Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki

Water, oliva oil and wine – the basis of medicine of the future

Spain 2010

Rybicki W.S.
Translation from Polish
Original title in Polish:
“Woda, oliwa i wino – podstawą medycyny przyszłości
krótka historia wielkich odkryć”.

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Water oil and wine – the basis of medicine of the future

A brief history of big discoveries


Rybicki Wladyslaw Stanislaw doctor of medicine, doctor of psychological sciences, Center for Biological Medicine, International Institute of Man’s Ecology – Spain, Poland.


It is nothing new to say that mankind, since the ancient times, has been using the medical and adaptogenic properties of water and alcohol.

What is new, is saying that the basis for the medical and adaptogenic adaptacyjnych properties of water and alcohol are and have always been their „memory-retaining” abilities, or the ability to remember and give back the information.

This knowledge came from both the observation and intuitive experience. It was passed over, corrected and expanded by the consecutive human generations, mainly thanks to the existence of collective subconsciousness and the archetypes – behavioral patterns created by that subconsciousness.

The breakthrough in this collective experience came with the formulation of the principles of homeopathy by doctor Hahnemann in the 18th century, or, as we refer to them today, the principles of directional tuning of water and alcohol for specific medical purposes. That system exists until this day, since, thanks to its effectiveness and the lack of side effects, it has resisted attempts at being eliminated by the scientific orthodoxy of the past and current times.

I have something to say on this subject, since from the point of view of seniority and the scale of experience, I am the oldest and the most experienced doctor – homeopathologist in Poland.

But why was it that with the coming of homeopathy „fad” to Poland in the 1990’s, I have virtually ceased practicing it? Because the circle of human experience related to water and alcohol has turned another round – the round „within the spiral”.

It became possible mainly thanks to the fact that in parallel with homeopathy, I was also involved in the research on energo-geometry of Space, structure of Time, structure of human anatomy and the structure of water. That research has led to a breakthrough discovery that the man, with the structure of his anatomy, corresponds to the structure of the Time and Space (VIP, from the first letters of their names in Russian: Vriemya i Prostranstvo). And if that is the case – he should remain in resonance with these structures.

The consequence of that discovery was the understanding that the health and fate of man are the function of tuning to the Laws of Time and Space (VIP Laws). Obviously – that understanding also means that illnesses and accidents are the consequence of untuning with respect to VIP Laws.

Another step in that logical sequence of events was the creation of the Technology of Resonance Conditions Promoting the Tuning to the Laws of Time and Space (TRCPTLTS VIP). These technologies appeared in the second half of the 1990’s and in the first year of their existence were used primarily for their direct impact on the human body. However, over time and under the growing „pressure” of the need, it became possible to develop tuning methods using TRCPTLTS VIP that were applicable to water, wine and other types of alcohol as well as…, oil of olives and other types of vegetable oil. Thus, the VIP DOSTROYENIE (VIP TUNING) Resources-Carriers appeared, distinguished, thanks to the watery and liquid nature of the biology of life, by strong resonance with the biological objects, including of course the human body. They serve as something of a „biological carrying wave” modulated, using TRCPTLTS VIP, with corrective information, which they introduce „smoothly” into an untuned body.

One pleasant and interesting aspect is that regardless of any adjusting and health-promoting properties they may have, while being tuned using TRCPTLTS VIP, all of the above Resources-Carriers clearly improve their taste and utilitarian values including, importantly, their durability.

That is particularly so when it comes to wine, which, after the completion of that process, acquires features typical for mature, well-aged old wines – something that wine connoisseurs will also confirm. Additionally, a tuned wine will preserve its freshness longer, even after being opened. Plus, you can drink much more of it without suffering the consequences typical for untuned wine. Although to improve one’s health it is recommended to consume tuned wine mixed with water.

There is more!

My several years of exile in Spain, the country of „olive and wine”, have allowed me to extend my experience in terms of tuning those and other Resources-Carriers.

Several hundred wine varieties and many types of olives were subject to tuning using TRCPTLTS VIP, improving all of their properties in every case.

Importantly, the experience has also allowed us to restore and upgrade to a much higher level the lost ancient knowledge of wine therapy. After all, as the historical sources say, wine was the basic therapeutic resource used by the legendary Hippocrates.

Thanks to intense experiments from recent years it also became possible to select the most appropriate – among those which exist – types of wine and other Resources-Carriers which, after being subject to directional tuning using TRCPTLTS VIP, became particularly effective in the elimination or reduction of each of the eighteen most common directions (types) of pathologies. These directions have been published in my book „VIP DOSTROYENIE, or what will save the mankind and not just from bird’s flue virus”.

Obviously, the selection of Resources-Carriers and their tuning is also possible and is being practiced with respect to individual people who need health support. However, unlike the directions, that selection requires prior individual diagnosis.

It is also worth noting that with the assistance of TRCPTLTS VIP it is possible to improve and make useful practically all wine, as well as all other Resources-Carriers. Although, for specific use it is better to have a choice of them.

Synthesis of the existing collective experience of mankind with my own experience allows me then, to say that directionally tuned water, wine (and other types of alcohol), oil of olives (and other types of oil), will sooner or later became the basis for mass prevention and therapy of the most common illnesses and types of pathology. And while this may sound paradoxical, they will become an alternative to alcoholism!

And when we also add that life is one great adaptive process, while aging and illnesses and shocks caused by accidents are the price of non-optimum adaptation, the Resources-Carriers known to us will become, after being subject to TRCPTLTS VIP – the stimulators of optimum adaptation, or the VIP Adaptation!

When will that happen? The sooner, the better!


P. S.


More information about the subjects mentioned above can be found in the book „VIP DOSTROYENIE, or what will help the mankind not just from bird’s flue virus” referred to previously. Also, in my lecture entitled „History of the creation of Modern Technologies of Tuning the Man to the Laws of Time and Space”, made in Warsaw on September 6, 2006. It is available on the Internet in Polish.

This lecture was also published as a brochure bearing the same name, available in English, Russian and Spanish.

In turn, an importation addition that complements the above history is the information that it is through the use of TRCPTLTS VIP that the author of this publication has managed to achieve, in 2006, the first ever direct asymmetrization of the molecules, or the transformation of a biologically inactive (racemic) mixture of molecules of one biological substance (and later other substances) into a state of biological activity.

An explanation of the magnitude and the significance of this achievement is found in the joint lecture by professor N.W. Makarov and Dr. W.S. Rybicki, available on the Internet, „Life as the manifestation of asymmetry and its place in the sole image of the world”. One „sign” and symbolic moment for the history described above is the fact that this lecture, which has also informed the scientific community about that achievement, was made for the first time at a scientific conference on the „memory” of water (Spain– Binidorm, 02.11.2008).

Below is the list of the eighteen principal Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE using Resources-Carriers referred to earlier. It is also worth remembering, when studying the list that the above Directions and the Resources-Carriers tuned to achieve them, retain full „compatibility” between them – which means that everyone can create various combinations of them individually, depending on their own needs.

When selecting the Directions of one’s VIP DOSTROYENIE (referred to as Directions), it is worth remembering that the Resources-Carriers will be effective when they resonate with the body. It means, then, that selected Resources-Carriers will only „act” when the body needs them. When there will be no need for such resonance, there will be neither health-improving or side effects. Although with respect to wine even the ancients knew that a mature (tuned) wine „brings joy to the heart”, which by itself is an important health-improving factor.

On the other hand, transparency and „compatibility” of the Directions that are listed below, practically excludes the possibility of making „non-resonating” choices of Resources-Carriers.

Here are the Directions of VIP DOSTROYENIE, distinguished as a result of years of experience:


  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to stop the growth and eliminate cancerous states and threats
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to preserve psycho-emotional balance and to improve adaptive abilities under the conditions of situational stress
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to eliminate depression and depressive states
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the body’s energetic capacity and to eliminate chronic tiredness
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the brain and the nervous system
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the heart and the circulatory system
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the kidneys and the urinary system
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the respiratory system
  2. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the digestive system
  3. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the blood-producing and lymphatic system
  4. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the state and functioning of the skeletal and joints system
  5. VIP DOSTROYENIE for the optimum coordination of the hormonal system in women and improvement of the state and functioning of their reproductive system
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE for the optimum coordination of the hormonal system in men and for the improvement of the state and functioning of their urinary and reproductive systems
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to improve the body’s detox and cleansing functions
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to stop the aging processes and to stimulate the processes of revitalization and rejuvenation
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to stop the spread of diabetes and to reduce its symptoms
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE for the reduction and elimination of allergic states
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE for the quick and optimum cure of cold and infections
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to optimise weight and achieve optimum body shape
  1. VIP DOSTROYENIE to optimise and adapt to high radiation conditions


For clarity’s sake it must also be added that with respect to alcohol (particularly wine), there is yet another Direction of VIP DOSTROYENIE – the universal one. It is designed mainly for common social meetings for the connoisseurs of wine and other types of drinks.

It is also worth noting that „VIP DOSTROYENIE” is also an excellent universal toast.



Dr. Wladyslaw S. Rybicki



The 4- th International Symposium

Human Ecology and Medico-Biological Safety of Population 

Russian Academy of Medical Sciences

Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

State Institution Scientific and Research Institute of Human Ecology and Environmental Hygiene n.a. A.N. Sysin of the RAMS

Association “Water-Medicine-Ecology”

Spain, Benidorm

November, 2008





Nicolai Vasilievich Makarov, Ph. d., chemistry, professor, head of the chemistry department, Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Full Member of the RF RAIS, Moscow, Russia

Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki, Ph. d., medicine, Ph. d., psychology, Center o f Biological Medicine, International Institute of Human Ecology, Marbella, Spain; Rybno, Poland


In any kind of cognition it is important to have a system. Thus, for example, the Mendeleyev system made it possible to transfer to a higher level the theory and practice of chemistry. The same happened in physics after unification of electricity and magnetism by

Faraday and Maxwell. There are examples of systematization in biology. The basis for each system is a property, characteristic or exhibition, general for all the entities or phenomena to be systematized.


In this connection iT seems nearly impossible to represent the system of the universe with its infinite diversity of manifestations at a unified basis. The tries to make a system in the way of unification of all the interactive forces – electromagnetic, gravitation, strong and light – have not yet arrived to success.


We suggest to use the knowledge of symmetry – asymmetry (SAS) in thEIR dialectic unity as a basis for the systematic representation of nature, such that asymmetry should be understood as lack of balance, instability, one – way movement, power saturation, explosion, bifurcations, non-linearity, oddness, spiral, magnetism, incompatibility, and in biology – life.


It is necessary to understand opposite manifestations and characteristics under a concept of symmetry.


As far as we consider the matter of life safety, and life, according to our insight is a manifestation of asymmetry, tending to symmetry, that is termination of life, the matter of safety is reduced to saving and maintaining the asymmetry of any biological system, including human being.


So, life is a process, a dynamics of asymmetry “rolling off” to symmetry. The total symmetry of a system – death – most often comes as a result of a gradual symmetrization in organs and tissues that is through ailment of some systems starting with the reproductive system and finishing with the nervous and (psychical ???) ones.


In spite of the fact, that life is a manifestation of asymmetry in the form (geometry), in

the arrangement of organs and in the contents ( molecular level), as for the matter of safety the asymmetry at the molecular level is  a subject which gives rise to the major  interest.


It is known, that organic life has albumens and vegetable existence has carbohydrates in thEIR bases. Albumens and carbohydrates consist of, correspondingly, amino acids and monosaccharids, being organic compounds. The latter ones have carbon as thEIR basis, each atom of carbon is connected with four “neighbours”. In case such “neighbours” are different, such   carbon is called asymmetric one, and molecules containing it, having the same composition and names, (in correspondence with the principle of twoness) exist by two as an object and its mirror image, or as the left and the right hands. Such asymmetry is called a mirror, a hand (a chiral) or a three – dimensional (a spatial) one.


It is necessary to point out (and this is extremely important in the live nature understanding) that “the left” – L and “the right” – D asymmetric molecules possess different, sometimes the opposite biological properties. If the number of L and D molecules is equal (symmetry), such a mix is denominated a racemic, a biologically inactive one.


Thus, life made its appearance on the basis of asymmetric, biologically active molecules exclusively.


 Asymmetric L “left” amino acids, the number of which in nature exceeds two tens, serve as a base of albumens of all the live systems. Carbohydrates consist of D “right” monosaccharids. Asymmetry OF LIFE is possible in supporting conditions. The relationships and bonds of symmetry and asymmetry can be symbolically represented in the form of a reversible equilibrium:


where A is asymmetry; B is types of energy( all types of interactive fields: electromagnetic, gravitational and other possible ones);C-symmetry.


Asymmetry of life “A”, as an unstable state, permanently requires asymmetry of external conditions, otherwise it will spontaneously “roll off” to symmetry “C” with a release of energy “B”.


SAS is a foundation for a formation of a system, or a General World Pattern (GWP).


The entire universe is a demonstration of a perpetual pendulum manifestation, in which the unified nothing (symmetry) permanently transfers into an infinite in its diversity something (asymmetry) and vice versa.

 The most important asymmetrizing factor of life is the planet itself with its rotation, magnetic field and other features of asymmetry.


A correlation of the internal symmetry with the external one stabilizes life. The change of thEIR proportion in the result of screening causes a partial (disease) or a complete (death) symmetrization.


THIS MANIFESTATION IS STRIKINGLY BRIGHT IN THE OUTER SPACE, WHILE moving off the planet: and the further off, the more obvious it is.


It is well known, that animals with short populations cycle in the outer space cease to exist at the 5th – 6th generation through neoplasms, loss of scalp, etc. But not only the outer space serves as a screen from the external protective asymmetry. At the planet itself a human being has a big number of screens making its negative contribution to the condition of his asymmetry, that is, his health. Isolation is manifested through the quality of footwear, cloths, through the use of ground, air, water transportation, etc.  


An important contribution to our health, and hence safety, is made by nutrition.


While a person eats natural food which, like all THAT IS ALIVE, contains asymmetric molecules, he has no need to be anxious; but as soon as THERE IS a necessity to switch over to synthetic, that is symmetrical products which can not be symmetrical by definition, there arise problems. Such problems have already arisen in the world many times as synthetic medicines were developed and used.


The example is toledamide, a pregnant women intoxication medicine.

It may exist both in asymmetric and racemic forms. The use of the latter caused births of pathologic off – springs.


Thus, life as has been shown above is a manifestation of asymmetry.


Asymmetry, as an unstable state of any system, is supported by asymmetry of external conditions. The lack or absence of the latter leads to the system symmetrization, and in biology it leads to termination of life.


Hence, in order to protect life it is necessary to support its asymmetry continuously, which may be made in a number of different ways, including feeding by natural asymmetric food ( synthetic products are always symmetrical). Symmetrization is the cause of many pathologies in organs and tissues of live systems. Up to now science succeeded in getting only the equal number of L and D forms (symmetrICAL or a racemic mix) by way of direct synthesis. Thus in 2001 the Nobel Prise was awarded only for the development of a by –pass way of asymmetrical molecules synthesis.


And only in 2006, for the fist time, Wladyslaw Stanislaw  Rybicki, Ph.d, managed to ACHIEVE milk  acid  racemate asymmetrization  directly.


Doctor Rybicki has received a stable asymmetric (that is biologically active), mix of milk acid from a racemic one, that is biologically inactive. HE ACHIEVED IT by means of ADHERENCE to time and space laws techniques (CTSLT), which have been developed by him.


This achievement was investigated and confirmed at the chemistry department of the Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology (MSU AB). Taking into consideration a cosmic level of this achievement, its result had been investigated and observed for over two years prior to announcement in the scientific world.


Before the works of Dr. Rybicki only the opposite process took place spontaneously.


In addition to this scientific  achievement, Dr. Rybicki  proves and  corroborates by his  long – term clinical experience, that in order to protect health, and therefore, asymmetry, it is necessary to conduct completion to time and space  laws, exerting a direct influence over  a human being organism, as well as  using  the aids – carriers of completion, such as water, wine, olive oil ,etc., which have been completed by means of  CTSLT.


Prophylaxis, health improvement and treatment of many previously difficult to be cured diseases are carried out using the Dr. Rybicki’s methods.


Summing up, we should say that disregard of the notion of SAS in medicine and food industry is prohibitive. Unfortunately, until very recently almost no attention was paid to these issues, being not important in the period of technical development where SAS plaid no role at all.


 In the age of biology our civilization has just entered into, evolution is impossible without the notion of SAS, as far as biology itself is a manifestation of asymmetry, WHICH WAS THE REASON for its own occurrence at the planet.


From the point of view of the set forth above, the study of SAS is BECOMING MORE AND MORE RELEVANT.