Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki


Poland 2015


Salt (NaCl), comestible product.  Salt is, on the one hand, indispensable for life – regardless of it being rock or sea salt – but on the other, it causes a lot of debate and controversy, particularly among scientistists dealing with health and nutrition. At the same time, salt is vital for proper functioning of the human body (and not only human) as well as it is practically irreplaceable in food products technologies.

This twofold indispensability of salt stems above all from what is inherent in our physiology – the history of the origins of life on Earth. It is common knowledge that all life on our planet originated in the sea, that is in salty water. In case of humans the record of this beginning is contained in the mineral make up of human blood, being identical with the mineral make up of sea water whereas the base fluid in human organism is the so-called physiological salt solution. In this relict context, too, the natural purpose of salt, as it were, is to adapt edible substances to the needs of human organism in terms of food, health and taste.

The above mentioned controversy connected with salt usually boils down to specifying and following its allowable consumption amounts and content in foodstuffs. It is widely acknowledged that salt is misused both directly, while cooking at home and indirectly, by eating ready-made food products containing it in excessive amounts. Additionally, according to extensive research, it is salt abuse that is one of the chief causes of widespread diseases today. But then, we do not know a better substance to conserve food and improve its organoleptic qualities, while attempts at replacing salt with chemical substitutes usually lead to even worse and unpredictable results.

What, then, can be done? Is there a way out of this stalemate, any consensus or an alternative ? It turns out that there is one!

 Our company „VIP ADAPTATION” offers salt (both rock and sea variety), whose initial adaptogenic properties were restored, for both consumption and other applications. By initial we mean the properties which salt used to have in distant past but which, with the passing of time, were largely lost. Particularly, what is at issue here is its capability of maintaining stereochemical asymmetry which is typical of animate, living and healthy nature. Hence, this salt fulfills its adaptogenic functions, namely sustaining life in living macroorganisms and food products to which it was added, in a better and more efficient way.

Furthermore, this salt is usually saltier, which automatically leads to its smaller amounts being used both in home cooking and food products technologies. However, the risk of overdosing this salt is practically non-existent – which follows  from its properties – since, as far as quantity is concerned, it is these properties that allow for its optimal use in this respect.

Our salt (or salts, to be exact) is available under the VIP ADAPTATION® brand, which at the same time constitutes an international registered trademark.

There are many kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® intended for specific applications, which will be further explained later.

However, let us first present the properties, which are common for all kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® and which should also be remembered while discussing the properties of specific kinds of salt – or products based on them – as these properties also apply to them.


Let us start with the benefits, resulting from applying SALT VIP ADAPTATION® to foodstuffs:

  • extends (usually quite considerably) the products’ use-by date;
  • significantly improves the quality of their taste;
  • inhibits the development of any pathogenic microorga-nisms in food products;
  • reduces or eliminates the necessity of adding the so-called preservatives;
  • largely eliminates or substantially neutralizes toxins from food products;
  • gradually, with the passing of time, it shortens the length of chains of organic compounds, which are found in foodstuffs, which in turn facilitates their digestion and assimilation and makes them more and more tasty;
  • neutralizes the so-called fear and death vibrations in food products, especially in meat (which is how vegetarians usually justify their negative attitude towards meat consumption).


And here is the description of health properties common for consumption of all kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION®:

  • cleanse the organism of toxins and heavy metals;
  • eliminate pathogenic microbes in the body;
  • optimize the body’s thermobalance (whose violation determines the occurrence and duration of any pathology);
  • dilute blood;
  • contribute to blood pressure regulation;
  • prevent strokes;
  • facilitate rehabilitation in cerebral palsy;
  • facilitate brain and nervous system health;
  • have anti-arteriosclerosis effect;
  • have anti-parasitical effect;
  • facilitate the health of respiratory system;
  • facilitate the health of digestive system;
  • facilitate the health of male and female reproductive system;
  • have anti-rheumatic effect;
  • remove chronic fatigue;
  • protect against radiation.


And here is the list of special kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® possessing – apart from the above mentioned properties common for all kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® – features relating to the specific character of food products for which they are intended, and thanks to these features, they enhance the advantages of these products and minimize their weak points:


  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for the preparation of all kinds of meat both in the context of restaurant and home cooking (MRiD);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for processing and preparation of fatty meat (e.g. bacon, etc.) (MT);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for processing and preparation of lean meat (e.g. ham, pork chop, etc.) (MCh);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for processing and preparation of mixed meats (sausage, etc. MM);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for fish processing and preparation (R);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for roe processing and preparation (I);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for vegetable processing and preserving (W);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for bread production (Ch);
  • SALT VIP ADAPTATION® universal for the needs of every kitchen and table (U).



Admittedly, SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (U – universal) as the basis of all above mentioned kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® deserves being applied in the kitchen and on the table, indeed, universally. However, there cannot be an only one kind of salt sufficiently incorporating the characteristics of different groups of foodstuffs, for which salt is used in their processing. Hence, there is both a need and necessity to use at least several of its most important kinds (i.e. those above mentioned) intended for the main groups of food products. At the same time, all kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® are „compatible” with each other, and thanks to this feature they can be used simultaneously.


And now something about the health properties of main groups of food products prepared with the use of adequate salts:


Meats prepared on the basis of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (MRiD):

  • facilitate kidney and urinary system health;
  • protect against radiation;
  • facilitate eye health and maintaining good eyesight;
  • have anti-parasitical effect;
  • facilitate brain and nervous system health;
  • support rehabilitation in cerebral palsy;
  • have anti-infection impact;
  • eliminate pathogenic microbes in human organism;
  • have anti-rheumatic effect;
  • have anti-diabetes effect;
  • support skeletal system health (among other things, they prevent osteoporosis);
  • remove chronic fatigue;
  • are strongly advised in case of infertility.


Fish prepared on the basis of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (R):

  • supports respiratory system health (strongly advisable in case of bronchial asthma);
  • facilitates brain and nervous system health (strongly advisable in case of MS);
  • facilitates the regulation of cerebral circulation (highly advisable in case of dizziness, headaches, imbalance, etc.);
  • facilitates prostate health (and healing);
  • demonstrates stress-reducing effect;
  • protects against radiation;
  • supports skeletal system health (highly recommended in case of osteoporosis);
  • has anti-parasitical effect;
  • supports the health of cardiac muscle and circulatory system (highly recommended in case of
    ischemic heart disease);
  • stimulates genuine rejuvenation.

Bread prepared on the basis of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (Ch):

  • facilitates brain and nervous system health (strongly advisable in case of MS);
  • facilitates kidney and urinary system health;
  • has strong anti-diabetes effect;
  • has strong anti-cancer effect;
  • is highly recommended in case of Lyme disease;
  • has anti-fungal effect;
  • has anti-rheumatic effect;
  • has anti-depression effect;
  • facilitates prostate health (and healing);
  • facilitates female reproductive system health;
  • facilitates the health of respiratory system;
  • contributes to the cleansing of the organism of toxins and heavy metals.

Vegetables prepared on the basis of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W):

Obviously, the nutritional, health and taste value of vegetables result, above all, from their kind. At the same time, the quantity of different vegetables available and consumed is much greater than the quantity of different meats and fish. Their variety, too, is much wider. That is why with reference to vegetables we cannot make such generalizations of health benefits resulting from using adequate salt as in case of meat and fish.

However, generally speaking, the benefits from preparing vegetables (and products based on them) with this salt are coherent with earlier discussed advantages common for adding any kind of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® to food products.

Since vegetables play a significant role in our nutrition it is worth discussing (remembering) the importance of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) in the culinary preparation of both vegetables and  products made from them. Thus:

The application of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) to fresh and raw vegetables considerably extends their freshness, which is essential for fresh vegetable salads, for example. Equally important is the major improvement in the taste of these vegetables. But, without a doubt, the most crucial thing is the neutralization of toxins and heavy metals contained in these vegetables by applying SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) to them. With the contemporary methods of growing vegetables, this is inestimable!

SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) – by adapting fresh vegetables to nutritional and health requirements of the human body – makes digestion and absorption of vegetable dishes based on this salt much easier. This property may be of great importance for many sick people, whose digestive system does not fulfill its function or tolerate raw vegetables necessary for their health.

Similarly, it is beneficial in different processes of conserving vegetables (e.g. pickling), whose purpose is to extend their use-by date and keep nutritional value as long as possible. In this case, applying the salt – in comparison to the salt traditionally used – substantially extends their use-by date, and not only is the nutritional quality of vegetables, processed with it, maintained; it usually increases with the passing of time! This is possible because this salt causes adaptive transformation of conserved vegetables towards nutritional, health and taste requirements of human organism. In this adaptive transformation of conserved vegetables with the use of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) its capacity of neutralizing toxins and heavy metals does not probably play just a supporting role. Gradually reducing the length of chains of organic compounds that are found in the make-up of individual vegetables, by making them light digestive, is not insignificant for this process, either. Granted – as it was mentioned earlier – nutritional, health and taste value of vegetables, first of all, results from their kind. However, the preparation and processing of vegetables by means of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® (W) allows for the increase of those qualities and – what is also important – minimize their weak points.


Bottom line:
The common denominator for all VIP ADAPTATION® SOLES for food products is the accomplishment by these salts of the adaptive transformation of these products to the nutritional, health and flavor needs of the human body.


At this point it is worth noting that VIP ADAPTATION Ltd. is able to provide SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for by far more specialized use, e.g. for culinary processing and conserving of specified, individual vegetables, types of meat and fish, which makes it possible to selectively and specifically extract and reinforce what is most required in them and minimize what is problematic.


An example is VIP ADAPTATION® SOLE (WK-U) for sauerkraut, or even its special form VIP ADAPTATION® SOLE (WKK-1), which transforms the fermentation process of cabbage in order to significantly enhance its anti-oncological properties.


Admittedly, the information concerning SALT VIP ADAPTATION®  gathered here is directed mainly to the so-called food sphere, embracing both home cooking and the whole foodstuffs branch. However, just as the chief purpose of this domain is to upkeep the human life and health we cannot avoid mentioning two more kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATIONâ intended for – unlike the salt offered above – typically therapeutic use. These are: SALT VIP ADAPTATION®  intended for foot bath (S) and SALT VIP ADAPTATION® intended for body bath (KC).


And here are the main directions of therapeutic effect of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for foot bath (S):

  • anti-arteriosclerosis;
  • slimming effect (in the way of weight optimization);
  • anti-asthmatic;
  • boosting energy protection;
  • anti-diabetes;
  • eliminating or reducing complications related to diabetes;
  • eliminating or reducing the Lyme disease;
  • anti-rheumatic;
  • rejuvenating;
  • eliminating pathogenic microbes in the human body;
  • facilitating prostate health (and healing);
  • anti-epilepsy;
  • facilitating eye health and maintaining good eyesight;
  • supporting blood circulation in lower limbs;
  • improving cerebral circulation;
  • improving memory;
  • assisting the removal of any pathology.

For most people such bath is recommended  in the evening before bedtime. It is sufficient to put a handful of salt into a few litres of warm water. The duration of such bath should be intuitive, it usually takes 20-30 minutes. You should be careful, though, not to cool the feet off. During the bath hot water may be added. After the bath, feet should be carefully washed, the salty water poured out, and the bowl or a container rinsed – it is required for energetic safety and health reasons.

With serious health problems foot bath should be applied several times a day.


And here are the main directions of therapeutic impact of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® for body bath (KC):

  • anti-rheumatic;
  • anti-cancer;
  • boosting energetic protection;
  • anti-depression;
  • eliminating or reducing brain and nervous system diseases;
  • anti-arteriosclerosis;
  • improvement of the condition of teeth;
  • cardiac infarction prevention;
  • anti-asthmatic;
  • improvement of the condition of blood and body fluids;
  • slimming effect;
  • rejuvenation;
  • elimination or reduction of chronic fatigue;
  • useful in prevention and elimination of Alzheimer’s disease;
  • anti-parasitical effect;
  • assisting the combat against any pathology.


For an individual bath, usually one up to two kilograms of salt should be used. The duration of the bath should be intuitive, usually between 0,5-2 hours.


All above mentioned kinds of SALT VIP ADAPTATION® can be purchased exclusively at our company’s online shop – VIP ADAPTATION Ltd.  and at the company‘s seat at the following address:


13-220 Rybno, ul. Obwodowa 2, Polska (Poland)