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or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus »


Spain 2010


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POST SCRIPTUM Dodatek specjalny do książek: «VIP DOSTROJENIE, VIP ADAPTACJA, VIP EWOLUCJA i BIOLOGICZNO-DUCHOWY KLUCZ-MODEL CZLOWIEKA» oraz «VIP DOSTROJENIE czyli co zbawi ludzkość nie tylko od ptasiej grypy»

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The book «VIP DOSTROYENIE, or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus »

ISBN: 978-83-928799-9-2

Ever more frequently, events occurring in the fields of primary organizational structures and institutions of the contemporary world, are being described using terms borrowed from the terminology of events and disasters which occur with the involvement of the forces of Nature.

For example:

«Earthquakes» in politics, in institutional and financial institutions, as well as religious ones, «tsunami» on the stock exchanges, explosions of informational «volcanoes», «epidemics» of bankruptcies and dismissals, etc. and so on

But are these merely accidental associations?

A Reader familiar with these books knows well that there are no accidents – after all, everything is governed by RESONANCE.

A careful Reader will also notice here – and rightly so – a manifestation of activation of the «law of resonance of parallel phenomena».

But that is not the end of it!

The following article bares before an inquisitive Reader new resonance dependencies and… everything becomes more clear.




Studying the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN (BSKMM) it is hard not to notice that a sentence «the greater the scale – the worse» has been added to some RSA (retuning spiritual attitudes). Although, in truth – it applies to the majority of RSA. But how to understand it?

You see, it should be understood in this manner – the retuning force of a specific RSA is proportional to the size of the group of people to which it is addressed, or with respect to which it is being manifested. The bigger the group, for example a country, nation, race, etc. and so no – the greater the retuning force and the more severe its consequences for the «sender». It also means that one should be particularly careful and reserved in making critical assessments and displaying RSA with respect to great human masses. This clearly corresponds to the statement of the biblical Jesus Christ (Matthew, 7:1b)


«Do not judge so that you will not be judged and by your standard of measure it will be measured to you»


There is nothing surprising in it, after all, each man is a huge generator. Let alone human masses and the resulting resonances! Note, that in the case of human masses organized into structures, we are also dealing with major «egregore-driven» forces. What are these – please look up the book «VIP DOSTROYENIE, or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus».

In turn, the «structures of organization of human masses» are the organizational structures of the so-called «collective man»  – the humanity and its main enclaves, or groups of countries, countries and their subjects, political, economic and religions organizations and their subjects, etc. and so on. These are also discussed in the above book, in the chapter with a telling title «Collective man – the humanity in the face of the Great Passage».

But that is not all this book is talking about – all the more so, that in the author’s intention, these two books, i.e. «VIP DOSTROYENIE, VIP ADAPTATION, VIP EVOLUTION and the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN (BSKMM)» and the above book form two complementary parts of a complete whole.

However, a Reader who does not know the above books is owed at least an explanation that the abbreviation VIP used in these publications comes from the Russian language and refers to the Time and Space (Vremia i Prostranstwo) in their Eternal and Infinite dimension – hence it is written in capital letters. In turn, Dostroyenie (tuning), Adaptation and Evolution with the prefix VIP refer to the optimization of these processes – that is to the achievement by them of standards compatible with the Laws of Time and Space (VIP Laws)


Those prejudiced against the Russian language should, for their own health and well-being, remember about the sentence-rule «the greater the scale – the worse».

Besides, whether we like it or not – it is the Russian language (in addition to Sanskrit) that to a much greater extent than the remaining languages of the world bears the features of the cosmic language. And that means it contains the resonance keys to the cosmic truth about Life.

And here is one of those keys:

In the mentality of the average man, the Time and Space not so much represent the Universe, but rather merely form a passive background or a scene on which the stars, the planets and atoms play the leading role.

Meanwhile, according to the latest discoveries and the fully verified concepts in physics (the theory of hyperspace and the superstring theory), exactly the opposite is true! Time and Space are not only the best representation of the Universe (and even more so don’t merely serve as a passive background for it), but they form its very nature! Everything indicates that the entire matter in the Universe and the forces that keep it whole and at the same time forces that are manifested in the surprising and infinite variety of complex forms, are nothing other than merely the vibrations of the Time and Space.

And the universal position of the Time and Space is not in the least diminished by the circumstance, that these vibrations may be hiding a Force of some kind – the SOURCE of the Universe – GOD.

On the other hand, there is an equally logical argument that this live Time and Space, shaking (vibrating) with Intelligence, Eternity and Infinity and «manifesting itself in a surprising and infinite variety of complex forms», which exist in the Universe, constitutes a dynamic self-projection of the SOURCE of the Universe!

Meanwhile, that eternal dilemma and a dualistic paradox, boils down to a universal consensus:

Time and Space (together with VIP Laws) – are the most objective and real and at the same time most significant Factors which determine our existence and our evolution,

and to a universal equation:

Laws of Time and Space = VIP Laws = Laws of the Universe = Laws of Life.

But let’s ask ourselves a question:

What percentage of the people are consciously aware of that fact?

Meanwhile, in order to help « make one aware» or «to warn someone» (and definitely «to make one sober up»), contemporary man is given a certain association – and one already deeply rooted in the collective consciousness and subconsciousness. It applies to the term «VIP» – this time obtained «with the assistance» of English language, the most common one on Earth – and one commonly used to refer to particularly important people – the elites. Note that because of the progressive degradation of the contemporary elites – it provokes less than the most positive reactions in most people. It would even seem that the term has been, in fact, fully and forever desecrated.

Exactly! But is that forever? After all, it hasn’t appeared by accident – since there are no accidents – especially ones like that one! Instead, there is resonance. And that, with Whom? With the Time and Space!

With the provision that this resonance is an objective fact, in spite of the obvious ignorance about the cosmic associations of the term «VIP» among its contemporary «authors», as well as «actors» – contemporary elites.

What then, is the message produced by that fact and the final destination of that term?

Especially when, in connection with the above, as a result of an independent synthesis of the mind, everyone starts to have more or less courageous, but unavoidable associations relating also to the Cosmic Hierarchies. But let everyone personally consider their appropriateness in their mind and consciousness – since it is a question of individual spiritual awareness and freedom of every man. It is also a question of a spiritual courage.

However that, which is common to all, is the duty to seek the Truth – and the situation described here undoubtedly stimulates such search.

There are, thus, in connection with the above, other questions disturbing to people who think. Namely:

To what extent does the above situation constitute a manifestation of the rule of cosmic hermetism «What is up is like what is down and what is down is like what is up»?


To what extent does this situation constitute a manifestation of the projection of a SOURCE in the earthly time and space?

The answer to these questions is in principle affirmative, but only when one takes into consideration a certain truth – the ignorance, which has «led astray» both religions and philosophical systems.

Here is that truth:

With respect to the Earth and mankind, both the rule of cosmic hermetism and the quality of the projection of a SOURCE have been retuned to a very large degree by the local piv (local time and space).

And the situation described above – due to its specific nature – can be seen, indeed, as the symbol of that retuning.

As will turn out later on, that situation can also be seen as the symbol of the «beginning of the end» of such retuning.


Because, in that situation there manifests itself – in a global meaning – the homeopathic principle «The medicine is found in the center of the illness».

What it means and to whom it applies – the Reader will presumably understand after reading the entire article.

However, as the Reader already suspects, it is primarily due to the significant spiritual discrepancies in the application of the term «VIP» by contemporary societies (that is to define their elites – usually distant from the cosmic ideals) and its cosmic destination (at least at the current stage of human consciousness) in order to «vibrationally» define the Time and Space (along with VIP Laws). For that situation means – in an environment of increasing «pressure» of VIP Laws and in connection with the principle «the greater the scale – the worse» – activation of enormous resonances and the release of resonance events which aim to remove these discrepancies by eliminating all deviations from the universal cosmic standards set by the VIP Laws.

What then – in the field of such strong resonances – can mean for the contemporary elites the very use of (or allowing the use of) the term «VIP» in the meaning prevalent thus far? After all it is the equivalent of placing the so-called «VIP»’s along the line of enormous cosmic-earthly forces striving to achieve an unavoidable resonance.

You see, there are only two options:

Either a voluntary transformation of the personality of the so-called «VIP»’s towards the manifestation in life of features and attitudes which resonate with the spirit of VIP Laws – or elimination!

There are no other options!

There is no time for delays either!


This article should also provide an answer to that question.

In connection with the above and for the purpose of this discussion, it also becomes essential to highlight (or recall) what else particularly important is being discussed in the book «VIP DOSTROYENIE or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus »

You see, it talks about serious changes occurring as we speak in the near-earthly and earthly physics – about the passage of the Earth from retuned «physics» of the local space-time (local piv) to the pure physics of the Time and Space (VIP). That process is manifested by, and at the same time caused by, in particular the progressing increase of the «pressure» by VIP Laws (Laws of Time and Space) in our existing earthly space.

And it is precisely because of the increase in «pressure» by the VIP Laws – the spirit of which are the Features of Universal Cosmic Personality – that examining current and forecasting future earthly events based purely on the previous, so-called historical experiences of mankind and the resulting conclusions are suffering from (and will continue to suffer), an increasingly large margin of error. Obviously, one cannot and should not deny and ignore that experience. However, one should understand that it was acquired under other energetic conditions – in the condition of «physics» of the local space and time (local piv), dominated by the horizontal vector of adaptation, i.e. piv adaptation.

What then, what changes (as opposed to the previous «historical experience of the humanity»), one should expect in those changing conditions?

Here are some of them:

Personal responsibility of the leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) of those organizational structures and institutions of the «collective man» – mankind, which though its «activity» provokes the retuning of human masses, continues and will continue to increase. Obviously, we are referring to retuning seen from the position of VIP Laws.

Of course, that will occur (nay, it is already occurring) according to the key «the greater the scale, the worse ». And it will manifest itself in, among other things, increasing health and accidental problems they themselves will be experiencing. Why?

Partly because the «egregores» of organizational structures and institutions of the «collective man» in which and thanks to which those leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) operate, will no longer be – in the conditions of changing physics – losing energy to «protect» them (against bearing responsibility) – protection which many of them have previously experienced in return for «services» in retuning human masses. And, as explained by the book «VIP DOSTROYENIE or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus», it is the energy of life (particularly its emotional variety), lost by the human masses in the process of retuning them, that is the primary source of the energy of life both for the «egregores» and for their employers from other dimensions. There is more! In those changing conditions they will increasingly reach for additional energy of life shed by those very same leaders and elites (or the so-called  «VIP»-s), as well as by the human masses «experiencing» – an increasingly more spectacular and «flashy» – fate of their leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s).

However, the basic cause of these changes is more transparent. Namely: An increase in «pressure» by the VIP Laws will eliminate the previous retuning of our Planet and with it will eliminate all the manipulation of the mankind and all types of parasitic behavior – after all, the VIP Laws enforce themselves on their own!

Clearly, an increase in «pressure» by the VIP Laws also applies to the law of resonance of parallel phenomena, the foundation of the physics of their self-enforcement. What, then, can be expected in connection with the increase in «pressure» (and therefore the force) of that law and as a consequence to the increasingly sophisticated, in terms of organization and at the same time «egregore-oriented» way of organization of the contemporary «collective man» and its enclaves and their organizational structures and institutions?

You see, in connection with the above, one can observe a continuous increase of the resonance relationship between the nature and the degree of retuning of personality of individuals and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) who occupy high-level positions in these structures, and the occurrence in the regions «subordinated» to them of disasters involving forces of Nature. One should also add here that this factor also extends to weather anomalies and the so-called technogenic disasters. That process will obviously occur (it is increasingly occurring) following the key «the greater the scale – the worse», or the greater the degree and the more serious the nature of retuning of the personality and the higher the place on the ladder of these «egregoric» hierarchies – the more serious the disasters involving forces of Nature (or the weather factor)!


For in the conditions of «egregoric» organization of society and communities – based on that very same «egregoric» selection of their leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) – the degree and nature of retuning of personalities of those leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s), is expressed by the also «egregoric» social relationships prevailing in the enclaves «subordinated» to them, particularly in the social injustice and social insensitivity. As will turn out later on – it is precisely those factors that have a «resonance impact» on the forces of Nature. These, in turn are subject increasingly to the VIP Laws, whose just action was – in the conditions of previous domination of Earth by the local space and time (local piv) – retuned and weakened. However, since the «pressure» by VIP Laws increases – the «intelligence», sensitivity, reactivity and the strength of the forces of Nature is also increasing. It means, then, that their penal and educational precision and justice is also increasing and will continue to do so in the future.

To recapitulate, it also means that the weather anomalies and disasters involving forces of Nature will become an increasingly more accurate reflection of the state of spiritual retuning – first of all the leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) «ruling» a specific territory at a specific time, and then its residents!

The discovery of those correlations and dependencies means, then, the appearance of an objective test-mirror to assess the spiritual state of leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s) and residents of a specific territory at a specific time!

The Reader will find the key to that assessment in the book «VIP DOSTROYENIE, VIP ADAPTATION, VIP EVOLUTION and THE BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL KEY-MODEL OF MAN (BSKMM) », on page119.

Why such certainty?

You see, a prescient image and the genesis of these «social and natural» dependencies are described in the Bible – in the Book of Jeremiah 5:24-31


    1.  «They do not say in their heart:

Let us now fear the Lord, our God,
Who gives rain in its season
Both the autumn rain and the spring rain,
Who keeps us for the appointed weeks of the harvest.

    1.  Your iniquities have turned these away,

and your sins have withheld good from you.

    1.  FOR wicked men are found among My people,

they watch like fowlers laying in wait,
they set a trap, they catch men.

    1.  Like a cage full of birds,

so their houses are full of deceit;
therefore they have become great and rich.

    1. They are fat, they are sleek, they also excel in deeds of

they do not plead the cause of the orphan,
that they may prosper,
and they do not defend the rights of the poor.

    1. Shall I not punish these people? Declares the Lord.

On a nation such as this shall I not avenge Myself?

    1.  An appalling and horrible thing has happened in the land.

    2.  The prophets prophesy falsely,

and the priests rule on their own authority,
and My people love it so!
But what will you do at the end of it?»


The above image is complemented and updated by the verse from the Book of Jeremiah 6:13


«For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, everyone is greedy for gain.»


In the structure of the verse sequence quoted above it is worth noting the hierarchical sequence of causes, which lead to the violation of climatic order and disharmony in Nature, and which would only be fully manifested in an environment of increasing «pressure» by VIP Laws – for that is the message of the Biblical prophecies. In this respect, the information contained in verses 26 and 27 is particularly telling. In order to better understand its nature, let us quote them in another translation:


    1. «FOR among My people are found wicked men,

they lie in wait as one who sets snares,
they set a trap, they catch men.

    1. As a cage is full of birds,

so their houses are full of deceit;
therefore they have become great and grown rich »


It is worth to dwell more deeply over these verses, for they reveal the nature of manipulation of the mankind – one that remains valid until today! They also reveal the current, until today, heritage of most fortunes and «arrangements» and the recipe of the so-called «success in life» – or the secrets of successful piv adaptation.

As far as the problem of «orphans (and widows)» – referred to also in the following verses, one should not only read it literally and treat it too literally. One should know that in the Biblical language this problem symbolizes the position of the people who are most defenseless in any society and any community – it serves as a symbol of the measure of social (in)sensitivity and (in)justice, regardless of the historical epoch.

In turn, the final verses from the sequence quoted above (Book of Jeremiah 5:30,31) sharply condemn the hypocrisy of spiritual (religious) leaders of the human masses and «tolerance» of all types of hypocrisy – signaling in this way that the measure of  «permissible» retuning is being exceeded.

The above image is complemented by the verses from the Book of Isaiah 1:23


«Your rulers are rebels
and companions of thieves,
everyone loves a bribe and chases after rewards,
they do not defend the orphan,
nor does the widow’s plea come before them.»


and the Book of Isaiah 5:23


«Woe to those who justify the wicked for a bribe,
and take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!»


Next, in the Book of Amos records the following causal discussion:

Thus, in verse 8:4 we find a warning:


«Hear this, you who trample the needy, to do away with the humble of the land…»


and in verse 8:8 we already read about the potential consequences of ignoring that warning:


«Because of this will not the land quake
and everyone who dwells in it mourn?»


The following verses sound terrifyingly up to date:

Book of Isaiah 5:20

«Woe to those, who call evil good and good evil,
who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness ,
who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter »

and the Book of Isaiah 10:1-3

«Woe to those, who enact evil statutes
and to those who constantly record unjust decisions.
So as to deprive the needy of justice
and rob the poor of My people of their rights
so that widows may be their spoil
and that they may plunder the orphans
Now what will you do on the day of punishment
 And storm that will come from afar?
To whom will you flee for help?
And where will you leave your wealth?! »


It is also worth quoting verses which summarize that earthly state of affairs:

Ecclesiastes 3:16


«And moreover I saw under the sun
the place of judgment that wickedness was there
and the place of righteousness, that iniquity was there.»


and Ecclesiastes 8:10


«…until man rules over man to his harm».


As well as a prophetic and optimistic verse:

Book of Isaiah 32:5


«The fool will no more be called noble
nor the scoundrel be called honorable.»


In turn, the message of all of the above verses can be summarized as follows:


Time and Space (along with VIP Laws) – as the manifestation and projection of the SOURCE – are particularly vulnerable to the quality of laws set by men and the equality of all the people before those laws!


It turns out that a section of the article entitled «L’Aquila – Message of the Olive – VIP Factor» closely corresponds with the above verses

The article refers to yet another sign of recognition of the process of increasing «pressure» by VIP Laws in our existing earthly living space. Here is this section:


«That process manifests itself in, among other things, the elimination of all discrepancies between speech, names, statements and actions and realities – as seen from the position of VIP Laws.

(It is obvious then, that this process also applies, to a remarkable degree to the so-called «VIP»-s)

The result and the confirmation of that process was the tragic earthquake in the town bearing that special name – L’Aquila  – one that strongly resonates with vibrations of the new Age (of the Aquarius). That event is something of a symbolic sign of a new Age, one that does not tolerate the above discrepancies».


It means – particularly in the context of BSKMM and the Biblical verses quoted above – that particular (illnesses and accidents) consequences can be expected for those leaders and elites (or the so-called «VIP»-s), who will retune human masses (and individuals who are creative – from the point of view of VIP Laws) in the name of and with the use of «law and justice», which has little to do with the Cosmic Law and Justice – that is with the VIP Laws. Obviously – appropriate consequences will also be suffered by those same human masses, after all «my people love it this way » (Book of Jeremiah 5:31b)

The situation is similar when it comes to work or service in the institutions of interference, as well as activity in political, economic, social and religious organizations whose actions provoke retuning of human masses. Let us recall, however – retuning assessed from the position of VIP Laws.

In that context, especially punishable by the forces of Nature will be the practice of sophisticated (and unjustified) surveillance, which consists of literal execution – in the name of and using the assistance of «love and justice» – that, which refers to the verse from the Book of Jeremiah 5:26 quoted earlier. And since contemporary surveillance takes an increasingly wider scope and uses the resources and methods of cosmic technologies, hence the rule «the greater the scale – the worse» increasingly charges and accuses those, who are involved in surveillance as well as those, who use it.

One should also add, that in the condition of changes occurring currently in the physics of our previous earthly living space, there increases and will continue to increase the personal responsibility of each human being for the retuning consequences of actions of the group, organization or institutions in which it functions, or with which it identifies, as well as that, which it supports.

In addition to the above, special «victims» of these changes – also because of the scale of their influence – will be the people «employed» in the so-called information media, especially those, who mislead the human masses with a false and tendentious interpretation of the events. They can expect exceptional consequences especially if they ignore, deride or distort the truth about the nature of changes that now occur in the earthly living space – or the conditions, requirements and consequences related to the passage of the Earth from the retuned «physics» of the local space and time (local piv) into the physics of the Time and Space (VIP). That also applies to all those, who will harm that truth!


Partly because it will occur (and is already occurring) according to the rule «the greater the scale, the worse»!

Let us answer ourselves the question: Is there a greater scale than the Time and Space – in their Eternal and Infinite dimension?

It is worth remembering that the truth about this subject is contained within the words – ideals – phenomenon VIP DOSTROYENIE.

What, then, are the consequences the people can expect, or even groups and complexes of people, who will hurt that truth?!

There is more!

Because of the possession of a mind which characterizes most people and due to the cosmic rule of bearing full responsibility for the use of that mind, even the fact of the existence of the interpretation of truth about the VIP Laws is an accusation of those, who do not use their mind to learn that truth!!!

Even more, what is it that can expect those, who will use their mind to hurt that truth?!

People! Do not be suicidal – get hold of yourselves!


There is a country, whose elites as the first ones in the world, have received the interpretation of the truth about the VIP Laws – they have received the book «VIP DOSTROYENIE or what will save the mankind and not just from bird flue virus». They have also received (24.06.2009) an article «L’Aquila – Message of the Olive – VIP Factor».

There is more! They have received this interpretation with the following comment:


«That is no accident – that is also resonance!

At the same time, it is also a privilege and an obligation!

What will they do with it is a matter of their conscience and their responsibility – both individual and collective!»


Exactly, what did they do with it? Over a year has passed since the moment, when they first received that interpretation!

In general, they have done nothing regarding this issue.

Although it does appear, that the attitudes of certain representatives of the elites of that country are increasingly also displaying positive tendencies.

But do not the events of the time past force everyone to think and reflect? And do not the questions contained in this article force the people towards reflection:


«And where are the defenders of Human Rights in that country?

Where are the true politicians, people of science and the media?».

Has no representative of this country’s elite finally understood the message of the dynamic – in time and space – “geometry” of the volcanic dust cloud produced by the Icelandic volcanic eruption in April 2010? Especially since the striking simultaneousness of the “geometry” of this cloud with the dynamics of tragic events concerning the highest representatives of the elite of this country, points to this country as one of the main addressees of the message.

Then, what can lead to further generation in time-space of the planet – and in conditions of growing “pressure” of the VIP Laws – the vibrations of endless conflict within the top elite of this country, confirming by its style and character complete lack of understanding of the messages of these tragic “near-volcanic events”? Moreover, as follows from the history of Icelandic volcanic eruptions, for example, their potential for punishment and education has not yet been exhausted, let alone that it is not only Icelandic volcanoes that have such potential.

Everything indicates, therefore, that the lack of adequate (educational) results for the elite and the societies of this and other countries, “embraced” in April (or rather, since April) 2010, may give rise to “the doom that will come from far away” (Book of Isaiah 10:3).

And then what?!




There is a country, whose elites, as the first ones in the world, have received the interpretation of new truths – since they have received a book «VIP DOSTROYENIE, VIP ADAPTATION, VIP EVOLUTION and BSKMM» and the following article.

I wish, then, that country a stable climate and gentle treatment by the forces of Nature!



Dr. Wladyslaw S. Rybicki