SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (U)-universal-for the needs of any kitchen and any table  

SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (U)-universal, is a kind of base for all the above types of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®, and deserves to be applied in the kitchen and on the table literally universally. However, there can not be one type of sugar enough to take into account the specifics of different food groups, where sugar is used in their processing. Hence, there is a need and the need for the use of at least several important types of sugar intended for the main food groups. In this case, all TYPES of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® are compatible with each other, so they can be used simultaneously. It is also worth noting that all types of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® are usually sweeter than traditional sugar.

    SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (C) –   for confectionery production

    Pastry products prepared with based САХАРА VIP ADAPTATION® (C):

    • promote brain and nervous system health (highly recommended in case of multiple sclerosis SM);
    • promote prostate health (and healing);
    • have anti-allergic effect;
    • have antidiabetic effect;
    • have antiepileptic effect;
    • eliminate chronic fatigue;
    • have anti-aging effect;
    • protect against radiation.

    It is clear that other health properties of confectionery products prepared on the basis of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (C), depend both on the amount of sugar used, and on the number and type of all other additives. However, it is the SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (C) defines as the dominant, above described vector of health adaptation and transformation for all confectionery products prepared with its participation.

      SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (D) –  to slow the development of diabetes and reduction of its accompanying effects;

      • Designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

      In addition, it has increased activity in the following areas:

      • removes blockages in the spine;
      • promotes the regulation of the hormonal system;
      • has an anti-depressive effect;
      • promotes the cure of borreliosis (Lyme disease);
      • promotes the cure of multiple sclerosis (Sclerosis multiplex SM);
      • destroys pathogenic microbes throughout the body;
      • improves blood circulation in the lower extremities;
      • has an anti-sclerotic effect;
      • improves vision and cures eye problems;
      • has an antiarteriosclerotic effect.

        SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (K1) –   to slow down the development and elimination of cancer processes and the dangers of cancer

        • Designed specifically for the prevention and treatment of cancer.

        In addition, it has increase activity in the following areas:

        • it has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body;
        • helps in the prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease;
        • helps in the treatment of diabetes;
        • helps in the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis;
        • promotes real prolongation of life;
        • helps in the treatment of borelliosis (Lyme disease);
        • helps in the prevention and cure of osteoporosis;
        • has an antidepressant effect;
        • improves the condition and function of the kidneys.



          Description of the benefits that gives the food itself the addition of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION® (of any kind):

          • inhibits the development of various pathogenic microorganisms;
          • enhances the stereochemical asymmetry of the constituent elements of food;
          • gives food immunity against fungi, mold, and so on;
          • significantly (usually very significantly) prolongs their suitability for use;
          • significantly reduces or eliminates the need to add preservatives to them;
          • significantly improves their taste;
          • gradually (over time) leads to a reduction in the length of the chains of organic compounds found in food, which facilitates their digestion and assimilation, and makes them more delicious.

          Description of General health benefits, in the use of different types of SUGAR VIP ADAPTATION®:

          • rejuvenation and rewitalizacja;
          • optimization of the work of the pancreas;
          • to optimize the allocation of insulin;
          • has antidiabetic effect;
          • optimization of carbohydrate and fat metabolism;
          • regulation of the hormonal system;
          • promotes healthy (and healing) of the prostate;
          • antifungal effect;
          • protivoateroskleroticheskim effect;
          • consuming anti-stroke effect;



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