Our team’s mission is to educate others on Doctor Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki new discoveries, ideas and works, including his latest treatment and revitalization methods. Dr. Rybicki created Modern Biological Medicine – a synthesis of medicine, biology, physics and phycology – implemented under VIP ADAPTATION® – THE FORMULA FOR HEALTHY LIFE.

The company ‘VIP ADAPTATION’ was created in Poland to help implement this Formula for a Healthy Lifestyle called VIP ADAPTATION®.

This company uses Dr. Rybicki’s scientific discoveries and the Technologies of the Resonance Conditions Contributing to Dostroyenie (see books) to the Laws of Time and Space that are based on those discoveries.

TThese Technologies help to adapt all available food to the nutritional, health and taste requirements of the human body.

They neutralize toxins and heavy metals contained in food, and block the development of pathogenic microbiology.

As a result, the use of these Technologies significantly increases food quality and its shelf life, and therefore reduces its loss.

The consumption of this type of food contributes to a better health of the population.

These Technologies can also be used on cosmetic products, which results in the creation of the therapeutic and anti-aging COSMETICS VIP ADAPTATION®.

These Technologies are also used to adapt existing types of animal feed to the nutritional and health needs of the animal world: mammals, birds, fish, etc.

In addition, they can be used to adapt artificial fertilizers to the adaptive needs of the plants.

These Technologies are also applicable to mineral or synthetic oils. For example, applying it to vehicle motor oil would create a favourable environment for the driver and passengers, thus the car becomes a “capsule of health”.

The same applies for construction materials.

The research on the application of these Technologies to all of the materials and products mentioned above resulted in the creation of the means called MEANS-CARRIERS of VIP ADAPTATION.

They are available under VIP ADAPTATION® trademark.

In addition, our company has an agro-tourism farm, where you can improve your health significantly in a matter of a few days of your stay through products and activities that initiate and create asymmetry in the body, including food and other methods.

The introduction of these Technologies, carried out by «VIP ADAPTATION», provides the opportunity to improve food safety as well as the modern environment and human ecology.

Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki 
Doctor Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki, the CEO of the company ‘VIP ADAPTATION’, is a Doctor of Medical Sciences, a Doctor of Psychological Sciences, a Gerontologist, an Ecologist and a Biblist.
He graduated medical faculty of the Military Academy of Medicine in Lodz, Poland in 1977.
Dr. Rybicki is a researcher and an expert in ancient medical sciences and in most trends of alternative medicine; and a discoverer of new phenomena and biological laws.
Dr. Rybicki is an author of many new methods of treatment and recovery.
He pawed the way for a new synthesis of medicine, biology, physics and psychology. He created Modern Biological Medicine which implements that synthesis under  VIP ADAPTATION® – FORMULA HEALTHY LIFE.  
Dr. Rybicki is a founder of the International Institute of Management, Psychology and Psychotherapy.
He is also an initiator and a creator of the International Institute of Human Ecology.
Thanks to his discovery of the law of resonance of parallel phenomena, Dr. Rybicki created a new method of scientific research – the method of energy-informational synthesis of parallel phenomena.
The concurrent application of this method in relation to the structure of Time and Space (VIP), and to the structure of human anatomy, led to the discovery of Dostrojenie principles, i.e. Tuning-in to the Laws of Time and Space (otherwise known as Laws of VIP), which govern human life, health and development.
It also led to the creation of the Technologies of the Resonant Conditions Contributing to Dostroyenie (tuning-in) to the Laws of VIP.
In return, the extensive application of the technologies in medicine and biotechnology has proved itself to be efficient and continuously keeps demonstrating its effectiveness of the healing, regenerating, revitalizing and rejuvenating characteristics of the Resonant Conditions.
Dr. Rybicky’s new methods of treatment and recovery have helped prolong life and strengthen physical, psychological and the spiritual health of a huge number of his patients.




The company «VIP ADAPTATION» is located 170 kilometers from Warsaw, in the most ecologically clean region of Poland, in the unforgettable “land of thousand lakes”.

Rybno is a small urban-type settlement surrounded by forests and lakes. It is an ideal spot for people who love nature and getaways to a quiet and secluded place away from the city rush.


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