The company «VIP ADAPTATION» is located 170 kilometers from Warsaw, in the most ecologically clean region of Poland, in the unforgettable “land of thousand lakes”.

Rybno is a small urban-type settlement surrounded by forests and lakes. It is an ideal spot for people who love nature and getaways to a quiet and secluded place away from the city rush.  

This land is famous for its history. It’s where Slavic culture was formed and developed. Here Slavic people had to repeatedly defend their independence and identity in the struggle against the conquerors. The famous Grunwald battlefield lies just about 25 kilometers to the north-east of Rybno. The Battle of Grunwald was a decisive battle, the Great War (1409-1411), which took place more than 600 years ago. The combined forces of the Slavs (Polish-Lithuanian-Russian troops) defeated the army of the Teutonic Knights and stopped the Germans from invading the Slavic lands. The Slavs’ ancient medicine and its ideology was “re-born” in the works of Dr. Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki. The consumer is welcome to:

Life, as we know it, is a big adaptation process that takes place in Time and Space. Rapid aging, disease and all other problems, on the other hand, are the price we pay for not adapting in an optimal way, when we don’t follow the Laws of Time and Space at a necessary level. Therefore, the recipe for a healthy life is simple: optimal adaptation – VIP ADAPTATION!

Our company’s «VIP ADAPTATION» objectives are to create different methods and means in order to improve the biological aspects of VIP ADAPTATION.  

The spine is what focus on for our diagnostics, since it is the base for the «Biological and Spiritual Key Model of Man» developed by Dr. Rybicki.

The healing process is defined as «DOSTROYENIE (Tuning-in) TO THE LAWS OF TIME AND SPACE» or simply «VIP DOSTROYENIE».

Everyone can experience true physical and emotional healing with results noticeable within a week of our treatments. There is nothing magical or supernatural in Dr. Rybicki’s treatment methods. All of his methods are based on the inner harmony of the human being and the Universe. They are directed towards a creation of unison of the vibrations of the human organism and the Cosmos. While staying with us and during your breaks between treatments, you are welcome to take walks and explore the surrounding cities like Lubava, Torun and Bydgoszcz, places that are full of medieval history and beautiful nature.


INTERNATIONAL TEAM OF COORDINATORS conducts informational support for those who wish to purchase “VIP ADAPTATION” PRODUCTS, and take the VIP DOSTROYENIE wellness course in Rybno (Poland).



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