and space).

Such art, in both variants, is and will remain increasingly essential in our times – times of disturbances, economic crises, wars, earthquakes and other disasters, epidemic and pandemic outbreaks. It will also determine chances of survival in the upcoming and inevitable apocalyptic events!

Luckily, that art is just part of the opportunities produced by VIP DOSTROYENIE.


In our earthly experience frequently it is the „darkness that defines light and evil defines the good”. Similarly, fuller understanding of the opportunities, chances and prospects produced by VIP DOSTROYENIE is due to the understanding of the impact of the reverse of that process – the impact of mass untuning of whole groups of people.

Undoubtedly, it will help us here to quote a passage from the „The Message of Bird’s Flue to Humanity”.

Here it is:

„…The man, the host of this Planet, has untuned himself too far in terms of his psycho-physical-spiritual state with respect to Universal Laws of Time and Space. And each man is also a huge generator and his untuning upsets the harmony of the Time and Space. A great number of people alive today who are simultaneously at such high degree of untuning must be provoking a reaction of the Time and Space. And it does.

The earth as such is also subject to the Laws of Time and Space. It remains in resonance with them. That is why events such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, weather anomalies, tsunami etc., are the  reactions of the Earth and the Time and Space to man’s actions. The same applies to epidemics and pandemics, bird’s flue virus included.

All of these serve as warning signs, messages and educational resources for the humanity. However, the humanity fails to understand and accept these messages. No wonder, since modern medicine does not understand message of the disease either. That, however, does not augur well…”

Still, as the old saying goes, „there is a method in this madness”. And indeed there is!

It means, after all, that the scope of the above „educational-penal” events on our Planet also (if not primarily) depends on the degree of untuning of men. And that in turn means it can be reduced, minimized or even eliminated altogether using VIP DOSTROYENIE of men. We are not helpless then!

Additionally, it is worth knowing that a tuned man is a very strong generator that „radiates” himself to other people and the environment! That is a true VIP Ecology!

            Alas! We cannot forget that the Earthly School of VIP Laws has so far „operated” in an environment of serious untuning of our Planet and its inhabitants, caused by the local piv. We also cannot forget that this also applies to the retuning of VIP Laws in the earthly Time and Space and the retuning of its „physics”. One has to assume then, that this retuning also had to affect purity of the relationships between various states of mass untuning of mankind on a specific territory at a certain time (time and space) and the „educational-penal” events with which the Planet and the Time and Space react to specific instances of mass human untuning. In practice it means that the consequences weren’t always suffered by those who deserved them!

It must be noted, however, that the increase in „pressure” by VIP Laws not only increases the quantity, intensity and scope of these „educational-penal” events, but also straightens out those distorted dependencies, making it possible to read them in an objective manner.


Thanks to the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN and the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena, it was possible to calculate in percentages the contribution of three of their main causal effects to the occurrence of specific types of disasters:


  1. Direct impact of human untuning
  2. Direct impact of the local piv
  3. Other types of influence, as yet unknown to us.


The first factor is due to the fact that the state of „tuning-untuning” of the humanity is a state of dynamic synthesis of several billion „human generators” and as such it affects not just the Earth, but also the widely defined Cosmos, particularly the Sun.

Observations of the Sun appear to confirm this thesis. It was noted that large earthquakes, large-scale weather anomalies, large-scale epidemic and pandemic outbreaks and even wars are preceded by changes on the Sun. However, no one has thought that the Sun’s reactions are secondary to the massive and specific untuning of large groups of people at a specific time and place – many (sometimes great many) millions of „human generators” resonating chaotically and sending out enormous and destructive vibrations through the Time and Space of our Solar System. That is why the Sun – „the heart” and the main generator of life-sustaining vibrations – must react in an adequate manner in order to maintain this whole System alive.

It is quite possible that the „operating” mechanism of the other causal factors is also similar!


       While studying the statistics presented below please do not forget that historically the causal contribution of local piv in the occurrence of all human suffering and disasters totaled as much as 90%. This also applies to its contribution in causing such a high degree of untuning of humanity with respect to VIP Laws – untuning which, as described below, contributes directly to the occurrence of „educational-penal” cataclysmic events on Earth. Thus, causal contribution of the local piv to the occurrence of these cataclysmic events is objectively much higher than the one given below!!!

Wherever a specific factor has an insignificant contribution, we omit it altogether in our calculations.

Here are the statistics:

Causal contribution of human untuning in the occurrence of earthquakes totals approximately 50%, while direct share of the local piv – approximately 25%.

In phenomena such as tsunami and flooding, causal contribution of human untuning reaches as much as 83%.

Causal contribution of human untuning to the occurrence of hurricanes and storms reaches as high as 93%.

Untuning of men has an approximately 50% share, while the local piv has about 10% share in the contribution to droughts.

Human factor has an approximately 50% share in the occurrence of epidemics, with local piv at approximately 37%, while in the case of pandemics, the human factor has a 73% share.

In conclusion, it means that the humanity “deserves” the so-called natural disasters in their just, „educational-penal” role in 65% of the cases. In 25% of all cases local piv contributes to their occurrence.

Interestingly, direct causal share of human untuning is particularly high in the case of disasters that have a „water-based” nature. Interesting and obvious at the same time!


However, the most terrifying, because it is the most unjust in terms of consequences is the direct share of the human factor as a cause of wars – it reaches just 20%, while the local piv accounts for approximately 67%. Which means that wars are caused by a huge, even extreme demand for human energy of life by the local piv. In any case no one will question the fact that during wars people lose the greatest amounts of that „holy” energy.

What, then, does the increase in the numbers of wars breaking out and dragging on forever means? More than that, wars that break out without special „human” causes. We can answer that question ourselves!

Local piv also has a relatively high direct contribution to the famine epidemics – it reaches approximately 45%, while the share of human untuning totals approximately 32%! This fact also gives us a lot to think about!


Undoubtedly, the above statistics are partly depressing, partly, however, they give us hope. After all, the most important thing is that we finally start to understand our situation and the causes of what is happening!

The hope comes from the fact that if the level of awareness and objective reasoning of the majority of people will be high, people themselves won’t allow themselves to be mutually destroyed!!

Interestingly, the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN together with the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena also allows us to define with a high degree of precision those untuning personality traits that make the „candidates for participation” in most of the above situations. Why? Presumably not to scare, but rather to learn individual and collective Cosmic Personality. And it is safer to learn using models than reality!

That is why, in the meantime – let us learn using the „model” of bird’s flue syndrome.



A certain, albeit unexpected confirmation of the educational „effectiveness” of selected disasters is the results of the studies conducted by the Department of Disaster Medicine at the Medical Academy in Poznan (Poland), with which I have worked closely at one time.

The studies concerned the so-called „post-traumatic stress syndrome” and their subjects were the victims of the great flood that affected southern and western Poland in the 1990’s.

As a result of those studies it was scientifically proven „as an aside”, that regardless of the negative impact of this „syndrome”, the flood has „reconciled” many small disputed small communities. Wherever previously there was a long-lasting conflict, numerous examples of solidarity and true sacrifice were now observed.

Alas! No disaster researcher has reached the conclusion that it is „forced” stimulation of such attitudes that is the main cause of the so-called natural disasters! All those researchers are focusing so much on searching for ways to minimize the effects of potential disasters, but they fail to notice their causes and fail to read their messages.

When will the scientists finally „wake up”? After all, it is the scientists who should be the pioneers and creators of new paradigms for new human civilization!

Thanks to this new knowledge it is already possible to predict who is, or will be the potential candidate for a victim of the bird’s flue virus. Luckily, not everyone! In any case, in the past epidemic and pandemic outbreaks, not all those exposed to infection succumbed to it. The victims were those, who found themselves in a specific place at a specific time (time and space) and at the same time were in the state of specific un-tuning characteristic for the specificity of this epidemic.

What are the features of specific un-tuning of the candidate at risk from bird’s flue syndrome? It is worth noting that these are also the features of the specific un-tuning of those, who according to the uncompromising Law of Resonance will be the main “instruments” in the propagation of any epidemic. (The Law of Resonance and the process of resonance are the basis of the physics of Time and Space).

Let’s start with the spine, which reflects, represents and determines that specificity in the form of blockades mentioned earlier. Let’s just recall that the term blockade is meant as a hindrance, restriction and slowing down of the flow of energy and information through specific segment of the spine, taking into consideration both local and general consequences of the existence of such blockade.

The information essential for the discovery and marking of the blockages was provided during the discussion of the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN.


Candidates who may fall ill due to bird’s flue virus are the people who suffer from blockades of spine segments listed below.

The degree of risk from bird’s flue virus is determined by the number of blockades affecting each man (among those listed below) and their sequence. The greater the number of blockades, the greater the threat. The sequence I have provided shows their importance for the potential illness to develop, starting with the most serious ones:


  1. Th4 (fourth thoracic vertebrae)
  2. Th10 (tenth thoracic vertebrae)
  3. Th3 (third thoracic vertebrae)
  4. C3 (third cervical vertebrae)
  5. C5 (fifth cervical vertebrae)
  6. Th5 (fifth thoracic vertebrae)


The degree of blockage of these segments represents, in turn, the level of un-tuning of man’s personality with respect to the following Features of Universal Cosmic Personality and in the following sequence:


  1. JOY
  3. FAITH


With respect to the main feature of the Feature of Universal Cosmic Personality, which is LOVE, these segments represent candidate’s un-tuning and exposure to bird’s flue virus with respect to the following symptoms (aspects) of LOVE listed in the Bible (I am listing them in an order that determines the degree of risk, starting with the most serious ones):


  1. Love is not self-seeking
  2. Love is not easily angered
  3. Love always hopes
  4. Love always trusts
  5. Love is not proud
  6. Love is not rude
  7. Love keeps no record of wrongs
  8. Love does not delight in evil


It turns out that the bird’s flue virus is increasingly entering into „resonance interactions” with flue viruses, for which the main „nourishment – victim” are other animals – especially those kept under „inhuman” conditions. However, since these conditions are the result of human projections – eventually the people turn into the „nourishment – victim” of these „resonance interactions” of the bird’s flue virus with viruses of other animal flue types. In turn, that fact means that the characteristics (specificity) of untuning of the personalities of candidates for these animal-human flue types, to a large extent overlap with the characteristics of untuning of the personalities of candidates for bird’s flue virus. For example, with respect to swine flue, these characteristics overlap approximately in 75%.

In any case, in reality those are just the different variants of the bird’s flue virus, since the bird’s flue virus plays the leading role in „resonance interactions” between that virus and other viruses.

One must not forget, however, that it is the untuning of human personalities – the hosts of this Planet, that plays the main role in the appearance of those and other „resonance interactions” between viruses! It is the main cause of these interactions! The viruses and their „resonance interactions” are just the results – the instruments of VIP Laws. They will appear as long as the man does not turn into a MAN!

All that is the brutal truth!

On the other hand, the humanity is partially justified with respect to its contribution to untuning as a cause of epidemics and pandemics by the fact that this share reaches 50% and 73% respectively, as shown in the previous chapter.

It means, unfortunately, that the local piv possesses a significant capacity to „create” one epidemic outbreak or another, or, to a lesser extent, a pandemic outbreak. However, it can do so only and exclusively through specifically untuned people – especially certain scientists, businesspeople, etc. Sad to say, but apparently it is finding them!

Still, in that situation the most effective preventive measure against epidemic and pandemic infections – not to mention the treatment of actual infections – remains developing one’s personality. Since that is not easy, taking into consideration the high degree of untuning of the humanity – even if not fully “deserved” by it – that is why Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE appeared. However, they „only” create the Resonance Conditions Promoting the Tuning to VIP Laws – the will to work to improve oneself is „also” needed as well!

What is comforting (but only „philosophically”) is also the fact that in an environment of increasing „pressure” by VIP Laws, potential epidemic and pandemic outbreaks will become more „just” in the selection of „victims”, while the people who manipulate them – will deservedly become their (and not just their) initial victims!

However, regardless of the existence of real epidemic or pandemic threats, provoking „constructive worries”, it is also worth remembering that in an environment of rising „pressure” by VIP Laws, the local piv will need an increasing amount of human energy of life shed on its behalf by fear-driven human masses.

As it happens, provoking fear about the epidemic or pandemic outbreaks was never difficult – it is particularly easy today, using the so-called „media” inspired by the local piv.

In order to avoid becoming the participant and a „victim” of the psychosis of fear against any epidemic or pandemic – and without ignoring real and objective threats – one must rather develop a stable personality, rich with the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality. That is the surest and most effective medical insurance! It is also the most certain and most durable of life’s investments!

But why specifically do we have to reach for the Bible? – quite a few readers are bound to ask. The Bible – in addition to its religious and historic values – also represents common mental background of experiences of the entire humanity! That in turn is due to internal structure and physiology, which are common for all the people, regardless of their race or nationality.

Carl Gustav Jung has called this phenomenon the collective unconsciousness. And the behavioral patterns that appear in the experiences of various peoples and people („adaptive patterns” – author’s note) he referred to as archetypes of collective unconsciousness. In that precise context some of the visions described in the Bible were images-projections accompanying the process of tuning, which occurred within the bodies of certain special individuals.

Thanks to that – it is possible to reverse-utilize these dependencies!

My research shows that the visions of John in particular, described in the Book of Revelation, present the opportunity to stimulate the „adaptive patterns” that are particularly useful for the tuning of a modern man. I would also like to add that they can even be useful in coping with oncological conditions! At the same time I would like to note that the „work” with those visions should consist of engaging the Mind’s power of imagination rather than the force of intellect.

Consequently, those interpreting the Book of Revelation should „cure themselves” as quickly as possible from any attempts to make „the sole right” interpretation of that book. Its main destiny is to be read by each person individually, engaging mainly the strength of imagination of their Mind. Only this way it will be possible to release the optimum „adaptive patterns” that are locked in and sleeping within us.

It is high time, then, to abandon the prejudice and to use that all-human capital that is the Bible. That book should no longer be serving religious purposes alone!

In my many years of studies I am proving that the structure of Time and Space, the structure of man’s anatomy and the structure of the Bible correspond to each other and reflect themselves in a mutual manner, according to the cosmic law of resonance of parallel phenomena. That discovery has formed the foundation for the universal cosmic medicine, psychology and philosophy! That discovery is also the basis of both the Philosophy and Technologies of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws.

However, since having a scientist focus on the Bible sometimes provokes less than „scientific” reactions within the scientific community, I would like to explain briefly my attitude towards this Book. Here it is:

I do not wish to encourage anyone to read the Bible – that is a  matter of personal resonance.

I also don’t want to „defend” the Bible – the very fact it exists defends that book.

I also understand, more so than it might appear, the probability that it was „contaminated” by the local piv.

I can „only” scientifically prove that the main message of the Bible is not contained within its text, but also in its structure and the resulting resonance – with the structure of VIP and with the structure of human anatomy. And neither the local piv nor the Biblical „scholars” have so far paid attention to that. No one, then, was able to „contaminate” that message!

Finally, the discovery of that resonance makes it possible to scientifically prove that, which is expressed by the „creation of man in the image of his Creator”, as suggested in the Bible:


 „And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…

So God created man in his own image.

In the image of God he created him”.


(The Book of Genesis 1:26,27)

Ambrosius Pare, the most distinguished surgeon of the Renaissance era must have felt that message intuitively when he announced the following principle:

„Anatomy leads directly to knowledge of the Creator, just as the result leads to knowledge of the cause”.

(Le premier livre de l`anatomie)

The answer to that and many other questions are found in my book „The Cosmic Message of the Anatomy of Man”, written simultaneously with this work. It also creates the foundations for a new direction in science – the Philosophy of Human Anatomy!

The book also expands on that subject, which is only briefly mentioned in this publication.

Unfortunately, it must be assumed that a reference to the Bible could prevent some Readers from an objective reception of this publication and its message. However, please „believe” conditionally and give yourself a chance to rethink this text – just as Universal LOVE, which „believes everything” does and advises to do. It is merely a conditional acceptance of the proposed suggestions up to the moment they are tested and rethought. Universal LOVE has nothing to do with naivete! After all the Bible itself says that „only the simple believes every word”! (Book of Proverbs 14:15)

The proposed attitude can also be identified with humility. It undoubtedly corresponds with the Law of HUMILITY, which is one of Universal VIP Laws. Apparently Universal LOVE remains in resonance with It.

In other words, the attitude proposed by the Bible is that of universal spiritual „golden means” – the balance between humility and self-assurance!

Let us then take example of It, unless we want to fall a victim, not just to the bird flue virus!

Interestingly, potential candidates for bird’s flue virus are also characterized by the problem of FAITH, an important Feature of the Universal Cosmic Personality, including of course man’s personality. Does that mean that this „risk group” won’t believe in the message brought to humanity by the bird’s flue virus?

It must be added that the issue of FAITH is also the result of re-tuning VIP Laws and the emotional sphere of man by the local piv – and consequently also his mental and spiritual sphere. The result of these re-tunings is the so-called „re-tuned faith syndrome”.


Re-tuned faith syndrome is the surprising credulity of most people to all kinds of untruths and the equally surprising suspicion and incredulity towards objective truth!


The problem is that this „re-tuned faith syndrome” is deeply rooted in man’s biological structure, particularly in his spine – the macro-antenna and consequently also in the system of micro-antennas, the DNA.

How did that happen and through what mechanism that in-depth rooting is „inherited” by each following generation?

We have partially explained that phenomenon in the context of discussing the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN. However, understanding of this issue is important enough, that we will discuss it once again, although from a somewhat different perspective.

Apparently, as a result of a certain manipulation by the local piv of the „physics” of earthly Time and Space, that syndrome becomes rooted in the body during childhood and at a very early young age. That rooting consists of the fact that the state of training the personality with respect to FAITH, an important feature of that personality, as reached at that very early age, becomes permanently embedded in the biological structure of man for all of his subsequent life. That rooting is the result of a literal and premature ossification at the sacral section of the spine, of the segment which is associated with that feature in terms of energo-information. No wonder then, that it is reflected by the „spiritual ossification” of the personality with respect to that important feature.

To a very large extent, that mechanism also applies to other personality features, particularly GOODNESS, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS AND SELF-CONTROL. That is why it is so hard for an adult to make major changes in his personality with respect to that, which he has „developed” – usually unconsciously – in his childhood and in early teenage years.

Surprisingly it is GOODNESS, that most „human” of all personality traits, that resonates with four (out of five) segments of sacral section of the spine that become ossified so quickly, rooting that feature at a level achieved at the age of hormonal tempest and uncontrolled explosions of youthful immaturity.

That is extremely unjust!

There is more!

Spiritual characteristics of that early rooting are particularly strong, giving the personality the nature „developed” at that time for the reminder of one’s life!

Unfortunately, there is a biological explanation for that. Specifically:

Durability and „rigidity” and the „strength” of spiritual consequence of that sacral rooting appears to be based primarily on the fact that the final result of ossification is the sacrum – a monolith that has „absorbed” within it sacral section of the spine. That monolith is also the foundation, the base of physical strength and attitude of each man. In a way, it is the physical location of power of every man!

That truth seems to be confirmed by the fact that the internal spinal „contents” of that bone monolith represent core sections of parasympathetic nervous system, which, unlike the sympathetic nervous system, is focused on accumulating energy. One example is the huge amount of sexual energy that originates from that very section!

That is why rooting the features of spiritual immaturity in the physical place of man’s power becomes the source of „power” and permanence of these immature features in all of his subsequent life!

The mechanism of sacral rooting is without a doubt a physiological one. However, it should have been realized much later. First, the man should have had the time and conditions for the proper training of personality features related to that rooting. Then and only then, it would benefit the man to make these features permanent and to give them, thanks to conscious work over oneself, a unique, individual style. And presumably that was the original destiny of this mechanism!

Meanwhile, the local piv, by manipulating „physics” of the earthly Time and Space, has greatly accelerated that physiological process. This way it has stripped us of the opportunity for a long and happy life!


This way man’s sacral bone – the os sacrum – is not just a symbol, but rather a real „cross” on the spiritual path of the earthly man!


It also appears increasingly obvious that overcoming that „cross” was one of the main goals of the study and the mission of Jesus Christ!!!

A disturbing question arises – to what extent was it the purpose of the „cult of the cross”, highly popular on Earth, to turn human attention away from the biological and spiritual „cross” carried by every man?

Who is behind it?

Let us answer that question ourselves!

And to get an answer to that question let us make a brief review of certain consequences arising from that „cross”.


It turns out that this „mechanism of rooting through premature ossification of the sacral sections of the spine” is also the primary cause of corruption – and corruption is the antithesis of GOODNESS, SELF-CONTROL and FAITH in higher ideals!

That is why this disease is nearly incurable!

The same mechanism is the basis of the so-called inborn aggression, exhibited by nearly all the people. However, my studies show unequivocally that this aggression was acquired during childhood and during very early teenage years and is only rooted „permanently” through the ossification process mentioned earlier.

It is primarily that mechanism that lies behind the propensity of people towards mutual destruction and wars!

In order to effectively complicate man’s adult life, that „rooting through premature ossification” also has very close association with the human sexuality. The reason behind it is that areas of that ossification in the spine are also anatomically and neuro-physiologically associated with sexuality. As a result of that mechanism, the degree of maturity (or rather immaturity) of the personality, particularly in terms of GOODNESS, FAITH, KINDNESS, GENTLENESS and SELF-CONTROL reached at the time of ossification, which occurs at teenagehood – will also be permanently reflected in the sexuality of that individual through all of his subsequent life. A similar situation applies to aggression in this respect and to prostitution – the analogy to corruption in the public life!

In conclusion – corruption and prostitution possess the same roots!

As can be seen, the consequences of premature rooting are truly horrifying!

The above mechanism requires not just radical, but total changes in the way children and young people are taught! However, since that mechanism has been unknown so far – it is not included in any educational or pedagogical system.

Meanwhile, a very young person „learns” and shapes his personality mainly based on the example of adults – who obviously are untuned and re-tuned in every possible way and who do not understand the strength of their influence on children and young people!

This way the „syndrome of re-tuned faith” is perpetuated from one generation to the next without being noticed. A similar situation exists with respect to aggression and corruption, as well as sexual deviations and prostitution that were mentioned earlier.

It is horrifying and unjust at the same time, because that fact and that mechanism strips men of a real chance to develop a stable personality for life, since it applies to their spiritual abilities to tell between truth and falsehood!

And since that syndrome is, to a large extent also responsible for cancerous disease – it means that the „candidates” for that terrible condition are picked at a very young age! Without resetting that syndrome at the biological-spiritual level, there can be no radical progress in oncology as well.

I have explained in more detail the origins of that manipulation in the „Cosmic Message of Anatomy of Man”. However, we will refer to that important syndrome and its consequences in the subsequent part of this publication.

Since the issue of FAITH often appears in our considerations, let us define what that faith is.

We already know that it is one of nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality. We also already know that it is one of the features of the Energy of Life.

It means, that just like patience and other Features of the Universal Cosmic Personality, faith is an active force. It also means that the manifestation of faith in our life reinforces the flow of the Sole Force of Life through our body and through our life.

However, since it would be difficult to produce a better definition than the Biblical one, let us quote a verse that refers to it.

In the Book of Hebrews 11.1 we read that:

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

In another translation of the Bible this verse reads as follows:

„And faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen”.

Let us read deeply into these words and even better, let us memorize them!

Here after all we have an excellent recipe to achieve effectively one’s goals in life. More than that! A recipe written with a scientific precision and an extensive knowledge of the spiritual psychology, human mind and the physics of the Time and Space.

As it also turns out, each of the so-called men of „success” have always used it – as proven by contemporary scientific studies about the causes and mechanisms of their success. Obviously most of them have understood that „mystery” in a purely intuitive manner. However, their successes, truly impressive from the point of view of the majority, hasn’t brought none of them true and lasting happiness! Unfortunately researchers of the men of „success” usually keep quiet about that finale.

Why is the end like that? Because use of the extraordinary abilities of the human psyche towards goals incompatible with the spirit of VIP Laws always leads to a disaster! That is one law we must learn while attending the Earthly School of VIP Laws.

The time has come now for us to learn about VIP criteria for the construction of safe goals. This book is just one of the publications that speaks about it.

Let us then set ourselves courageous goals, worthy of a universal man and then achieve them using that Biblical recipe – „full of assurance of waiting” for their fulfillment!

It is quite obvious that the local piv could not fail to use these cosmic properties of the human psyche.

It also knew perfectly well that if the man understood the depth, the nature and the power of FAITH, he would have never allowed himself to be used to the extent he actually did. It also knew that if the man set his goals according to VIP Laws, it would never be able to achieve the piv goals!

That is why it became a strategic, essential goal for it to implement a „treatment” that leads to the re-tuning of man’s faith towards the „syndrome of re-tuned faith” we spoke about earlier. That has allowed piv to harness the man to achieve not man’s, but rather piv goals „thanks” to the credulity of men and their great susceptibility to suggestions, the result of such re-tuning.

That became particularly common with respect to various cults and beliefs.

Because of this credulity, throughout history man has „given up” enormous quantities of his energy of life to countless cults and beliefs, which in turn led to the „appearance” in the earthly Time and Space (or more precisely in the earthly space and time) of enormous religious „egregores”, which collect and store that energy. On whose behalf – it is obvious!

Hence the word „faith” gradually became the synonym of naive religiosity and usually evokes mainly religious associations and prejudices.

Contemporary man is prejudiced towards everything associated with the term „faith”, including also towards the use of the power of FAITH in his life! This is one way that the other property of the „syndrome of re-tuned faith” manifests itself, the prejudice towards all objective truth!

Using those means, despite the fall of religion’s position in the contemporary world, the goal of piv in this respect still holds up quite well.

Man, wake up!

Discover the power of FAITH, but only use it in the VIP style!

Do not equate religiosity with religion!

Religiosity is not religion – it is an internal experience of one’s own being!

It is expected that Readers who followed this publication up to this point, are prepared for constructive acceptance of new information.

This time it is the set of cosmological information which are essential for our further considerations. A more complete discussion of VIP Cosmology is found in the chapter that bears that title.

I believe that there should be no special controversies when I say that a natural – inspired by the Law of the NEED OF DEVELOPMENT – tendency of our (and not just our) world is the striving to „expand” to new dimensions, higher in terms of their vibration level. That is not surprising, since the life of the Universe is not just a phenomenon of Time and Space, but a multi-dimensional phenomenon, and real adaptation also means constant expansion of the ability to function at many dimensions simultaneously.

„Expansion” of the worlds towards other dimensions is the law of physics of the Time and Space of the Universe and occurs cyclically at regular intervals, although these cycles are different at various Universes.

A cycle is a set period of time „assigned” to individual worlds to prepare them for „expansion” by another dimension (dimensions). It is a function of „energo-geometric machinery” of the Universe and no one has the right to and cannot stop it – not even when that world and its residents aren’t prepared for it!

Alas, that last statement refers to our world and its inhabitants. Humanity is not prepared for „expansion” by another dimension (dimensions) and the „preparatory” cycle is near its end – as shown by the increasingly frequent events „incompatible” with physics as is known to us in the earthly Time and Space. Not coincidentally, the increase in the frequency of these anomalous events corresponds in time with the increase in pressure of the Energy of Life (and an increase in „pressure” by VIP Laws) in the earthly Time and Space.

Since humanity is not ready for that expansion, in that situation we should expect not so much a peaceful merger, but rather a collision of dimensions accompanied stormy and painful events!

It is true that we are being justified by a whole set of facts – which are being discussed in this publication – which singularly show that the humanity had not had a chance to prepare itself. But no one will stop cosmic „machinery”! What can be done, then?

In that situation there can only be one solution – a fast track preparation – or fast-track VIP DOSTROYENIE and fast-track VIP Adaptation!

However, one pre-condition for the successful implementation of these accelerated processes is accelerated education in what happened and how it happened – who and how stripped us of a chance to properly prepare for that Time?!

Meanwhile, finding scientific answers to these questions is not easy, because our earthly science does not know and has no ways of direct insight into other dimensions. That is why we have to use other, indirect methods.

Here is the diagnosis of and the origins of the situation in which the humanity has found itself, obtained using the method of energo informational synthesis of parallel phenomena.

Here is the understanding of what is the essential precondition of accelerated education!

It turns out that since the origins of our civilization (or even since the dawn of humanity), forces from other dimensions of the force have interfered with the earthly Time and Space. The result was the creation of the local time and space in the earthly Time and Space, already known to us as the local piv.

Nonetheless, we must understand first that the precondition for the very existence of the local piv was the re-tuning of „physics” of the earthly Time and Space through premature and partial merger of the dimensions of our earthly Time and Space with another dimension (or dimensions), which we will refer to as the „astral world”.

It is true that the scientists may have some reservations in studying reports about „astral phenomena”. However, since the information about the „astral world” and „astral phenomena” comes from different, independent researches – and they maintain a high degree of informational repetitiveness in terms of their content – we should take them into consideration and apply to them the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena.

Just one example! All researchers of the „astral world” tell us about its extraordinary – from the point of view of our world – properties and opportunities. And the same researchers report that these extraordinary properties and opportunities have brought and are bringing the people a lot more problems and disasters than benefits! Why?

Primarily because a high level of Cosmic Ethics is essential for the proper use of „physiological” properties and opportunities of the „astral world” (or the dimensions that form it), – a high level of tuning to VIP Laws. And if we add that the „astral world” is re-tuned to an extreme extent, since its re-tuning with respect to VIP Laws exceeds 80% – the condition of „high level of Cosmic Ethics” becomes a condition of safety in any kind of relations with that world!

Without fulfilling this condition, the consequences of attempts to use the „services” of such extremely re-tuned „astral world” are tragic for the re-tuned mankind!

That is why evil thoughts, evil wishes, evil intentions are redoubling their presence, while good ones meet with resistance!

That is also why contemporary media – which most often are at the services of the local piv – pour „esoteric” literature with ready-made instructions on how to use the „astral knowledge” for the achievement of egoistical and low goals on spiritually and ethically immature human masses!

There also exists a whole number of „professional” services in this area, such as advice from clairvoyants or psychics, fortune tellers, magic, etc., etc. Also increasingly popular are the courses on the use of knowledge from that field to gain money, riches, a partner, positions, etc., etc.

The one thing left out is the need to teach Cosmic Ethics, and that probably applies to one side, as well as the other!

The fact that it „works” does not mean yet that we should be using it!

Let us remember, however!

In a situation of incoming complete merger (or rather collision) of dimensions and in a situation of growing „pressure” by the VIP Laws, the responsibility for the very fact of possessing the Mind and the responsibility for ways and consequences of its use increases even more! Words of the Bible are becoming more and more relevant:

 „One reaps what one sows” (Galatians 6:7).

However, in order not to produce unnecessary and harmful prejudices, we must add that the astral dimension means a higher vibration level, one which naturally offers extraordinary properties and opportunities with respect to our existing world. We must accept, then, that precisely because of these naturally extraordinary properties and opportunities and because of its closeness (being in parallel) with our world and the consequent natural tendency for them to combine – it was first extremely re-tuned and then used by forces that form local piv.

It is those special properties and opportunities of the astral level that have allowed „invisible” parts of the local piv to play the role of „god” for men – especially by creating various types of religious cults.

It is the impulses and projections from that level that have turned men to pay homage to a piece of paper – the „god” – money!

It appears that our previous discussions clearly show that the man was given no chance to prepare for the functioning in the field of normal, let alone re-tuned „astral world” (or astral dimensions). On the contrary! The very fact that he was found in that field without prior preparation has only hastened man’s fall and his re-tuning with respect to VIP Laws.

Alas! That was an important part of anti-human and anti-VIP plan. The end result was the imprisonment of the human being „between” the worlds – something, however, which he does not see and cannot realize!

One particularly dangerous and insidious property of the re-tuned „astral world” for a re-tuned man is the existence in it of extremely favorable conditions for the formation of the so-called „egregores”, which live at the expense of human energy of life. It is those „egregores” that appear to be the key to understanding the nature of manipulation of the humanity by piv. Let us explain, then, what is it, that „egregore”?

Certain physicists define „egregore” as a synthesis of human thoughts and emotions in the form of frequency-based formations that occur based on combinations of similar wave-like structures into a single energo-informational being.

Other scientists, more esoterically inclined, claim that during our life we constantly join various „egregore-like structures” that are invisible to us, which were “created” earlier by various groups of humans, which support us in what we are doing when we follow their program. However, when we want to free ourselves, the „egregores” defend themselves actively and put up obstacles to our path, not wanting to lose a precious provider.

It is that last property of the „egregores” that provokes the most serious ethical doubts – since it clearly does not fit the framework of Cosmic Ethics!

Nonetheless, it is worth remembering these „definitions”, since we will go back to the motive of the „egregores” many times later.

Meanwhile, let us try to resolve one serious problem that affects every man, although most people do not realize it exists. However, thanks to our discussion, which gradually reveal the nature of manipulation of man and humanity, there is now a real chance to diagnose it properly.

The problem is that researchers of the „astral phenomena”, who do not suspect any manipulation, believe that man’s emotional body is the same as his astral body. At the same time these researchers report about definite associations between that body with the „astral world”, which in the context of our discussions forces us to reflect and to pose disturbing, but justifiable questions:

Is that really one and the same body?

Could it be that it is two overlapping bodies, which would mean that to the five known bodies of man we must add a sixth, the astral body? And if so, where did it „came from”, since the man was not prepared to coexist with the astral dimensions, but was equipped with an astral body?

To what extent is man’s physiology correct and to what extent pathological?

Whichever way it is, the term „dostroyenie” is also prepared to handle that surprise, since 2 x 3 = 6

Nonetheless, because that “phenomenon” is so inconclusive, we will refer to it as – astro-emotional body.

At the same time, the fact – one accepted by the vast majority of researchers – that in terms of resonance, human astro-emotional bodies are dominated by the „astral world”, that fact decrypts and exposes the cause and the goal of the extreme re-tuning of that world by the local piv. That goal is to collect and store secondary energy of life, an important form of which is the human emotional energy.

Alas! This logic clearly seems to lead to a very disturbing conclusion, namely: in that situation human astro-emotional bodies must also be re-tuned to an extreme extent!

A careful Reader will probably associate this discussion with what we said earlier about the re-tuning of man’s emotional sphere by the local piv. Rightly so!

We know already that the man loses the greatest quantity of his life energy through emotional instability and emotional shocks. But now, we begin to understand that this occurs through resonance association of our re-tuned astro-emotional bodies with the extremely re-tuned „astral world”.

But that is not the end of it!

For that energetic parasitism there is no „better” location than the „vibrational location” of astro-emotional body – „between” the ethereal and mental body. It is mainly because of that location that the human astro-ethereal body is „feeding like a parasite” not just on the neighboring bodies – ethereal and mental, but also physical and spiritual. It has „invaded” and captured parts of these bodies, which anatomically and physiologically, should be outside of its reach!

Human heart is a special example of that „invasion” and subordination.

Being a striated muscle, it should be, just as all other muscles of that kind, subject at least to some significant extent, to man’s will. However, it was dominated by the astro-emotional body. The situation therefore, is not normal!

It is not surprising then, that our hearts, subordinated to our (?) emotional instability and our (?) emotional shocks, wear out so quickly!

My own research and the research of others also shows that the man’s entire muscular system – particularly striated muscles – are a place of „anchoring” of physiological emotional body. In the context of our considerations, we must also treat it as a place of „anchoring” of the astro-emotional body.

Consequently, but this time in connection with just my own studies, I would also like to bring up a certain message from the „Cosmic Message of the Anatomy of Man”.

It is based on a very specific math operation, namely:

42 x 9 = 378


42  –  is the number of man’s mental powers

42 – is the complete number of man’s muscles through which it is possible to evaluate and harmonize all the basic functions of his body.

42 – is the precise number of days of the life of Jesus Christ described in the Bible

42 – the number of months (3.5 years x 12 months = 42 months) of Jesus Christ’s public service

9 – the number of Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, whose adoption by man is the main purpose of the existence of the Earthly School of VIP Laws

378 – the number of all muscles in man’s body.

That product of man’s mental powers (42) and the number of Features of the Universal Cosmic Personality (9) and its result (378), which represents man’s muscular system, indicates the existence of a physiological connection between man’s mental, emotional and spiritual health and his muscular system, which, in that context, seems to be a biological indicator and an overall „regulator” of human health!

That dependence is something of a „golden mean”, which appears not to just indicate and confirm, but in fact forces us to turn special attention to the muscular system as an important link in the relationship with our health and our personality!

On the other hand, the truth about the 42 muscles that represent all the basic bodily functions, are confirmed in practice by the effectiveness of TFH (Touch For Health) method.

And the 42 days of the life of Jesus Christ which are described in the Bible and the 42 months of his public service are once again pointing out to the pattern of perfect tuning to VIP Laws that he has set and one that was revealed and registered at the time, the result of a perfect revelation on Earth of the nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality.

That is not all!

Interestingly, the same result (378) is produced by an equation we already know, the number of live units of the Cosmic VIP Law (108) and the number of years of public earthly duty of the Biblical Jesus (3,5):

108 x 3,5 = 378

The product of that number (378) and Pi (3,14…), represents, more than any other figure – the physics and energo-geometry of earthly Time and Space, or:

378 x 3,14… = 1188

points out to the Bible, in which there is a total of 1188 chapters.

In turn the number of chapters in the Bible indicates that this book truly represents Cosmic VIP Law, since:

1188 = 1080 + 108

There is more! The number 108 and its multiples times ten form the basis of the most important relationships in the Time and Space of the Universe!

This way the „world of numbers” connects man, his anatomy, the mission of Jesus Christ, Bible’s mission, Cosmic Law of VIP and the Time and Space of the Universe.


That is also an as yet-encrypted cosmic message, which is explained to the Reader in the „Cosmic Message of Man’s Anatomy”.


I would also like to add here, that the above mathematical operations are an example of the use of method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena. And the real usefulness of that „math” results from the fact that the world of numbers and the real world remain governed by a relationship known as the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.

It is also worth noting here that this „math” also explains the ultimate message of the term „dostroyenie”.


The highest, but also the simplest mathematical operations involving numbers encrypted in the term „dostroyenie” (2; 3) are as follows:

3² = 9 and 2³ = 8

In a way, these letters are a double sign of the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, whose practical adaptation is the primary purpose of the existence of the Earthly School of VIP Laws and the main goal of human attendance of that school. The number of these features, as we already know, is nine – but in reality the highest of them – LOVE – constitutes a higher synthesis of the remaining eight Features.

On the other hand, results of the “lowest” operations involving numbers encrypted in the term „dostroyenie”,


3 – 2 = 1         2 – 3 = -1

as well as :

9 – 8 = 1         8 – 9 = -1

merely indicate the unity of all with all and LOVE – the ultimate goal of VIP DOSTROYENIE.

The result of these operations (-1; 1) also shows the great role of polarity for the effective tuning using TD VIP. Why? Because the nature of the current passage of our Cosmos from the Material Hemisphere to Anti-material Hemisphere in the Time and Space of the Circle of the Universe is also the change of polarity. That is why, in addition to precisely calculated modulations, the features of MAaD TD VIP vibrations also incorporate application of a proper polarization vector.

In turn, no less important type of „math” can be used to explain definitively the message of both the Philosophy of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws and TD VIP. Interestingly, that message is contained in a „numerical” etymology of the words of VIP DOSTROYENIE.


The word „VIP” contains 3 letters and the word „ DOSTROYENIE in Slavic languages eleven letters – which, according to rules of numerology, produces the figure 2.

We have here, then the same duet (3; 2) that is contained in the simple etymology of the word „dostroyenie” – in a reverse order, but with all the mathematical „operations” already known to us, as well as their messages.

These resonance-based facts are undoubtedly increasing even more vibrations of the words VIP DOSTROYENIE! And when we add that the result of 3 x 11 = 33, that fact confirms and strengthens even more the vibration and resonance force of the spiritual ideal of VIP DOSTROYENIE!

I realize that these mathematical discussions are very simple, even banal.

Nonetheless, please note that the ultimate purpose of the existence of our real world is the adoption and training of the nine Features of Universal Cosmic Personality and that the entire math is based on nine digits! And it is an indisputable fact that relations between the world of numbers and the real world are governed by the relationships described as the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.


Since our previous mathematical discussions have focused our attention on man’s muscular system – as yet another „golden mean”, benchmark, criterium – it is worth to look at the results of my studies and experience precisely in that area of human anatomy.

Those studies and experience show that the entire system of striated muscles remains under an excessive influence of its astro-emotional body. That is the consequence of excessive „invasion” of that body into areas of the physical body. In particular, one pathological result of that influence is the so-called „muscular armor of the personality”. It is the effect of engraving negative emotional history of man’s life in his body by „storing” and recording it as micro-spasms within the muscular structure. That armor is typically seen by researchers as a form protection – but in reality it constitutes a permanent imprisonment of each man in his traumatic emotional history.

But that is not the end of it!

Since various groups of muscles have energo-informational ties to various bodily functions, as proven by the TFH method, their „armor” destabilizes these functions.

My studies show that chest, neck and stomach muscles, the breathing muscles, are particularly susceptible to such „armor”.

One special victim of their “armor”, one that is so common today, is the human heart!

Located in the chest, which should provide a flexible protection – whenever that „armor” is present, the heart falls victim to the „hardness” of its protection and a victim of isolation created by it. That situation gradually „hardens” and „suffocates” the heart itself – proverbially and literally!

Meanwhile, it is not just the poets who refer to the heart as the emotional center of man. Its emotional and personality-related role is shown in a brutal way by the psychological observation of patients who were given a heart transplant – all of them possess a split personality!

It would seem quite unequivocally then, that the term „hardened heart”, frequently used, both in common speech and in the Bible is authoritative in its spiritual, emotional and muscular sense!

This way, our astro-emotional body, subject to a clear influence of the extremely re-tuned „astral world”, has managed to subordinate almost the entire man!

The truthfulness of these arguments and at the same time ways out of that situation, are confirmed by a certain episode from my medical practice.


At the turn of 1980’s and 1990’s of the previous century, I have tried to apply the ideas and methods of ancient water treatment to „dismantle” muscular armor of my patients. However, I was only partially successful – I was lacking an extremely cold stimulus. Luckily in the meantime, cryo-technology, the technology of low temperatures appeared.

At that time, using a synthesis of ancient water treatment and modern cryo-technology, I have developed the „Method of cryo-stimulation of bodily functions with simultaneous body-oriented psychotherapy”.

The treatment consisted of very deep cooling of selected muscle groups in order to „freeze out” the negative emotional memory they contain and to provoke their physical reaction to the extremely cold stimulus. As a result, the patient is freed from traumatic emotional „records” which exist in the „memory” of his muscles, adjusting body functions associated with these muscles.

This method has been fully proven! Thanks to it, thousands of our patients have regained their health and creativity.

Also, judging by the results – the hearts of our patients have reacted with joy to the release from the „iron grip” of their „hardened muscular protection”. And since some of those external muscles still possess energo-informational relations with the heart, removal of that „armor” has obviously also improved the functions of that special muscle.

At the same time and in parallel it has „softened” the „hardness of spiritual hearts” of our patients!

What is important for a scientist – this method has made it possible to understand the truth about man’s emotions and their relationship with his body (or rather bodies). The experiment has also contributed to the appearance and development of the Philosophy and Technology of Dostroyenie to Laws of Time and Space.

Also, thanks to that experience, contemporary patient who uses TD VIP, has the opportunity to re-tune his „muscular armor of the character” using resources carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE, applied as massages, baths, etc.


Following that brief introduction into the background and mechanisms of making us dependent on that re-tuned „astral world”, let us go back once again to „egregores”, since even the possibility of creating them is one of man’s most serious problems and challenges.

In fact, from the point of view of VIP Cosmology, „egregores” are „living storages” that were given artificial intelligence – active, cunning and ruthlessly stealing energy of life from the people and storing it primarily for the purposes of the one, that has created conditions which allowed egregores to appear –the local piv. The brutal truth is that „egregores are the creatures that do the dirty work” for the local piv.

As a result of that great manipulation, the man remains always and everywhere under the influence of various „egregores” that suggest thoughts and schemes which are convenient for them and creating situations that make the man dependent on them.

It turns out that even the majority of popular illnesses have their „egregores”, which live at the expense of the energy of life lost in the process of suffering associated with those illnesses by people who are affected by them. As such, they are actively interested in making sure that as many people as possible fall ill to a disease that is „assigned” to them.

It it possible then to treat them effectively without taking this factor into consideration?!

It appears that „egregores” have a significant contribution to the 90% causal share of the local piv in all of human suffering and disasters. In any case, „egregores” are a creation of the local piv – they are his „children” and they are also himself!

It is not surprising then, that against those facts, purely natural methods of supporting man are helpless given his actual situation.

Support technologies are necessary!

TD VIP prevents „egregores” from exerting their negative influence on man, allowing him to make much more optimal decisions from his point of view. And by creating resonance conditions for resonance with higher VIP levels, they give the man an opportunity to use higher Cosmic Wisdom.

What is important is that thoughts, emotions and words related to VIP DOSTROYENIE, will never create their own „egregore”. They remain solely and exclusively in resonance with the Cosmic VIP, which excludes such possibility in principle!

All that once again confirms, that luckily for the humanity, the basic feature of the „spirit” of VIP Laws is Universal LOVE and KINDNESS. Existence of TD VIP in those times, so dangerous for the humanity, is a definite proof and a manifestation these features. They are the ones that can can help un-tuned humanity, or at least part of it, tune back and survive the Time of a cosmic trial which appears inevitable!


Technologies of Resonance Conditions Favoring the Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDLTS – or in short – TD VIP) do not absolve the people who use from conscious spiritual work to improve themselves! Nonetheless, they provide the opportunity for much better results. Complete tuning back is possible only and exclusively with the active participation of the Will and Mind of the person being tuned. TD VIP fulfill cosmic terms of assistance defined by the Universal VIP Laws (Law of NON-INTERFERENCE and the Law of CARE), by providing help proportional to conscious work over oneself!!!


Without the active participation in that spiritual work by the person being tuned – TD VIP „limit” their efforts to harmonizing life and health primarily at the biological level. However, even their efforts on the biological level are worth taking advantage of. I am deliberately using the term „biological level” here, instead of „physical level”. After all, the biological level means much more than physical.

That opportunity is a great chance for those, who for now do not want, or are still unable to work to improve themselves spiritually. At the same time existence of such opportunity is a testimony to the great TOLERANCE and Understanding by the SOURCES of VIP Laws.

Technologies of Resonance Conditions Favoring the Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDLTS – or in short – TD VIP), give the lost humanity an opportunity to find proper direction of growth, while at the same time serve as the last chance for those who are late in the inevitable process of cosmic and biological evolution!

I am deeply hopeful, however, that for many Readers, informational education on the causes and mechanisms of our true situation will be enough. After all, reliable information on that subject also constitutes VIP DOSTROYENIE!

Let us go back, however, to the issue of bird’s flue virus, which is „guiding” our discussion.

Now I would like to turn your attention to a specific group of people, who are the most important link in the spreading of any bird’s flue virus epidemic or pandemic. I am referring here to owners and workers of poultry farms. It is the poultry farms that are the greatest outlet helping the expansion of potential epidemics. It is their owners and employees that should first of all check and test themselves in the context of criteria listed recently, unless they want to suffer an epidemic outbreak at their farms. Buyers of poultry products should also learn about where their food comes from, by what kind of people it was produced! Why? What difference does it make to consumers? Instead of answering that question, let us refer to projection mechanism described earlier, which also explains the impact of owners’ or guardian’s personality on animals “subject” to them.

Since poultry is an important component of the process of feeding mankind, everyone should learn about the conditions and the atmosphere prevailing at the farms! Significantly, the fact is that contemporary physics is also able to explain that requirement. How? Everything is a vibration and everything is recorded in the form of vibration! The history of animal (bird’s) life is recorded in its body as a vibration and as a vibration is incorporated into the organism of a person that consumes it.

Consequently, actions motivated solely by profit, or “for personal benefit” cannot be the main reason for getting involved in the poultry business!!!

A strict and just examiner called Bird’s Flue Virus expects those involved in poultry, that their work be characterized by JOY, PATIENCE, KINDNESS and BELIEF in the “higher” sense of that work. Only that kind of treatment of poultry and only that atmosphere on the farm will ensure in the end a healthy food product for people and will protect the farm against the epidemics.

The frequently changing market demand for poultry products, a specific „balance of wrongs, cannot affect farmers’ treatment of the birds either!

To summarize all this, it is not hard to draw a conclusion that only a very special kind of people should be involved in poultry farming and obviously other kind of farming as well. This sounds like a utopia! But let’s be realistic. Real life is very far from that ideal! But the Laws VIP are ruthless! What is it that we should do, then?

A real chance are the Technologies of Resonance Conditions Favoring the Dostroyenie to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDLTS, or TD VIP for short). Through proper vibrations, they are able to adjust “sick” vibrations stored in the bird’s body (just as in any other animal) as a result of the frequently negligent breeding practices. TD VIP can be used successfully both in the prevention and in the treatment of people and poultry and all other living things!

There is more! This is even quite realistic, mainly because the farms provide a very good environment for the use of TD VIP, due to the high concentration and isolation of poultry. At the same time, application of these methods would promote healthy poultry production in every meaning of that term. Not only it would reduce the threat of an epidemic, but by tuning the poultry it would turn it into a health-promoting nourishment for the people! That would be possible because TD VIP remains in resonance with VIP and their Laws. Although it sounds like a utopia, it is a potential reality if only the humanity decides to use TD VIP. We “only” need to conditionally “believe” in order to check and test the effectiveness of TD VIP.

Contrary to what you might think, the above passage is addressed not just and exclusively to owners and employees of poultry farms. It is also addressed to those who purchase and consume poultry products, i.e. those, who may become potential victims in the event of bird flue outbreak. Please remember however. There are no innocent victims! That is the law!

According to the Law of Resonance, infected products will be consumed by those, who will be in a state of un-tuning characteristic for the candidates for bird’s flue virus! Obviously, the same also applies to human „victims” of all other potential epidemic and pandemic outbreaks occurring with the participation of the factor of human-animal relations!

What can be done, then? Undoubtedly the best solution is the tedious spiritual work in order to quickly get rid of and rework those personality traits, which are not harmonized with the VIP Laws. However, that not only sounds like a utopia. It is a utopia! The degree of untuning of humanity with respect to VIP Laws is too great for us to cope with it merely by using psychological or spiritual methods. Presumably that is due to a large extent to human ignorance about the VIP Laws, something that the local piv is pressing for so insistently. However, ignorance is never an excuse against its consequences. That is also the law!

The optimum solution for every difficult situation is usually the „golden mean” – a synthesis. In our situation it consists of acquiring knowledge about the VIP Laws and using TD VIP! We are not helpless then.

At the end of this chapter, one more important note in the spirit of this chapter. Namely:

Since birds (and animals in general) have no individual spiritual level, it is the people who are responsible for their fate before VIP Laws! This should be accepted as quickly as possible by the owners and employees of poultry (and not just poultry) farms and all others, especially the consumers of poultry (and the meat of other animals). The latter, by consuming products from untuned poultry (and other animals), automatically untune their bodies, their personality and their life!

However, regardless of the farms and their specific characteristics, it is worth making a certain digression here about the relations between the people and animals in general.

The world of animals is a particularly innocent victim of human projections! That world also urgently needs and awaits cure and tuning – however, these depend solely and exclusively on humans!

So, if you love animals and especially if you own an animal – work to improve yourself! You must feel yourself responsible for your projections, which you are constantly making on your friends from the animal world!

And if your animals are sick and unhappy – before the Cosmic Law, you are the ones responsible for it!

There is no doubt whatsoever that the bird’s flue virus exposes the pathological philosophy, not just of the poultry business, but also of every other business and professional activity. After all, any action justified merely by „one’s own benefits” makes each person who falls into that category a potential candidate for illness, not just for the bird’s flue virus!

And in an environment of the growing „pressure” of VIP Laws, all businesses professing this policy will stand no chance of survival.

A business that will survive that „pressure trial” is a business based on organizing the work, resources and the means necessary to satisfy (as well as stimulate) true needs of the people and the Earth, or the needs of true adaptation – VIP-Adaptation. It is a business that reacts to true needs, rather than one that produces false needs in people and then satisfies them!

In an environment of increasing „pressure” by VIP Laws, a just share of the factor of „own benefits” for those having a stake in a specific business, will gradually become a function of mutual resonance of two factors:

The first one – is the scope and quality of participation in the satisfaction of true needs of other people, or the scope and quality of true social usefulness.

The second – the scope and quality of true own needs of the people who run the business, or a professional activity.

These two factors should be in a state of dynamic resonance, i.e. should follow and co-exist with each other! There is no doubt, after all, that a man (or a group of people), who has a high degree of true social usefulness – is also a man (or people) who has a correspondingly high needs in terms of further personal growth. Hence, according to the Law of COMPLIANCE and the Law of MODERATION (otherwise known as the „golden mean”), the very scope and quality of their participation in efforts to satisfy true needs of others should provide them with adequate resources and conditions needed to ensure their own personal growth.

In general – the principle of equivalence should be in full resonance with the principle of properly understood and truly social usefulness.

That is how it should be! But it wasn’t and isn’t now!

Meanwhile, in an environment of the already visible increase in the „pressure” by VIP Laws, the prospects for a dynamic resonance of these two factors are becoming closer and more real. At the same time that would mean the fulfillment of a prophetic, as it turns out, slogan: „To each according to his needs”.

But why was that impossible up until this day?

Because in an environment where human societies were arranged by the local piv – the Law of COMPLIANCE and the Law of MODERATION were also „re-tuned”.

Everyone knows by how much – usually by „180 degrees”.

However, that re-tuning was not a result of a mistake or inability by human economists – it was and remains the result of a sophisticated and deliberate manipulation performed by the local piv in the way the „collective man”-humanity is organized.

The fact remains, however, that it always happened and continues to happen through and with the participation of „specifically re-tuned” people.

We already know, after all, that a man loses his energy of life also (if not primarily), when he is stripped of the ability to satisfy his true needs. We also know that in contemporary human societies, the opportunities to satisfy those needs are dependent on access to monetary energy, which in a sense serves as the equivalent of the energy of life.

Meanwhile, as a result of manipulation and „re-tuning”, the existing economic and financial system, especially its financial and banking „superstructure”, not coincidentally resemble an „astral” system organized by the local piv, one that draws the energy of life from the human masses – it resembles it perfectly and is an integral part of that system. That is not surprising – the two have the same „father”!

It turns out that thanks to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena, it is possible to decipher mutual relations between these systems. Particularly interesting is the „astral” equivalent of the earthly banking system, especially its „virtual superstructure” – the network of „egregores” that is ruthlessly and persistently siphoning off human energy of life and storing it within. It must be said that this association is quite troubling, because „egregores” by their very nature, are not prone to giving back the energy of life to those who have „given it up”, even more so to those who became dependent on them or have achieved something „thanks” to them!

The banking system has other equivalent forms of specific economic parasitic and financial intermediaries. The above order also applies to them.

Nonetheless, the Universe does not tolerate any type of parasitic behavior, it blesses symbiosis!

As the „pressure” of VIP Laws rises, all structures based on parasitic behavior, will fall apart first – no matter what kind – every kind!

Is there no other way out for them? After all, heritage of the civilization cannot be ignored.

There is just one way out – transforming parasitic behavior into symbiosis!

What is it, that symbiosis? The shortest definition is this one: Symbiosis is a state of optimum and fair co-existence – one that brings all of its participants benefits adequate to their constructive input into that co-existence.

As it turns out, the economic and financial sphere is also subject to VIP DOSTROYENIE. How is that possible?

Only by re-tuning people! In turn, people who are re-tuned will be able to resolve their economic, including their business problems, in a more optimum manner.

All patients who use TD VIP confirm, that regardless of the improvement of their health, they are also functioning better in their existing activities (including business activities), or transform them effectively, or happily change them into other types of activities. But that is possible under one condition – keeping the „golden mean” – the balance in giving and in taking!

As we already know – tuning back to VIP Laws also means „knowing how to be at the right place, at the right time”. And that art was and remains increasingly important, including in professional and business activity.

As we also know – tuning back to VIP Laws contains the factor of the „necessity (need) of development”, which cannot be implemented without performing an appropriate work. That is why work is a very important section of the Earthly School of VIP Laws.

On the other hand, increasingly proper understanding of the phenomenon of work that progresses along with VIP DOSTROYENIE, inevitably leads it to a higher level – collaboration – and that already means a higher dimension of inter-personal relations and a higher dimension of economic results.

Another stage on the path towards VIP DOSTROYENIE is understanding that „work is not here for us, but rather we are here for work”! This statement obviously refers to the cosmic role of the man, which we do not yet fully understand.

Let us make a judgement ourselves! How could consistent achievement of consecutive types of resonance that accompanies VIP DOSTROYENIE fail to affect the economic sphere of human life? That is simply impossible! Which means that it is also affected by and subject to the tuning to VIP Laws! More than that! It requires very urgent tuning back to VIP Laws. And if people won’t do it voluntarily – they will be forced to do so by increasingly severe crises and shocks. However, the existence of the Philosophy and Technology of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws, is a sign of the existence of real chances for an intelligent and „physiological” transformation, one that extends to economic and financial sphere of the human life – a transformation that will not only survive the „trial by pressure” of VIP Laws, but one that will ease and direct that pressure!

It is quite obvious that all the people on Earth – because of their common anatomy and physiology – remain part of the relationships defined by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.

For the same the relationships subject to that law extend to man and the entire humankind, acting as a „collective man”. And the relations between them are expressed mainly through analogies concerning the way they are organized. Hence, there have been and still exist the same main tendencies in the way all human societies and communities on Earth are organized, regardless of the differences in their living conditions and distances between them. On the other hand, merely the differences in the way various societies and communities are organized – regardless of other conditions – over time lead to noticeable biological-psychological-spiritual differences between individuals who belong to these differently organized societies and communities. It means that an individual and the „collective man”- the humanity and its various enclaves evolve simultaneously, become simultaneously untuned and will also be re-tuned back simultaneously!

Alas, it appears that the local piv has acquired that truth before we, the people, did. The local piv knew perfectly well that the ways a specific enclave is organized has a definite influence, especially on the emotional, mental and spiritual growth of each individual member of that enclave. That is why, by manipulating the organization of the „collective man” – the humanity and its main enclaves, piv has managed to re-tune the spiritual, mental, emotional as well as ethereal and physical spheres of each and every individual. In a similar manner, the piv has also managed to „re-tune” VIP Laws in the earthly Time and Space.

We already know the purpose of these re-tunings – turning the people into a source of energy of life for itself. Unfortunately, that goal, to a large extent, has been achieved.

However, no manipulation is eternal – it has its beginning and its end! That is the law! No separatist manipulator – even the most genial one – is able to foresee everything, especially at the scale of the Time and Space Sphere of the Universe. Thanks to the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena, we the people, are already able to diagnose our individual and collective situation in order to oppose continuously being a victim of this cosmic parasitic behavior!

In that diagnosis, we will be assisted in particular by analogies between the already known to us component bodies of man and their corresponding elements in the structures of organization of the leading enclaves of „collective man” – the humanity. It must be noted that on the one hand that organization appears to be neutral – it seems to reflect the anatomy and physiology of the most important human bodies. On the other hand this organization shows the features of clear re-tuning with a separatist bent, characteristic for the local piv.

Let us then look at the analogies between the component bodies of an individual and their corresponding elements in the structures of organization of the „collective man” –the humanity.

Here they are, in the most basic division of a man into three distinct bodies (to be read from the bottom up):

Spiritual body – religion

Mental body – politics

Physical body – the economy


In a subdivision into five bodies reflecting a more detailed organization, this would look as follows:


Spiritual body – religion, ethics

Mental body – politics, science

Astral-emotional body – media,…

Ethereal body – real finances

Corporal body – real economy

In order to better understand the above analogies, one must add that all components of the human body penetrate each other – they differ mainly in the characteristics of their vibrations. It is those characteristics that determine their nature and the above sequence – from the lowest vibrations of the corporal body to the highest vibrations of the spiritual body.

The situation is similar with respect to their equivalents in the „collective man” – the humanity.

According to the already known to us law of resonance of the parallel phenomena, the nature of individual bodies of a statistical man and the nature of matching bodies in the „collective man” – the humanity, match each other.

Since a particular pathology affects human astro-emotional bodies dominated by the extremely retuned „astral world” – it should (alas!) be reflected in the corresponding pathology of that body’s counterparts in the „collective man” – the humanity.

But before we will list them, let us recall that the astro-emotional body has „penetrated” and seized with its pathological tendencies the neighboring vibrating bodies – ethereal and mental and through them corporal and spiritual. That situation has introduced emotions into these strategic areas of energetic and adaptational resistance of the human body, areas that require „cool” objective account of that body’s energetic inflows and outflows and making reasonable decisions in order to maintain energetic balance of the entire organism. Meanwhile, as a result of that „penetration” – a strong interference – one unforeseen by the evolution, most energy-related processes that occur in the human body are guided by the nervous system that is too independent on the man’s will, but all too dependent on his (?) astro-emotional body! That in turn has led to the inadequacy of the process of basic reactions of the entire body – causing severe and irrevocable energetic losses, with all the attendant consequences arising from that situation, such as diseases, accelerated aging and a much shorter life-span.

Alas! There is only one way a man can minimize or even eliminate that pathological situation in which he finds himself in – through a conscious effort of the human mind that counterbalances the re-tuned tendencies of astro-emotional body! In other words – what is needed is the mental discipline, able to control and eliminate the threats from one’s own (?) astro-emotional body.

It is for that reason that the personality of a universal man should be build upon MASTERING ONESELF. And the lack of adequate reactions by the mind to re-tuned impulses of the astro-emotional body means acceptance of such interference – violating the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE.

Just a reminder – the mind is a process involving in particular the consciousness and sub-consciousness, to which are subordinated the physical and the mental bodies respectively.

It is worth remembering the above statement, since it also forms the key to the solution of numerous problems of the „collective man” – the humanity.

It is true that these considerations already allow us to draw some general conclusions concerning the state of health of not just our organism and our bodies, but also – through analogy – of the state of health of the „collective man” – the humanity and its „bodies”. However, in order not to draw conclusions that are too superficial, let us summarize once again the energy situation of the human body.

As we already know, the human body possesses truly extraordinary abilities in terms of energy. It is secured in terms of energy supplies „from the bottom” – through nourishment and „from the top” – through access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life. Still, the majority of people operate on a very low energy level – at the limits of survival. However, thanks to our deliberations, we are gradually learning more about that subject.

We also know that we lose the greatest amounts of the energy of life through emotional instability and emotional shocks. It is here – in our re-tuned astro-emotional body – that we find the main „leakages” of our energy of life. It is here that we find the source of a great number of our aliments. Because of that it is also true that most illnesses have a psychomatic background. As a result of those „leakages” of the energy of life, we fall sick so often, age so quickly and live such short lives.

That is the general diagnosis of the causes of disastrous energy situation of the average, statistical human being.

And according to the law of resonance of the parallel phenomena that situation should (alas) be reflected in the energy situation of the „collective man” – the humanity!

But before we move on to that situation, let us also note clearly that of all the bodies that make up the man, the one body that is most directly associated with the „production” of the basic energy of life is the ethereal body – which is why the above situation applies in particular to that body! How to safeguard it against the theft of energy?! Especially since the ethereal body is also – not coincidentally – called the reviving body.

It is the ethereal (reviving) body that should, according to its destiny, ensure a supply of the basic energy of life to other bodies, a supply that is adequate to their true needs.

It must be noted however, that the basic energy of life possessed by the ethereal body is already a synthesis of energy from both sources – from „the bottom” and from „the top”. Let us refer to it as ethereal energy – after the body where that synthesis occurs.

That energy is also used to nourish and stimulate the true needs and functions of the corporal body, which on the one hand provides the human entity with energy produced by food metabolism (nourishment), or from the „bottom”. On the other hand it itself needs access to the life-inspiring energy „from above”, from the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life.

It is the ethereal energy that should stimulate the vehicle of the corporal body to fulfill its role with respect to the remaining bodies – and the remaining bodies to fulfill their role with respect to the corporal body!

Ethereal energy is then the spiritual form of energy from „the bottom” and an embodiment of the form of energy originating from „the top”.

Keeping in mind the physiological role of the ethereal energy and the ethereal body of an individual, let us then move on to their equivalents in the „collective man” – the humanity.

It is not hard to notice that for a long time the monetary (financial) energy has tried to play the role of ethereal energy in the functioning of the biggest enclaves of „collective man” on Earth. And the role of ethereal body is played by the system of real finances.

Obviously the equivalent of the corporal body of an individual in a „collective man” – the  humanity is the real economy. That economy in turn is closely associated with natural riches and with carriers and sources of energy.

It also appears that agriculture in particular as well as energy resources (oil, gas etc.), plus known and as-yet unknown to us other sources of energy represent in the most direct way within the „collective man” that, which in an individual man we would call the energy from „the bottom” – one that is an important component of the ethereal energy.

It is also worth noting that the structures of ethereal body of an individual reflect very clearly the structures of that person’s corporal body. That is why the equivalent of the ethereal body in the „collective man” – the humanity, or the system of real finances, should have transparent and clear structures, closely associated with structures of the real economy.

Perhaps the main instrument of that system – money – should have some sort of safety equivalent in the sphere of real economy. But that is not all!

The problem lies far beyond that! After all, one way or the other, finances are a form of a social covenant – above all they require from people an essential level of personal and social ethics –  one compatible with the Cosmic Ethics – i.e. an essential level of dostroyenie to VIP Laws!

That precondition applies in particular to people managing the financial system. It is, in addition to wise and transparent organization, an essential requirement for that system to fulfill its physiological social role. And the system has a very special role! Following the example of its natural human equivalent, or the ethereal body – a physiological and healthy financial system should serve as a force that creates and stimulates – using the monetary energy – the conditions necessary to provoke and satisfy also those higher, true needs of members of a specific enclave of the „collective man”.

This does sound like a utopia – but that is the message of physiology and anatomy that every human being carries within!

As long as that condition is not fulfilled, the system will be a caricature of its physiological pattern – the ethereal body!

Obviously, that condition also applies to all other organizational structures of the „collective man”. However, the health of that structure is reflected to an exceptional degree in the health of all other structures – especially since, according to its physiological pattern, that system should have a relatively large degree of autonomy.

That is how it should be if the humanity, as the „collective man”, studied with humility and followed the wisdom contained in the way human organism is organized. It must be added, however, an organism that is not re-tuned and untuned!

There is no doubt, however, that sooner or later the humanity will consciously study the organism of the man as a pattern for optimum organization of itself – „the collective man”.

In any case, as it turns out – it follows that organism already! It follows it without knowing the nature of its untuning!

What then happened on Earth in an environment of extreme re-tuning by the local piv – including re-tuning in the field of physiological human pattern?

What is the fate of tendencies – otherwise natural, since they are the result of action of the ruthless law of the resonance of parallel phenomena – of the „collective man” – the humanity, to follow organizational solutions and structures that exist in every individual?

Apparently (alas!), just as in the case of an individual, in the „collective man” the development of counterparts of individual bodies and their roles has moved decisively in the astro-emotional and „egregore-based” direction! A „penetration” has also occurred, one similar to the „penetration” of the astro-emotional body into the ethereal and corporal body and through it – into the remaining corporal and spiritual bodies.

What then can result from the „penetration” of the equivalents of astro-emotional bodies of an individual into the equivalents of his other bodies in the „collective man”, keeping in mind that the nature of re-tuning of the „astral world” that resonates with that body is the ability and ease to produce „egregores” – which seize and store human energy of life without the intention of giving it back?


What is the result of „penetration” of the equivalents of astro-emotional body of an individual into the equivalents of his ethereal bodies in the „collective man”?


You see, as a result of „astral” and „egregore-based” tendencies, in this part of the „collective man” there appeared a system of structures – containers that gather – just as the „egregores” do – the monetary and life energy of the human masses and utilize it according to its wishes. The „father” of these solutions, the local piv, knew perfectly well that people would willingly „exchange” their energy of life into monetary energy – with himself dictating the „exchange rate”. He also knew that people’s energy of life would follow the emotions and thoughts that accompany the „fate” of their monetary energy, turning it into a new energetic creation in the form of monetary-life energy – the fate of which would be, however, from now on, largely independent of the people!

Unfortunately that is the psychology of an untuned man!

Because of that fact, the system has easily and completely dominated and determined the greatest enclaves of „collective man” on Earth. It has made everything and everyone dependent on itself!

From now on, the fate of each individual living in these enclaves would depend fully on this financial and life energy!

That way the term „financial and life energy” reflects the fatal position of the contemporary man – a member of the greatest enclaves of the „collective humanity”!

This way, human energy of life was tied and made dependent on money, which is possessed and managed by structures that are no longer the equivalents of the ethereal body, but rather… the astro-emotional body!

It it hard not to realize what system of structures-containers we are talking about here?!

It is also interesting that the name of its units – banks – in Slavic languages is associated with the term „bubbles” [banki], meaning uncertain, worrisome and doubtful vessels!

However, that association cannot be extended to the entire banking system. That would be unfair and unjust. That system is a physiological part of a healthy financial system which has its biological principle in the analogies with the life of Nature. It would also be unfair with respect to the multitude of honest people employed within that system.

Nonetheless, we do have a natural right – confirmed by the laws of health of the human body, laws of Nature and Laws of the Universe – to use these associations and terms with respect to the extremely pathological „superstructure” of that system – the „virtual superstructure” of the banking and financial system! It is these superstructures, just like cancer, that have gradually sucked the life-monetary energy from the human masses by utilizing „sleepers” – hidden mainly by corruption – the physiological structures of that and other systems of the „collective man”. That is why further growth and the finale of that process can only have a „cancerous nature”! Especially because ignoring clear symptoms of that process and the absence of adequate reactions from the counterparties in other bodies – particularly the mental and spiritual ones – eventually had to lead to „malignancy” of these super-structures and in consequence, to the destruction and emaciation of the whole global organism of the „collective man” and with it itself as well!

I realize that this interpretation is very brutal. Please remember, however, that the cancerous pathology is also ruthless and brutal! There are also no innocent victims. In the context of our considerations, all the people on Earth are guilty and everyone is a victim. After all, everyone is violating the principle of non-interference!

After these medical digressions, let us go back to the relationship between the real finances of an individual and the „collective man” and the „bubble” system itself.

Many people wonder about the eventual fate of the financial energy of the human masses and individuals, which, deposited by them in the „bubble” system, cannot return to it for some inexplicable reasons. And that happened quite frequently over the period of history of that system. Where does it „evaporate”? How does that relate to the „law of the conservation of energy” which everyone knows about?

Contemporary physics proves that the „law of conservation of energy” applies only to the same dimension – it does not extend to relations between different dimensions. Meanwhile, here we are talking about other dimensions and worlds represented by the „astral world” – one towards which the energy of life of humans can be and is being siphoned off.

The situation is similar in terms of monetary energy of the human masses and individuals, the energy given up – in violation with the spirit of VIP Laws – for the disposal of the system of super – „bubbles” and financial institutions subject to that system. A significant part of it is spent on Earth for the achievement of goals that serve other dimensions and worlds dominated by the local piv, instead of the people! At the expense of humans! How is it, that it can go back to them?


Let us stop for a while, however, halfway through our considerations!

The purpose of this pause is to make the Reader consider whether and to what extent he agrees with the basic criterion of our considerations and assessments. That criterion is the assumption that for every normal man, the greatest value of all is LIFE. In turn, the precondition for the existence of life is the energy of life, which – as it turns out, must be respected and „managed” skillfully. That last condition precludes any waste or permission to loot and seize that energy.

According to the author of this publication, an experienced doctor – that is the most objective criterion, physiologically and philosophically!

Also, only with that criterion all other considerations make sense and lead one to draw the right conclusions.


From that position – from the point of view of LIFE as an overriding value for man – the very uncertain fate of the monetary energy deposited, one way or the other, is always accompanied by huge quantities of the energy of life of human masses and individuals, particularly fear. That is almost a law in itself!

Similar quantities of the human energy of life accompany the situations of dependency from the „bubble” system through loans, mortgages, etc. They are all situations in which the human energy of life is subordinated, usually for many years, or even for the whole life!

Also serving the subordination of the human energy of life is the „largesse” in giving away all kinds of loans and accustoming people to a lifestyle that does not match their real capacities – with a cynical use of their true needs or provoking false ones. It is a very sophisticated psychology. That same goal is served by the exact reverse of the above situation, practiced by the „bubble” system, namely the complete lack of financing by that system of innovative projects and investments, ones that satisfy or stimulate the real needs!

There is more! Dependency on the pathological financial system produces other attitudes pathological for the health and life.

The most common attitude is the saving of the monetary energy „for the old age” and „for the times of illness”. Acceptance of those attitudes is a „full assurance of waiting” for old age and illnesses. It is their accelerated projections! These attitudes mean living with the future, not the present. It is an unsure way of life – full of fear and worries. It means starting to grow old from the young age – or even before that. It is an improper use of the energy of life! And if it is improper, according to the Laws of the Energy of Life – or the VIP Laws – its losses cannot be supplemented „in advance”. And the source „from the bottom” is unable to make up for these losses by itself! Hence, the ultimate consequence of this situation is the accelerated and permanent wear of human tools – the bodies!

Clearly then – that philosophy of life and those attitudes have no confirmation whatsoever in energy management of a healthy body!

No provisions were also made for such long-term collection of energy within the body. After all, a healthy life means constant motion and the flow of energy and its projections, rather than saving it up!

The man and its body is an energy-open system – with access to energy from „the bottom” and from „the top”, one that does not require storage and saving of large amounts of energy. The opposite is true! Saving energy within it, also means blocking its access and influx. Long term saving of that energy is unnatural and pathological – it means gathering fat, degeneration and malignancy!

That in short is the final result of the re-tuning of human emotional (astro-emotional) bodies and attitudes demonstrated because of the influence of such re-tuning.

No wonder! The local piv, which knows the psychology of emotions of the human masses, realizes that this way he can gain for itself more live human energy that from numerous wars.

There is more!

In the name of „saving” the monetary energy of the human masses and individuals of a specific enclave of the „collective man” threatened in a certain situation – both those inevitable and those created artificially – economic and financial crises, the local piv can gain (and actually gains) the permission by these „civilized” masses and individuals to start not a few new wars.

We can even surmise that the „bubble” system was created with that purpose in mind – it was supposed to deliver to the local piv huge quantities of the human energy of life, also by creating „controlled” economic and financial crises and wars with… an uncontrolled climax in an environment of rising „pressure” of VIP Laws.

This way the „bubble” system appears as a „genial” and unfailing instrument for the long-term siphoning of the energy of life from the human masses. Interestingly – an instrument that at the very least „doubles” the siphoning of that energy. The first time it occurs in the process of long-term engagement of the energy of life of human masses in order to convert it into monetary energy – to be placed in the „bubbles”, or to free oneself obligations to it.

The second time occurs during any crises. There is also the final siphoning off – in times of rising „pressure” by the VIP Laws!

That „cancerous-egregore-based direction of growth” of the financial system of the increasingly global „collective man”, has reached its climax in the 1980’s and 1990’s of the twentieth century! Why then?

In order to understand it we must first go back to what begun to happen at the time at the scale of the Universe, or the approaching – and in a sense beginning – Great Passage of our Universe (including the Earth), from the Material Hemisphere to the Anti-material Hemisphere of the Universe.

Approach of the Great Passage is, in other words the approach to the Universe’s equator. And everything that reaches that equator is subject to enormous pressures by the opposite and crisscrossing vortices! Thus, the pressure of both energies – material and anti-material goes up!

Since the humanity is approaching Universe’s equator from the material side, it has felt at the time a strong outflow of the material energies. This in turn was reflected in the previously unseen at that scale, irrational and massive chase after money!

Those who worshipped matter thought then that banks and other financial institutions would be turned into altars and churches of faith in „the god” – money!

Money became the main instrument of all interference – economic, political, religious. It became „the god” that feeds and „blesses” execution of all earthly absurd situations, created on artificial and purely materialistic grounds!

Monetary energy has decisively taken the role of energy „from above”, while the main structures of the financial system have „moved out” altogether and unequivocally from the level of its physiological equivalent – the ethereal body – to the level of astro-emotional body!

|           This way the financial system of the global „collective man” has moved far from following its physiological equivalent – the ethereal body, while the monetary energy – moved from playing the role similar to the ethereal energy.

Since money, self-creating and uncontrolled by anyone, has usurped the role of energy „from above”, in the new resonance conditions it had to bind with energy „from below” of the global „collective humanity” – or mainly with the carriers of energy. From then on – as never before – they share a common fate!

However, it is a very „dangerous” relationship for the pretender of the role of energy „from above”, or the money. It has forgotten that true energy „from below” – especially energy carriers – are a gift for mankind!

And the Bible says: „Freely you have received, freely give”! (Book of Matthew 10:8).

That will also be the „parallel” and final fate of contemporary money!

However, in order to better understand the fate of contemporary money, it must be noted that the change in its role, from serving as the equivalent of ethereal energy to playing the role of energy „from above” has begun somewhat earlier.

As we already know, money was created to play the „higher” role by tying it to the energy of life – especially its emotional variety – the several billion human generators of that energy. Of course, that has only happened gradually.

However, once that „association” was achieved, their mutual relations became subordinated closely to the ruthless law of resonance of parallel phenomena. From then on, the fate of these two types of energy became inseparable!

Since all types of energy are characterized by the fact that they enter into mutual relationships, it was possible to register the influx of other types of energy by following their „parallel” behavior, especially energy from the Universe.

For example:

Logically, the previously announced – especially by the Bible – Great Squeeze (the Great Passage), has been initiated by an increased outflow of material and anti-material energy. However, these are invisible to the people. But according to the above types of „resonance” – the outflows of those types of energy should be reflected in the „parallel” behavior of the human masses and the „behavior” of money.

And indeed! According to the Bible, the first sign of it was supposed to be the first world war! Not just that, some Biblical scholars have already calculated that it would start in 1914. And indeed that us what happened!

And how did the money „behave” then?

Up until the first world war, money existing in circulation had a material equivalent and „behaved” in a stable manner through all the previous ages.

Meanwhile, in 1914 for the first time in history money without its material equivalent was released into the energy system of the „collective man”. From that moment on, this practice was used ever more frequently – and from 1971 it became a standard in the financial system of the „collective humanity”. At those moments money started to separate decisively from its physiological role and position and begun living its own „independent” life – it started to „create itself”! This way it was quickly promoted and moved into the role of energy „from above”. And that miraculous practice started to be used to resolve all the financial and economic crises since!

As it turns out, that period – especially 1980’s and 1990’s of the past century, wasn’t easy also for the people who possessed the spiritual backing. Many times they had to fight within strong „materialistic” urges. However, that period has strengthened within them the physical foundations of truth, one they often underestimated, but essential for their immediate future. It helped them in time to bring down the extreme asymmetry in that area of their lives and brought understanding of physiological asymmetry!

The next stage is the increased influx of anti-material energy!


Thus we have arrived, through the climax in 1980’s and 1990’s of the last century, to the expected breakthrough when the outflows of anti-material types of energy gradually begun to predominate.

That domination has led to changes in the earthly Time and Space, not just in terms of energy, but also resonance conditions. The number of „resonance” events, accidents, situations, etc. has clearly increased.

What then, is the role of anti-material energies in that initial stage of their domination?

At that stage, the role of anti-material energies is to break down all structures based on interference and free will.

It means breaking down of all structures build upon false foundations – which means on material foundations alone, or those using anti-material knowledge to accumulate matter.

And as we said many time already – with the „help” of instructions from „the astral world” – that became almost a standard.

It also means „turning to symmetry” all the extremely „asymmetric” fortunes gained that way, or build using matter and for matter alone!


Judging by the global events – that stage has already begun and will last as long as the proportions appropriate for the Anti-Material Hemisphere are returned – both in individual and in the „collective man”.


Logically speaking, that stage should begin with a visible for everyone „bringing down to symmetry”, focusing first of all on the most „cancerous” structures of the financial system of the „collective man” and at the same time – although this may sound like a paradox – the main temples of the money „god”. The fall of pretender to the role of energy „from above” should also be accompanied by the „resonance fall” of prices of the energy carriers, or the sources of energy „from below”.

For the financial system of the „collective man”, it obviously means a global crisis that tries to resolve itself at any price – literally at any price!


Instead of applying the method of „financial cryo-therapy” with respect to above associations – the opposite is used – an attempt to activate „cancers” from the second association, disastrous for the entire body of the „collective man”.

One does not need to be a doctor to understand the results it must produce!

Regardless of that fact, in the new energy-resonance conditions of the earthly Time and Space, human masses are already losing permanently the faith in the money „god” – losing their energy of life in the process. They lack the strength to feed their energy of life either to that „god”, or to any other existing earthly absurds!!

In that situation the money will either „learn” to fulfill its physiological role of ethereal energy, or will disappear forever! As far as real sources of energy „from below” for the „collective man” – especially energy carriers – they will lose their existing dependency from the pretender to the role of energy „from above”, or the money. Thanks to that process, all the false excess layers in their prices – including all the parasitic commission – will be eliminated. The mining of those carriers, previously excessive and rapacious,, will also be considerably reduced.

The same will happen to the prices of all goods and services. Their prices and the quality of all work will be dictated mainly by the quality, time and real usefulness – evaluated from the point of view of true needs.

With resonance, as you can see – is like with gifts – there is and there won’t be any joking around.

That direction of the financial and economic transformation of the sphere of the „collective man” in an environment of gradual domination by anti-material types of energy is also backed by the following fact:

We must not forget that the Energy of Life that penetrates the Time and Space, resonates naturally with anti-material types of energy. Hence, their increased outflow is also accompanied by an increase in pressure by the Energy of Life.

There is more!

The Energy of Life modulates those anti-material energies with its features to some extent, hence in their action we see both force and intelligence!

Under these conditions the distance between cause and effect – between action and its consequences, is getting increasingly shorter!

It is not hard to guess that the above situations – characteristic of the nature of a breakthrough towards the domination of anti-material energy in the earthly Time and Space – apply not just to the financial system.

They apply in particular to all the structures of the „collective man” which serve as the counterparts of astro-emotional body of an individual!

They also apply to all other structures of the „collective man” that are dominated by their counterpart of the astro-emotional body, or ones have failed to resist them.

         It is high time now to list – if only as an example – some equivalents of the re-tuned human astro-emotional body in the „collective man” – the humanity, or in other words define what „astro-emotional structures” are part of it?!

Here are some of them:

– „virtual superstructure” of the banking and financial system

– „virtual” speculative business

– (dis)informational media

Obviously that list is far from being complete!

People who think should have no problem whatsoever in adding to that list. The criteria are well-known – interference and free will! Speaking about the „free will” we obviously mean the literal understanding and „implementation” of that concept – one that does not take into consideration the VIP Laws!

The synthesis of our discussion and observations of current events shows quite unequivocally that a permanent collapse of all the structures on Earth based on interference and the so-called free will, are just a matter of time, and very little of it!


Individual bodies, human pairs and human groups and social bodies and structures – political, economic, religious, etc., which do not possess full spiritual and energetic limit that is in resonance with VIP and its Laws, will not be able to survive physically!

Superiority of anti-material element and its order-inducing pressure from all sides will, over time, lead to the disintegration or even annihilation of matter and structures based on false foundations. Disintegrating physical structures will in turn feed the energetic base of anti-matter.

What about the people?

It is high time that the people who are part of, especially „astral” structures as well as structures that resonate with them or are subordinated to them, think deeply – because there is precious little time!

Don’t be the „cancers” or the „bird’s flue virus” for others – unless you yourselves wish to fall victim of those cosmic educational means!

Be the people who show the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality – that is all!

A particular responsibility lies with people of the news media, since it is primarily the media that should be playing – only temporarily too – the position of the equivalent of a healthy human emotional being in the „collective man”!

If you cannot tell and report the truth, do not falsify it – that would constitute an interference in its most criminal form!

Instead, you have a cosmic duty to report higher truth about the VIP Laws and the Great Passage!

Hiding its existence and even more so falsifying it, will be punished ever more quickly and more ruthlessly by the Cosmic Pendulum and all the other „pendula” that resonate with it!

This, by the way, also refers to others who will harm that truth!


From the position of VIP Laws the nature of the Great Passage can then be explained as follows:

Up until now the humanity – especially its „astro-emotional structures” – were allowing themselves to test the „weaknesses” of the VIP Laws. Now they would be „allowed” to test the strength of VIP Laws!!!


Since this chapter is discussing the nature of the processes that accompany the Great Passage, we cannot avoid a certain biblical subject whose finale was supposed to occur precisely in the Great Passage.

It is strongly related to the SAS phenomenon, which forms the nature not just of the Great Passage, but the nature – foretold by the Bible – of the „march” of global powers through the history of our civilization.


The nature of SAS phenomenon as the interplay of two opposite and at the same time complementary forces, was demonstrated throughout the entire history in the style of co-existence on the so-called international arena, of always just two players – the two main fighting and opposing political and military forces. The rest didn’t really count, or at best „collaborated” with one of those main players. And that is what happened uninterruptedly in every historical epoch.

Only the main „actors” have changed, since different powers were playing the role of competing forces over the course of history. What is important is that those forces have always retained their basic style and character!

What is also important is that in an environment of an earthly Time and Space re-tuned by the local piv, these forces have completely „forgotten” about their mutually complementary roles, focusing instead exclusively on their rivalry!

The Bible refers to them as the „king of the north” and the „king of the south”, which suitably fits our deliberations and the SAS phenomenon!

That rivalry has of course survived into our times and it appears that it has taught everyone nothing – neither the main players, nor their satellites. There is more! The latter, following the example of the main players, did and kept doing the same, at a smaller scale, or as part of the so-called bi-lateral relations.

The cause obviously remains the same as in the eternal conflict of the main masters of the Earth – men and women. The perpetrator is also the same!

However, this time the idea was also not to allow the harmonious collaboration between two different, but complementary styles of organization and development of the „collective man”. The idea, just as in the example of the man and a woman, was not to allow the people to fully use the opportunities produced in turn by that „great earthly couple”!

In both cases, the man was also not supposed to learn the purpose this would serve!

Ultimately, however, in connection with the changing energetic conditions which accompany the passage of our Universe from the Material to Anti-material Universe – and especially in connection with the temporary reduction of polarizing ratios – or at some stage of the Great Passage, that „great earthly couple” – similar to the human couple – will lose the strength for further rivalry. That does not mean, unfortunately, that the local piv will lose the ability for global manipulation of the humanity. Under these new energetic conditions, it will seek to „push” the international relations towards the so-called „multi-polarity” – to keep the humanity as far as possible from agreement and unity.

However, since that time of the Great Passage is the time of bringing all the extreme forms of asymmetry down to complete symmetry – also in the area of international relations – we should be expecting „regulation” of that field as well!

Note, however, that it would be much better if the humanity understood that early enough – without waiting for the forced and humiliating circumstances!

But how to do that?!

The law of resonance of parallel phenomena states that both individual and „collective man” are being re-tuned in parallel – which means they will be tuned back in parallel as well. It means that the ways out from various crises that involve the „collective man”, which occur at the time of rising „pressure” by the VIP Laws – accompanying time-wise the Great Passage – can only be found and realized by people, who are to some degree tuned to VIP Laws. Only those people are able to create LAD (Slavic for „ORDER”) around them!

But why LAD?

What is that?

It is another gift-word of the Slavic languages!

LAD is the state of permanent organization, a live organization – it is the creation of an organization. LAD unifies and supports all the participants, it pushes in a natural manner towards the manifestation of all the opportunities without distorting harmony between the participants. It is also an instrument that spontaneously annihilates the so-called free will! LAD is also a real need!

Importantly – the surrounding world sees LAD as a place, or rather a state of peace and safety. And rightly so!

Meanwhile, the Bible says the following about the current times:

While the people are saying: „Peace and safety,” destruction will come on them suddenly, as labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

Why? What does it mean?

It means that the „talking about peace and safety” or even the signing of peace pacts and acts (because that is also just „talk”), will not survive the „pressure trials” by VIP Laws.

It also means that the humanity, tired of events and crises, will persist in signing these pacts and acts – out of tiredness and in the absence of other ways, rather than the desire to adhere to VIP Laws.

Let us not delude ourselves, however!

In an environment of advanced increase in the „pressure” by VIP Laws, that deluded pseudo-peace-making activity can only provoke what the Bible calls „sudden annihilation”.


Only the people and groups of people who create real LAD have a chance of surviving the „pressure trial” by VIP Laws!


It would appear that despite the unforeseen by the evolution „penetration” of the extremely re-tuned „astral world” into the earthly Time and Space, which has produced the local space and time – the Earthly School of VIP Laws is consistently implementing its educational program. And that applies both to individual and to „collective man” and to the mutual relations and the order between them.

Knowing the VIP Laws, it is possible to expect some sort of order between individual and „collective man” this program is aiming at.

Here is that order:




Spiritual body


ethics, philosophy

mental body



emotional body






ethereal body






 industrial complex

corporal body







Nonetheless, it also follows from that order that there is no place in it for many types of the existing earthly, so called VIP’s!

This is not a joke! Although the Cosmic VIP undoubtedly possesses a vast sense of humor and plenty of tolerance, it appears that in the numerous clubs of the various earthly so-called VIP’s we will soon see major „resonance-based” changes, for various reasons, incidentally!

But now everyone has an opportunity to become a member of the Cosmic VIP Club!

Let us use that opportunity!

And now a prize consisting of interesting information about the bird’s flue virus for classic researchers of this phenomenon. Classic, meaning those, who deal with, or are interested purely in clinical medicine and epidemiology. The prize is for the fact that they have managed to reach that far reading this publication.

For some time now, a few scientists have known that cow milk, chicken’s eggs and their derivatives are the reason of the so-called primary allergenity for many people. That condition manifests itself by the disappearance of stomach villi, which produce certain immunoglobulins that are responsible for the body’s resistance. Defined as such, primary allergenity is, according to those researchers, one of the factors that cause cancerous pathologies. That theory seems to be confirmed by clinical observations of people suffering from cancers. Those patients who eliminated cow milk and chicken eggs and their derivatives from their diet, have observed a visible improvement of their condition.

What am I getting at? According to my studies, the same characteristic of TD VIP vibrations, i.e. the same MAaD TD VIP that affects cow milk and chicken eggs and their derivatives, also eliminates their primary allergenity and when applied to a patient suffering from bird’s flue virus, improves greatly his chance to be cured. And that is not all! The same MAaD TD VIP optimizes the work of the mysterious and “falling asleep suspiciously quickly” human thymus. Obviously no MAaD is eternal, but rather it has a specific expiry date and place (time and space)!!! Also important is the fact that the relationship between the phenomena that were just listed, remain within the boundaries set by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena! I will leave it to my scientific colleagues to comment on that issue.

I believe, however, that the greatest gift for all researchers who deal with the clinical side of the human form of bird’s flue syndrome is the listing of those spinal segments, whose blockage will invariably “invite” the virus to come in. It is that specific un-tuning of the spinal cord (Th4; Th10; Th3; C3; C5; Th5), that both reflects and determines by itself specificity of physical un-tuning of man and makes him liable to fall ill due to bird’s flue virus in the event of an epidemic outbreak. The interpretation of patho-physiological and clinical consequences of blockades referred to earlier should pose no serious problems for the scientists. I believe, however, that a purely clinical analysis of these blockades will also help classic researchers to get close to the understanding of the spiritual message of bird’s flue virus.

Thus we arrived to the key “moment” of this publication That moment will indisputably be the announcement on „What will save the mankind… from bird’s flue virus?

My many years of studies have shown to my surprise that the most effective means to protect and prevent bird’s flue virus in humans (and even in its treatment) is… WINE tuned directionally using TD VIP! What surprises me a bit less is that the second and in some cases equal place is taken by WATER tuned directionally using TD VIP.

This issue is partly explained by my article „Technologies of Joy””. Writing it, I never thought, however, that tuned wine can be so important and have such purpose! Especially since I myself have walked a long and difficult path from total prejudice to any kind of alcohol, to its slow acceptance. True, the Bible contained references to alcohol, but as long as there were no scientific arguments that would unequivocally accept alcohol (particularly wine), I had strong reservations against recommending it, even the tuned version.

A careful Reader will definitely remember the problem that takes the first place in the personal characteristic of candidates for bird’s flue virus. It is the problem with JOY! It means ether lack or deficit of true joy or even worse, “joy from wrong things”!

Meanwhile, the Bible says that „a cheerful heart is the best medicine! (Proverbs of Solomon 17:22). „Cheerful heart” is the symbol of true, natural Joy in the Bible. The Bible also suggests a way to reach that state, saying that „wine gladdens the heart of man” (Song of Solomon 10:19, Book of Psalms 103:14). Obviously, the Bible usually refers to mature, i.e. tuned wines! No wonder then, that directionally tuned wine that brings Joy and helps us tune to VIP Laws, is the most effective drug against the threat of bird’s flue virus. And there is more! The Biblical context suggests that tuned wine is the most effective medicine of all!

That “most effective medicine” was something that probably no one expected! Me neither, even though I have years of experience in the tuning of wine (and other types of alcohol) using TD VIP. This experience shows without a doubt that  TD VIP applied to wine, has extraordinary clinical effects and flavor. Those who were cured of various, often very serious illnesses, can attest to its clinical effect. As far as flavor is concerned, during the tuning process, wine acquires characteristics typical of mature and aged wines. And only those are recommended by the Bible (Isaiah 25:6)! And these are the only ones that are recommended by honest wine connoisseurs!


One question comes to mind, however! Will those positive recommendations not lead to eventual dependency on tuned wine and alcoholism? It appears, there is no such threat. Why? All dependencies and alcoholism itself are the characteristic and a symptom of untuned personality. Tuned wine, which tunes the personality, reduces and gradually eliminates this threat. The same applies to other types of alcohol which is subject to tuning. Therefore, although it may sound like a paradox, the opposite is true! It is tuned alcohol that is a real alternative to alcoholism!


I realize the fact that the information about the “most effective drug” may even look like a joke!

I realize the fact that true JOY that characterizes Universal Life, must also be accompanied by a true sense of humor! But that sense of humor must be based on “being merry because of the truth”!

I realize the fact that this information may provoke “irritation” in some people!

            I realize the fact that many “will not believe” that directionally tuned wine can be the most effective drug, including for their own problem!

However, as a man and a scientist “I am hoping”, even more, I “believe” that “I am not being obscene” by announcing the joyous news to the world!


There is more! My research indicates that in addition to wine and water, there is yet another excellent means designed to tune people in the prevention and treatment of bird’s flue virus (and other conditions). It is the OIL of OLIVES subject to dostroyenie using TD VIP!

In connection with what was said in the previous chapter, it would be a real sin not to refer here a certain Biblical verse. And it would be a real mistake if I quoted it before I explained the Biblical context in which it was placed.

It comes from chapter six of the Book of Revelation, also called the Apocalypse and refers to events that were supposed to take place on Earth during the so called “final days”! There are many indications that this statement refers to our own times.

In this chapter, the author of this book, John, describes events that occur on Earth as a result of the removal of the seal from the symbolic Book of Earth found in heaven (the highest VIP dimensions – author’s note). That book was previously inaccessible to humanity because it was secured by the “seven seals”. Significantly, those “seals” were removed by the One, who at one time reminded the humanity about a forgotten example of a man perfectly tuned to VIP Laws (or set this example himself, if it didn’t exist before!). That someone, of course, is Jesus Christ!

As the first four “seals” were removed, John’s attention focused successively on the four mysterious figures “full of eyes in front and at the back”, differing only by the appearance of their faces. These figures were also the closest to the symbolic throne of God.

As each of the first four seals was removed, one of the four horsemen (“horsemen of the Apocalypse”) “went into action”. Each of them “caused” major destruction and problems on Earth. In total, these four horsemen were given the right to “bring” numerous plagues, contamination, economic problems, massive scarcity and galloping costs to Earth and its inhabitants. Well, with one exception!

In the description of the vision before the third horseman “went into action”, one that John “saw” thanks to the third of the four figures and the only one that had human face, we read (Revelation.6:6):

 „A quart of wheat for a day’s wages and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages and do not damage the oil and the wine!

Other translations state that the last words of this verse were as follows:

 „but do no harm the olive and the wine

 „But don’t ruin the olive oil or the wine

 „and do not injure the oil and the wine

What does that mean?

It means that during these foretold apocalyptic test of the degree of tuning of mankind to VIP Laws, all types of food except for olive oil and wine were subject to destruction, contamination, scarcity and rising costs.

It also means that even in this seemingly hopeless, apocalyptic for mankind vision of the events, a provision was made to prepare and “secure” against destruction and contamination resources – carriers of potential tuning, i.e. oil and wine.

What about beer, which is referred to “diplomatically” in the verse quoted above in the context of changing prices of barley, from which beer is produced?

It appears it is not subject to such unqualified “protection” like oil and wine, nonetheless its availability and popularity is also “apocalyptically tolerated”! Why? As it turns out, beer is also an ideal, although very specific resource designed for directional tuning using  TD VIP.

 Specific characteristic of beer is partly “explained” by the entomological analysis of its name in Slavic languages (such as Russian or Polish). The body of the term piwo, or beer, also contains the acronym “vip”, but in reverse order – “piv”. It is this reverse order that symbolizes perfectly the features that differentiate local piv and Cosmic VIP. There is more! Beer not only symbolizes, but in fact is a resource-carrier of the features of this separation. It came to existence in order to implement the program of that separation a very long time ago – at the dawn of contemporary civilization. So long ago, that contemporary scientists are wondering how the ancient Sumerians knew the beer production technology – too complex for these times. Let us think!

For that and other reasons beer is a very specific resource “designed” for directional tuning using TD VIP. For that and other reasons consumption of untuned beer requires special care! Untuned beer increases the degree of separation of the person that consumes it with respect to VIP Laws, blocking his spiritual growth! These are also the origins of an increasingly obnoxious advertising, inspired by the local piv.


What about stronger drinks, which can also be tuned using TD VIP? The Bible also refers to them “diplomatically” in the verse quoted above by “allowing” for them a higher price than the price of beer, but also a relatively stable one, since it is linked to the price of wheat, from which such stronger alcohol can be made.


A question arises, however! Was the mankind given an additional chance of survival, including that of the bird’s flue virus, in such unexpected way – by tuning the available type of alcohol using TD VIP?

Perhaps that was and remains the destiny and the very message brought to us by the existence of alcoholic beverages?


Before we answer that question, it is worth noting that the verse quoted above (Revelation 6.6) becomes more clear only in the context of our discoveries. It also means that until now it couldn’t be interpreted properly!

On the other hand, in the context of this verse it is easier to accept the often overlooked, but purely scientific information, which says that alcohol protects us against radiation, for example! The breakthrough in my own personal process of growth from complete negation and abstinence to slow acceptance of alcohol, occurred in the year 2000 at a meeting with a Russian doctor who survived “healthily” Chernobyl nuclear disaster despite staying for a long time inside the high contamination zone thanks to the “help” of alcohol.

I also think that only now it becomes more understandable why the first miracle performed by Jesus was turning water into wine, even as He and His disciples condemned alcoholism.

Unexpectedly, just as this publication was being written, on January 12, 2008 there appeared on the Internet a report authorized by the BBC called “Alcohol in small doses extends your life”. It discusses the results of 20-year study conducted by a group of Danish researchers of 12 000 subjects. The research focused on the impact of the consumption of small doses of alcohol and the risk of death due to ischemic heart disease. The result of this study is as follows: Consumption of small doses of alcohol accompanied by active lifestyle, cuts almost by half the risk of death from ischemic heart diseases!

The process of discovery of „the best drug” was very slow. I reached it as a result of a long process involving years of research and experiments. Despite that, it was hard even for me to believe in its truthfulness! Undoubtedly this is because I was affected by my personal prejudices and negative opinions about the consumption of alcohol, based on upbringing, culture and my own observations.

Alcohol was and is always associated with the worst evil and is still seen as the eternal enemy of mankind! Various organizations and individuals devote their time to fighting this product. It is attacked by schools and churches!

On the other hand, it is difficult to imagine an event, a holiday or a more important meeting without alcohol, even attended by those, who fight it every day. Everyone deep down feels subconsciously that it does indeed „gladden the heart”, that without its “backing” it is hard to relax and have fun, even in a good company!

Many observations indicate that by relaxing our concentration in this real, physical, vibrationally heavy dimension, alcohol reminds us about the existence of yet other dimensions! In other words, it “opens” our access to spirituality! Numerous observations indicate that this is the main message of alcohol’s existence. Many things also indicate that this is the main reason for “apocalyptic protection” of its existence!

Unfortunately, these positive properties of alcohol, while definitely positive, are strongly overshadowed by the pathology it produces, by alcoholism!

But why is it that the negative option almost always wins hands down in the evaluation of alcohol? Where is the truth about alcohol? How to find the perfect balance?

Based on my research we can already prove that this truth about alcohol is its ability to “tune – untune” the user with respect to VIP Laws by creating “special” resonance conditions. Unfortunately, this statement means that it can also exist in a state that leads to un-tuning of the person drinking it with respect to VIP Laws. And that’s not all! Its neutrality is practically very unlikely! That is due to specific abilities of alcohol to imprint, store and give back the information.

Homeopathy, which I have worked on since my university years, owes its existence mainly to that special property of alcohol. At the same time, its undisputed effectiveness confirms unequivocally “imprinting” abilities of alcohol.

Accepting as a universal criterion the fact, that two principal directions of the development of human life exist – i.e. either the direction of tuning to VIP Laws, or the direction of untuning to VIP Laws – it is possible to distinguish two states of alcohol resonating with it:

  1. State of resonance, which promotes tuning

(of the drinker) to VIP Laws.

  1. State of resonance, which „promotes” untuning

(of the drinker) to VIP Laws.


In other words, the second state of resonance of alcohol helps „tuning” to the local piv.

Since for alcohol neutrality in resonance is practically impossible, it follows that commonly available alcohol is in a state of resonance, which promotes untuning (of the drinker) with respect to VIP Laws. Why?

Because the entire earthly field of life is dominated by „re-tuned physics” of the local piv, that is the „physics of separation” with respect to Cosmic VIP. These „physics” create in the earthly Time and Space (or rather instead of it), the local time and space that is already known to us. Under these conditions, all human activities which are not accompanied by a conscious effort to tune to VIP Laws, actually lead to resonance with the local piv and to piv-adaptation that we already know about. This also applies – if not specifically – to alcohol, which quickly „sucks out” within it all the „spiritual” information from the surrounding world. Not coincidentally, in Latin the word „spirit” has a double meaning.

It means that alcohol is particularly susceptible to all kinds of „tuning”. In other words, it is always in a state of some sort of „tuning”, some „modulations” and is always promoting one kind of „adaptation” or than another!

Alcohol has played a huge role in the existing history of the humanity. It continues to play that role even now. There is no doubt that it usually „facilitated” adaptation to the local piv, because it typically remained in a state of resonance, which „promotes” the untuning with respect to Cosmic VIP.

Thus from the Alcohol Adjusted to Modify Adaptation, the truth about alcohol emerges. It emerges as a DAMA (lady) – or rather as two DAMAs.

The former DAMAis the „Alcohol Tuned Using Modulations of Adaptation” to the local piv – or the piv DAMA


The new DAMA – is the Alcohol Tuned Using Modulations of Adaptation to the Cosmic VIP – or DAMA VIP

Let’s choose!

Since the issue is more than just serious, let’s go back once again to my years of researching man’s anatomy, energo-geometry of Time and Space (VIP) and the Bible, its structure – research conducted according to the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena! And here are the results!

That research shows that a man’s body was „build” in the process of long-lasting, directional evolution, in which it was supposed to reach the state of an ideal “biological temple”. Unfortunately, the truth about that goal was either lost, or was deliberately hidden and “forgotten”. The Bible notes this and reminds us: „Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit…” (1 Corinthians 6:19).

The nature of that and every true „building” is best reflected by the term that describes this process in Russian. That word is “strojenie” and according to cosmic destination of the Russian language, it fully corresponds to the term “strojenie” (tuning) that we are using. No wonder! The destiny and the ultimate goal of the construction of our „biological temple” was to create special resonance conditions for the tuning to Universal VIP Laws and for the user and builder of that „temple” – the human spirit and mind – to acquire the features of Universal Cosmic Personality. In turn, from the point of view of the body – the „temple”, the spirit is the user that makes the body alive, while the mind is the builder that tunes, or untunes the body he was „assigned to”. The body is also a special type of „link” between the spirit and the mind.

Let us stop for a while, since at this point we must definitely add that one specific property of our spirit is the will. Its significance for our existence is so great, that it is frequently listed along with spirit and the mind as the third and parallel aspect of human existence. It is also yet another (or even the main) symptom of the universal phenomenon of our existence, expressed in the Spanish-Slavic term “dostroyenie” (two – three). We have in our mutual relations between the spirit, the mind and will and in their mutual relations with VIP, a dynamic “trinity within a dichotomy” and a “dichotomy within a trinity”.  Human body – the “temple” was build (“tuned”) VIP DOSTROYENIE precisely to learn about these relationships. Please remember about this phenomenon, especially when we say that the user and builder of the human body – the  “temple”, is the spirit and the mind. Let us also remember that the ultimate goal of the great process of VIP DOSTROYENIE are respectively: LOVE, Wisdom and Will!

Under earthly conditions, tuning of these elements was supposed to be achieved primarily using the corrective signals flowing from the body – the “temple”. That is why the body was supposed to become a sensitive and precise signaling system of both tuning and untuning of the spirit, mind (and the will)  with respect to VIP Laws. Untuning was supposed to be signaled by various aliments, illnesses etc. That is roughly the message of the existence of diseases. My flagship publication “The Message of the Disease. The Disease as Your Chance” discusses this issue in more details.

The body was also supposed to provide a special opportunity to experience true joy and happiness that accompany the tuning to those Laws! That opportunity, in turn, was supposed to encourage the user and builder of the body – the “temple”, to perfect the degree to which it is tuned to VIP Laws.

That was and remains the general message of human anatomy! Presumably that is also why the archetype of the “temple” is so deeply engraved in the common human unconsciousness!

In our “trinity-like” earthly experience there is, however, yet another, third variant of the “use” of body’s – “temple’s” existence. It is also the most difficult one to understand.

It follows, that sometimes the experience of an illness is a conscious, or rather super-conscious choice of the human spirit and mind and therefore that of the specific user and builder of the body – the “temple”. Dignified suffering of a painful illness undoubtedly speeds up and improves the process of tuning to VIP Laws, by absorbing and perfecting the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality, especially patience, faith, self-control etc. That is also why we must maintain a certain distance in our assessment of human suffering and other problems. It is also because a conscious mind doesn’t always know what is best for us and even more so for others! In any event, that distance is one of the basis of Universal VIP Laws, particularly the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE, Law of CARE and THE Law of TOLERANCE! Lack of understanding of this phenomenon, both by doctors, their patients and their close ones, is the cause of many unnecessary conflicts along the lines: doctor – patient – family.

Because they remain in resonance with the Cosmic VIP, the Technologies of Resonance Conditions Promoting the Tuning to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCFDLT– or in short – TD VIP), optimize the process of each human experience – both sickness and general life – by giving full comfort to all parties that participate in that experience.


Let us go back once again to the etymological and at the same time anatomical phenomenon of the word „dostroyenie”. The word “dostroyenie” is also associated with tuning a musical instrument. That association also fully refers to the designation of human body as an instrument of tuning of man’s “trinity” to VIP Laws!

And now let us take a closer look at the design of that vehicle that is the human body – an instrument and at the same time a live “biological temple”!

The structural axis of that “temple” is the spinal cord that consists of 33 disks. At the vibration level that analogy is reflected by the Russian alphabet, which consists of 33 letters. And the purpose of Jesus Christ’s life, which lasted 33 years, was to set an example, or remind mankind about the lost dostroyenie pattern to VIP Laws. That pattern also refers to the unturned and increasingly untuned human “biological temples”, as shown by Jesus’ healing activities. It is also obvious that the three „qualities” listed above, are part of a relationship defined by the law of resonance of parallel phenomena.

We must also note that this evolutionary process of building – „stroyenie” of man’s anatomy to the role of “biological temple”, is not over yet. More than that! Due to the interference in that process by local piv, acting to separate the man from resonance with respect to Cosmic VIP, there occurred serious deviations from the optimum pattern in the construction – “stroyenie” of this “biological temple”. That is why the purpose of various cosmic missions – particularly the mission of Jesus Christ –was to assist in this distorted evolutionary process not through interference, which is banned by VIP Laws, but by giving mankind an example to follow.

Temples build by people in ancient times were also part of an intuitive search of that pattern, as well as a pre-announcement and an image of human „biological temple” of the future. That is why striving to reach these “images” may be useful for us, people, the builders – “stroityele” and users of our “temples”.

It is commonly known that all students of medicine begin the studies of their future profession by learning the so-called „proper anatomy of man” and the „physiology of man” (also „proper”). The next stage in their education is the „pathological anatomy of man” and „pathological physiology of man” (pathophysiology).

Meanwhile, my research shows that the „proper anatomy of man” learned by students is to a large extent already a pathological anatomy! The same applies to physiology.

What, then, should be the truly proper anatomy and physiology of man?

The answer is not simple. In order to reach it, one must first understand what changes in the anatomy and physiology of man occurred under the influence of deliberate efforts to that effect made by the local piv. And they „had” to occur in order to adopt the man to serving the main goal of the local piv – the unconscious giving up of his energy of life. For that, strategic changes in human anatomy and physiology were „needed” and because of the humans’ enormous brain power, these changes „had” to be made in a way unnoticeable to them! It is also obvious that in order to do this effectively, it was necessary to first learn about the true anatomy and physiology of man!

That „operation” succeeded – as shown clearly by the subsequent history of humanity. Therefore, it was conducted „in a professional manner” and familiarity of that truly true anatomy and physiology of man.

The „operation” was performed mainly with the assistance of „energo-informational instruments”, which gradually untune the man versus the VIP Laws, until it led to the appearance of pre-planned, and essential for the „new role” of humans – anatomical and physiological changes in their spine – the macro-antenna! That was the main goal of this „operation” and unfortunately, it has succeeded. And the changes in the system of micro-antenna – the DNA, changes in the physiology, etc., – these are just the consequences of the „operation” involving the man’s main antenna.

Perhaps paradoxically, „thanks” to those „criminal consequences of that criminal operation”, it is possible to learn the truth about the human anatomy and physiology. And the main research method in this „process” is the method of energo-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena, applied in parallel to the structure of human anatomy and physiology known to us, the structure of Time and Space, structure of the Bible and the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN, which itself is the result of a similar synthesis.

Using the methods of that synthesis, it was possible to determine precisely the changes made in human anatomy and physiology, compared to the anatomy and physiology thanks to which he has lived for hundreds of years! I am writing about it in more detail in the book „The Cosmic Message of the Anatomy of Man”.

However, in this publication I can already indicate that it is those deliberate changes made in the human anatomy and physiology by the local piv, that are the main cause of such short life of humans compared to their potential abilities and hence, the main cause of such rapid aging.

A careful Reader certainly guesses already that this „operation” is somehow related with the rooting of immature personality features in the spine – the issue we talked about earlier.

We also said previously that these deliberate changes to the human macro-antenna are also the main reason for the existence of cancers!

To conclude our previous and current discussions – our „investigation” shows that the consequences of this „operation” made on the sacral part of the human spine include both the significant shortening of the human life and nearly the entire cancerous pathology.

Does this mean that these two great pathologies – aging and cancers – have something in common?

They do, quite a lot!

After all, it means that this paradoxical, but characteristic only for cancers „capacity for eternal life” – resulting from their ability for endless division of cells – must come from energetic potential of that „surgically operated” part of the spine! It also means that unblocking and guiding that potential in a harmonious manner would extend human life, while eliminating the cancerous pathology!

To conclude – such short human life and the entire cancerous pathology, are the result of one and the same interference with humans! And the „nature” of that interference is best reflected by the nature of cancer. In turn, a pathological condition that is cancer – according to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena – reflects the nature of the local piv, which is the parasitic separation from the whole. Focused on its egoism, it does not see the whole – it does not see that by killing its victim, it will eventually kill itself as well. It only sees that the man suffering and terrified by the „incurable” diagnosis is an effective „donor” of his energy of life.

Cancerous pathology is the simple consequence of the violation of the Law of CREATION, Law of NON-INTERFERENCE and the Law of the NEED OF DEVELOPMENT – first of all by the local piv!

Unfortunately, to some extent these analogies reflect certain tendencies in personality traits of the human victims and candidates for that terrible pathology. For example, they are characterized by the „syndrome of re-tuned faith”, which was mentioned earlier.

It is faith in goals other than those which should be!

It is faith in the wrong ideals!

It is faith in the wrong „god”!

It is also an incorrectly understood goodness!

The painful thing is, that the 90% share of local piv contribution in the human misery and suffering, is also related to this problem.

But that does not make it easier for the man – especially one that is sick!


I realize both the scientific and moral responsibility for these words and arguments. Nonetheless, I would once again back it up with my many years of extensive experience, including experience in fighting this terrible pathology. I am mentioning that in the „History of the Creation of Modern Technologies of Tuning the Man to the Laws of Time and Space”.

It is no longer just a theory and guesses. These are conclusions, confirmed by medical practice. And a doctor can confirm these conclusions with one and only argument – clinical effectiveness!

TD VIP were from the very beginning tested and perfected to a large extent also on this „cancerous training field”.

Clinical results gathered there, fully confirm the truthfulness of these considerations!


I would also like to say the following, paraphrasing somewhat the statement by Max Planck that was quoted earlier:

As a man who has devoted his whole life to the most clearheaded science that is medicine – I should be free of any suspicions of fantasizing…!



It is worth noting, that it is not just cancer that reflects and unveils the nature of the local piv.

It turns out that not just the truth, but also the falsehood about the Time and Space are demonstrated and exposed by the Slavic languages – that is part of the Slavs’ cosmic mission! How?

Similarly to the „VIP” acronym, which represents (using the Russian language) the true (Cosmic) Time and Space, the first letters of the words which denote „time” (czas) and space” (przestrzeń) in certain Slavic languages (Polish, Belorussian), expose the local piv as „czip”! Nothing else to add, because that is how it is in reality!

It must be admitted, that the role played by those languages is „ungrateful” indeed.

On the other hand, the Polish language has the unquestioned privilege of being the language in which the VIP Laws are first published and interpreted!

Let us now make a small, but important digression. As part of the prize for the classical scientists who deal with bird’s flue virus, I mentioned that MAaD VIP TD which eliminates “specificity” of the candidate for infection with that virus, also optimizes the work of the thymus. And the thymus still remains a mysterious gland that “shuts down” its activity far too early for the contemporary man. Meanwhile, there are credible views that say that it is the thymus that “stores” the pattern of a perfect human body within! It is possible that the thymus “controls” the package of the most optimum “adaptive patterns” that add up to a dynamic pattern of ideal human body. That is a very highly probable assumption!

All the more so, since the model of human „trinity” discussed earlier shows that our spiritual body expresses itself precisely by the internal secretive gland system. One must add, that the internal secretive glands fulfill the role of motivational, emotional and coordination centers. We also know that they act primarily in response to the strength of mind’s imagination! What does that all mean? It means, that when a certain motivation is incompatible with the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality (and therefore with the VIP Laws themselves and the “features of the Energy of Life), there will be interference of the functioning of specific motivational centers. Such interference causes information sent to these centers through hormones, the “chemical messengers” carried by blood, to be mutually exclusive. The unavoidable result is illness, accelerated aging etc.!

But why is it that our thymus gland “shuts down” its activities so fast? Perhaps because our motivations and our “adaptive patterns” to which the thymus is particularly sensitive in early age and early youth are untuned so badly with respect to VIP Laws, that the thymus is exhausted prematurely, forcing it to “shut down”! And if the thymus really stores inside the pattern of body – the “temple’s” perfection, we equally quickly lose access to it! Consequently, we age quickly and our lives are too short! That is the price of our “tuning” to local piv instead of the Cosmic VIP!

Premature “shutting down” of our thymus glands should focus society’s attention on educational patterns of kids and young people that have been repeating for ages! Judging by the results, they require a complete overhaul! They are the main reason for the continuing existence of “adaptive patterns” created by past generations, patterns that presumably block not just the thymus glands.

If we associate the fact of „early suspension” of the functioning of our thymuses with the fact of „early rooting” within the spine of immature personality features – a mechanism of continuing process of „tuning” to the local piv by the consecutive generations of human beings is revealed to us.

That rhetoric produces yet another “gift” and not just for researchers but for all the people. And paradoxically it is the “gift from bird’s flue virus”! Why? “Thanks” to bird’s flue virus, which has “forced” us to make these discoveries, we can be saved not just from that virus! More than that! We can achieve a lot more – access to the pattern of perfection of our body!

How to achieve that? By adopting our motivations and “adaptive patterns” created by the strength of Mind’s imagination to criteria, which are required by the strict and just teacher and examiner called Bird’s Flue Virus.

Since this chapter is „officially” addressed for scientists, let us summarize it once again based on typical scientific dualism and skepticism and at the same time a certain dose of scientific nonchalance. The result is as follows:

If the pattern of ideal man really rests inside of us, it can be awakened by assimilating and perfecting those personality features, whose lack makes the man a candidate for infection with bird flue virus, i.e. joy, patience, kindness and faith! If such pattern does not exist, it can be “created” the same way!

No risk, while the opportunity is quite real!

A great help in this process and in that direction will undoubtedly be the tuning using TD VIP with the assistance of MAaD already known to us.

Let us not forget however, about the visualization of the spiritual ideal „VIP DOSTROYENIE”!

Incidentally, it is interesting what the ideal of a human body compatible with Cosmic VIP may look like!? There is no doubt that it is very different from „examples” of man’s beauty known to us and set by the local piv. There is also no doubt that these „local examples” are usually highly “non-physiological” and in most people provoke pre-planned complexes. No wonder! Their goal is to provoke mass unhappiness with oneself and as a result, the untuning of the majority of people. And what then with the implementation of the well-known principle „Love your neighbor as you would thyself”?!

This is best seen with respect to the issue of body weight. Local piv has organized man’s lifestyle and eating habits in a way that ensures it causes problems with body weight, especially with excessive weight. Meanwhile, the ideal of a human body in this respect, set and popularized by the local piv, is close to anorexia. Let’s not go crazy (get untuned) over this!!!

Since undoubtedly the fullest and most beautiful image of the purpose of man’s body is the image of a „temple”, let us follow that archetype.

Let us think then, what is the deciding factor in the construction of material temples build by man?

At first sight, it would appear that everything depends on the quality of materials used and the application of the most advanced construction technologies.

If that is so, what do wooden temples, especially those existing on the Russian territory, prove to us? They have been standing for hundreds of years without special maintenance and their wooden material retains freshness. Why? These temples were build according to proportions that arise from the laws of energo-geometry of Space and Time (VIP). Therefore, the deciding factor that determines durability of those temples is not so much the type of material used, but rather knowledge about the laws of VIP energo-geometry and the consequent skills of their builders, i.e. true VIP abilities. Note also that the laws of VIP energo-geometry are represented by selected physical aspects of VIP Laws.

Yet another, no less important factor that maintains and “sustains” the “life” of temples that are already build is whether they are used for their intended purpose. In the case of traditional temples, their common purpose is to teach religion, moral education, prayers, ceremonies, etc.

Since all these “conditions” taken together have primarily a vibration and resonance dimension and nature, it is that “function of vibration and resonance” that determines the fate of a given temple.


And what about the man – „the biological temple”?

In my studies I am proving that the man, through his anatomy, also reflects VIP structure. That is why, similar to temples build according to the laws of VIP energo-geometry, he should live for a very long time! Why isn’t that so? Because of the deviations mentioned earlier that occurred in the process of evolution of man’s anatomy. They were and will continue to be “adjusted” by various epidemics and pandemics, among other events, until the man, along with anatomy, doesn’t turn into a perfect “biological temple”.

And which factor sustains the life of our human, yet imperfect, completed and uncompleted „biological temples”?

The factor that sustains them is proper nourishment and appropriate degree of tuning of the spinal cord, the structural axis and a macro-antenna at the same time, designed for being in resonance with VIP. But that is something the reader already knows!

At the same time, a man is a structure made of water since 70% of his body is made up of water and our brains are 90% water. Water is the nature of biological life on our water-covered Planet. And one special and particularly interesting for us property that water has, is its ability to store and transfer information. Contemporary biophysics proves that the foundation of biological life on our Planet is not so much water, but rather this special ability of water to store and transfer information!

A special liquid circulates in this “temple of water and bones”, bringing in addition to oxygen and nutrients, various other substances and information. It is used for its own purposes particularly by the man’s spiritual body, through the system of internal secretive glands that fulfills motivational and coordination roles

That special liquid is the red blood! It is the center of human ego! This is proven by simple medical observation. Wherever blood doesn’t reach, the life vanishes and that area is no longer subject to the power of ego!

And according to the Bible,the “spirit” also resides within blood!

Interestingly, the most frequent, including Biblical symbol of blood is the dry red wine! That means the wine has to contain something special, since this symbol – particularly the archetypical image – is not just a case of a simple agreement. This symbol, together with its previous features, remains in resonance with the liquid it is supposed to represent. That rule arises from the law of resonance of parallel phenomena!

Logically wine, if only because it contains water fraction, also has the ability to remember, store and transfer information. The addition of alcohol appears to strengthen that ability, which, as mentioned earlier, is proven by homeopathy.

However, thanks to their association with blood, these abilities must also be expressed within blood to an even greater degree and it also has to have within something special, the ability of exceptional resonance with the nature of life found both in blood and in the Time and Space!


Let us go back however, once again, to the archetype of the “temple”. We have already mentioned that in addition to design features, the key condition that sustains further existence of any temple, is that it must fulfill the main goal for which it was build.

What is the message here for the man, the “biological temple”?

“By analogy”, his existence in the current shape, quality and length of his existing, life are determined by the same „vibration and resonance function” that determines the fate of each temple. In our case, it arises primarily from the quality of his fulfillment of man’s, or “biological temple’s” primary reason of existence, which is the study of tuning to VIP Laws of the human spirit and mind – the temporary resident and builder of a specific “biological temple”.

The final balance of that study, i.e. the proportion between tuning and untuning, determines the “health” and longevity of the given human “temple”. In other words, health, quality and longevity are a function of proportions between untuning and the entropy of untuning!

Regarding the significance of the understanding of goals of our earthly life and the need to achieve them, contemporary psychology shows the clinical consequences of this lack of understanding and the consequent failure of man to achieve his life goals. You see, these consequences are dealt with primarily by oncology!

Meanwhile, in recent years a new branch of psychology, called psycho-oncology was established in the research of the dependencies between psyche and cancerous pathology. This confirms officially that most of those sick with cancer, have no goals in life or are unable to define them.

However, my research indicates that in reality the problem of „goals” is in fact the problem of „faith”. What, then is the relationship between faith and the goals of life and their achievement?

In fact, FAITH is an important component of human personality, one that has its biological imperative in the energo-informational structure of the spine – and thus in the energo-informational structure of the entire body. At the same time, it is obvious to all, that achieving goals of any kind depends on the belief that they make sense and the belief they are achievable. Without faith, no goal can be reached!

Presumably, in that context, the process of setting and achieving the goals of life, is meant, for the Earthly School of VIP Laws, to strengthen and perfect that important trait of personality features and at the same time the Feature of the Universal Cosmic Personality.

The problem is that achieving and reaching the wrong life goals will sooner of later lead to disappointment and undermine both faith and personal health.

The consequences are similar for the inability to achieve the goals of life.

Even worse are the consequences of not having any goals in life at all!

Meanwhile, the „syndrome of re-tuned faith”, build into the man by the local piv, (through premature ossification of the segments of human spine associated with that feature), usually leads to the setting of false life goals and achieving them through the path of false adaptation – according to the popular maxim „goal justifies the means”.

However, chances of achieving the right goals are slim in a system where it is the local piv that organizes human communities.

Alas! The negative human attitudes associated with faith and described in the above review, predominate among the majority of the people. Since they are also „pro-cancerous” attitudes – it is not surprising that the number of those falling victim to cancers grows.

Referring to the archetype of the „temple” – temples are associated primarily with the learning of „faith”.

As you can see, that overlaps with our considerations, which show that the true and ultimate message of the „temple” archetype is to learn the „faith in Truth”! In that context, the main destiny of the human body – that „biological temple”, is to create conditions for the teaching of that feature – the „faith in Truth” – by the „user” and the „builder” (spirit and mind) of a specific „biological temple”.

That rhetoric also leads to a clear conclusion about what we frequently see in life. Namely!

Lack of progress in the learning of „faith in Truth” – or the inability to tell truth from falsehood – leads to serious consequences, including consequences in the biological state of individual „temples”.

The same applies to spiritual and accidental consequences of not being able to tell truth from falsehood in the area of human life dominated by „temple-like systems” – religious systems and organizations. Their consequence is the increasing „spiritual oncology” of large human masses! It also means that the future prospects for these „temple-like systems” are similar as well!

It is not hard to notice that the issue of FAITH – if only through the „syndrome of re-tuned faith”, which dominates the human psyche – clearly connects three extremely serious pathologies. This obviously includes cancers, aging and the bird’s flue virus. All three are also characterized by an exceptional helplessness of the contemporary science in curing them!

Clearly, a careful Reader draw much more from these analogies between them. We can even expect that someone will discover their common message.

As mentioned earlier, let us not forget that there is yet another, third variant of the use of opportunities made available to man by his body – the “temple”. Let us not judge, then the life of others and their choices and experiences! Let us not violate the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE and the Law of TOLERANCE!

There is no doubt, however, that a conscious choice of active participation in the process of tuning to VIP Laws also guarantees its participants that they will make the optimum choice in the use of their body – the „temple”!

Our previous discussions about the meaning of archetype of a „temple” in mass human unconsciousness also have their goal. To achieve it, we will be assisted once again by the Bible, full of archetypes and treated without prejudice.

It turns out that the verse from the Book of Revelation 6.6.remains in a complete resonance with just one additional verse in the entire Bible. It is found in the Book of Chronicles 2:10. But what a verse it is!!!

As it turns out, it tells us what the staple food was for the thousands of unqualified workers toiling to build the temple in ancient Jerusalem at Salomon’s orders. The basic staples consisted of barley, wheat, olive and wine!

Prepared by our previous discussions, let us try to consider, what is the meaning of this information? What is the relationship between that specific choice of nourishment for the people employed to achieve that particular goal, and the goal itself? Especially since the workers employed there were unskilled laborers and the purpose was indeed special, construction of a temple that no one has ever built before! This fact explains why they couldn’t use skilled workers. Because no one could ever acquire such skills before!

Despite that lack of qualifications, the temple was build and became the subject of admiration of the contemporary world. Let us remember, however, that the symbolism of this whole situation refers to each of us, unskilled builders of our own bodies – the “temples”!

Let us then try to make a modern interpretation of that message. This interpretation is as follows:

Properly selected food tuned previously unskilled builders towards optimum achievement of a certain goal. This was done using the following mechanism: focusing on the goal while consuming the meals, tuned these meals to support and enable those consuming them to achieve that goal. However, that was only possible if the food used to prepare specific meals was particularly susceptible to tuning through information. That is yet another law!

What is the meaning, then, of listing once again those primary components of a special diet in the same sequence, but in the special context of chapter six of the Book of Revelation? That chapter discusses, as we already know, the terrifying events that await humanity during the so called judgment days.

We know that this apocalyptic test will refer to the degree of untuning of men to VIP Laws. Consequently, it will also apply to the degree of untuning of their “biological temples”, their bodies, to fulfill their role. And even more importantly, it will apply to the special resonance between the user and builder of the „biological temple” – the human spirit and mind and the “temple” itself.


As we have already said numerous times, the purpose of biological evolution of man and therefore the ultimate goal of the final “tuning” of his anatomy, is to achieve the state of an ideal “biological temple”. A parallel goal of the human spirit and mind – the  user and the builder of the “biological temple” – is to perfect the degree to which he is tuned to the VIP Laws by acquiring the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality by participating in the life of that “temple”. Only the simultaneous, harmonious achievement of these two states, will allow the man to enjoy full health and happiness that is possible thanks to extraordinary opportunities created by the life of Earth!

As is commonly known, the temple of Salomon, an image of the human „biological temple”, has failed to survive the trials of Time and Space. Why? Apparently some of the conditions listed previously and needed to ensure durability of the temple were violated!

What about the unfinished and yet imperfect human „temples” and their equally imperfect „users and builders”, awaiting yet another test of quality at the next stage of our biological and spiritual evolution? What special message does this double recommendation of a special diet have for the contemporary humanity that lives, in what all signs show, are apocalyptic times?

It is the following message:

In the face of a visible crisis of our civilization and the approaching test, our „temple-based trinity”, i.e. the spirit, mind and body, must receive special nourishment, just as unskilled builders of the temple of Salomon. Such nourishment was once essential for unskilled builders of the temple of Salomon to ensure that they would be able to build a magnificent temple, despite their lack of qualifications and acting under the direction of the very few people, who had some knowledge about „sacral” proportions based on the laws of VIP energo-geometry!

Such nourishment is even more essential for the equally unskilled builders and users of our living „biological temples”, to make sure they manage to achieve essential degree of tuning to VIP laws of the entire „temple-based trinity” under the direction of … VIP Laws, despite their obvious lack of skills! How is that possible? Solely and exclusively through resonance! This rule of resonance is the nature of TD VIP. And the special nutritional requirements are met by the four products we already know about: wheat, barley, olive and oil, but only after they are directionally tuned with the assistance of TD VIP.

It is true that wheat and barley can and continue to be used as food. However, today, more important are their „spiritual”, liquid derivatives, alcohol and beer, which are particularly susceptible to tuning using TD VIP.

In Biblical times, people didn’t know the technology needed to produce stronger types of alcohol. Even more so, they didn’t know technology of their dostroyenie. After all, that technology is both the function and a by-product of human evolution – culture.  Man creates culture and at the same time is to a large extent its „creation”. The same applies to the relations between man – technology – and man.

However, just as culture should be used as a spiritual-intellectual tool serving man to tune to VIP Laws, this technology should be used as a technological tool supporting man’s efforts in the same direction. The technology for tuning alcohol and the culture of consuming alcohol should also be used towards the same goal!

The Bible contains the most accurate description of the principle of consuming alcohol (and not just alcohol):

 „Go then, eat your bread in happiness and drink your wine with a cheerful heart for God has already approved your works (Solomon 9:7).

There is more! The term „dobry nastrój” (good mood) in the Polish language, contains the information that alcohol must always be tuned before it is consumed – „dostrój”!!! As you can see, it is actually an order!

Undoubtedly, the custom of making long toasts practiced by some people before the consumption of alcohol follows that advice and the rule of „mandatory” tuning of alcohol!!!

Interesting information on that subject is also found in other books of the Bible. The Book of Solomon 9:1-6 says that:

Wisdom has build her house… she has mixed her wine; she has also set her table …

… “Let all who are simple come in here!” she says to those who lack judgement. “Come, eat mu food and drink the wine I have mixed”.

Leave your simple ways and you will live; walk in the way of understanding”.


A careful reader will notice that these verses also express the rule of directional tuning of alcohol.

Mixing of Wine” by „Wisdom” is in fact the very nature of Dostroyenie Technologies to VIP Laws. The direction of such tuning is set by the Cosmic WISDOM, which lies at the basis of VIP Laws!

Greek Letters (the so-called New Testament) also contains this unequivocal piece of advice:

 „Stop drinking only water and use a little wine because of your stomach and your frequent illnesses

(1 Timothy 5:23)

That advice corresponds to our clinical practice, according to which the sick are advised to drink directionally tuned wine together with water!

That, in a way, homeopathic” practice, obviously refers not just to the sick – it applies to everyone. It allows people to achieve the desired effects while using much smaller quantities of alcohol subject to directional dostroyenie.


At the same time, the Bible also contains references to directionally untuned wine. Among other places, these references are found in verses that also indicate certain direction of such untuning.


Book of Revelation 17:2 talks about wine of adulteries

The Book of Salomon, 4.17 refers to the wine of rape


I don’t want to be misunderstood, but some of those „wines” remind me of certain DAMAs.

Let us recall, then, the source of the original (and continuing) „DAMA” – or the „DAMA”piv.

Wine, just as all other alcohol which has a special ability to record information, “contains” in it all of its history. And the most important for that history is the human factor, or the spiritual atmosphere created around wine by men in the process of production, storage, transportation and consumption. Thus, it is not hard to conclude, that consumers usually end up with “untuned” alcohol. Typically consumers also don’t know the history of its untuning. Consequently, chances of tuning it back using the mental concentration that is the basis of toasts, for example, appear minimal. And they are definitely insufficient! Considering both the purpose of alcohol and the Biblical, as well as Time and Space context, the only solution appears to be to tune alcohol using TD VIP. There is no and there won’t be any other alternative! And if so, what could that be?

How is it then, that this new DAMA – or DAMA VIP – is “born”?

Through consistent and sufficiently long tuning of alcohol, TD VIP introduces into the alcohol – as its dominant feature – the desired nature of tuning.

As a result of that process, the alcohol reaches the state of resonance, which supports the tuning of the one who consumes it, with VIP Laws and the appropriate adaptation – or VIP Adaptation.

Regardless of that, we must add that the culture of consuming tuned alcohol that is possible already and is being created today, does not absolve people from following the culture of alcohol consumption proposed by the Bible!

But that is not a surprise. One has to be cultured when dealing with a distinguished DAMA! Isn’t that true?




Since I respect the historical and scientific heritage of the whole generations of Biblical scholars, I have decided not to include in the text that special chapter which contains verses from a certain ancient Book (2nd century BC), known as „The Wisdom of Ben Sira” or „The Ecclesiasticus”.

The reason is that this book belongs to the group of the so-called deutero-canonical books.

However, since I cannot fail to quote them, because of their currency and practical wisdom, I am doing it as part of the „Post Scriptum”.

Here is what that Book says in chapter 31:27 – 29,31 (Millennium Bible translation):


„Wine is the very life to man

if taken in moderation.

Does he really live who lacks the wine

Which was created for his joy?

Joy of heart, good cheer and merriment

Are wine drunk freely at the proper time

Headache, bitterness and disgrace

Is wine drunk amid anger and strife

Rebuke not your neighbor

When wine is served, nor put him to shame while he is merry;

Use no harsh words with him

And distress him not…”

Let us go back to Spain, however, where I’m living right now and writing this publication. Spain, which is also one of the leading countries of oil and wine”. Is that the main reason why I found myself here? I don’t think so. After all, there are other countries of “oil and wine” although Spain, historically speaking, is the oldest country in Europe which begun wine production back in ancient times.

There is a much more important reason! It is the undoubted national trauma of Spain due to this country’s association with the greatest pandemic known in man’s history, the outbreak that not coincidentally bears the name Spanish flue. It is estimated that between 1918 and 1920, the Spanish flue has killed as many as 100 million people worldwide! And even though that was 90 years ago, national trauma definitely persists until today across this country and in the sub-consciousness of this nation!

            Therefore, the circle of yet another history is making a full turn! And let us hope dearly that it is a “circle along a spiral”.

But how should I should understand the relationship between my own, personal 26-year history, with the history of a country in which I wrote the „message” about yet another flue pandemic that threatens mankind?

Perhaps deep understanding of that message could only happen at this time and within the territory of this country that suffered such special experience?!

Maybe it is the „karmic” destiny of this country to serve as the birthplace of this message?!

Maybe this message should really come out of this country?!

And maybe it has something to do with the Spanish-Slavic etymology of that special word „dostroyenie”?

Dos” – which we frequently hear in Iberia.

Stroienie” – we hear frequently in Siberia.

Still, perhaps these similar names from areas so distant are concealing something more? Some common message of civilizations past, that is so unexpectedly encrypted in the term „dostroyenie”?!

Soon we will probably understand it better!

And how well will Span and the other countries of “olive and wine” use their chance and the resulting responsibility? Undoubtedly, we will also learn about that quite soon!

What about countries where olive and wine are less abundant, even though the Apocalypse also “guarantees” their availability for the entire humanity?

The Cosmic VIP gives everyone a chance of tuning! If only by tuning other, more accessible types of alcohol!

However, there is an even more widely available and more universal Carrier-Resource of Dostroyenie. It is the water! At the same time, it is a subject I have been dealing with for the longest time. That live-giving substance – creature, gives the residents of every country a chance of tuning, as long as they manage to understand and appreciate the opportunities brought by the Technologies of Dostroyenie to VIP Laws.

How does that relate to “the most effective medicine”? Same as in every drug cabinet, with the sole exception that in the cosmic-earthly drug cabinet of VIP, in addition to the very best medicine, there are solely and exclusively very good medicines!

I realize that this publication and that message can provoke many controversial reactions. However, to the question posed before, “Is that the unexpected way – tuning using the type of alcohol available – that the mankind was given yet another chance of survival”, there can only be one answer, “yes!”

New questions appear, however.

Does that mean that human weakness towards alcohol will be exploited, instead of fighting it? Or maybe it turns out that this weakness is not a weakness at all, but a psychological feature and the need of a modern man?! I believe that the right answer, as usual, lies somewhere in between!

It can be expected that many Readers will initially be surprised, disappointed or even disgusted by the information about the existence of such spectacular support by VIP. Are there no other, more “serious” methods? That question will likely be asked by many! It can be a really serious problem even for those, who are devoid of the sense of humor. But I guarantee you that only at first…

However, let us look at all this from the position of the SOURCE of VIP Laws and let’s try to honestly answer the question: Is it possible to actually see the appearance of a better and more effective support for the humanity by the VIP, without the simultaneous violation of the VIP Laws? And if so, how?

Let’s not kid ourselves. One of the VIP Laws – the Law of CARE, which sets the conditions for help by the Higher Hierarchies, demands that those at a lower level of development (in this case the people), be helped, so they can help themselves! The same is also required by the omnipresent Law of NON-INTERFERENCE. These are also “rules of the game” at higher levels of VIP, to which the humanity must finally tune itself!

It also means that as a rule, the SOURCE of VIP Laws cannot and does not break the Laws it has set itself. No wonder! It is the familiarity with and respect of the VIP Laws that ensure LAD in the Universe!

As it turns out, the terms of this special help that won’t break VIP Laws are fulfilled precisely by TD VIP, accompanied by the “secured” common availability of Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE, i.e. olive, wine and other types of alcohol and obviously water. The next step belongs to the humanity. Is it going to accept this help or not?

One must suspect that we will be shown the proof about the logic and effectiveness of that true, but spectacular support by the Cosmic VIP, sooner than we expect.

According to the spirit of VIP Laws, existence of any real support (assistance) – as a possibility – is the reaction of the higher Consciousness to the existence of real need for that support. That is the law!

That logic would clearly indicate, then, that this spectacular support is virtually essential for the true adaptation of man. It would not exist otherwise!

However, it must be noted clearly that the pre-condition for any real support (assistance), is the clear signaling of such need, rather than ignorance. That is yet another law! That is also how we should understand the „potential accessibility” of Resources-Carriers of VIP DOSTROYENIE mentioned earlier!

But that is not all!

You see, I have mentioned quite deliberately my meeting with the Russian doctor who, with the „assistance” of alcohol,  survived healthily the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, despite staying for a long time in the high-contamination zone.

That history – in the context of our previous considerations – acquires a significance of a serious message. If so, what message appears to be „Chernobyl” itself?

Another „signaling” moment appears to be the fact that the direct cause of the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl was a small earthquake in the reactor’s area.

Meanwhile, it turns out that many nuclear power plants are located on tectonic fractures, which by their very nature are characterized by high degree of seismic sensitivity. Considering the growing seismic activity on Earth – which in 50% is a reaction to the untuning of humans – the probability of an earthquake near a reactor also grows.

Thus, „Chernobyl” turns into the „Chernobyl syndrome”. And if we add to that „syndrome” the potential for human error and the possibility of using nuclear weapons – a truly apocalyptic vision of events appears.

What then?

Salvation can only come from two alternatives – each related to the quality of tuning to VIP Laws.

The first one – is „being in the right place at the right time” – and is literally tied to the factors of Time and Space. However, with the „apocalyptic” scope of events and global radioactive contamination, this alternative does not seem to be very realistic.

The second option remains – Tuning the Alcohol using Modulation of Adaptation (DAMA)– directional VIP DOSTROYENIE in order to optimize adaptation in an environment of increased radiation levels.

And that is the new DAMA – the VIP DAMA!

Does that mean that the former „DAMA” – or DAMA-piv,or the „ordinary” alcohol will no longer be enough?! Of course not!

That is impossible, if only because, unlike alcohol tuned using TD VIP, long-term consumption of „ordinary” alcohol inevitably leads to alcoholism and alcoholic toxemia, with all consequences associated with it.


Dear Readers!

Before we speak on this subject, let us consider, what does this mean, that very fact of the existence of „unexpected way” of support, one that nonetheless gives untuned humanity a true chance of survival, „not just from the bird’s flue virus”?

Undoubtedly, it means that the SOURCE of VIP Laws is characterized by the following features:


  • Love and Wisdom
  • True Joy and true sense of humor
  • Peace and Gentleness
  • Patience and Kindness
  • Tolerance and Goodness
  • Faith and Hope
  • Justice
  • Self-Control


I believe that even a bird flue virus candidate possessing the highest degree of skepticism can „safely” risk conscious tuning to SUCH SOURCE and Its Laws!

I also believe that simple human decency requires us to react positively to the very fact of the existence of such support and the opportunity to use it!

Since we are inevitably coming to the close of this publication, I would like to share a few more reflections. These reflections will also serve as answers to questions that sooner or later each Reader is bound to ask. Their appearance is inevitable, because of the cosmic scope of phenomena described in this publication.

One question arises for example. What will consistent tuning to VIP Laws give to man? Where will it lead? What next?

The answer will simplify and at the same time make more complex the statement we already know from this work, that the life of the Universe is not just a phenomenon of Time and Space, but a multi-dimensional one!

What it means, is that in the Time and Space of our Universe, there exist numerous dimensions and worlds located within them. The concept of „world” includes a factor of life that consciously organizes itself. That is possible thanks to the fact that our entire Universe is saturated with the Energy of Life – the Spirit – the Sole Force of Life determined by the VIP Laws.

For greater accuracy it must be noted here, that the degree of „saturation” with the Energy of Life of these various dimensions and worlds differs. It depends on the degree of tuning to VIP Laws and the degree of growth and advancement in the Cosmic Consciousness of beings which live there. The truth is, that the Energy of Life – the Spirit – the Sole Force of Life, penetrates the entire Universe, but only „saturates” with itself worlds and dimensions to the extent of true needs of their „residents”!!!

These different worlds and dimensions vary mainly by the vectors of Time and Space and the vectors of the „need of development” – defined for them by the VIP Laws. Note, however, that the vectors of Time and Space determine all the terms and variants of adaptation possible in the given Time and Space, while vectors of the „need of development” determine the „variants” of VIP Adaptation „recommended” for the given Time and Space.

Consequently, in various worlds and dimensions, the perception of Time and Space differs – hence the great variety and the vast richness of both the terms and variants of adaptation and the „variants” of VIP-Adaptation.

Worlds and dimensions enter into various combinations and relations, creating a very complex multi-dimensionality of certain worlds. That is possible thanks to the Law of Resonance, the foundation of physics of the Universe. Likewise, because of that, the basis for communications in the Universe is resonance and „vibration of information”. And thanks to the fact that everything in the Universe has a vibrational nature, these different worlds and dimensions can penetrate each other and at the same time co-exist independently of each other! All that taken together, creates an Infinity in multiplicity, in size and in variety. More than that! All of that remains in constant motion in the Time and Space of the Circle of the Universe.

It is obvious that harmonious functioning of that Cosmic Machinery is possible not only thanks to the existence of the Universal Cosmic VIP Laws, but also thanks to the existence of efficient mechanisms of enforcing them!

In various worlds of the Time and Space, there exists different number of laws arising from the specific characteristics of these worlds. At the same time, these laws represent the very spirit of VIP Laws. And the rule is that the more laws there are, the greater the „enslavement” of that world – but also the greater its chances for growth. That is, in any case, the principle of every effective educational process. This factor also „manages” the attraction to specific worlds of beings, which resonate with them. From that point of view, the entire Universe is the School of VIP Laws!

It turns out that man himself is also a multi-dimensional creature, located in the restricted earthly reality, primarily within its bodily vehicle. That „restriction” became temporarily essential, until our spirit and our mind fail to learn the essential Cosmic Responsibility – through tuning to VIP Laws „in force” in our current world.

It should be noted, however, that the twelve Universal VIP Laws to which we need to be tuned to in the Earthly School of VIP Laws, represent a world, which boasts a fairly high degree of freedom. That fact is also a forecast of the fantastic prospects for humans, since it confirms they already have a great potential. For it means that the achievement of tuning to these twelve VIP Laws by men, opens access to very high dimensions and worlds of the Time and Space of the Universe!

Alas! The domination of Time and Space of our world by the local piv and its local laws, which are usually not in resonance with VIP Laws, has greatly complicated the situation of the earthly man.

Local piv has turned the humanity into a nearly inexhaustible source of energy of life for itself. It has used the fact that man has access to the Cosmic Field of the Energy of Life, creating sophisticated mechanisms which force the man to lose and give up the energy of life absorbable by man. Local piv has also created mechanisms for the capture and storage of that energy, for example the „egregores” mentioned earlier.

The very existence of that cosmic parasitic behavior is an unfortunate testimony to the fact that not everyone in the Universe wants to tune to VIP Laws, but everyone wants to live! And since our world is located in the zone of „free will” of the Universe, that situation has indeed became possible.

The concept of „zone of free will” should not be taken literally, just as the term „free will” should not be treated literally. Something like that really does not and cannot exist!!!

The illusion of „free will” can be useful for growth only at a preliminary stage of the formation of individual, or mass consciousness. That is why the Cosmic VIP allows that illusion to happen. Starting from that arbitrary point of view, the „zone of free will” of the Universe is the Material Hemisphere, dominated by „heavy” laws of matter. Under these conditions, the cosmic consequences of literal understanding of free will, are far more limited than would be the case in the Anti-material Hemisphere, where the laws of energy dominate.

That is yet another argument for the assumption that the passage from Material to Anti-material Hemisphere of the Universe must be preceded by an honest and objective exam regarding the degree of Cosmic Responsibility achieved – which is currently taking place with respect to our Universe (including of course the Earth).

Regardless of all that, the very fact of the existence of such complex situation in which mankind has found itself, has enormous educational significance, not just for the humanity, but for other worlds as well, as they observe its tragic consequences our Planet. In turn, that „experience” will allow the SOURCE of VIP Laws to determine the permissible limits (illusions) of free will in the Universe.

          Let us go back, then to the origins of that „complex situation”.

Here is its main principle:

Since man is losing his energy of life when he is in a state of fear, pain, suffering, inability to fulfill his potential, aggression, depression, etc., – the local piv has organized man’s life on Earth to put him in those situations as often as possible, or even all the time!

This is being confirmed by the history of humanity. It is a very painful and depressing history, most often one of senseless suffering. It is a history of constant wars, mutual destruction, aggression, illnesses, unfortunate events, etc. But the worst thing is that humans were deprived of credible explanation about the true causes of their situation and were not shown a real way out of it. On the contrary! False ways out were being shown, ones that actually worsened the already fatal situation of man. On the other hand, real cosmic missions which attempted to help humanity and in principle did not violate VIP Laws (including the Law of NON-INTERFERENCE) – were „effectively” blocked and their message „effectively” distorted. That is proven for example by the history of world religions, particularly susceptible to resonance with the local piv!

Luckily for the humanity, true cosmic missions which used the Cosmic Wisdom, especially the mission of Jesus Christ, found „unexpected medicine and ways” that did not violate VIP Laws, but woke up at least part of the humanity to resonance with VIP and Their Laws. The Cosmic Wisdom, characterized by true PATIENCE, was able to „wait” until the right moment – the natural increase in the „pressure” by VIP Laws occurring in our times.

That fact confirms – and we spoke about it earlier – that the basic feature of our adaptation and tuning is patience. We need that feature very badly, especially now, in the period of increase in the „pressure” by VIP Laws.

The man is waking up!

The man is beginning to discover his potential, blocked for thousands of years!

A significant part of the humanity is starting to discover its paranormal abilities and potential!

Many people subconsciously seek access to other worlds and dimensions. But that is where the danger is, as well as another „trap” set by the local piv. Perhaps one of the last ones!

The apocalyptic fact, described in this publication, that no one except Jesus Christ has the right to take the „seal” off the Book of Life warns clearly, that attempts to remove those „seals” prematurely in a way other than by following the example of tuning to VIP Laws set by Jesus Christ, will not only fail to reach the goal, but are extremely dangerous. Potential consequences of these „attempts” include both various psychiatric problems and illnesses and accidental shocks and strokes!


The Biblical Jesus Christ, who achieved the highest degree of tuning to VIP Laws available on Earth, has reached such level of mastery over the Time and Space, that he can be present „always and everywhere” and not just in the Time and Space of our world.

It means that an honest achievement of consecutive degrees of tuning to VIP Laws by man, will also give his spiritual being the access, at the very least to worlds and dimensions „defined” by these degrees.

Each man, as a multi-dimensional being, can have access to his other dimensions as well as highly vibrating information from the Time and Space of the Universe on just one condition – by honestly reaching consecutive degrees of tuning to VIP Laws! These opportunities are given to the man by his body. Nonetheless, they are and will be blocked as long as our bodies do not reach the status of a „biological temple” and our spirit and mind do not reach the essential level of tuning to VIP Laws.

Let us then invest in our spiritual growth!

Let us appreciate our bodies and help them fulfill their role! Let us not drown their signals! On the contrary, let us listen to them!

Let us not forget that the „pattern” of perfection in tuning to VIP Laws is found within everyone of us!

Our bodies are the harbors for „safe travel” to other worlds and dimensions – without space ships. Because we ourselves are those space ships!

For now, let us gather the essential „cosmic fuel” for our „space ships”, which consists of the already known to us Features of the Universal Cosmic Personality: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faith, Gentleness, Self-Control.

Without gathering the essential quantity and quality of that spiritual „cosmic fuel”, there is and there will be no chances to „break through” the heavy spiritual vibrations of the cosmic „atmosphere” dominated by the local piv. That rule applies both to direct „journeys” to the higher worlds and dimensions with the possibility of returning to our bodily harbors, and to future „fates” of those, who permanently abandon their existing harbors.

It is worth noting that particularly in that last case, the analogy with the space rocket which drops consecutive stages (bodies) in order to fly farther, is especially complete!

It is also the deficit of high-quality spiritual „cosmic fuel” that produces what the East calls the „damned Wheel of Sansara”.

It is a trap set up by the local piv!

It is also not a „school” – as the East is teaching – but rather a time and space „colonized” and controlled by the local piv! In other words – the space and time. No wonder then, that „breaking through” it requires special preparations.

Therefore we should particularly appreciate, always and everywhere, the „VIP DOSTROYENIE” remaining in resonance with VIP and Their Laws and with the pattern within each and every one of us!

And now one more gift for all those who have read this publication until this point. And for those who are starting to read it from the back, a handful of information which should inspire them to read the entire text.

There exists a fairly common and credible belief that the turn of 20th and 21st centuries marked the beginning of a new epoch in the history of mankind, the Age of the Aquarius!

Meantime, what does a little known interpretation of the Apocalypse tell us? It turns out that the four figures around the throne “full of eyes before and behind” mentioned in chapter six of the Apocalypse, represent the four consecutive stages of human history and evolution. Importantly, the third figure and the only one with a human face represents Age of the Aquarius. Critical for our deliberations is the fact that this figure has attracted John’s attention to events that accompanied the removal of the third seal from the Book of Life. It is thanks to that figure representing Age of the Aquarius, that John and us, indirectly, have received the information about the true use of “oil and wine” and the achievement of that destiny with the coming of the Age of the Aquarius.

And that is not all! Ancient symbol of the Aquarius and Age of the Aquarius is a certain Ganimed, which pours, or rather pours out water (?). The question mark appears, because we are not certain of the type of liquid he uses.

The Bible in Luke 22:10 also points out to a similar symbol of the Age of the Aquarius, which should follow the Age of Fish, symbolized by two fishes. Although in this „image” – symbol there are references to water, everything becomes obvious when we recall the first miracle performed by the Biblical Jesus!

And who was Ganimed, according to antique sources? He was a man who prepared and then poured guests wine, not water! He did it with such good mood and to such effect, that his skills in this respect were noted by gods. Consequently, they took him with them to serve them wine.

This archetypical legend means that the most important thing is the “good mood”, which symbolizes the preparation and serving of the existing wine. This term is also found in the biblical passage quoted previously, where it refers to the preparation of wine by Wisdom. It is not hard to notice that both biblical and ancient “ways” of preparing existing wine correspond to the dostroyenie of wine (and other types of alcohol) using TD VIP!

On certain ancient paintings Ganimed is holding in his right hand a bowl, from which he dispenses water (?) and in his left hand a serpent, the symbol of medicine. In other paintings he is holding a bowl from which a liquid is being poured with both hands, or rather between his two hands, which appears to symbolize the “difference in the potential” and therefore the nature of the technological process of tuning the liquid that is being dispensed!

Typical sign of Aquarius: two parallel, wavy lines with three crests each also, contain an interesting message. It represents both the term “dostroieni” (two, three) and the very phenomenon of tuning and the wavy nature of TD VIP.


The letters „med” in the name Ganimed also clearly refers to medicine!

Interestingly, the words „imed” in the name Ganimed resembles the name of TD VIP unit. It is called “IMAiD” and is an acronym based on the term “Individual Modulation of Adaptation and Dostroyenie”. Quote possibly “imed” is suggesting us a new and perhaps better name: “Individual Modulation of the Evolution of Dostroyenie” (IMED). That name appears to be even better at describing the truly evolutional and dynamic nature both of the phenomenon of tuning and the process of tuning with respect to continuously evolving man. We must not forget, after all, that a man and his body continue to evolve towards the perfect “biological temple”!


I believe, however, that until the humanity understands the nature of adaptation as one of the three “dimensions” of our earthly reality (in addition to the time and space), we will use our existing nomenclature.


            For clarity’s sake a few seemingly obvious statements and information should be added here.


The fact that the term Aquarius has a direct association with water is obviously related to the origins of that word both in Latin: Aquarius – aqua akwa, and their equivalent in Slavic languages: Wodnik – woda.

But it only became clear during our discussions why the name „Aquarius”, representing both the cosmic epoch and the specific cosmic-earthly relations, is associated with water (and not just water)!

The Slavic word for vodka, the name of one of the most common stronger types of liquor also has an obvious and direct association both with water and with Aquarius.

Interestingly, one of the most important messages for the Age of the Aquarius, one that also confirms the correctness of our conclusions, was also „encrypted” in Slavic languages, but in a way that it can only be deciphered using Latin, Spanish or Italian. It applies to the association of oil of olives with Age of the Aquarius.

How? The Slavic word for „olive”, meaning the fruit of the olive tree from which oil is made, read backwards – according to certain rules of encrypting information – is –akwilo.

Therefore, as mentioned earlier in our considerations – the „phenomenon” of two DAMAs relates not just to alcohol, but to water (aqua – akwa) and to oil of olives (akwilo). And if it relates to water, it means that it relates to every living thing!

Which means that DAMA VIP is the Dostroiony (Alcohol, Aqua, Akwilo etc.) by Modulation of Adaptation to VIP Laws!

It is obvious what „DAMA” piv means!

It even appears that it is the understanding of the „phenomenon” of the two DAMAs can be the key to decrypt the most crucial messages and requirements of the Age of the Aquarius. After all, it means that just as it is possible and necessary to transform „DAMA” piv into a DAMA VIP, it is also possible and necessary to transform humans from the sphere of piv – „adaptation and dostroyenie” to the sphere of VIP-Adaptation and Dostroyenie.


The life has added a sad scenario, one that also forces to reflection, while this book was being prepared to print. I am talking about the tragic earthquake in the Italian town bearing the characteristic name of Aquila (Akwila)!

Let us wish ourselves that the humanity wakes up as soon as possible – so that this event would become the most tragic warning in the Age of the Aquarius! Hopefully, the disregard of warnings there, signaled by a scientist was, the last case of this kind.


It turned out that we haven’t yet explained the message contained in the word „wine”, although it should be expected that it includes some deeper information. And indeed, it does!

It also turns out that we are only now able to decipher and understand that message, thanks to the considerations contained in this publication. Hence, presumably, the resulting „delay”.

As it turns out, the true message of the destiny of wine was also encrypted in its name, which has a similar sound not just in the Slavic languages (also in Latin, Spanish). However, it can be deciphered solely and exclusively with the assistance of Slavic languages. No wonder! The basis for Slavic languages, especially Russian, is the cosmic law of resonance of parallel phenomena. It means that various Slavic, especially Russian words, which denote specific items or phenomena, explain by their very origin and structure their true nature. It should be added that these are also the features of true cosmic language, one that fulfills VIP standards. It is also the key to informational truth, confirming at the same time the fact of existence of the mission of Slavs – people of the Word and the universal message of that truth.

Slavic languages, especially Russian – are the vibrations resonating with VIP!

It is these languages, to a large extent, that have maintained and continue to maintain – by their very existence – the resonance of our Planet with VIP!

It is these languages, to a large extent, that have shaped and continue to shape the mentality of people speaking them!

No wonder then, that these qualities have produced and continue to produce hostile reactions by the local piv. Hence the past and existing numerous problems of both the ancient and contemporary history of the Slavic nations.

But their „mission” survived!

There is more!

The current increase in the “pressure” by VIP Laws both reveals the universal message of the mission of Slavs and their languages – especially the Russian language – and clears the way for the fulfillment of that mission.

Presumably, after such „preparation”, interpretation of the message of Slavic word for „wine” and that which it represents, becomes even more interesting.

The word „wine” and wine itself represent “wiara i nadzieja” (faith and hope) that the humanity will be able to extract itself from its fatal situation, resulting from our individual and collective wina (guilt) – guilt because of the far-reaching untuning with respect to VIP Laws.

The existence of wine should remind us about our guilt – and the necessity of our tuning – to VIP Laws.

Dostroyenie to VIP Laws is our powinność (duty). And wine is an excellent Resource-Carrier of Dostroyenie. Because of that, wine tuned using TD VIP creates resonance conditions which are particularly encouraging and favorable for the fulfillment of that powinność!

All this also seems to explain why wine is an important archetypical and sacral symbol!

In other words, wine is a living substance!

That is why, taking it into our hands, let us think deeply and „meditate” together with it over VIP DOSTROYENIE! Let us do the same with every other kind of alcohol and water and everything that contains it!

We should apply a similar practice to the oil of olives.

It appears, however, that it doesn’t end with oil of olives. That much comes for example from the Book of Isaiah, 25:6. Let us quote that verse, especially since it means much more – keeping in mind that the „mountain” here symbolizes higher truth.

Here it is:

On this mountain the Lord of hosts will make for all peoples a feast of rich food, a feast of well-matured wines, of rich food filled with marrow, or well-matured wines strained clear”.

But that is not all!

As it happens, the following verses of that Book describe the consequences of that particular feast. Thus, in Isaiah 25:7 we read the following:


„And he will destroy on this mountain the shroud that is cast over all peoples, the sheet that is spread over all nations”

Amazing! Could there be a better description confirming the existence in the earthly Time and Space of re-tuned „physics of separation,” or the local space and time (local piv)?!

But that is not the end of it!

While this verse not only confirms the existence, but also forecasts the elimination of that local time-space, the following verse (Isaiah 25.8), literally describes the „incredible” effects of this elimination:

„He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces; he will remove the disgrace of his people from all the earth. For the Lord has spoken”

Let us not forget, however, that all that is apparently a logical consequence, or continuation of the feast described in the first verse quoted above, or in Isaiah 25.6. Would that mean, that it is partly the result of it?!


At the end we should also add that according to ancient sources, there is yet another symbol of the Aquarius. That symbol is a certain Deukalion (Dewkalion), who, together with his wife Pyrra, became the only human couple to survive the flood caused by the angry Zeus.

The main component of the name Deukalion read in reverse is the term “akwed” which is clearly associated unequivocally with the Aquarius, with water and with ancient channels for the distribution of water, aqueducts!

Thus, the archetype of flood and survival of the flood, symbolizes the opportunity of mankind’s survival of potential disasters in the age of Aquarius. The whole symbolism associated with Aquarius and our know-how indicates that such survival will be possible thanks to mass distribution of tuned water and other tuned liquids (alcohol, olives).


To conclude, these symbols and allegories represent the real truth about tuned alcohol, water, oil and their purpose in the spiritual transformation and in the further biological evolution of man. The truth that was hidden from man for a very long time, or one for which man has only now became mature enough!


For those who have read this publication to the very end, I am making a toast with a glass of wine subject to dostroyenie:

Be JOYFUL and let VIP DOSTROYENIE help you become the true MASTERS OF UNIVERSAL LIFE!!!