International Institute of Human Ecology
Centre of Biological Medicine
Doctor W.S. Rybicki
Poland – Spain – Russia

Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki

Message of the Bird’s Flu
to the Mankind

June 2006

On June 30, 2006, the “Avian Flu Message to Mankind” was sent to the Heads of State and Government of the G8 countries for the Summit in St. Petersburg (July 15-17, 2006).

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     Bird’s flu is a message of the Time and Space Laws, coming to the Man through birds – natural masters of the Space.

     Why through birds?

     It is so in order to draw attention of the Mankind to the Space and its Laws.

     Space is the energy-informational structure and the source of the energy of Life. It has universal spiritual qualities such as: Intelligence and Love. That comes from ancient sources and the modern discoveries confirm so too.

     However, the Man – the master of the Planet, has highly un-tuned his psychic-physical-spiritual state in relation to the Universal Time and Space Laws. But every person is a powerful generator. That is why his un-tuning breaks the harmony of the Space. There is even more to it: great quantity of un-tuned people, living on the Planet, undoubtedly provokes reactions of the Space.

     Planet Earth also obeys the Time and Space Laws and is in resonance with them.

     That is why natural phenomenon such as: earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, floods, tsunami and other anomalies; all are the Earth and Space reactions to the mankind actions. It also relates to epidemics and pandemics. All of them are warning signs, messages and up-brining methods for the Mankind.

     Nevertheless, the Mankind does not understand and does not accept those messages!

     Then it does not come as a surprise that the contemporary medicine does not comprehend the message of the disease.

     Today’s prophylactic measures against bird’s flu, such as extermination of millions of innocent birds, only increase the level of global mankind un-tuning in relation to the Time and Space Laws.

     The hope to get a vaccine that would assist in coping with this problem only slows down the correct diagnosis to be made. It should be expressed as following: “The cause of the problems in the contemporary civilization, including epidemics together with bird’s flu, is the systematic increase in the mankind un-tuning in the relation to the Universal Time and Space Laws”.

     The only way out of this problem is accelerated tuning-in. The Mankind still has this chance thanks to the creation of the technology that enables the Man to tune-in to the necessary universal space standards.

     Centres of Biological Medicine, under the aegis of International Institute of Human Ecology, has been developing and using successfully tuning-in technology for several years already.

     The corrective modulation is calculated for certain period of time and for certain place. This corrective modulation neutralizes every infection successfully through patient’s tuning-in.

     We should not stake on the fight with microbes. This is hopeless because microbes are not guilty!

     It is because of the un-tuning of the Man, where the Man is a medium which provokes microbes for invasion and pathologic mutation, instead of symbiosis.

     But, in fact, only symbiosis is the optimal form of existence for the macro- and microorganisms.

     Mankind is loosing time and the given chance when chooses symptomatic and not the causal approach.

     It is more so when such methods and technologies already exist. Ignoring them in this situation is a real crime against Mankind and life.

     We must not cheat ourselves!

     There are none and there will not be any other methods that can cope successfully with bird’s flu and other pandemics!

     There are none, because there cannot be any artificial tuning-in methods!

     There might be and there are tuning-in methods and technologies, which are in resonance with Time and Space Laws!


Medical Doktor

 Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki

June 2006



     On the 30 of June 2006 «Message of the Bird’s Flu» was presented    to the States and Governments of «Group of Eight» for the Summit in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation (15 – 17 July 2006).