Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki

The Message of the Disease

The Disease as Your Chance

APRIL 2004 

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     Life without disease has been man’s dream from time immemorial. Meanwhile, disease seems to have accompanied humankind from the dawn of its history. Therefore, was there any mistake in the art and act of man’s creation or was it purposeful action? It was neither mistake nor purposeful work! The answer is contained in the following statement, which will be elaborated upon and justified further:

     Man is a biological-spiritual vehicle in which the body functions as a biological transmitter signaling its spiritual problems. A suitable solution to this vehicle’s health problems and their spiritual messages is rendered by tuning it (particularly its spiritual part) into UNIVERSAL LIFE LAWS, which are LAWS OF SPACE. These laws must be learnt by mankind since the entire cosmic community, whatever we understand by this term, is bound by them.

     According to the “law of pairs” functioning in the Cosmos known to us, there are two sets of universal laws (Pre-Features, Pre-Rules), complementing each other and constituting a clear biological imperative for Man. They are as follows:


I. Universal personality


1. Love

2. Joy

3. Peace

4. Long-suffering

5. Kindness

6. Goodness

7. Faith

8. Mildness

9. Self-control

II.  Universal laws:


1.   The law of hierarchy

2.   The law of creation

3.   The law of moderation

4.   The law of the necessity of development

5.   The law of representation

6.   The law of accordance

7.   The law of tolerance

8.   The law of humility

9.   The law of care and protection

10. The law of cause and effect

11. The law of reflection

12. The law of non-interference


     Sometimes, we interchangeably use the terms: UNIVERSAL LAWS and SPACE LAWS, as it were. Practically, these terms mean the same. In Space, these laws have a spiritually energetic dimension, physically “making” respect for them inescapable.

     What about Earth and Man, and their relations to Space and its laws?

     Why, Man is a spiritual creature gifted with mind and body indispensable for living on Earth, the body being a biological structure best prepared for and fully capable of functioning right here. In this structure, powerful information about the universe in the form of the so-called cell memory has been deposited. This information (i.e. cell memory information), in turn, should fully resonate with the information which is conveyed by space due to the LAW OF REPRESENTA- TION – “as the things on high so the things below”. Any discordance between them destroys harmony (puts things out of tune). “Between them” there is Man – his organism, which is understood as organization. He “stands in the way” between space and the cell! Thus, he finds himself in the resonating field between space and the cell.

     The “space” between a macro antenna – a spine – and micro antennae – DNA spirals – is similarly filled. What is there to be found in the “space” between these systems of antennae resonating with each other? – Man again!

     The two circumstances explain and justify at the same time the cosmic reason for which Earth and Man came into being. Well, Earth was to (and still is to) play the part of a cosmic library, in which all the information about the Universe was deposited in a condensed form. Whereas, Man was to (and still is to) play the role of a living and conscious “library card” giving access to specified departments of that library (depending on the degree and kind of his “tuning in”). As such a “library card”, man also guards the access to “the library” against potential cosmic intruders. These purposes have not changed – they were only subject to a slight transfer in time. For how long? For the time needed to settle certain questions – the question of free will in the context of universal laws.

     This exceptional role of Earth and Man justifies the strictness of the manner in which the process of “tuning” them (Earth and Man) into their cosmic roles is implemented.

     Man is therefore a complex being and his body is an exquisite and indispensable tool, capable of feeling and fully surviving the earthly life (and largely the cosmic life, too). At the same time, he is a vehicle in which our spirit lives. This vehicle, owing to the body, has a possibility of accelerated development. Why do we say accelerated? Since our material body functions in “hard” vibrations of Earth, it signals, brutally enough (because in a physical, painful and troublesome way), the problems of our spirit and of our subtle energetic and ethereal bodies.

     We are now living in the period of execution of a free will experiment on Earth, in which everything, that is all kinds of conduct, are allowed. Yet we are living in space, with all of its physical and spiritual laws, the ignorance of which and the breaching of which are liable to be punished. Thus how can we get to know them and how to learn to respect them – as space laws constitute a universal code of life, adhering to which is compulsory in the whole universe?!  For the time being, life on Earth serves this purpose. It derives from this specific body construction that we have this exceptional opportunity to get to know and to experience what these universal laws are and how they should be respected! It is here on Earth that an accelerated course in universal laws is taking place, and here we can pass the exam of universal maturity, which, in turn, is a pass to further life. It is only possible owing to the fact that an exquisite tool – a human body – sends a precise signal through physical and psychic disease and ailment. What it signals is the kind and degree of our being “un-tuned” in relation to universal space laws (and their “counterparts” deposited in the so-called cell memory). We therefore have to be grateful and humble to “analyse and work through” these signals, which we interpret as pain and other disorders, according to the direction pointed out by our body’s reactions. They are crucial individual lessons on our path towards the necessity of development (one of the universal laws.)

     Body and space are just and experienced teachers who cannot be cheated! We have to do our individual “homework”! Only then, our disorders and illnesses will abate. Symptoms of the disease may sometimes be evident. However, continuous suppression of the organism’s signals (ailments) informing us about basic indigence of our spirit is in opposition to the purposefulness and destiny of earthly life. If maintained for a long time, such attitude leads to the destruction and elimination of a human being. The purpose of our existence here is to learn universal laws. You cannot get away from it! This is why we are here right now!

     The same purpose also defines the role of true medicine! The ancient practitioners – priests, comprehended it better, after all. The role of the true physician is to help the patient understand why he has fallen ill, what the message of his illness (or his ailment) is and, subsequently, to assist him “to do his lessons” (compelled upon him by his illness) relatively gently. Thus the process of going through disease and appropriate treatment is nothing else but “tuning” the individual – a biological-spiritual complex – into universal laws. Serious disease takes place only when we persistently ignore and artificially suppress various signals (diseases) and avoid “understanding and working through” their messages. It will also take place when we simply “avoid life”, in other words, we do not fully live according to our potential, which is subject to punishment by THE LAW OF THE NECESSITY OF DEVELOPMENT. We make our lives shorter then, further duration of which becomes senseless in relation to earthly life’s purpose.

     Apart from the general purpose of earthly life, every individual man has his specified individual life’s purpose and goes on living as long as it is being carried out. The disease signals then that the individual went off target. At the same time, it is an attempt (a chance) to get back on course. Therefore, the prescription for relatively good health and adequately long life is a noble PURPOSE coherent with the purpose and meaning of life on Earth, which is put into practice on the condition that one does not overuse his free will and respects universal laws. Admittedly, implementing the thus formulated prescription is challenging enough, even more so as all evidence points to the fact that the accelerated course of acquiring universal laws on Earth is now being radically further accelerated and shortened.

     The intelligent Cosmos, however, supports us – new discoveries, new tools, and new technologies come into being. They facilitate, for the individuals who are ready to go through this process, optimal tuning-in in the realm of recovery from a specific disease (like les- sons that have been done). Not only in this do they help, though; since further accelerated development (as if in higher school) also helps to become a universal individual – the Universe citizen who should come to have full rights, even though being in human form. It means that creative and relatively healthy people are aided with tuning-in technologies to attain accelerated development. It does not need to be forced by disease and growing older. The result is quite to the contrary – better health, slowing down the process of aging and making life longer. Unsurprisingly, though because the intelligent Cosmos supports and rewards intelligent “cooperation”! Nevertheless, the changes, which the Universe is currently going through, are ta- king place by leaps and bounds, and even the healthiest organism must do his best to adapt. This adaptation effort is at times observable as illness. The tuning-in technologies then optimize and considerably curtail this necessary process of “being ill”.

     Let us now undertake to explain the aforementioned statement that the course in universal laws serving for the accelerated acquisition (which is, by the by, forced) is at present subject to even greater acceleration and abridgment and it will be so in the years to come. Hence, this results in severe consequences for each human being who is now living on Earth!

     In order to better comprehend it – let us first present some history.

     We have already mentioned that Earth has long been a field of a cosmic experiment – the free will experiment (with free will being the freedom of conduct and choice – which means almost unrestrained free choice). For the experimentation to be objective, it should be conducted in adequately isolated surroundings. Incidentally, any scientific experiment should be! What should a free will experiment on the planet Earth be separated from? Naturally, from universal space with its universal laws physically demanding respect. In order to enable objective execution of this experiment, then, Earth had to be considerably isolated from the influence of space, which quickly makes respect for its universal laws inescapable (and it restricts the literally understood free will). Structures such as the water canopy surrounding Earth (which “fell down” in the Flood), the ozone layer and energy rings around Earth have probably served this purpose (the isolation). If humans were not living in the isolated space conditions, they would have sooner annihilated themselves rather than experienced life with literally understood free will. In the isolated environment, however, the manifestation of the relations between man’s conduct, incompatible with universal laws, and physical (health) consequences felt by the body, signaling this disorder (the out-of-tune condition), have been much delayed. Moreover, this has been so considerably belated that most people (including physicians and clergymen of various denominations) do not even conjecture the main reason for disease – which is spiritual un-tuning as to universal laws in the circumstances of living in the free will sphere and existing as a biological constitution.

     To comply with the “law of pairs” omnipresent in our life and space there must be one more explanation of the way in which the free will experiment is put into operation. Concerning this issue, more than a few researchers may be right. Those who believe that Earth and the Solar System, being constantly in motion in Outer Space have stayed in the so-called material hemisphere of the Universe for a long time may have a point. In this hemisphere, “thick” vibrations do not react quickly enough to the subtle spiritual vibrations at the same time allowing people to get away with the relative breach of spiritual universal laws. At present, Earth and the Solar System are entering the so- called anti-material hemisphere of the Universe. There universal laws will be enforced (which is beginning to be felt already) by anti-material energies relentlessly reacting to any out-of-tune state and incoherence in relation to them.

Clearly, the above concepts do not contradict each other (in agreement with “the law of pairs”); they complement each other.

     It is also highly probable that the two ideas (variants) were being implemented simultaneously as one coherent and infallible mechanism efficiently “delaying” the functioning of universal laws (including THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT) and thus enabling the free will experiment to be fully conducted. The experiment was to be fully conducted thanks to “spreading” it over many generations. After all, this is considered a rule in scientific experiments. Similarly, when scientists on Earth examine the impact of substances and phenomena on living objects, they also focus on the effect they exert on both parents and progeny.

     However, the experiment conducted in such a conscientious manner gave rise to consequences bearing serious repercussions on the question of the message of the disease. Namely, our ancestors “faults” (active manifestation of their un-tuning in relation to the universal laws; that is their negative thoughts, feelings and actions) had their slow but persistent “transfer” on biogenetic mechanisms of their bodies. They were then transmitted to subsequent generations who, again, added their own “faults” to the list. Some of these “faults” (in the sense of their biological consequences) were (and still are) transmitted precisely this way -genetically, to the next generation; and the part being trans- mitted had existed before the moment of conception. In addition to this, the heredity impact was then prolonged in the form of the child- raising process, interdependencies and family contacts, etc., thus powerfully modelling the spiritual personality of every human.

     Apart from genetics, a vital hereditary area particularly concerning “the race spirit, nation” etc. is blood. Thus, we say, ‘blood relations’. True, this strange liquid is more and more thoroughly examined by modern science but only on the bio-chemical level. What do we know about the energetic-informational level? Well, blood has its own “memory” as water constitutes its basic component, water being the most important information carrier on our planet. For that reason, it is of great significance for a human organism, 80% made up of water, to work on that organism’s liquid sphere. In an ill organism, water carries “ill” information. It must therefore be “re-programmed” – or no one will be cured.

     The above digressions and considerations should lead us to a sad but necessary reflection, namely that we bear the consequences of both our own conduct and that of our ancestors’ (who in this sense are part of ourselves). Their “faults” affect our lives and health! We should also become aware of “our share” in the lot of our offspring. Moreover, what about our ancestors and their “faults”? Well, while working through the message of one’s illness, one should not forget about one’s ancestors (even those unknown). They need to be forgiven and victims of their misconduct need to be apologized to (asked for forgiveness). It is extremely important because in Earth’s morphogenetic field every act, both good and bad, is written down. The bad ones can only be neutralized by mental atonement (compensation). It does not matter that our ancestors and their victims are not alive. In space, time does not exist – there exists the eternal “now”!

     Thus, mankind’s history constitutes one great and objective answer to the question of what the ignorance and neglect of universal laws mean and what the unrestrained free will is. The history is painful but evidently indispensable for a just future functioning of the Universe. This history is a cosmic object lesson for people as students but probably also for a greater number of cosmic audiences. So far, this lesson has shown what it means to ignore and disrespect universal laws – a cosmic code establishing the rules of coexistence for individuals and societies, which were given free will. It probably concerns extra terrestrial societies, as well.

     Fortunately, this lesson is coming to an end since it has provided satisfactory argumentation to all rational creatures and hierarchies, and answered the question of what the ignorance and disrespect of universal laws really are, which should be restated even though we have repeatedly said this before.

     It is an important factor for us to be living on Earth now in the final stage of that lesson and the summary of conclusions. It means that any further experiment makes no sense because its purpose has been fulfilled and there is no need to prolong it. That is why according to one of the concepts, the isolation shields are gradually being removed or reduced as no longer necessary, and according to the other, we enter the sphere of more and more powerful influence of anti- material energies, which is the same. After all, it is proved by numerous astrophysical observations and measurements. What they prove is the decline of the ozone layer, the weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, the appearance of unknown celestial bodies of a planet’s size in our Solar System and tremendous comets “crushing” Earth’s shields from a large distance.

     It should be noted that the undoubtedly negative influence of at least the industrial activity of modern man on Earth and its surroundings is “oddly“ congruous in its consequences with the above mentioned cosmic processes. Hence, humankind is unwillingly “helping”, as it were, to complete this experiment; shaping the end for yet another civilization.

     What does it consequently mean? It means that space laws influence Earth and earthly beings “under gradually increased pressure”, so to speak. How does it affect Man and his organism? Predictably, in these circumstances various forms of the out-of-tune condition of our biological-spiritual vehicle in relation to space laws are more quickly, clearly and painfully manifested.

     Is it not visible? Why, we all learn it to our own cost. Hence, the “sowing” of diseases, the “transfer” of formerly typical old age illnesses to younger people today! Fortunately, it is still a relatively slow process giving us one more chance to work through our problems and to “tune in” in due course. “In due course” means until the moment of rapid acceleration and “increased pressure” of space laws comes. A cosmic test of that scale many people may not survive. All depends on what the degree of our spiritual-biological organism’s tuning into space laws will be. After all, such phenomena have already been taking place on Earth many times – causing whole civilizations to become extinct. Nevertheless, a small percentage always survived (those who were relatively “tuned in”) to start a new civilization. For an individual earthly man it is a severe test of universal maturity. At the same time, it is a severe test for small and large societies – families, nations etc. – as there is such a thing as individual and collective responsibility. On the other hand, Earth is coming back to a cosmic family as a member of equal status with all rights and duties. Physical and spiritual conditions of Earth’s biosphere, our living environment, are now changing, and they are changing considerably. The time of our civilization is undoubtedly shrinking therefore the signals of one’s out-of-tune condition (disease and ailments) must be quickly and solidly worked through. It is even more important when we have to consider today’s fashionable and common so-called symptomatic treatment, which suppresses the organism’s signals and at- tempts at “tuning in” by itself. Unfortunately, we lose precious time with the un-tuning relentlessly going on (without a proper correction), and taking no notice of it does not prove wisdom.

     We have repeatedly mentioned in our teaching that UNIVERSAL LOVE (based on rules) and INTELLIGENCE characterize SPACE ENER- GY. At any rate, our understanding of the situation is the manifestation of these features. New systems of root cause diagnosis and new technologies of the treatment of the root cause (tuning in) are their expression; they provide a chance. Finally, their display is the Formula of the Centre for Biological Medicine (CBM). The abbreviation in itself carries a symbolic spiritual and scientific message and a synthesis:


The Central Message of the Bible (CMB)

The Central Message of Biology (CMB)


     In the original text, the abbreviation of this FORMULA is CMB – from that the above interpretation of it.

     And now it is time for a few necessary reflections…

     Well, we are born to live on Earth being equipped with individual bodies. In a largely simplified explanation, they are the resultant of our ancestors’ family history and the energetic-informational space condition at the time of our organism’s “construction”. This makes our bodies unique. At the same time the intelligent process of body construction “equips” us (unfortunately, we would say) with a definite disposition inclining us – that is the human spirit with a body at its command – to put ourselves through necessary experiences. Since human spirits are unequal to one another, human lives, experiences, diseases and ailments, which we struggle with in the course of our earthly life, are virtually inimitable. It is necessary to restate at this point that the process of earthly life is a school of appropriate under- standing of free will in the context of universal laws and truths. Thereby it is purposeless or highly subjective to compare oneself and one’s experiences (including disease) to others! Every human being is an inimitable individual and needs to be individually corrected and tuned in. Nevertheless, it is also true that similarities in singular diseases (disease units) stem from certain spiritual problems’ similarities shared by patients. It is true that these similarities are very “thick” (or broad) but they sometimes have practical meaning in the treatment process – tuning-in.

     In this chapter dealing with the disease’s message (and the chance provided thereby), one more crucial fact should also be noted, namely that man’s will and intellect – in the context of universal laws – are inviolable! This is utterly required by the Law of Non- Interference!

     It means that we cannot help man without his personal will and agreement that we do so, or even his request for help. (One exception is children whose parents make decisions for them up to a certain moment in their lives.) Disease is thus the “choice” of the individual. It is a choice that he or she does not usually admit having made – they fail to understand that the individual’s sub consciousness resonating with the Higher Reason brings on the disease as an experience necessary in his or her development and on the path to universal maturity. Therefore, the ill person should accept this choice and “work through” the given experience (disease) also trying consciously to understand what its real meaning is and what it is supposed to teach him. Otherwise, there will be no end to disease.

     On the other hand, focusing on the disposal or alleviation of the disease and its symptoms is a big misunderstanding on top of a huge waste of time and health. As we all are bound by the Pre-Rule, consequently, as long as we do not “work through” it, or tune into it, the disease will continue. Whereas, the attempt at “outsmarting” it that is suppressing the symptoms and reactions of the organism, which is trying to tune in by itself will cause the disease to appear in a different form (more troublesome, severe and cautionary). The disease can then even eliminate the given being as incongruous with the purpose of his living on Earth (the existence of the individual becomes purposeless).

     Universal laws and rules also define the future doctor’s role (and this will shortly be upon us). It is a great challenge for the medical community! Will they live up to it? This role is additionally largely    a priestly role.

And what about the tuning-in technologies? They seem to be more and more indispensable because the degree of modern man’s out-of-tune condition against space universal laws is so deep that without these technologies it is hard and will be even harder to “tune in”. Especially, that space laws exert “increasing pressure”.

     What criteria should these technologies measure up to? I will answer briefly; the intelligent space requires intelligent technologies because only with such will it resonate!

     Tuning-in technologies used within the CBM FORMULA meet the- se standards as they resonate with spiritual and physical laws of Space. Owing to this, they help patients understand and optimally “do their lessons”. The patient can also mildly go through the tuning- in process, being a multi-level transformation of a biological-spiritual complex – Man. It needs to be clearly stated, however, that according to cosmic laws of CAUSE AND EFFECT, THE LAW OF NON-IN- TERFERENCE, and THE LAW OF HUMILITY intelligent technologies will never replace the patient’s will and will never substitute for him “doing” his necessary lessons. It is the patient who has to make a conscious effort to change his attitude towards objects, conditions and neighbours.

     However: if the patient rejects spiritual matters, and does not change his approach; while he continues to be possessed by hatred, ill-will, injustice or jealousy; and in his inner self he shows little patience, en- durance, brotherly love, politeness, kindness, etc., then the body can- not be cured even if assisted with technologies. Nonetheless, if he changes his mind and approach, and this change is expressed in speech and actions, and suitable technologies are applied, there will be improvement followed by recovery. Intelligent technologies require intelligent “cooperation” on the part of the patient. Only in such circumstances, can the time needed for “doing” our necessary lessons be shortened to a minimum and made pleasanter. Only in such circumstances can one take advantage of “the chance the disease provides”!

     Speaking in terms of “our language”, disease and ailments abate as progress is being made in the course of tuning into universal laws.

     Thus, modern biological medicine becomes field where religion and science form a synthesis. It shows that a moral world is subject to laws of cause-effect dependencies, which laws are as strict as the laws that rule the physical world. It explains that human suffering does not result from some unlucky accident of material nature but rather results from mistakes in thought and conduct. It proves that pain and handicaps have educational aims; disabilities and diseases derive from a moral source. All human sufferings are lessons in the long-term school of wisdom and perfection. In this manner, a very much needed synthesis of two types of approach is achieved, introvert and extrovert, corresponding to East and West respectively.

     I hope that you have read the previous chapter dealing with the universal message of the disease. If not, please do so as this chapter follows in sequence to the previous one.

     Since a significant percentage of modern patients are embraced by the term “an incurable disease group”, then these patients need to be addressed directly.

     Therefore, what can this group of people be told? The answer is that the universal message of the disease applies to them also, and in fact chiefly to them!

     The forces of every disease always act towards a specific spiritual purpose, as we have repeatedly stated. When the spiritual purpose has been achieved, that is, when the patient “has learned his lesson” caused by his illness’ experiences, then the disease becomes purposeless. Improvement or recovery is the consequence. A breakthrough of that kind may occur at any moment. Everything depends on “doing the spiritual lesson”, or, in other words, tuning into a specified universal Rule.

     According to this, a therapy programme should have a spiritual-bio- logical direction. The mind should actively work towards this necessary education process. So the hope of recovery depends on one condition; a change in Man’s awareness and his spiritual aims!

     The doctor, family and the patient’s environment have to show much patience while the ill person is trying hard to go through the experience, which has become the essence of his entire life (and   a serious disease can rightly be defined as such). Only on this condition, for everyone involved, the whole situation becomes a constructive and even fascinating experience. Obviously, a serious disease of one family member is undeniably a whole family’s problem and “disease”. It is also a severe life and moral challenge. This is unsurprising, though, because the nature of the disease is educational, disciplining and penalizing. This also refers to the patient’s closest human environment – people who usually had “their part” in the beginning of the disease of their close relative. Thus, most often it is “ill” human inte- ractions that are responsible for serious diseases.

     Perhaps the most “penalizing and educational” experience for close relatives, particularly for parents, is the disease of a child. The message of such a disease is definitely addressed to the child’s pa- rents. Apparently, the effectiveness of the child’s therapy seems to be largely dependent on simultaneous spiritual therapy for his pa- rents.

     Evidently, in this time of confusion and moral bankruptcy, there will be more and more severe diseases and suffering people, cancer being the main culprit. Humankind is spiritually immature and as such has to anticipate rather unpleasant “instructive disease lessons”. Rational human beings must therefore have rational moral life foundations! It is even more important since orthodox churches’ dogmas are no longer acceptable for many critical minds. Traditional objects of devotion and ideals have fallen to pieces and no new scientific ideas and concepts have come to replace them. The so-called Christian world near to us got stuck in to its belief that accountability for one’s conduct is moved to the realm of uncritical faith. Let us emphasise again that deeds have the most crucial meaning for positive development of every individual human spirit and body’s health. It becomes strikingly conspicuous when we undertake to examine the message of the disease. The awareness of this should give us new strength and also give us medicine for weariness. This weariness seized the believers of many religions and crowds of more and more helpless patients along with doctors and psychologists who take care of the sick.

     This gloomy lecture about pedagogic aspects of disease and the process of being ill should not be depressing, however, for those who use their minds. On the contrary, it should bring hope and optimism. It should also contribute to the recovery of pure religious faith, which is based on trust in the cosmic justice underpinning all human affairs.

     The understanding of this should also be a warning. It is a warning for those people who think that all reasons and need for moral con- duct have disappeared because “science” denounced “religion” and, as a result, human behaviour can be free, liberalized and unrestrained by ties compelled upon people by the church. It is a misconception! On the contrary, in the circumstances of intensified influence of moral and physical space laws, any ostensible but false foundations, which are in opposition to space laws, will be “denounced” and “corrected”. “The correction” will be equal to the seeding of more and more serious diseases. This process has already become noticeable.

     Fortunately, the intelligent Cosmos offers us a way out. What it gives us is the constructive understanding of the disease’s message. It lies in honest realization on the part of the patient of what his past obligations were, which realization must be followed by expressing a sincere will to mentally atone. Finally, a specific feature, the lack of which contributed to the disease, needs to be established.

     Thereby I appeal to those who cannot reconcile themselves to serious disease in their own experience or that of their close ones. Do not have a grievance against anyone, but instead try to constructively understand that universal laws, which we are all affected by, al- ways function due to the law of spiritual purpose. According to it, misfortune befalls to those who have deserved it. If you are ill – it means you have deserved it! One must be humble enough to accept it and attempt to make mental atonement for it.

     A breakthrough in individual understanding of the message of a serious disease can be an honest consideration of the question, Why I would like to recover? Is my motivation:

  • Only to be able to satisfy my own physical whims?
  • To continue to be egotistic?
  • Not to take any notice of the need for spiritual development?
  • To be able to continue “interfering” in other people’s lives and “making them happy” according to my own view?

     If so, in the cosmic point of view your further life on Earth makes no sense! But if you really want to continue living – you yourself have to persuade the intelligent Cosmos that your further life on Earth both has its purpose and makes sense!

     In the case of a serious disease, there is only one way out: a significant change in heart, mind, approach and purposes must take place!

     Please do not take the above as an accusation as we are your friends who, working with your suffering, evidently work through our own spiritual problems and so should your close ones.

     Therefore, what is the role and meaning of tuning-in technologies in case of very serious diseases?

     Well, there is an important biological and psychological factor, namely: in order to stand up to disease one needs strength. An ill person must be granted a chance to develop certain abilities to fight disease. Otherwise, he will be too overwhelmed with its burden and then neither development nor transformation will be the case, but the destruction of the individual. Thus, the patient must receive extraordinary support.

     In the CBM FORMULA, the main supporting technology unit is named: IMAiD – Individual Modulation for Adaptation and Tuning- in.

     The unit functions by means of a modulated light wave (through IMAiD) or/and the coding of water solution (through IMAiD). What does the use of such technologies offer to seriously ill people (and to those who are not seriously ill) ? What does it mean to the patient?

  • It means that we enhance the adaptation abilities of an ill organism, according to the first part of the name of the treatment The importance of this derives from the fact that disease is a handicap or loss of adaptation abilities.
  • According to the second part of the name of the treatment unit (IMAiD), our technologies’ function is to tune the ill person into the energy (and information) of space. In the course of the tuning-in treatment the patient is, so to speak, “plugged” into these space energy bands in relation to which he has been “blocked” (put out- of-tune). The specific energetic-informational deficit resulting from this blockage is then manifested in the form of
  • It also means that through the correction of the energetic-informational ability of the patient and his organism (through IMAiD) we enhance chances and the ability to understand and “do his spiritual lessons”, the duty to do which is enforced by the disease. It derives from the fact that a desirable spiritual transformation should largely take place on the subconscious level, which is sensitive to the correction effect of our technologies. These technologies, to some extent, substitute verbal psychotherapy, which is especially important in case of children and the adults who are difficult to communicate with in intellectual or spiritual terms. Nevertheless, the patient needs to adopt an open and intelligent approach, desiring to tune in, as intelligence characterizes space Optimal results are achieved only due to such synthesis of intelligence and technologies!

     Obviously not everyone can be helped in the same way – it depends more on the patient than on us.

     I do not doubt at all, however, that in each case, and even the most severe case of disease, our technologies constitute a chance of recovery or at least of making the best possible use of one’s remaining life. From the cosmic point of view, even the final days of earthly life are worthy living dynamically, doing the “given” lessons.

     In case of a very severe disease, it is highly desirable that in the tuning-in process both the patient and his environment should take part and undergo necessary individual correction. When the patient and his close ones take such steps they then can expect an optimal prognosis. The close ones can also improve their health (which is, as a rule, endangered by “suffering” with the disease of the family member) and “learn” to behave objectively and wisely towards the ill per- son. Everyone concerned can heal family and partnership relations. Such a family attitude is the proof of their love for the patient and expression of their respect for UNIVERSAL LAWS.

     In such a way, within modern biological medicine, what has long existed separately – religion and science – is synthesized.

     Since the number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing, I would like to turn your attention to the spiritual message conveyed by that particular group of diseases.

     Indeed, there is no need to convince anyone who faces this problem (patients, their families or doctors) that this group is unique. After all, in the so-called collective awareness and subconsciousness cancer is most often associated with terminal disease. Bearing this in mind, we assume that the message of the so-called incurable diseases refers to this group, as well. Cancer is exceptional not only in pathological-physiological meaning but also in that it is a philosophical phenomenon with an exceptional message, as we will show later.

     In this publication, we consider the message of the disease in the context of universal cosmic (as well as earthly) criteria. We under- stand that diseases are messages signalling and correcting human indigence and shortcomings in the field of universal personality features and in relation to universal moral and physical space laws (out-of-tune condition).

     Therefore, what do our research and analyses say? They explicitly show that the price for systematic and constant violating of one par- ticular universal law – the law of inviolability of man’s will (THE LAW OF NON- INTERFERENCE) – is tumour. Precisely this specific law is the starting point for respecting the other laws, each law having its inherent basic pattern of non-interference.

     In other words, violating this special law is the manipulating of another man and his life as well as allowing others to manipulate one’s own life (it is usually both). Yet is it a just and right thing to punish us so severely for violating this law? It is justifiable because the right to do so derives from the present purpose of human life on Earth, that being the active participation in the objectively conducted experiment of free will here on the planet Earth! The essence of this experiment is the right of creatures taking part in it to experience the effect of choices and decisions! This is the focus and the real meaning of human life on Earth!

     Every man has the right to it, and it is, by the by, guaranteed by the Cosmos – this is why man is here now! In addition, no one has the right to disturb his fellow man as he experiences his life! Even God does not do it, regardless of how we comprehend him! Moreover, no one is on any account allowed to interfere with another’s life, his or her choices and the consequences of these choices. We must not judge other people, either – which is regulated by the LAW OF TOLE- RANCE. Specifically, the LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE determines the “safety margins” in this experiment. It says, do not interfere, do not manipulate and do not let others manipulate you! What results from this, is the right and necessity to actively mount a defence! This law actually does pervade all spheres and areas of earthly man’s life!

     What is important is that everyone has the right to a dignified end of his present life and he must not be disturbed, either! Unquestionably, everyone must die some time! For the time being, there is no possibility for man to live on Earth eternally. The length of human life is flexible enough, though, but only to some extent – it is determined by genes and by the purpose of the individual’s life. If a person has fulfilled his present life’s purpose and has no other aim to live for on Earth (or he does not pursue it) then according to the current compelling cosmic objective of man’s life – he should die! He must not be disturbed! It is by no means the unselfish love of relatives, families and partners, but rather their selfishness that often “keeps” the suffering patient inside the physical body, although the time of his death has come, and they do not let him die! This “choice” needs to be accepted – otherwise the interfering ones may themselves be punished for violating the LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE!

     Taking all of these considerations into account, the following can be stated with reference to the message of tumours: cancer is the price for imposing one’s will on others excessively or submitting to the will of others, fulfilling their purposes and not one’s own. The reason we are presently here is however to fulfil our own purposes. People suffering from cancer usually fluctuate between these approaches – or they work according to both at the same time. This is also the price for straying excessively from their life’s purpose, no one being born on Earth with the purpose of either manipulating others or being the object of manipulation.

     It is noteworthy that the motif of possessing no dignified purpose in life or not working in tune with it, that is “purposeless” life, appears in the works of many researchers dealing with the psychology of tumours. These researchers unanimously turn our attention to a certain distinguishing trait of the cancer patients’ personalities. They are people who have a very strong need of being positively judged, perceived, etc. Their image in the environment is very important for them and they are ready to do (and actually they do) anything to achieve a desirable image. Yet it is only keeping up appearances, a game into which they put all of their energy.

     With such an attitude, where is their life’s purpose and its fulfilment? They presumably have no time to even think about it! Yet life’s purpose is encoded in our biogenetic structure, and if it is not pursued, we lose resonance with it, which is signalled by the body, being bound to indicate it. Members of this particular group direct their time and energy elsewhere instead of pursuing their own life’s purpose. So they submit themselves to other people’s or groups’ purposes (to gain approval and appreciation) or dedicate themselves to “helping” others according to their own norms and criteria, at the same time imposing their will on others. Overall, they constitute a group, which is extremely neglectful of their life’s purpose. Therefore, cancer is a lesson painfully teaching the substance of what it means to subordinate the will (and energy) of others, to impose one’s own will on them, and/or to submit oneself to the will of others (and give back one’s energy to them). The areas of such manipulation may be as diverse as tumours are. They may involve the following relationships: husband – wife, parents – children, the patient and colleagues at work, etc. The manner in which the manipulation is carried out can also vary (and it does), from taking place on the subconscious level to much more sophisticated, even “magical” forms. The tool of this manipulation (interference with the other’s life) is most often the invisible thought and emotion.

     I think that the reader is already able to make a sort of “scientific” assumption that the thought is real from the physical point of view. The thought is energy and information. So is the emotion. Thoughts and emotions modulate each other. What they penetrate and affect (by means of resonance) is space and everything that is to be found there, humans in particular. Man is a powerful generator of thought and emotion. As their “producer”, he bestows character, power, direction and purpose on them, and assigns a destination to them. Man’s brain is   a powerful generator of thought whereas the solar plexus is a powerful generator of emotion. Unfortunately, most people do not control their thoughts and emotions despite their tangible impact. Thoughts and emotions can be helpful but they can also do real harm to people. Significantly, one of the nine features of universal personality is SELF-CON- TROL. Not only does it concern exercising control over actions but also thoughts and emotions, which go before thoughts, after all. Thoughts powerfully loaded with emotion, if addressed to one place, constitute a powerful interference. In addition, what happens if they continue for years on end? They have to have a real impact!

     Most people are probably unconscious of the power of their thoughts and emotions. Even so, there are now and were in past times manipulators fully aware of that power. Many manipulations in humankind’s history were after all permitted by the free will experiment. Nevertheless, the experiment did not let the violating of universal laws go unpunished. What is more, the cosmic educational means to correct persistent violation of the law of non-interference has always been and will ever be cancer!

     Yet the former manipulators have rarely suffered the “cancer” consequences of their conduct during their lifetime. We can understand why – the functioning of universal laws was “delayed” whereas people died earlier for other reasons. Still, conscious manipulators have never lacked intelligence and they have always existed, regardless of the epoch. Such people were well aware of their accountability in case of violating universal laws. Therefore, metaphysical methods were thought up to enable further manipulating of others without con- sequences. Providing substitute victims, various manipulators tried to skip over the LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT. They have learned to “shift guilt onto others”, where the victims were ill on behalf of the perpetrators. To a certain extent, they managed to continue this for quite a long time.

     In the present circumstances of “increased pressure” of spiritual and physical Space laws, such practices are becoming now and will yet become even more punishable during the culprit’s life! The punishment’s name is – cancer! That is why more cancer cases are observable.

     Taking the above into consideration, it can be said that some cancer patients are victims of manipulation (interference), whereas others are perpetrators. The substantial part, however, is represented by the group, which can be named, “victim-perpetrator”. Judge for yourselves, “who is who”. Yet members of all of these groups have to learn to respect life, both theirs and that of others, and also learn to distance themselves from the lives of others, if they want to be cured.

     There is still one more aspect of that phenomenon. It concerns the energy of life. As we know, making use of the energy of life from Space (and only on this condition is life possible at all) depends on tuning into its moral features. However, it meant that it was (and still is) necessary to work on oneself honestly. Not everybody likes it, though. So instead, methods “have been worked out” in order to rob others of their inherent so-called secondary energy of life. In this manner, specifically the “victims” of manipulation have been the secondary source of life’s energy for manipulators. Also, people who suffer from serious diseases, especially malignant tumours, can unwit- tingly be (and indeed they are) an easy and comfortable way of deriving the energy of life. In addition, they, too, can consciously or sub- consciously obtain the energy of life from others, which is not at all difficult if they arouse sympathy for their condition.

     The Cosmos, however, does not tolerate parasitizing in any form and this is why it quickly eliminates both the victim and the perpetrator, and the “victim-perpetrator”! Is there any chance of getting out of this situation? There are chances but only under a strict condition – stopping this parasitical activity and atoning for it to those ill-treated. First, one must become aware of it and humbly and seriously admit it! Obviously, it is much more comfortable to identify oneself with victims – but there are no completely innocent victims!

     Modern physics does not only not exclude but it also indeed proves the possibility of the existence of parallel worlds, permeating each other, in the same space. As a result, various types of “beings” may exist in space – and they do. But all living things need the energy of life. Yet the access to it is dependent on respect for universal laws and on “spiritual discipline”. Not everyone, though, either on Earth or in Space, wants to work on oneself. However, the moral and physical pressure of Space laws on Earth and its surroundings is increasing.

     Therefore, the “demand” for the secondary energy of life inherent in humans is and will be even greater.

     Man is for some beings the proverbial “last resort” because being the source of the secondary energy of life, only man has the option to produce energy from food, which is out of reach for energy beings (comprised of energy). That is why the hopeless situation of “un- tuned” beings existing in space is more and more dangerous for man! We need to know it in order not to become victimized by the energy form of parasitizing. Some patients become victimized! We need to defend ourselves against it – not to allow access to our energy and ourselves. Do not permit interference!

     Indeed, it seems that violating this special law of the Universe – THE LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE – by humans encourages, and to some extent, justifies the breaching of that law by beings from space who search for human law-breakers (breaking the law of non-interference) as victims. It occurs in line with THE LAW OF ACCORDANCE – “similarities attract similarities”.

     The group of Russian physicists dealing with space phenomena and man’s relations to space, in connection with this question, re- commends the protective shape of thoughts. It should be uttered now and then, “aloud” or in thoughts:

     “I appeal for everyone executing the programme of taking away my potential to be corrected! I remind and give a warning – my will and reason are inviolable! Take away your programmes! Give back my stolen potential and go back to your time and space! I wish you enlightenment, health and reason!”

     I assure you that it “works”, regardless of world conception, time and distance.

     We will now tackle the problem of tumour message in the context of my long research in the connections between psyche, spine and disease.

     In the CBM FORMULA, it being a synthesis of ancient and modern medical knowledge, we pay special attention to the spine. Its strategic role for man’s life and health results explicitly from anatomy and the physiology of the human organism. A long time ago, Hippo- crates used to say, “If you find disease – begin (looking for the cause) with the vertebrae”.

     So the spine (the spinal cord, spinal nerves and sympathetic nerve plexuses taken together are called a spine) is a chief energetic-informational channel of the human organism. It is also the main mediator in information circulation between brain and other organs. Moreover, the spine functions as the chief antenna receiving and distributing the energy of life coming from space. Each of these roles is enough to attribute a strategic importance to the spine.

     Therefore, the condition of the thus-perceived spine must have essential meaning for health. In the meantime, the condition of the thus-perceived spine is influenced by virtually anything – from mechanical, toxic and infectious factors to negative thoughts and emotions. The negative story of our life is “written down” on it.

     It is basically written down in the form of energetic-informational blockages, which upset the optimal circulation of energy and information. Each disease originates in violation of the mechanism of this circulation. The disease continues unless the mechanism is corrected. Simplifying it to some extent, health is a function of localization and combinations of these blockages in the spine and their duration.

     I have long been terming the spine “the bible of health” because in the course of many years of practising medicine I have learned to “read” the dependencies between the condition of the spine and internal health problems. I have learned to diagnose by “reading” the patient’s spine. Considering the philosophy of man’s anatomy, I have always been astounded by the accessibility of the spine for examination and the relative easiness of determining its state. It can be done by anyone. It is enough to press spinous processes of individual vertebrae and observe the patient’s reaction – sensitivity and painful- ness prove there is a problem. What kind of problem? Well, the physiological problem results from the linkage between the given spine segment and the innervations of respective organs. Obviously, it is necessary to know these anatomical and physiological connections.

     The diagnostic role of the spine does not end at this point, however. It turns out, which may be even more controversial, that man’s spiritual problems can be recognizable by means of the spine! As fantastic as it may sound, it is true because each segment of the spine, regardless of being linked to innervations is also related to con- crete psycho-emotional states. Thanks to the LAW OF REPRESENTA-TION, I have found the key to the understanding of these relations.

     This key is to be found in the Bible. Due to this key, I was able to work out the BIOLOGICAL-SPIRITUAL MODEL OF MAN, which will further be used later.

     What does my research in relations between psyche, spine and disease add to the problem of the message of the disease?

     It results in the conclusion that the introduction to a tumour (whatever it is) is tension and blockage in Th6 and Th7 regions of the spine (the regions of the sixth and seventh thoracic vertebrae).

     It is the centre of the spine, in a way, because from here the white branches extend. These white branches connect the spinal cord with sympathetic nerves; some of them go up and the others go down along the chains of sympathetic nerves. The pressure of these branches influences all of the so-called constitutional and systemic diseases. Yet no one has so far supposed that it also (or primarily) con- cerns tumours.

     I have gradually managed to determine that Th6 level is linked to the force of personality influence, which everyone possesses whatever its dimension is. The characteristic of this function is a mild but consistent influence – being a certain form of natural interference, the results of which can, however, be (and they actually are) different. How is the influence exerted? Presumably in all ways – mentally and emotionally. Each act of influencing is characterized by direction, information (the aim) and force. And here we come to the root of problems. Cancer candidates and victims are people who have a serious problem with a noble and clearly defined aim and experience extreme fluctuations of this specific “mildness” of their personality influence, which is signalled by Th6 segment.

     A strange parallel is brought to mind here, not at all accidentally, which is that the antithesis of mildness is malignancy. These terms are used officially in cancer terminology. Cancer is divided into two groups – benign and malignant. Is it only by accident that they were named as such? No one would have thought to refer these terms to the cancer patient’s personality. Neither would I have! I came to this conclusion in a different way.

     Interestingly, if we relate this “instability of mildness and purpose” in man’s personality to the requirements of the LAW OF NON- INTER- FERENCE what we should conclude is also instability in respecting it – from one extreme to another – from manipulating others to allowing ourselves to be manipulated. “There is no centre!”

     The importance of Th7 level of the spine in relation to psyche is no less interesting. It is connected with the execution of one’s purpose in life. Even in ancient times each man was known to be born with a specified purpose; and the aim of man’s life is to pursue that purpose. Man’s lot should therefore be harmonized with his purpose.

     When we do not carry out our purpose, that is the purpose of the present life, the blockages and tension occur in the region of Th7 segment of the spine. Straying off the purpose to the extreme means cancer! Obviously, before it happens, this blockage (as any other – including at Th6) signalizes its existence and the “message” long in advance, in the form of various ailments, which are usually suppressed with the so-called symptomatic treatment.

     The anatomic relation between internal organs and Th6 and Th7 segments of the spine is also interesting. Well, these segments have a direct relation to the following organs: stomach, duodenum, spleen, liver, pancreas, suprarenal glands and notably also the nerves of a woman’s mammary glands.

     By means of the basic examination within CBM FORMULA, which among other things establishes the so-called originating cause by which we understand inherent “weaknesses” syndrome, we were able to establish statistically that the dominating group among cancer victims are those whose “originating cause” is identified with these organs.

     Thus the psyche and the personality and inherent predisposition, “through” the spine, are reflected in the specific pathology.

     This does not end here. According to the aforementioned biological-spiritual model of man various features of universal personality (there are nine of them) are related to precise and definite spine are- as. According to this model, Th6 and Th7 segments of the spine are found in the field of UNIVERSAL LOVE influence, whose different  symptoms, which total 16, are related to definite spine segments.

     These and further such considerations make sense only if man demonstrates in his life the specific quality which is love! What about a situation in which man’s life shows an acute deficit in this quality? It is a situation inevitably fatal both in terms of life and health, but it occurs more and more often – which manifests itself in C1 blockage (first cervical segment) and/or S blockage (sacral segments). It results from the model mentioned above, as well.

     In man’s life LOVE manifests itself (and so do the eight remaining features of universal personality) in two main directions – physical (fleshly) and spiritual, permeating each other and apparently opposing each other. This is, again, “the law of pairs”! This is the reason why different segments of the spine are related to adequate LOVE manifestations, which are different both in physical and spiritual aspects. I was able to determine this relationship on the basis of my long research and with the help of the timeless Bible.

     According to this, Th6 segment of the spine is connected with such manifestations of UNIVERSAL LOVE expressed in the Bible language:

  • In the physical aspect “it rejoices in the truth”
  • In the spiritual aspect “it does not behave indecently”

whereas the Th7 segment is represented by

  • In the physical aspect “it does not rejoice in unrighteousness”
  • In the spiritual aspect “it does not look for its own benefits”,


     It is not difficult to notice the interrelationships between physical and spiritual aspects of attitudes “represented” by Th6, Th7 segments of the spine. It particularly draws our attention to the apparent repetition in juxtaposing the two extremes of essentially the same attitude – “it rejoices in the truth”, “it does not rejoice in unrighteousness”.

     It must be particularly important since the strategic centre of the spine (Th6, Th7) was “assigned” to these attitudes – because precisely the centre of the spine affects the whole spine and organism through nerve sutures.

     What does it mean? It means that only physically shown “joy in the truth” (objective, universal truth) does not allow “indecent behaviour”, taken to mean a negative influence on others and violating THE LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE at the same time.

     It means that only rational implementation of one’s purpose does not allow physically perceived base “joy from unrighteousness” that is violating universal laws to “look for its own benefits”.

     It also means that everyone without exception should occasionally have his spinous processes of Th6, Th7 vertebrae pressed.

     I would like to refer all those who are interested to the Bible. It is a book of tremendous scientific value, timeless, and surpassing religion. You can find there the understanding of the above verses’ interpretation and a manifestation of UNIVERSAL LOVE.

     Thus the prescription for sound health, avoiding cancer pathology and setting us free from it is “the centre” – our noble purpose. This purpose and its rational implementation may protect us from violating THE LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE, this law being the basis of adhering to other laws. As I have attempted to point out, this is ascertained from the anatomy and physiology of man, where “biological enforcers” of this law, that is Th6 and Th7 segments of the spine, exert influence on the other segments and on the entire organism. In other words, this intelligent construction of the organism itself “sets” blockages making it impossible to function further in case of extreme straying from the purpose (aim) and persistent violation of universal laws. Thus we are, in a sense, “equipped” with a self-destruction mechanism.

     What can the impact of such discoveries be? I will not exaggerate if I say extraordinary! Giving attention only to the state of Th6 and Th7 segments of the spine provides the possibility of their physical correction. As we have already stated, if the blockage of these segments lasts longer, it has to contribute to serious systemic health problems. From our analyses and research, we can see that it is also an introduction to and a condition of any cancer pathology. Through the relationship of personality and the body (these being “stitched” together at the spine), Th6 and Th7 blockages “consolidate” the unbeneficial personality features, spiritually causing tumour.

     We know from our experience that in case of serious disease more spine segments are “blocked” or even all of them. This naturally en- larges and individualizes health problems and makes them difficult for an inexperienced researcher “to read”.

     Nevertheless, the sensitivity of spinous processes of Th6 and Th7 vertebrae (when they are pressed) is always a warning signal that should at least call for reflection, “Where are you, Man, going?”

     This knowledge has indeed practical application within the CBM FORMULA. We efficiently work through the biological side of the problem by means of our tuning-in technologies. We are conscious, however, that this ought to be accompanied by spiritual transformation of the patient’s personality. Only such a synthesis of technology and intelligent cooperation on the part of the patient can produce full results! Tuning-in technologies enable and make it easier for the message of the tumour to be “worked through”, as well, but they will never replace the patient’s conscious, deliberate work on his personality. It is worth emphasising, by the way, that during treatment with the help of tuning-in technologies the patients should try to spiritually participate in it, as well. It is the best time and place to understand the message of one’s disease. But, according to the LAW OF NON- INTERFERENCE, nothing and nobody (including the technology) can substitute for nor help out the patient in going through the process of necessary spiritual transformation of his personality, necessary because it is “enforced” by disease. Neither can anybody make him go through this process because even the LAW OF CARE is limited by the LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE.

     In my opinion, tumours carry a more general message for mankind. It is no longer just paying attention to them – as mankind does not – but enforcing mankind’s spiritual development towards universal maturity manifested in thoughts, emotions, speech and conduct. It is also the necessity to work out new norms of coexistence for individuals and societies.

     May the largest number of people comprehend this message at the right time, and not wait for enforcing and punishing disease experiences!

     May those already ill be effective teachers for themselves and their environment!

     The essence of the LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE has some association with a certain group of people, whose activity, by its nature, is often connected with interference. I mean people having authority and directly working for authorities, from the lowest to the highest rank.

     We do not conceal that due to the above reflections upon the con- sequences of violating the LAW OF NON-INTERFERENCE, these people constitute today the group of high risk with regard to tumours (in the circumstances of changes taking place in space around Earth). True, one of the universal laws is the LAW OF HIERARCHY. It refers only to spiritual hierarchies, though, where the authority is bound by the following criterion: serving and helping without unnecessary interference. This way, according to the LAW OF REPRESENTATION – “as the things on high so the things below” – those in authority can be given one piece of advice deriving from the source of timeless and universal knowledge – the Bible:

     “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your minister”.

     Thus, this is the criterion of authority that is likely to survive into the coming era!

     We remind these patients and members of their families who will not be satisfied with our help (or that of any other medical centre’s) demanding miracles from the doctors treating them and charging them with exclusive responsibility for any possible treatment failure, that according to universal laws of life and space if anyone has fallen ill, it means that he has deserved it! Improvement and recovery are possible on one condition only – doing one’s spiritual lesson honestly and conscientiously, which is necessary to work out the quality, the acute lack of which, in man’s personality and conduct, brought on a specific disease experience. In practice, it simply means taking oneself in hand and getting rid of the offending feature or features, e.g. hatred, anger, jealousy, pride, laziness, wishing others the worst, exalting oneself above others, not accepting oneself, sense of guilt, inability to forgive, excessive interference in the life of others, etc.

     Our role is a priestly-medical role. It consists in helping the patient to understand the message of his illness and assisting him as mildly and as effectively as possible in working through the specific disease experience, making use of the latest medical and psychological technologies.

     Due to the cosmic law no one can save another person – eve- ryone must do it for himself!

     In serious diseases, the recovery process is often hard, painful and long-term, evoking many negative emotions both on the part of the patient and on the part of his close ones who would like him to recover quickly and absolutely comfortably during the medical treatment. Do not mislead yourselves, dear readers – it is not possible because, just as the arrival of a serious disease was “well-earned”, to do justice now, the effects of this “earning” must be reversed by “working” in the opposite direction. Do not waste your energy, then, on grievances or complaining against us or others – this only enlarges your “un-tuning”. You save time and energy, if you unite in working out your real problems of spirit and personality, which you wanted to escape but could not be- cause the just disease has come all the same!

     We warn those who still do not draw conclusions from disease experiences and the disease’s message (the patient or his close ones) that people who are disgruntled, have a grievance or feel anger – lay foundations for further disease experiences, which they perhaps will not be able to stand up to, if they avoided doing their earlier les- sons honestly.

     Remember, please, that in today’s conditions of changes around Earth, one waits for cosmic justice much less time. The Cosmos has at its command the whole arsenal of “education means” for close and distant ones, who not having rationally helped the ill fellow, may try to thrust the responsibility for it onto others. Unfortunately, it concerns also a large group of the recognized medicine officials – doctors who absolutely do not comprehend the message of their profession.

     Dear Colleagues, you are also responsible, both collectively and individually, if you do not try to understand the message of your profession.

     We remind that the role of the doctor is also the priestly role!

     If you do not comprehend it you are blind in the sense in which the Bible says what follows, “If a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit”. This way you bear the cosmic responsibility for your- selves and partly also for your patients!

     We understand that you were not taught this in the Medical Academy but since you have chosen the profession of the doctor, by nature connected with the service to the ill – try to comprehend the universal message of the disease because the message of your profession results right from it.

     If you do not comprehend it on time then the way you have been practising medicine up to the present – will not survive the cosmic test of time!

     How about you as people? Do you make use of the privilege of observing THE LAW OF (spiritual) CAUSE AND (physical) EFFECT in operation for your own spiritual transformation – as each patient is an individual lesson?!

     Do not forget the well-known maxim, “to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him”.

     Obviously, our reflections should not give an impression that it is only doctors who are to blame that “poor” patients cannot rationally act in case of a disease or death. THE LAW OF ACCORDANCE says that everyone receives what he or she deserves. In our reflections, it means that patients are treated by the kind of medicine that they deserve. Everyone gets to a therapist – according to the degree of maturity in one’s perception.

     If the society forgets how it should behave towards its life’s purpose and it does not want to take responsibility for “being ill”, it creates the medicine and the so-called medical service for itself, meeting its expectations, and that is the medical science that we deal with today. Medicine cannot thus be changed without the change in patients’ awareness.


     May everyone then, patients, their families, and doctors, un- derstand the problem of “the message of the disease”. We wish everyone humility, which is “the beginning of all knowledge”.


     P.S. I wish everyone who is healthy at present (and those who have regained health) to attain accelerated development towards a cosmic, tuned-in, universal human individuality and personality – without it being enforced by disease.

     The times we are now living in carry the most dangerous threats and the greatest opportunities of transformation and development at the same time.

    Let us choose transformation and development then and we will avoid disease experiences enforcing them.