Wladyslaw Stanislaw Rybicki


Poland 2015


Comestible sugar (succharose) along with salt is undoubtedly one of the most controversial edible substances whereas it is just as vital and virtually irreplaceable in terms of food production technologies as salt. Unlike salt, however, which is unquestionably of fundamental importance for the functioning of the human organism, the necessity of using sugar cannot be described as such. Though?!

Similarly to salt – according to countless research findings – sugar is supposed to be largely responsible for today’s most widespread diseases.

If this is indeed so, the simplest way would be to give this product up. However, the point is that universal sugar application over the last century has caused a kind of metabolic and mental addiction to it in subsequent generations of people. At the same time, attempts at replacing it with different kinds of sweeteners – by creating misinformation for the energetic homeostasis of the human organism – lead to unpredictable metabolic and mental consequences. Let alone the fact that in terms of confectionery products and fruit technologies there is no substitute for sugar. Therefore, what can be done?

In the same manner as in case of salt,  VIP ADAPTATION Ltd. offers SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®, which was endowed with an asymmetric stucture typical of living substances. The issue of sugar’s harmfulness  is – as in case of salt – the problem of its stereochemical, symmetric, racemic structure, characteristic of non-living, dead substances. This structure in turn, is the obvious result of sophisticated technologies used in the course of its production. Today, sugar production technologies make use of only a symmetric, racemic product – which is biologically lifeless; dead. That is where the the harm of exploiting such sugar results from!

Otherwise, sugar (succharose) would be an excellent, efficient and virtually wasteless energetic fuel for our organism, maintaining its internal asymmetry, namely health and life. However, in its state of stereochemical symmetry it is a perfect source of food for pathogenic organisms feeding on dead, racemic, symmetric substances, due to their nature. It is these microorganisms living on dead racemic sugar (or dead, racemic products of its metabolism) who are the real perpetrators of diseases widespread today.

SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®, is the sugar (succharose), which was given back its viable, alive asymmetric structure, such as this sugar (or simple sugars making it up) possessed while being part of beetroot, sugar cane or other „sugar” plants. This is why it is a pure energetic fuel for a microorganism consuming it and at the same time it constitutes a deadly enemy for those pathogenic microorganisms – which due to their physiological purpose – feed on dead, symmetrical substance. In fact, only owing to this property, is such sugar capable of eliminating or reducing many of the widespread pathologies. Apart from that – similarly to the principle on which vaccine works – no other substance can better correct the damage in the metabolism of recent generations of people, caused by traditional sugar, as can the animate sugar – SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®.

We should not be surprised then by its apparently outstanding attributes – indeed, they are the result of the biological antithesis in reference to the traditional sugar! These properties correct the disruptions caused by traditional sugar!

We should not be astonished, either, that the desired health results can be achieved the fastest by following a one- or several-day „starvation diet” involving this sugar alone (combined with water or coffee VIP ADAPTATION®). Additionally, they will not at all be heavy or burdensome as long as the amount of sugar consumed provides energetic comfort.

There are currently several kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®, intended for specific applications. We will elaborate on them further.  First let us start with the benefits, resulting from applying SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (each of its different kinds) to foodstuffs. SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®:

  • inhibits the development of pathogenic microorganisms in food products;
  • enhances the stereochemical asymmetry of foodstuffs components;
  • imparts resistance to mould, fungi etc. in food products;
  • usually quite considerably extends their use-by date;
  • largely reduces or eliminates the necessity of adding preservatives;
  • remarkably improves their taste;
  • gradually, with the passing of time, shortens the length of chains of organic compounds, which are found in foodstuffs, thus facilitating their digestion and assymilation, and improving their taste.


And here is the description of some health benefits common for all SUGAR ADAPTATION® products:

  • rejuvenation and revitalization;
  • optimization of pancreas functioning;
  • insulin secretion optimization;
  • anti-diabetes effect;
  • carbohydrate and fat metabolism optimization;
  • endocrine system adjustment;
  • facilitating prostate health (and healing);
  • anti-mycosis effect;
  • anti-arteriosclerosis effect;
  • anti-stroke effect;
  • preventing cardiac infarction;
  • anti-allergic effect;
  • anti-asthmatic effect;
  • reduction or elimination of tooth decay;
  • improving the condition of brain and nervous system;
  • anti-depression effect;
  • chronic fatigue removal;
  • improving the condition of digestive system;
  • slimming effect (in the way of weight adjustment);
  • improving the condition of joints and bones;
  • facilitating the health of female reproductive system.


And here is the list of particular kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® demonstrating – apart from the above mentioned properties common for all kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® – features involving the specific character of food products, for which they are intended. Owing to these features, the advanatges of these food products are enhanced and their weak points minimized:


  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for confectionery products (C);
  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for ice-cream production (L);
  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for processing and fruit conserves (O);
  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for fruit juice production (SO);
  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® universal for purposes of every kitchen and table (U);
  • SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for optimization of bees’ adaptation abilities and quality improvement of honey (Ps).


Granted, SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (U – universal) as the basis of all above mentioned kinds of sugar under the name of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® deserves being applied in the kitchen and on the table, indeed, universally. However, there cannot be an only one kind of sugar sufficiently incorporating the characteristics of different groups of foodstuffs, for which sugar is used in their technological processing. Hence, there is both a need and necessity to use at least several most important kinds of sugar (i.e. those above mentioned) intended for the main groups of food products. At the same time, all kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® are „compatible” with each other, and thanks to this they can be used simultaneously. It is worth mentioning that all kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® are usually sweeter than traditional sugar.


And now a little bit about the health-improving properties of some food groups prepared with adequate sugars:


And now about health properties of food products prepared with the use of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (C):

  • they facilitate brain and nervous system health (strongly advisable in case of MS);
  • they facilitate prostate health (and healing);
  • they have anti-allergic effect;
  • they have anti-diabetes effect;
  • they have anti-epilepsy effect;
  • they remove chronic fatigue;
  • they have rejuvenating effect;
  • they protect against radiation.


Clearly, other health properties of confectionery products based on SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (C) depend both on the amount of sugar used and the amount and kind of other additives. Nevertheless, it is SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® that predominantly regulates the above presented direction for health adaptation and transformation for all confectionery products based on it.


Ice-cream prepared with the use of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®

Ice-cream is definitely one of the greatest delicacies. Unfortunately, according to most dietary experts, ice-cream is one of the worst products for our health. It is true! It is the most disastrous product both in terms of organism’s thermobalance and microbiological safety.

These dangers, however, can be eliminated or notably reduced, by preparing ice-cream on the basis of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (L). Moreover, its taste will also be greatly improved.


Fruit juice prepared on the basis of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (SO):

This sugar allows for optimal sweetness of fruit juice even after reducing its content by 50% in relation to traditional sugar. Notwithstanding the small amounts (or even smaller than that) SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (SO) functions much better as a preservative (as well as taste-improving factor) than traditional sugar. On the other hand, the development of pathogenic microorganisms in thus prepared juice is entirely inhibited. Unsurprisingly, its use-by date noticeably, or even tremendously inreases.

Clearly, the sugar itself used in this process retains its health properties (which were discussed earlier). And the health properties of the juice – resulting from the properties of fruit used in the process of preparing it – are not only retained but also enhanced.


Fruit jam, preserve, damson jelly prepared on the basis of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (O):

What we said above about the benefits from using SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (SO) to produce fruit juice can also be said about benefits from using SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (O) to produce fruit jam, damson jelly and preserve.


At this point it is worth noting that VIP ADAPTATION Ltd. is able to provide SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® for by far more specialized use, e.g. for the production of specific types of confectionery products, for culinary processing and conserving of specified fruit, etc.


All above mentioned kinds of sugar are available under the brand VIP ADAPTATION®, which at the same time constitutes an international registered trademark.


All above mentioned kinds of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® can be purchased exclusively at our company’s „VIP ADAPTATION” online shop, and at the company‘s seat at the following address:


13-220 Rybno, ul. Obwodowa 2, Polska (Poland)